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  1. If we needed oxygen we'd have evolved the ability to produce our own, eat it libtards.
  2. At what point do we not see hurricanes weaken as they head north, waters off the atlantic coast are at like all time highs.
  3. Doesn't sound at all familiar does it? https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/07/31/897615411/houston-hospital-struggles-to-manage-surge-of-covid-19-cases "I signed more death certificates last week than in my entire life almost all put together," Varon tells NPR's Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition. For the last four months, Varon has been waking up at dawn every day and heading to the hospital, where he spends between six and 12 hours on rounds before seeing new admissions. When he gets home, he sleeps at most two hours a night. "I try to go to sleep, but people call me nonstop," he says. Varon manages a large team of people who are both exhausted and afraid. "I have over 300 doctors in the staff at our hospital and only three or four of us go into the COVID unit," Varon says. "And I am there most of the time. People are afraid of going into COVID units, and I cannot force them to go in. That's one thing that I cannot do because there is an intrinsic risk of working in a COVID unit."
  4. I'm sure theres some national security clause somewhere that lets him do just about whatever that never had a check put on it cause at the time electing an openly authoritarian moron wasn't thought of.
  5. As someone who read like all of them up to the end of the Forerunner trilogy, the books weren't required till Halo 4, which even if you had read the forerunner trilogy which was a slog to read through, was still confusing at times, lol.
  6. Loot changes are nice but without an expansion level amount of new content I probably won't bother to check it out, i can only kill that spider queen so many times, lol.
  7. It was basically all nuclear weapons production which ended during arms reduction treaties in the 80s, NASA had been using what was left and eventually even had to buy some off the Russians, who had also stopped producing and were running out.
  8. Its also using the first US produced plutonium-238 for its power source in over 30 years, which will be continued for other deep space and lunar power production as well as nuclear powered propulsion.
  9. Thread of ongoing discussions but heres a summary of how they're going, lol.
  10. Who cares, actual America just launched a rover to Mars with a friggin helicopter.
  11. Its a really obvious distraction from the GDP numbers, Trump isn't playing some complicated game here, the USPS destruction is just a GOP thing they've been trying to do for decades. No one is asking GOP congressional members about GDP numbers atm.
  12. Its literally the Trump admins slogan for people out of work right now, lol. But seriously these idiots aren't going to be cared for if actual violence starts, no one will care.
  13. They should just try something new. I don't really give a fuck about their families when they're families are benefitting from abusing US citizens. There's still plenty of room for these goons to make their lives worse BTW. If the country continues to unravel its police forces that will bear the brunt of the rage.
  14. This almost certainly triggered his delay the election tweet, and by safely vote he meant "when the economy gets better so I have a chance!"
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