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  1. Deadline is this afternoon! Good luck everyone!
  2. I think I'm most looking forward to Ravens @ Bills. That has the potential to be the best game of the weekend. Edit: That sounds dumb. They all have "the potential to be the best game of the weekend". It's the one I think will be.
  3. I'm just cised that I get to watch the Caps opener tonight. We don't get all their games up here so I dig when I get a chance to watch. Kind of worried about our goalie situation though...hope these guys live up to expectations.
  4. Hump daaaaaay! Deadline is Saturday; get your entries in!
  5. Yup. I'm in a "later phase" and they'll "let me know". So I'm guessing June. :P
  6. re: potatoes, the line I hear from her the most is, "it's not a vegetable it's a starch".
  7. DIVISIONAL ROUND MOCK GAMBLING - SPREAD AND QUESTIONS DEADLINE FOR DIVISIONSAL ROUND ENTRIES - Saturday, 1/16/2021 04:29pm EASTERN THREAD WILL BE LOCKED AT THE DEADLINE SO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN! Divisional Round Feature Game Tampa Bay Buccaneers(+3.5) at New Orleans Saints (Remember you are betting against the spread) QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Buccaneers TD, Buccaneers FG, Buccaneers safety, Saints TD, Saints FG, Saints safety, or other? ($5,000 for the correct call) 2) Which team in the feature game
  8. Man, Wild Card Weekend was a great two days of Football. Here in the MGT the leaderboard has stabilized a bit, with not a lot of movement and BasemntDweller2 still settled in on top. It will take some risky gambles, but with 3 weeks left to play half the leaderboard is still in it. Let's see what the Divisional Round has in store! ########## WILD CARD WEEKEND RESULTS ########## Wild Card Feature Game: Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) at Tenessee Titans The Ravens take the game 16.5(20-3.5)-13 to oust the Titans and proceed to the Divisional round. Bets on Bal'mr win. Biggie and thewhy
  9. Finally started Ni no Kuni II. I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it...
  10. Necropost. Between China manufacturing delays because COVID and shipping issues, this is finally rolling out almost a year late. I got the address confirmation e-mail from the fulfillment center yesterday. When it finally arrives I'll do a review a mini detail pics for y'all.
  11. Whatever age you become self sufficient? I moved out and started living on my own at 17. 18 or 19 was basically a cultural cutoff when I was growing up. Back then it was considered weird if you were still living with your parents at 20+. Now I understand that line has moved quite a bit though due to economic and other factors.
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