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  1. Of course it helps if you know an off speed pitch is coming, I don’t care if it’s the fattest hanging breaking ball ever.
  2. Understandable, I guarantee he doesn’t know what “fast” means in this context.
  3. What are we even arguing here? Garrett legally tackled Rudolph at the end of the game, but in that situation, a tackle was completely unnecessary. Rudolph loses his shit and tries to rip Garrett's helmet off. Garrett responds and rips Rudolph's helmet off. Rudolph chases after Garrett. Garrett swings helmet as a weapon at Rudolph's head. Rudolph instigated and overreacted, but Garrett torpedoed past the line. It is not defensible.
  4. Packers are overrated as hell, they had no business being 7-1.
  5. Damn, reviews are better than I expected plus I love the setting. On the other hand, I’m so burned out on this style of game. Hmm, maybe I’ll wait a bit...
  6. This is the worst one yet, unreal. The cop should be charged with third degree murder.
  7. 15 seconds sound about right, his pace is basically most people’s sprint. I think a good amount of people couldn’t even reach that speed ever.
  8. Bruh, your house is his cage, get rid of that. It makes me sad.
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