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  1. Its just for low income families, you can only get it if you apply for certain programs like free school lunches ect... Also sets a floor of 25 mbps.
  2. What he did was so unusual the dispatcher called her supervisor while it was happening, but sure Floyd killed himself, lol.
  3. Apparently enough people yelled at them. Its also possible someone on the inside leaked the previous info to the media to stop them from going ahead with such a stupid idea.
  4. Common bro, the crowd was distracting him cause they were mad he was killing Floyd and he ended up killing him!
  5. The reason for this is because the state CHUD court ruled she doesn't have the authority to declare further emergencies over COVID, even struck down a 75 year old state law that literally gives her that power to do it, lol.
  6. China official says local vaccines lack effectiveness - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM The comments from China CDC director George Gao have since been mostly censored. Fucking China, so crafty they released a virus on the world and so inept they can't even make a vaccine!
  7. Maryland repeals police bill of rights, enacts historic accountability measures - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM Democratic lawmakers override Hogan vetoes to create new officer discipline process, use-of-force policy. In his veto letter Friday night, Hogan wrote that the three policing bills would “erode police morale, community relationships and public confidence.” “This will result in great damage to police recruitment and retention, posing significant risks to public safety throughout our state,” the letter said.
  8. The stupid thing is they could have made this like a maglev system or something instead we got a slow express lane under ground, so he could sell more Teslas.
  9. Schools in NY started sports back up in march and its really fucking dumb, the schools themselves still had/have serious restrictions with kids not co-mingling on busses or in the schools, only half capacity on busses ect... but then they're like ok the Basketball team made up of kids that can't possibly all be in the same mingling groups can all ride on one bus and then travel to another district where they're doing the same so they can spread it around as much as possible! Also because sports started so late each seasonal sports schedule is like a month long, lol.
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