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  1. I could see a Bengal fan being miserable at that game, if a niner had the ball he was going 10 yards or more with it all game, lol.
  2. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/460727-biden-sanders-and-warren-lead-trump-in-new-texas-poll I don't think that ever happened in 2016.
  3. Imagine getting fired cause you told your boss its a bad idea to hang out with the Taliban days before 9/11 at camp David.
  4. So the WH said Bolton and Pompeo were going to give a briefing at 1:30, probably about him stepping down less than an hour ago, lol, why the fuck would anyone willingly work for this idiot.
  5. "I've since decided to hire Vladi.... errr John Smith"
  6. You need to change the dimmer switches, older dimmer switches don't reduce the power to LED bulbs enough for them to dim properly.
  7. NWS had to issue a correction to the idiots warnings about the hurricane, cause uhhh its not going to hit Alabama. The Bahamas are basically just fucked.
  8. The best part is that "Sir" is his biggest tell when hes lying, lol.
  9. I remember when they were like "This might be a tropical storm when it hits PR" now its a perfect cat 5 hurricane of mass devastation.
  10. No he had it right, its just removing the consequences, and restores rights, the conviction still stands and is on your record.
  11. I mean theres no reason a every train has to stop at every stop, if they depart regularly enough from either end you can skip stops depending on passenger load going to and from those areas. Just need tracks just off the main line for stations.
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