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  1. So it all comes down to this. The final week of the 2019-20 MGT Season. AbsolutSurgen holds a commanding lead going into the championship, riding the longest 1st place streak of the year. But can he hold back the contenders one more time? With a small handful of players within striking distance and the questions worth big bucks, will he still be standing atop the hill when the dust settles? This weekend may be the Super Bowl, but the real fight is here! We should sell ad space. -= THE LEADERBOARD =- @AbsolutSurgen - $268,000 @thewhyteboar - $186,850 @Keyser_Soze - $120,000 @Biggie - $90,950 @Dodger - $57,200 @Greatoneshere - $19,000 Slug - $17,000 @BasemntDweller2 - $10,000 @Jose - $13,100 @RedSoxFan9 - $12,800 @Alpha1Cowboy - $5,300 @SFLUFAN - $3,900 @johnny - $2,500 @Kal-El814 - $1,500 ## SUPER BOWL - MOCK GAMBLING - SPREAD AND QUESTIONS ## DEADLINE FOR SUPER BOWL ENTRIES - 2/2/2020 (SUNDAY) 6:29pm EASTERN THREAD WILL BE LOCKED AT THE DEADLINE SO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN! ** Feature Game ** Super Bowl LIII: San Francisco 49'ers (+1.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs (Remember you are betting against the spread, not just the outright winner) QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Super Bowl? 49'ers touchdown, 49'ers field goal, 49'ers safety, Chiefs touchdown, Chiefs field goal, Chiefs safety, or other? ($15,000 for the correct call) 2) What will be the final scoring play of the Super Bowl? 49'ers touchdown, 49'ers field goal, 49'ers safety, Chiefs touchdown, Chiefs field goal, Chiefs safety, or other? ($15,000 for the correct call) 3) Which will be the highest scoring quarter of the Super Bowl? ($20,000 for the correct answer) 4) Will the team leading at half-time go on to win? ($15,000 for the correct answer) 5) Will there be any missed kicks (FG or PAT) in the game? ($15,000 for the correct answer) 6) What will the combined score be at the end of each quarter? Give us 4 scores, corresponding in order to the four quarters. You will win the Q6 cash for EACH correct answer. See my example answer below if you are confused. ($25,000 per correct score) ### Example Answer Post and MY ENTRY ### Feature Game: Chiefs - $16,000 1. Niners FG 2. Chiefs TD 3. 4th 4. No 5. Yes 6. 6, 20, 30, 47 ##################### Good luck! ########## THE SEASON ######### Week 1 <-- See here for full rules if you're interested in joining the competition! Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Wild Card Weekend Divisional Round Championship Round Pro-Bowl Bye Week & Fun Facts
  2. Man, I really want to watch this. I also really don't want to pay for yet another streaming service.
  3. I'm just teasin'. It's all good. Going into next season remember that every week, including Week 1 with the rules, are linked in the results post in each new week's thread. Also, you need to be in more because every time you post I hear Kefka's laugh in my head and it freaks me out.
  4. Looks neat! I never played the original. I can't see myself owning this, but I'd absolutely give it a play if one of my pals had a copy.
  5. Possibly? I pay for the overall prize myself just because. I'd want to keep the main competition for the prize and title free to encourage the most potential players. Perhaps I'll consider running an optional, "side bet" that players can opt-in for if they so choose so there can be a side bet winner among those who opted-in, even if that winner isn't 1st overall at the end. The side bet might encourage some people who are "out of it" to keep fighting even if they have no shot at the title. Something to think about for next season!
  6. I'm no series aficionado or anything, but I did play and really enjoyed Ys: Origin. Was fun, paced well. Enough of a challenge in the late stages to scratch that itch for a tougher game, but not ridiculous. I'd absolutely play another Ys game. Origin was a good time.
  7. ## MORE MGT FUN FACTS ## - Get your entries in! No single week saw all 14 players in this year's competition make an entry before the deadline! - It's a long season and quitters never win: There were an average of 10.6 entries every week over the first 10 weeks of the MGT season and an average of only 7 entries per week for the last 10! - Ever wonder how I track the Feature Game win rate? Here ya go! Week 1: 0110010110111 Week 2: 10011000000 Week 3: 011111011111 Week 4: 10000000001 Week 5: 0100001110 Week 6: 00000011000 Week 7: 00100110000 Week 8: 100011101 Week 9: 1010100 Week 0: 11111000000 Week11: 000001000 Week12: 0111110 Week13: 11011101 Week14: 01000001 Week15: 010111 Week16: 001101 Week17: 00001 Week W: 10010011 Week D: 010011 Week C: 0011110 (0 is an incorrect bet on the Feature Game, 1 is a correct one) In binary the Feature Game results table above translates to, "e¼À}ø‡‚a©ð·PW42iž". So...yeah.
  8. You do! Also to answer your post from last week's thread; there were only 4 teams! Of course there's no Question 8! :P
  9. -= PRO-BOWL BYE WEEK =- This season marks the 9th running of the Mock Gambling Thread, going back to when I originally ran it on the IGN Football boards during the 2010-2011 season, and the 2nd year here on Day One Patch! The MGT was inspired by a similar competition run by the community on a St. Louis Rams fan message board that I fell in love with when I went there to talk smack ahead of a skins/Rams game. Had so much fun playing in it for a couple seasons that I thought it'd be fun to run it for my pals on IGN and now here. ## 2019-2020 MGT Season Fun Facts ## - Biggie was the first entrant for the 2019-2020 season! - Of the 14 competitors in this year's MGT, 6 different players have held the lead at one time or another. - Absolut_Surgen and Keyser_Soze both defended their leads an equal number of weeks in a row; taking 1st place and holding it for 3 weeks straight each! Underscores = wins?! - Why is the Question 8 bonus so valuable? In 20 weeks of the MGT there have been an equal number of chances to guess that week's rushing and receiving leaders. The rushing leader was only guessed correctly 6 times during the regular season and 7 more times after the playoffs had begun so the number of potential candidates had been severely truncated. The receiving leader was only guessed correctly 3 times all season. The bonus for getting both in the same week was never awarded! - Total winnings are DOWN overall at this point in the competition compared to last year. The '19-20 Leaderboard has amassed a total of $808,100 versus $1,605,350 at last year's Pro-Bowl Bye Week! - Asked 19 time to 14 players there were 266 chances to earn the Question #5 bonus by calling all 3 weekly pick'em games correctly! The bonus was only awarded 20 times! - There were a total of 176 bets placed on the Feature Game across the entire season and post-season! - Of the bets placed on the Feature Game across all competitors, we were collectively correct only 77 times for a 43.75% win rate! ################################## Have a restful Bye week, enjoy the Pro-Bowl, and rest your brains for the final week of the 2019-2020 MGT coming on 1/27!
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