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  1. Just got a message from my daughters district that they had 15 positive cases and a lot of them are going through contact tracing, be fun to see how many kids that knocks out for the next 10 days.
  2. The immune system stuff is funny cause vaccines use your fucking immune system to prevent you from getting sick. Also my family down south that has refused to be vaccinated is now getting hit, Cousin and her husband in the ER with pneumonia, a couple others got pretty sick but seem to have gotten over it.
  3. But as the Reddit Q&A continued, Elwartowski’s meticulous responses revealed some of the more knotty practicalities of life on board. It turned out that the only cooking facilities would be in the restaurant. For safety reasons, no one was allowed to have a microwave in their rooms – though some cabins had mini-fridges, noted Elwartowski, determinedly sidestepping the point. He offered residents a 20% discount at the restaurant and mentioned that some interested cruisers had already talked about renting part of the restaurant kitchen so they could make their own food. “We want entrepreneurs to come up with solutions and try them out,” he wrote, in a valiant attempt to convert a fairly fundamental stumbling block into wild startup energy. “This is your place to try new things.” Not all the Redditors were convinced. “No microwave but mining rig. Incoherent scam.” Not having a microwave in your room is a deal breaker bro, lol.
  4. School started yesterday here and already sent a few kids home for quarantine,
  5. Local news did a story about a district doing "inclusion training" and it was just a bunch of morons claiming it was divisive and racist training or CRT, its literally just state mandated training since like 2012 that says teachers and all staff have a legal responsibility to report any bullying or abusive behavior towards students by anyone for any reason, lol.
  6. We had a few drivers say if they had to wear masks or get the vaccine they wouldn't come back, well they all came back, and we have a mask and now a vaccine mandate in place, if you don't get the vaccine you have to be tested weekly on your own time and money.
  7. Just remember it's not 2003 anymore, the gop is half the size of the Democratic Party in the state, and this is an election where everyone was sent a ballot, catastrophically low turnout isn't going to happen which is what is required for Newsom to lose this.
  8. it’s worth pointing out that rapes are usually committed by acquaintances of their victims, as was the case in nearly 9 in 10 rapes reported to the FBI in Texas that year. On a per capita basis, incidentally, rape is more common in Texas than in the United States overall.
  9. Rasmussen isn't a real pollster anymore, and hasn't been for quite some time, its mask off full on right wing propaganda now.
  10. I see we've now reached the "Its extremely normal for idiots to take horse medications!" from conservative pundits.
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