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  1. Republican grifters certainly sweep the medals in punchable faces.
  2. LOL, shut down by a whistle, what a bunch of snowflakes. Sit down discount Tobias Funke.
  3. So I guess this is really good? Pig (2020) WWW.ROTTENTOMATOES.COM Living alone in the Oregon wilderness, a truffle hunter returns to Portland to find the person who stole his beloved pig.
  4. I think the key word is "Your", since you already locked in the reservation, it still says Q1. If you didn't, it says Q2 now.
  5. I think we got put on timeout, who knows how long it lasts. Plus every time we try again we probably extend the timer.
  6. My steam library on the toilet. This is it everyone, we’ve reached utopia.
  7. Welp I just saved the inevitable $350+ for any sort of performance enhancements!
  8. I'm gonna guess that the 100m falls within the one month suspension (qualifying heats, etc), whereas the relays (especially the final) may be run outside of that later in the Olympics.
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