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  1. OK OK clearly Trump did some shit, but we need to be able to distract our idiot base somehow so bring me the Bidens!
  2. Remember when we couldn't even get 2 billion for the Zika virus?
  3. Bernie on top for the first time in national CNN poll unseating Biden.
  4. https://www.npr.org/2020/01/20/797948411/destructive-hail-and-a-massive-dust-storm-descend-on-fire-ravaged-australia
  5. WH Counsel off to a stellar start lying that GOP members weren't allowed into the SCIF to see evidence.
  6. Our pizza wasn't bad, and we didn't have a salad bar, but we also had italian and ham and cheese subs that we could get and i got the italian sub a lot till they stopped making them, and i want to say they stopped making them cause they were deemed to not be healthy enough or something, lol.
  7. Pizza was served at my school everyday as an option, along with a few types of sandwiches, if you didn't like the meal of the day.
  8. It's literally going to be a name and nothing new ever comes from it. Like the USMCA, it's Nafta with minor changes and a new name.
  9. Collins, Murkowski, Romney, and Gardner are going to vote with dems to allow witnesses in the Senate trial, should be some fun rants, and Rand Paul's first choice is to call Joe Biden cause reasons.
  10. Private schools have to teach the same things, lol.
  11. Don't worry the rich will just donate to save us all!
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