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  1. So 538 has the Raptors as the favorites for the championship now. Vegas says "LOL, fuck your analytics..."
  2. If you have to ask an internet message board, no.
  3. And instead of slinking away in shame, he relishes in his incompetence...
  4. It's a good step, sort of an aggregation of things that the admissions office should know already though. I wonder how it will factor into decision-making, if at all...
  5. So Buttigieg goes on a Fox News town hall, criticizes Fox News, and gets a standing ovation with people chanting his name. Of course, this displeased our fearless leader greatly.
  6. Yeah I thought it was a lot better than 2, which was mostly guys running at Wick one and a time and getting shot. Keanu is definitely the best gun reloader in Hollywood, haha. The sound is incredible also, really felt the weight of the shots.
  7. The first group fight scene with the weapon throwing was just ridiculously awesome. I don’t think any of the other set pieces reached that level, but still overall very well done.
  8. Yeah, clearly projection yet again... Lyin Ted Crooked Hillary Dumbo Low Energy Jeb Little Marco Little Rocket Man Low I.Q. Mika
  9. LOL, GoT fanboys sound like MAGA tards. "As long as it pisses off the libs!"
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