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Is it illegal to take the pillows from a hotel room?

Commissar SFLUFAN

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As my friend studying for an economics PhD pointed out last weekend when I thought about stealing a cool mug from a bar, the economic value those pillows represent to you is far greater than it is for the hotel. I ended up not taking it, because I'm not an asshole, but you should still take the pillow.

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5 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

Yup, like I said, some times nothing happens!


 I've worked at one for long enough to get the idea of how things are. :p


My suggestion, ask to talk to the General Manager. If she seems legit then don't take the pillows.


Also, you could cover your bases and ask for some pillows for your room claiming you only got 1 pillow, or something, then if they charge you with taking it refer them back to your request and they will probably take it away. Hotels won't charge you for anything if you bitch enough.

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I've taken a bunch of stuff from hotel rooms over the years, a mug from my honeymoon I really liked, more glassware than I can recall, hand towels, etc.  I've never had any hotel ever get back to me about any of it.  These aren't exactly hard to track either, there's a certain number of mugs or glasses in each room so it's pretty obvious if one just isn't there anymore.  Now that I'm older and less of an asshole, I don't just take things for the laughs anymore.  


If I had to guess, if you took one pillow and only one pillow nothing would happen.  It can be chalked up to something unknown.  Taking two entire pillows, probably more likely to raise an eyebrow because how the hell does that happen by accident, but if you go there enough they're not going to raise a stink.  If you want to avoid the issue, you can probably just look at the thing for a tag, or more often than not the name of the brand is just embroidered onto the thing if you remove the case.  Whatever you do though, don't get housekeeping involved.  If a pillow or two goes missing, they'll figure the guest did something with it.  You call and say your bed doesn't have enough pillows and you're putting the person who turned the room down at risk for not doing their job properly.  I'm fine with people assuming I'm a dickhead, but I don't want someone else to catch shit for it.  


Honestly though, why would you want used pillows?  You know how many people have fucked on those things by now?  The annoyance of calling and asking where to buy the pillows lasts a moment, never knowing how many strangers jerked off leaning against your pillows lasts forever.  

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While we're on the subject of hotel pillows, I need to rant a bit about how the "pillows" at the APA Hotel chain in Japan are just the absolute worst. Now, in Japan you can generally expect firm beds and firm pillows, that's pretty normal, but these things barely even can be considered pillows at all. They're more like they stripped the block of foam out of a couch cushion and stuck it in a cheap pillowcase. And not even a whole couch cushion, these things are only like an inch to an inch and a half thick. The beds themselves are fine, but these pillows are an affront to all things good in the world.


Oh, and owner of the hotel chain is a weird racist/nationalist nutjob.

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On 11/9/2018 at 8:52 PM, Mr.Vic20 said:

They will either do nothing or charge your room for the cost*.


*market value + revenge tax = probably 2-3 times their actual value.

I work in the hotel business and there's a chance that's what they'll do. But you can also just call and ask for extra pillows then take them home. I doubt they keep track that meticulously. 

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I've seen hotels that have lists of things you can buy. Some hotels you stay at say you can take some items but usually expensive rooms. I've also had friends take towels and bath robes - no issues afterwards.


But yeah, they are not there to grab unless specifically says so

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