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  1. I mean, there's celebrities and then there are icons who almost transcend their industry, in this case sports. I can't really think of any death comparable since Michael Jackson. As an avid Laker hater, I've pretty much followed Kobe's entire career, so it's all still surreal for me.
  2. ABC might have jumped the gun, I don't see any other source reporting that. But Kobe was a licensed pilot...
  3. I like how the sports world was anointing Lamar Jackson as the greatest thing ever a few weeks ago, now Mahomes is the GOAT.
  4. This is a great matchup, Niners are the more complete team, but Mahomes is outerworldly.
  5. The more I see the “front runner” candidates, the more I want Yang.
  6. One of the best I’ve seen, his football instincts were off the charts.
  7. Awkwafina won the a Golden Globe and wasn’t even nominated...
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