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  1. I while back i was listening to a report where in these parts of the world access to Drs. was really bad, but they could get antibiotics really easy and would just take them whenever they got sick, without any thought to how long they were supposed to take them and at times not even taking the same ones throughout the illness, and was just like COOOOOOOOOOOLLLL.
  2. The cowboys stadium is an abomination, so far the design has caused a player to be so blinded by the sun he couldn't catch a ball thrown at him completely wide open and had to rekick a punt cause they hit that stupid screen.
  3. I can almost guarantee you this is because they've decided its better to put they're limited supplies into SUV/Trucks which make them more money and reduce their car production, not because it actually costs more to buy anything. Edit: Yup, quick look at car maker websites and you literally have 1 or 2 car options and completely gutted their compact options, while Truck/SUV lineups are still complete, lol.
  4. My sleep only sucks because i have an 1 year old, never had any appetite issues, and while i lost smell everything tasted the same, but all my symptoms have completely resolved themselves.
  5. Well Omicron is insanely infectious so you don't really need a gathering for it, also are you symptomatic or just tested positive and asymptomatic, because you can test positive for months after an infection, so 12 days is well within that time frame.
  6. I feel like this is where a rational federal government steps in and says, "uhhhh No." Right?
  7. My understanding is that Omicron time tables are all sped up, meaning time from infection to symptoms and either getting sicker or better is all happening quicker.
  8. Lose the fruitloops and that doesn't seem so bad.
  9. My experience with it was that it was barely even a mild cold, like in normal times I might have called off the first day cause i had some mild fatigue and a runny nose, but by the second day i barely even had the runny nose, my biggest issue was the kids were sick with colds, my son tested positive on saturday but its likely he was already over most of it cause he was asymptomatic at that point and had tested positive for a rhinovirus earlier in the week, but since hes too young to vaccinate hes still under the 10 day quarantine, meaning hes out of daycare till the 12th, not that i'm complaining cause it gives me a good reason to take half days for the next week. So I can easily see most people being good with a 5 day quarantine if they're vaccinated and not having symptoms, my school sent out the same guidance, basically if you're not hacking or blowing your nose just come back to work, and they're not charging us those days off. Theres also nothing really to stop you from saying you're still not good enough to return as it leaves you the option to say you're still too sick, since you have COVID you're not really allowed to go to the DR's office so its not like they can ask for a note or someshit, lol.
  10. Is he saying God created the virus, and that we couldn't create a better representation of it that won't kill us to boost our immune system?
  11. Been in the 40s/50s for the last 4 days then dropped to a high of 20 which is a normalish temp this time of year, but it's supposed to go back up to the 40s tomorrow and we've only gotten like an inch of snow so far. Last year by this time we'd had a record smashing 40 inches of snow followed by 50s and 4 inches of rain, so clearly things are stable.
  12. The more people that survive omicron makes it more likely you'll survive the next variant, theres a pretty good reason why you don't see the Flu just up and kill a million people one year because we all have familiarity to it and all the variants.
  13. Took my wife and daughters tests 5 days to come back at a NYS testing site, if we go through our local Hospitals network we get them sometimes same day because they're using their own lab to run the tests, but you need a dr.'s order for the test, which is basically as easy as calling them up and asking for it.
  14. I doubt they're using the mics on peoples phones for this because it would just simply overwhelm them with useless data, whats more likely is it picked up you went to a concert via location data or purchasing the tickets online and its a common theme that concert crowds suck. Theres tons of other data points they could use without getting overwhelmed about you talking about your dog or some shit.
  15. This past week since i tested positive has been absolute hell, while no one else is positive and my symptoms are still extremely mild, they all had some sort of cold/flu with fevers and vomiting, and it was impossible for me to isolate with a special needs 8 year old and an 11 month old my wife would not have been able to handle it, daughter was the worst, spiked a 104 fever and vomited sunday while was being extremely lethargic for days which has declined in recent days but is still agitated and being non-verbal we just have to give pain killers and hope it works and forcing her to drink and eat at times. She again tested negative yesterday. 11 month old also spiked a fever and vomitted saturday tested negative for COVID positive for a cold like virus, hes been extremely whiny and agitated till we discovered he had an ear infection as well and had to take him to a walk in at 7PM where they were slammed and had to wait an hour and i had to leave my daughter in bed alone so that we could make it to a pharmacy in time before they all closed at 9pm while she returned from the walk in, and through all of this hes been teething his first molars all week so while the fevers are gone hes still whinier than usual. Hes going back for another test saturday and hoping he stays negative so he can go back to daycare next week. Wife had a cold, tested negative friday, but requires like 2 more hours of sleep than me to go about normally so i've been taking the brunt of the overnight work, but now says shes got some additional body aches but nothing major, shes also going back saturday to be tested, really hoping the vaccine/boosters worked for all of them. Not being able to have family come over and help is by far the worst part and i'm so over all of it.
  16. 67-degree day in Kodiak, Alaska, sets new statewide temperature record WWW.CNN.COM This holiday season been quite unseasonal, as far as temperatures go.
  17. I always tell people that have guns in their house so if someone breaks in they have protection that its extremely unlikely someone is going to break into your home when you're there and the data is pretty fucking clear on that, all that gun is doing is adding value to breaking into your house when you're not home, lol.
  18. Just got this e-mail from my kids district, how about some of that blue state socialism! Yesterday, December 29, 2021, Governor Hochul announced a statewide goal of having as many students as possible tested for COVID-19 as school resumes. To accomplish this, New York State is providing enough at-home testing kits to test every student. To help ease this process for our families, we are reaching out early as we make plans to distribute these kits. To explain the logistics, we know that the test kits will be shipped to our BOCES, where they will be sorted according to district enrollment and then distributed to each school district. We will then distribute them to you. As you can imagine, the exact date will depend on when the shipments of test kits are received from the State. At this time, we expect them to arrive the week of January 3. To be clear, families are not required or mandated to test their children; they are simply being encouraged to do by New York State, and to facilitate that, the State is providing these at-home test kits.
  19. I'm still trying to wrap my head around a 5 day quarantine without a test, like my wife and daughter haven't received results from a NYS testing site on Friday, lol.
  20. So my sons test from sunday came back negative for COVID but positive for Rhinovirus, my wife and daughters results still haven't come back from friday at a NYS testing site, while my positive from Dr.'s office on friday came back christmas day, but my sons test has me thinking i'm asymptomatic for COVID and just have a cold, as mine and everyone elses symptoms are mild congestion, and the kids slight fevers.
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