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  1. So apparently Mark Sanford is thinking about running against Trump.
  2. Stealth is the superior tech/strategy, regardless of the system used it reduces detection range on top of the fact these radar systems already have reduced detection range, they basically just reduce the disadvantage you're at when facing stealth aircraft. They also do nothing if you were to attack into a nation with stealth aircraft as its hard to get your radar stations set up inside a country that can blow you to hell without you ever seeing them. Its all still just theorycrafting too, we have no idea how effect these systems will actually be in the field, and the only stealth aircraft thats been shot down was an F117 which is far less stealthy than the B2, F22, and F35, and still required its bomb doors to open to be seen. China claiming to have seen F22s over South Korea is also dubious because they were equipped with external tanks for a flight to Japan. You also don't want to be in the less stealthy jet in an A2A engagement, don't care how good your flying is your ass is dead if your weapons can't target anything, regardless of that the F22 is the fastest most agile fighter in the world so if guns do become necessary for some reason it should come out on top assuming pilots of equal skill. The F35 relies more on its electronic warfare systems than its stealth to confuse and block enemy radar systems. The bigger threat to US power is China's anti-carrier missiles.
  3. Also saw that Steve King is having a hard time with fundraising and currently only has 18k cash on hand.
  4. Presidential undervote more than doubled in 2016, chances are Dems could win the election by just not having Clinton on the ticket, doubtful those that thought Trump wasn't worth voting for even when they were in the booth are going to think hes not so bad now.
  5. Lol, Warren entered the senate in 2012, old guard indeed. I honestly wonder if he's one of those paid Russian trolls, I mean who the fuck thinks Gabbard is the one. Polling seems to indicate that the top dem candidates can beat Trump, with the closer ones being lower on name ID, the big trend is Trump basically stuck in the low 40s against all of them. On top of this Warren's numbers have been getting better as we go, NBC/WSJ poll out today has her up 5, Sanders 7, Biden 9, and Harris 1. Trump's range in this poll? 42-44%.
  6. Forget that these idiots went to an event of a person who supports them to shout over her, but she went right into the issue instead of ignoring them or having them removed.
  7. I mean i get why they're doing it, but i'd be surprised if the map looks like that, theres a pretty good chance AZ, FL, GA, or NC flip as well, all were within like 5%, with 2018 elections being even closer, the map is changing.
  8. Haven't been following is New Orleans fucked?
  9. Oh its real, and its absolutely manufactured. The worst part is lying about this shit. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/12/politics/mike-pence-border-immigration/index.html In McAllen, it was a much different scene: Pence toured a swelteringly hot room called a sally port with hundreds of men, a strong smell of sweat and overcrowding so extreme there was no room for cots, the migrants left to sleep on concrete beneath mylar blankets. The men in the sally port in McAllen told CNN they had been in Customs and Border Protection custody for more than 40 days. They said they hadn't had access to showers or toothbrushes. They yelled before reporters that they were hungry. "This isn't human. I'm not a terrorist," one man said. Patrol agent in charge Michael Banks disputed some of those characterizations. He said a trailer with showers had arrived Thursday, though it was possible some of the men had not bathed yet. He said there were 88,000 disposable toothbrushes on site and that the migrants got three hot meals a day from local restaurants. He said the space, which, despite the heat, does have air-conditioning, was cleaned three times a day. He said none of the migrants had been there longer than 32 days.
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