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  1. Nevermind. Found a good deal on a laptop more powerful than she actually needs on NewEgg. So change my answer to nothing.
  2. They do have way too many locations. I have no less than five Gamestops withing 15 min of each each other and I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two.
  3. There's some time savers in Saltmarsh. You should be able to take the WR from the dude. I love feedback on my levels. You know what would be cool? If it let creator's see a replay of the WR run of their levels. Like Mario Kart...save the ghosts of the fastest times.
  4. Probably getting The Woman a replacement for her old ass laptop.
  5. Got home from work yesterday to find a surprise package waiting for me on the porch. Turned out to be an early birthday gift from my mom. :P I've played this once and have been wanting my own copy for a long time! Going to have some people over and crack this open this weekend. It's a terrific strategy tile-laying game where the players are all competing builders trying their best to build a castle that meets the King's current, very fickle, aesthetic requirements. Good strategy but also light enough to work as a crossover game for people just dipping their foot into hobby tabletop gaming. Can't wait.
  6. Sorry. Didn't mean to make you do more work. :P I'm going to bed but I will try the new version first thing tomorrow.
  7. Haha, that's funny. That jump is tight but you can make it. On one clear (trying and failing to beat your time) I didn't even stop to take the POW block with me out of the opening room. :P
  8. This one was fun too! I'm just not sure I understand the name; I didn't use a POW Block at all.. I like your levels! They're challenging without being unfair. Even when you die horribly over and over you can *see* what you're supposed to do and you can feel yourself making progress. We'll done.
  9. There's plenty of that! In fact you can filter the courses down to just SMB1 if you want!
  10. Yeah I tried to make it a 2 stage process. The first few rooms are kind of a "here's how you do it/learn how it bounces in various situations" then the second half of the level is "use what you learned".
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