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  1. My hero. I'll let you know if I manage to find a pre-order. LMK if your brother backs out and we'll talk.
  2. Well, I'm bummed. I didn't know pre-orders were opening and now they seem to be out everywhere already. Maybe later today I can drive around to some local stores and get lucky.
  3. @ anyone who still needs to jump in to this year's competition. Everyone begins with $1,000 to bet with.
  4. Yuuuuup. I own 2 houses in NJ. Live in one and rent out the other.
  5. WEEK 2 MOCK GAMBLING - SPREAD AND QUESTIONS DEADLINE FOR WEEK 2 ENTRIES - Thursday, 9/17/2020 08:19pm EASTERN THREAD WILL BE LOCKED AT THE DEADLINE SO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN! Week 2 Feature Game New England Patriots (+4.5) at Seattle Seahawks (Remember you are betting against the spread, not just the outright winner) QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Patriots TD, Patriots FG, Patriots safety, Seahawks TD, Seahawks FG, Seahawks safety, or other? ($300 for the correct call) 2) Name the QB that will be sacked
  6. As the NFL emerged from the weirdest off-season ever, so too does Alpha1Cowboy emerge as our leader after Week 1! How long will he be able to hold on to that top spot? ########## WEEK 1 RESULTS ########## Week 1 Feature Game - Houston Texans (+9.5) at Kansas City Chiefs The defending Super Bowl champs win their home opener against the Texans by a score of 34-29.5(20+9.5). Bets on the Chiefs win. QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Texans TD, Texans FG, Texans safety, Chiefs TD, Chiefs FG, Chiefs safety, or other? ($300
  7. 1. Football Team's D-Line is legit scary. 2. 8 sacks, force fumble, 2 picks, 27 unanswered points. That's how you do comebacks. 3. HTTFT Now to relax and watch the late games with a big grin on my face. It's gonna be a good week.
  8. Very disciplined game so far. I was expecting things to feel more sloppy/preseason'ish.
  9. Week 1 thread is locked! Good luck everyone! @Keyser_Soze PM me if you want to change your answer to #4 based on my late answer to your question.
  10. Sorry, I missed it. Yes, the team that commits the most turnovers.
  11. Deadline for week 1 entries is in 3 hours and change. Get em in!
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