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  1. Animal Crossing is the only game I play online on my Switch, and that's only occasionally. My Switch is primarily a single-player game system. Loads of awesome games for the system. Love it to death. I just don't have any games for it that are good online and nothing really comes to mind. Shooters on a console almost all feel bad. Not a sports game guy. Maybe fighters? If the input lag isn't bad? I don't know. I do local multiplayer stuff (Smash, Kart., etc.) but nothing online.
  2. Combos, Bugles, and various brands of beef jerky. Those were always my go-to gas station snack grabs for long road trips. Peperoni Pizza Combos is the classic, but they make a Buffalo Bleu Cheese flavor that is quite good too.
  3. None, either temporarily or permanently.
  4. I mean...I hope so? I'm glad the dude is confident, but unless he suddenly developed consistency this late in his career I'm going to have to wait and see. Pretty stoked to watch our D murder some people though. :P
  5. I loved the What If...? comics as a kid. I'm cised for this. Like, "Love and Thunder" and "What If...?" are the two Marvel things I'm looking forward to the most right now.
  6. OK that's cool. I would pay for a Soundwave like that.
  7. Ehhhhhhhhhhh....IMO he's a sympathetic villain, but still a villain.
  8. So, so well done. One of my favorite Thor stories in awhile. Gorr is a great villain.
  9. So better screen, better speakers, twice the storage, and wired ethernet. No word on any sort of performance improvements. I doubt there will be.
  10. Yeah I kind of fell off on this. Too much mobility which sounds odd since I was a big fan of Tribes. But yeah. Instead of keeping it simple they kind of lost their shit with trying to make it into a crazy playground and it left me behind. Shoot people and build shit? Cool. Shoot people, build shit, fly helicopters, jetpack, power-ups, crafting, fighter planes, zombies, boats, jetstreams, teleporters, mechas, etc. etc. etc....yeah that's a bit much. Makes me wish they'd launch a "classic" server and just let it roll. That'd bring me back.
  11. I like picking up Funko-Pop figurines of characters/people I like. Some action figures. D&D models and minis, some of which I paint. I'll get some pics.
  12. I've found the mid-Atlantic region to be quite nice.
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