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  1. Just watched the opener, this shit went from "hmm, this seems kinda nice" to "WTFBBQ" in 12 minutes.
  2. Two in one day, we're so over this pandemic shit. At least 1 person killed and 5 wounded after a shooting at a Texas office park, police say WWW.CNN.COM One person was killed and at least five others were wounded -- four of them critically -- in a shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, on Thursday afternoon, police said.
  3. First impressions seem quite positive. Gonna activate my free trial month for this.
  4. Seems pretty basic in terms of curriculum and the quality from their course description videos isn't great. For <$25, seems like a low investment to gain exposure to quite a few different analytics/coding/game development topics.
  5. With Nintendo, you have to track the rare sales that come up. I suggest using DekuDeals. Fire Emblem was $30 a couple times. Deku Deals - Fire Emblem: Three Houses WWW.DEKUDEALS.COM Current prices and price history for Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch
  6. Niners goin hard on a QB in the draft, see ya Jimmy.
  7. Let's just say, on the long list of workers/industries that we should sympathize with in terms of abusive/exploitive labor practices, Goldman Sachs analysts are pretty much on the bottom of the fucking list.
  8. They take it because they want they're drawn in by the promise of huge wealth, the lifestyle of elite "Wall Street", and the status of Goldman Sachs on their resume. Comparing this to saying to a poor person "get a better job" is completely and utterly ridiculous.
  9. White attacker gets paramedic treatment and a gurney Asian woman victim gets an ice pack
  10. How does charting apply to such short time frames? You're essentially at the mercy of high-frequency traders and just gambling.
  11. Not sure, depends on the quality of the new content and how much content. I'm with stepee though, I want the performance enhancements more.
  12. Pretty sneaky, announce FF7R as part of PS+ the same time you announce a PS5 remastered version in a few months that can't be upgraded from the PS+ version. I think I'm just gonna wait for Intergrade...
  13. Man, PS+ has been killing it this year. This is an insane lineup that somehow tops last month.
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