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  1. On a PS5, go to the PS+ card and they should be there.
  2. I hope Parler is some massive scam to steal these morons' identities.
  3. The utilization of the DualSense in Astro’s is so intuitive, I barely noticed I was tilting the controller to rock climb the walls...
  4. Target is up, ordered it for in-store pickup, went through for now...
  5. Gamestop bundles gonna be like $2k lol. “Comes with 100 Funco Pop figurines!”
  6. God, if all these twats would just shut the fuck up about Parler and just go there permanently, that would be great.
  7. Market up another 2.5%, hahaha, even the one and only thing Trump can actually brag about is shitting on him.
  8. The launch lineup doesn’t really matter to me at this point. Astro looks like a great utilization of the badass controller, but mostly I just want to play PS4 games in all their glory. That’s good enough until more games come out.
  9. Hey, CA is single-handedly responsible for the popular vote margin, thank you very much.
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