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  1. I was curious how this could even be possible and found this, seems like a good explanation but I don't know shit about guns so... Analysis: Yes, Alec Baldwin’s Gun Could Have Fired Without Him Pulling the Trigger THERELOAD.COM In his first major interview since being involved in a fatal shooting on the set of his latest movie, Alec Baldwin made a surprising new claim about his actions that day.
  2. I don’t run on the street, but it is generally flatter than the sidewalks given the driveways and random fluctuations in height.
  3. This unboxing is amazing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHhIOqaklwE
  4. As a standalone product, no. As an upgrade from the previous Switch, yes, unless you can sell back your old one for at least $200.
  5. This solved my controller issues with using the Switch Pro, works beautifully... 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapter | 8BitDo WWW.8BITDO.COM 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter Connect nearly all wireless contro
  6. McDonald’s and it isn’t close. I do like steak fries for the meatiness and Red Robin has unlimited fries, so that’s a win also. I usually eat like two extra baskets lol.
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