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  1. Good lord...if I still lived down there'd I'd be a member in a heartbeat. That's amazing.
  2. I'm disappointed. I'm fine with a short format, but I was hoping for more of a narrative. Ah well it was fun for an episode and a half.
  3. I hadn't even heard of this one. Looks neat. I like that it's horror without being zombies. Too many zombie games lately.
  4. Never now and not for a long time.
  5. That's a weak connection. I'm kind of up for this. I still need to go back and play the original.
  6. Yeah he got me a couple times the first fight. He's like a mix of Teostra and Nargacuga. Very fun fight.
  7. I have! I'm having a blast with Rise. If we're Switch pals we need to do hunts together. I'm currently working on 7* HR but I'm down for all the hunts.
  8. I got 'em for all the lookie-loos who lean in real close and stare into my ears as I'm walking around.
  9. I'm not a big audo dude. I like to balance value and functionality with decent sound. For general day-to-day listening I use Skullcandy Sesh. They are inexpensive and sound good and do all the things I want them to. For activity I have a pair of Plantronics BackBeats similar to these; they are the only line of buds that I've found that effectively stay in my ears while running/jumping. Because it sucks to be finally hitting your groove a few miles into a run and a bud pops out and you gotta stop and search for it.
  10. I like all my tattoos. Fun fact: D1P helped me choose one. :P
  11. I've not been a fan of most of the MH games' "event" fights. I like the rampage/tower defense mode less than just regular hunts, but I like it more than the swimming water dragon thing from Tri or riding on the back of Zora Magdaros for a half hour.
  12. So far so so good. I'm really enjoying it. It has a lot of the convenience/QoL improvements from World but has the feel of Gen which I loved. I dig the verticality of the zones. Wirebug feels good. So far the only thing I'm not really digging is the new mount mechanic; it feels clunky when you're riding. I'd prefer a traditional "ride/do damage/big finisher/down" setup, but you can't really pull off any sort of finisher unless you've got a second monster in the area. Other than that I'm having a blast. Oh and also the animation for the wyrmstake cannon on my GL makes it such a pai
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