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  1. I really don't know why i still have a facebook account, when i do use it i usually just end up reading an article from places I follow on twitter anyways.
  2. Hey look scientist did science and stuff, turns out it might not be so crazy to control an invasive species by reintroducing a natural predator! A lot less fun that just shooting stuff though. https://cornerstone.lib.mnsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1212&context=jur Abstract Invasive species are a problem in the United States. As their populations continue to increase in size they disrupt ecological systems. One of the most notorious invasive species is the feral hog. In Texas, the hog populations cause ecological and agricultural damage that costs the state $52 million annually. The reason for the large continuously growing population is that the feral hogs, unlike its relatives in Europe, have no natural predators and hunters cannot suppress the population growth. In Europe, the gray wolf is a predator to the European wild boar. However, wolves in the U.S. have been extirpated from most of the continental U.S. If gray wolves could be reintroduced into hog habitat, and had similar predation rates as their Europe relatives, could they reduce the feral hog invasion? A theoretical population model was designed in excel where it used life-history information for wolves and feral hogs to simulate their population sizes for 50 years. Three different predation rates were simulated on the feral hog population, and population rates were compared to the control that had no wolf predation. The results showed that medium and high predation rates significantly reduce the hog population. This research is intended to show a natural and sustainable approach to solving the feral hog problem while aiding conservation efforts for the gray wolf. To further this research, the next objectives would be to add a habitat model and perform a field experiment.
  3. Yes guys, we should just keep doing what we're going its totally not working to eliminate the feral hogs and these weapons are killing thousands every year, DERRRRP
  4. I'd be willing to bet the wolves kill less people than the semi-automatic weapons.
  5. Along with continued Human culling, till their population returns to a healthy number, yes.
  6. Serious question, what do you think keeps/kept feral pigs in check in their natural habitats throughout asia and europe?
  7. Wolves are literally being prevented from expanding to their ancestral territories because farmers are killing them, or states are outright culling them on the farmers behalfs, and Thegreatdipshit literally said in this thread he shoots them. The best way to control feral hogs would be to reintroduce them into the southern states, but this won't happen cause of money, they'd also keep deer and coyote populations in check.
  8. The grey wolf is their main predator, each grey can kill up to 80 a year. But sure lets continue to claim we need semi auto rifles to keep wild hog numbers in check and keep killing wolves.
  9. An issue that civilians shouldn't be trusted with, especially since it hasn't stopped the issue one bit. The removal of vital predator species is also a big driver of population issues.
  10. 900 is low, i have an autocannon that hits between 1700 and 5k depending procs/debuffs, but yeah the content is extremely light right now. New patch next week is going add story missions to contracts though i'm not sure why they're keeping the cutscenes in them, while making changes to loot and daily loot boxes or something after final bosses. Forge will be accessible without a load screen too! I'm also interested in them removing luck all together, its a useless stat and bad for the game if people are forced to use it to get better loot in a game about always looking for better loot... https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/03/21/here-are-all-the-new-major-changes-coming-to-anthem-from-cosmetic-chests-to-legendary-missions/#1085a1165fe4 Legendary missions are revamped, souped-up versions of story missions which previously, you could never repeat after beating the campaign which obviously feels like a waste. They come with a chest at the end and one “legendary” enemy like a Titan or Ursix inserted that will soon have even better drop rates. Though in the demo, they ran an entire mission on GM1without a single masterwork dropping. Seems weird to not even guarantee one like a contract or stronghold. Also, they are keeping the cutscenes that play in the middle of missions which they said was “cool” but everyone is going to hate that, trust me. The game is introducing “Elysian Chests” which will appear at the end of strongholds after you kill a boss. They require a key to open, and you can get one key a day from a daily challenge that will rotate. Everyone gets an item if one person opens the chest with a key. Four people get four items if everyone has a key. It was a little cryptic what exactly would be in these chests. Obviously everyone is thinking armor, which should be in there (though that wasn’t said explicitly), but there are also crafting material bundles and probably things like individual decals. I’m wondering how big the loot pool will be for these chests and what will be in them. Strongholds will no longer put players in after two minutes, preventing the “joining only for the boss” problem we’ve seen recently. Bosses also now have a chance to drop legendary items, not just masterworks. They think they’ve fixed a lot of the problems with Quickplay, but one change is that you can’t join a Quickplay mission after 15 minutes, preventing people from getting stuck in broken instance loops. Javelin flight speed has been increased and it will take longer to overheat and less time to recover from overheating. Thank the lord. Honestly I would not be sad if they got rid of the overheat mechanic entirely and just let us fly around. Maybe we’ll get there someday. There are more Universal Masterwork Components coming. They talked about one where if you hit someone with 7 shotgun pullets it would automatically apply an acid effect. Not sure if the defense/shield stats on these have been fixed. A good amount of skills and components got buffed. Examples given were the component that gave Colossus heat reduction when taking damage. Now it just increases your damage when taking damage. Or the named Flamethrower that got damage on kill now gets damage on hit instead. PC is getting an FOV slider for each type of gameplay, fighting, flying, swimming, etc. You can now hold the melee button to chain melee with Interceptor. You can now access the Forge without a loading screen. Thank the lord. That’s like, pretty basic stuff, but I’m glad this wasn’t an impossible change to make somehow. They seemed unsure about whether the health bug was totally fixed or not for this patch, which I am concerned about given that it’s the only thing reliably preventing me from moving up GM tiers. I guess we’ll have to see what happens there. Not in this patch: They were asked about new enemy types, story content and new javelins, and said that yes, those are coming, but that appears to be decently far away, as you would expect from new DLC. They are making masterwork/legendary support items but they’re not ready yet. They are thinking about the concept of luck and it’s implied it may be changed/removed at some point. No word on minimum power requirements for GM1-3 content. I don’t think anyone asked this question. They are working on longer term fixes for enemy scaling issues which they say are complicated. I am not clear on whether they have fixed the thing where removing your support item boosts your damage because it increases your overall power level. Need to check on that.
  11. The only time abolishing the EC has fallen below 60% support is when its benefitted the GOP.
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