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  1. The Washington St QB threw 9 TDS and lost. UCLA was down by 32 in the third quarter. UCLA was an 18 point underdog on the road. Seems like a shoe in for craziest game of the year.
  2. “See, they are crisis actors.” ”Stop politicizing a tragedy.” ”Arm the teachers.” ”Arm the students, a pencil is weaksauce.” ”If I was there I would have stopped it because I am John Wick.”
  3. Umm, doesn't he poll the highest with African-Americans?
  4. This is actually helping the big tobacco players (ie Altria) as the flavored shit he’s banning is where the smaller competition is.
  5. Damn, Yelich is done for the year.
  6. There’s absolutely no reason not to be all LED now that they are commodities (thanks China). More efficient, better quality, can integrate with smart home systems, etc. These stupid ass fuck regulation rollbacks are pure spite.
  7. I don’t think anything will surpass the amazement I had from a console delivering arcade-quality visuals then the Dreamcast. Soul Caliber, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis, NFL 2K, Power Stone
  8. Annd they just fumbled a punt. Making Lamar Jackson look like Mahomes out there...
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