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  1. Yeah, but Harden /w CP3 >> Harden /w Westbrick Westbrick is also a horribly inefficient 3 point shooter, which is what analytics ball is all about.
  2. I’d much prefer not to, but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
  3. No way in hell they even get an invite, Donny boy knows they aren't coming. Just like how the Warriors never got an invite.
  4. Beautiful goal from Lavelle, that should wrap it up.
  5. Why bother having a flyover with a plane that you cannot see...
  6. Sign and trade, D'Angelo Russell to the Warriors, Iguodala shipped off to Memphis
  7. Sucks to see him go but expected this to happen. I wonder how this is gonna play out with toxic ball hog Kyrie. Also LOL Knicks.
  8. He did, and it is also interesting that only Warren’s unfavoribility went down.
  9. Makes sense, now you can have easy and private access for the subsequent diarrhea.
  10. Best answer for me Buttigieg on the South Bend police shooting, honest and vulnerable that he didn't get it done and never skirted the issue.
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