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  1. The best take from his supporters is "So hes not running in 2020?" lol.
  2. Yup, this is a "Compromise" that the GOP came up with itself, but didn't include any from the far right, and they even aren't sure what he will say, so the planned call between GOP senators also got pushed to after he speaks, lol.
  3. Got pushed back till 4pm, but whats been reported is a extension for DACA, TPS, for wall.
  4. Give it a couple days of "Amnesty for illegals," or "amnesty Don" from the right, this deal would have been done last year otherwise.
  5. The GOP will kill this on their own, lol. Just imagine the "base," Damn RINO voted for amnesty!
  6. Don't worry the Nazi conservatives are already balking at letting brown people stay. Let's remember why the DACA deal really didn't happen last year.
  7. Hes offering a DACA and TPS extensions apparently, which is worthless with the courts having thrown out his ending it.
  8. PaladinSolo

    Mexico pipeline explosion death toll increases to 66

    Sometimes i really have to scratch my head at the shit people do, at both the idea of tapping into a live fuel pipeline and the response to shut down pipelines so people won't tap into them causing shortages which likely increases the value of stealing fuel.
  9. PaladinSolo

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    I don't think it really matters who dems nominate, as long as they focus on their policies and let Trump pummel himself into oblivion, this idea that only X person can win is just straight nonsense.
  10. PaladinSolo

    ~*Official Thread of Easy Marks and Fever Dreams*~

    Yup, they almost never say anything.
  11. PaladinSolo

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    lol, this should be fun.