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  1. Also Kevin King should probably just cut himself before the game ends...
  2. Definitely Animal Crossing, it helped me get through the early stages of the pandemic by being exactly what I needed, a complete joyous escape. I haven’t touched it in months, but I will always remember it as that.
  3. Meh, halfway through that I tabbed back to Pornhub.
  4. Damn, that end gave me all sort of feels. Definitely knocked it out of the park for emotional payoff.
  5. Another suicide from the fallout... Trump supporter dead in suspected suicide days after being arrested at Capitol riot WWW.YAHOO.COM An Atlanta medical examiner has confirmed the death, which followed the man’s arrest last week
  6. I'm glad this fucking ghoul lasted long enough to see Trump and the Republican party fall on their face.
  7. Breaching the Senate with it in session is a last resort. If she gets through, the rest follow.
  8. So I guess the new thing for these dipshits is Gab?
  9. I’m eagerly waiting for their own version of AWS...
  10. Like Trump, they don't give a shit about the country or the party. They only care about themselves.
  11. Did he really taser himself in the balls? It seems too good to be true...
  12. There's footage of a woman being wheeled out on a gurney bleeding from the neck so yeah.
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