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  1. I'm now thinking about the times I crouched down and stuck my head near the tire watching the gauge go up...
  2. Kano is an absolute scene stealer, Scorpion and Sub Zero are good also. Too bad Cole Young is such a bland, generic character. Overall I liked it, it was what a wanted for this type of movie.
  3. I really want this to do well, so I’ll bite the bullet at $70 assuming reviews are on par with the high praise coming from the preview buzz.
  4. Just watched the opener, this shit went from "hmm, this seems kinda nice" to "WTFBBQ" in 12 minutes.
  5. Two in one day, we're so over this pandemic shit. At least 1 person killed and 5 wounded after a shooting at a Texas office park, police say WWW.CNN.COM One person was killed and at least five others were wounded -- four of them critically -- in a shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, on Thursday afternoon, police said.
  6. First impressions seem quite positive. Gonna activate my free trial month for this.
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