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  1. Also existing fans will snap up as much Redskins gear as they can now to get it before it goes away. Win-win for them.
  2. One has nothing to do with the other, but I understand why'd you would assume that. I recognize that my fandom for the team immediately suggests a bias on the name issue, and while I could assure you that isn't the case I know that nothing I could say would convince you. So I'll just say I've had many conversations on the matter and that there are a great many people in the affected community that not only themselves support the name, but find the movement to have it changed itself racist even if it comes from a good place and leave it at that.
  3. OK. I know folks' sentiment on the issue. My experience is different, so I disagree. It's all good. I know I'm in the minority on the issue on this one. No worries.
  4. Voted no. It's rare. Dessert at the restaurant usually only happens on special occasion dinners, like birthdays or anniversaries and what not.
  5. We can turn it on and off and adjust it? In that case taste. You'd be able to enjoy a bacon cheeseburger like nobody's business.
  6. I'm taking a wait 'n see attitude. At GenCon the paid events usually come with swag or prize potential. That may bear out in the online version. We'll have to see when the event list releases on 7/6.
  7. https://www.gencon.com/online - "Gen Con Online, a new virtual convention experience featuring four days of streaming shows, remote gaming, community on Discord, your favorite exhibitors, and lots more.." July 30 – August 2, 2020. Free badge registration. Badge required to sign up for events, some of which will be free and some paid (as is the case with regular GenCon). Event list releases 7/6 with event registration starting a week later. Events will include shows, panels, first look/playtest opportunities, remote gaming and who knows what else. This might suck, or it might be interesting. We'll find out!
  8. While the bolded is true, discrimination based on sexual orientation is also necessarily discrimination based on sex.
  9. FWIW Sekiro is the only one I walked away from without beating it. And I love the Souls games. It was just aggressively tedious to me. All the other Souls games I enjoyed dying and learning and getting gud and exploring and all of it. With Sekiro I think I wasn't even halfway through it when I died for the nth time because I misinterpreted this quarter-second flash of a symbol versus that quarter second flash of a symbol and realized that I had not smiled or been excited once since starting the game. After every death in *Souls I had fun getting back to my soul puddle and trying again. In Sekiro it just felt like a chore.
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