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  1. Welp, her death has already torn apart this board. I shudder to think of the aftermath in Washington...
  2. Also Joe, might want to read her statement again. There’s no declaration, there’s a lot of “should be’s”.
  3. Oh she’ll find a way, it’s what these spineless wonders do best. ”I was just so enamored by Barrett that I felt like I had to vote her through.”
  4. Yeah, the pricing on this one pretty much kills the resale value of the OG Quest. Might just give it to a family or friend if I get the Quest 2.
  5. I thought this was a great read from Lions QB Matt Stafford. We Can’t Just Stick to Football | By Matthew Stafford WWW.THEPLAYERSTRIBUNE.COM We can’t just stick to football. Not as a team. Not as an organization. And we shouldn’t as a country.
  6. Usually a few gigs. So it really depends how much VR porn you want on it at any given time.
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