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  1. I was kinda on the fence getting this, but gonna hold off for now. Too much in my backlog anyways.
  2. Lol, Tom Austin's business partner Stan Herman noped the fuck out of there.
  3. In the same state as George Floyd a day later, also Twitter thanks you for stating your name...
  4. Maybe break out the essential/non-essential but still employed?
  5. Imagine going on a walk on Memorial Day with your dog and then losing said dog, losing your job, and drawing the deserved ire from the world within 24 hours. That’s some Jack Bauer shit right there.
  6. This is pretty sickening, the fake cries of anguish while abusing her own dog...
  7. Waiting for the Magatards to blow this up because they think it’s real and spectacular.
  8. Lol, I wonder how much TLC paid her to come out of hiding...
  9. Didn’t that guy spend like $100,000 chatting with her online?
  10. I watch some of the clips on Youtube, mostly of this Humpty Dumpty jackhole Big Ed.
  11. Trump is perfect for them, he's the clown show in the front distracting the media and the people while they can do whatever the hell they want in the background and nobody pays attention.
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