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  1. While National Security Adviser John Bolton, according to a source, thought Trump’s remarks were ill-advised, he believed that walking them back would only add fuel to the outrage pyre and make the president look weak. But Chief of Staff John Kelly was irate. According to a source, he told Trump it would make things worse for him with Robert Mueller. He also exerted pressure to try to get the president to walk back his remarks. According to three sources familiar with the situation, Kelly called around to Republicans on Capitol Hill and gave them the go-ahead to speak out against Trump. (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan held televised press conferences to assert that Russia did meddle in the election.
  2. PaladinSolo

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    This is one thing that actually annoys the shit out of me, and reporters do it all the time.
  3. The best is why they confuse Hillary's server and the DNC hack and come up with Hillary's server was hacked!
  4. I've seen some suggest that Dan Coats should resign, I think thats insane, he should continue to speak out on his own without the WH's approval and force Trump to fire him IMO. I mean goodluck explaining that he fired his DNI cause he kept stating the intelligence communities position based on investigations into the matter instead of one at odds with reality.
  5. Thats because its not news, hes not a journalist so he isn't compelled to be truthful whatsoever.
  6. PaladinSolo

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Its not just Texas where dems are bringing in the dough.
  7. The comments are funny, some are clearly bots as well.
  8. PaladinSolo

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Looks like independents leaning towards dems pretty heavily in that district, GOP makes up 12% more of registration and 9% more of self identified in that poll.
  9. Impact of a global market thats about to see more of a cheaper Chinese product making the US product even less enticing?
  10. Supply and demand, supply goes down, prices go up. Unless demand also shrinks.
  11. PaladinSolo

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Blackburn is a nutter, like Roy Moore, might be a deep red state but candidates do matter, especially when shes up against a former Governor that was well liked, hes also not likely to be chanting abolish ICE anytime soon either though, lol.