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  1. I think they're worried Kobach is going to screw up the KS senate race too, but honestly can't see Pompeo doing better, be funny if KS ends up with a Dem senator too.
  2. Pompeo is ecpected to resign and run for the KS senate seat.
  3. Absolutely nothing happens cause he'll never overcome this.
  4. The way Hulu works is its seperate, and they credit you the amount, and you have to use the same e-mail address for both, but you'll get a seperate bill for Hulu and Disney+.
  5. More voted this year in LA than 2018s midterms, and the cities/suburbs have become a serious liability for the GOP.
  6. Edwards held the Governorship in LA last night, and the GOP failed to gain a super majority in the state house, ensuring dems have a say in redistricting in the state where its easily possible for them gain another house seat, black turnout pushed a dem over performance.
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