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  1. I did know that they restocked, only because I went to the construction site one we did together and there was new loot there. I didn't know it was every 24 hours though, I figured it was random.
  2. Slug

    Soda is stupid

    I sometimes drink a diet soda or an energy drink when I want some caffeine but also want something cold and iced tea isn't readily available.
  3. sbl is right. I just finished reading it. It was kind of a slog, but yeah. So, normally when an illegal immigrant is picked up by ICE they are allowed to request release pending their deportation hearing. They can post bond, argue they aren't a flight risk, etc. However when an illegal immigrant who has been arrested for certain criminal offenses is picked up by ICE, they aren't allowed to make that request; they're held in mandatory detention until their hearing. Now, the law says that this mandatory detention happens “when the alien is released” from jail on their criminal charge and ICE picks them up. The people in this case were trying to argue that since they weren't picked up immediately upon their release (they weren't just transferred into ICE custody) that the mandatory detention clause shouldn't happen. Basically they're trying to say that the fact that they were arrested on criminal charges shouldn't matter and they should be allowed to request release because they were able to evade ICE for some period of time after they got out of jail. So the mandatory detention clause isn't new, and this ruling doesn't make the detention indefinite (Jennings vs Rodriguez did that last year). This ruling merely affirms that the time between a person being released from jail on criminal charges and them being picked up by ICE doesn't have any bearing on whether or not they can be held until their deportation hearing.
  4. That's fine. In the end if it's entertaining that's all that really matters. How many reboots/retellings of the Spider-Man origin have we gotten over the years?
  5. It actually is. I used to take my kids there all the time when they were young, and we take my niece there now. They have an awesome all glass tunnel through the shark tank!
  6. I've been called for jury duty several times, but I've never even made it out of the waiting room to voire dire. So jury duty for me is sitting in a room with a bunch of other randos while reading my book or playing my DS, then going to lunch, coming back, relaxing some more, then being told I can go home. I love jury duty.
  7. See, I have waaaaay too many games. I'm also a sucker for buying more games. As a result my backlog of tabletop games actually exceeds my video game backlog at this point, which is saying something. In any case, yesterday me & my gaming pals decided to do a Beermosa & Gaming Brunch for St. Paddy's Day which finally gave me the chance to bring Blood Rage to the table! The idea behind Blood Rage is that it's Ragnarok; the end of the world. There's no stopping it. There's no heroic saving of anyone or anything. It's over. The gods are waging war and all us little guys are going down with 'em. So what else to do but to have your clan go out in the bloodiest blaze of glory you can?! Pillage, fight, kill and die to earn yourself VIP seats in Valhalla before the world ends! Let's open this bad boy up! I've heard good things and it's an Eric Lang game so I have high hopes. Tight packing makes me worry about repacking the punched version, but we'll make it work. :P Ready to play! Super fun. I'm kind of sad I didn't get this to the table sooner. Pretty straightforward ruleset, with a deep amount of strategy once you get into the meat of things. Our first game we played very sub optimally as we figured things out. But game 2, once everyone knew what they were doing, was super competitive and came down to the wire. There is a bit of randomization to the game which I'm normally not a fan of, but in this case it mostly relates to the setup of the board and of each new round and serves to keep each playthrough unique (versus something like rolling a die to resolve combat). It works really well and can force you to rethink your strategy from round to round. Also I love draft mechanics and each round (age) you draft "Gods' Gifts" to your clan which give you strength in battle, trickery to steal resources from your opponent clans, and quests to win you more glory. Overall this was super fun. This is a new shelf staple for me. Great times. And because I'm already late to the party on this one I've already got a bunch of expansions to get once we've exhausted the base game!
  8. Yup. It's a low budget direct to video movie because someone had the rights and wanted to make more money off of the name. I think ID even came out and said they have nothing to do with this.
  9. They shouldn't be upset that Doom Guy got a gender switch. They should be upset that the movie looks terrible.
  10. I think the death penalty is purely vengeance. It's some sense of "justice" for the victim. I don't think it makes us safer. I don't think that the existence of the death penalty has any real effect on the rate of future capital crimes. I mean, people will drive safer to avoid tickets, or make sure they card the kid trying to buy beer so they don't get fined. But once you reach crimes that carry the death penalty? I'm not sure many killers are carefully considering the potential consequences before hacking up their neighbor and stuffing them in a Hefty bag. Once someone has crossed the border into Murdertown they're way past making pro/con charts on their whiteboard. "I was going to shoot my ex-wife, but then I heard about that guy in St. Paul that got the death penalty so I went out for pierogies instead" is a conversation that has never happened.
  11. Worth a watch for the soundtrack alone.
  12. Good. The older I get the more I find myself against the death penalty in general.
  13. And I appreciate that! It's probably just my inner Luddite showing, but I read that page and all I'm thinking is what does it mean that someone else's PS is my primary, how does this affect purchases, if I need to switch stuff back and forth, do I need to relog, what if he has games he's bought on his account, I have to give him my password, oh and this also means I'm forced to buy the digital version of the game and yadda yadda. I'm sure all easily answerable and simple concerns, but still..the $60 just doesn't sound so bad to avoid the potential headaches.
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