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  1. Forgot to mention one of my personal favorite moments - during the first credits scene, one of my projects can be seen pretty clearly in the background. The characters are at the corner of 33rd and 8th right by Madison Square Garden and Moynahan/Penn Station, and you can see my building (Brookfield Properties 1 Manhattan West) in the background. Definitely filmed sometime in the last 6-12 months judging by the sight of the cranes at Moynahan and 1MW. Thought it was pretty cool that they used live filmed footage of the area.
  2. Same here. Much like ANT MAN and its sequel, I really enjoyed FAR FROM HOME, particularly as a lighter change of pace from the movie that it (and they) followed. We get to see through the movie(s) how the MCU is evolving (to an extent), but in something that doesn't feature world-ending/-changing stakes, or some type of aerial warfare montage as a climax, in a movie that puts more of a premium on relationships than building/preserving narrative momentum across the entire MCU-verse (although you coudl certainly argue that some major stakes were set with the credits scenes).
  3. Am I the only one who felt like it was an uninspired class reunion sort of Deadwood episode, top-heavy with flashbacks (is there anyone watching who really needs that many reminders), and woefully short of the character depth and beautifully profane patois that made Deadwood what it was originally? The movie/event was about ten years too late; I wouldn't say it shouldn't have been made or anything, but (unlike the series) I doubt I'll ever feel an inclination to watch it again.
  4. Eh, don't agree. Salt water pools can require chemical maintenance just like chlorine, particularly if the hardness levels get low which leads to a slimy feeling. There's nothing difficult about maintaining a chlorine pool: keep your chlorine around ~3ppm and alkalinity around ~150ppm (neither of which is difficult once you go through a little initial tinkering) and a majority of your problems are covered. Hardness is a concern if you have an inground pool, but otherwise, it should track to alkalinity. If you like to geek out over the chemistry, you can play around with or monitor pH (which shouldn't be an issue if alkalinity is kept stable), cyanuric acid levels, and anything else that common test kits monitor, but you really shouldn't have to worry about water cleanliness or clarity if your chlorine and alkalinity is under control. And while the idea of bathing in pools is nasty, anyone who has one and has had pool parties knows you make a point of adding some shock the night before, and after, since any surge in traffic is going to impact pool chemisty...which again is no big deal if you're paying attention.
  5. Thought last night's episode was a technical marvel, in terms of the framing, cinematography, scoring, and editing. And glad to see that I wasn't the only one who appreciated the apparently explosively tactile force of the dragonfire...apparently Drogon's fire includes some globs of C4 or some such to cause such explosive reactions on contact. ;p In terms of narrative and character arc(s), I'm definitely a bit dissatisfied at how the constraints imposed by the limited number of episodes in the final season(s) have forced the writers' hands. I can understand how and why the stories of Jamie, Cersei, Dany, and others ended as they did, but it doesn't help the feelings of (figurative) whiplash at seeing multiple characters make an apparent complete about-face in terms of priorities and choices, from one (or two) episodes to the next. I can't really make a strong argument that my own feelings are supported by the show's evidence - I'd have to watch the series again, as too many memories are obscured by variances between the books and the show. So with that said, I do have the feeling that a number of turns we've seen over the last couple weeks have come across as extraordinarily contrived and ham-fisted, in service of wrapping up the stories before the finale, and that some of the arcs are less complex than simply muddled. And given that, it only throws some of the more "Hollywood-esque" type choices into sharper relief.
  6. THE WIZARD OF OZ Technicolor was fucking awesome to the extreme.
  7. Absolutely has to be in this case. And given that, the only rule that matters is the rule of cool.
  8. The state now earns tax revenue on a previously black market product, new legitimate business enterprises are afforded an opportunity to sell their product, the previously illegal product becomes something now subject to regulation and some level of uniform QA/QC, to say nothing of the fact that the state's criminal justice system is relieved of a significant burden. Agreed that there is more to the picture than tax revenue alone, but I think your conclusion might be just as reductive.
  9. LGA’s been a PITA to fly into/out of for years now, and it’s only gotten worse since the renovation started in 2016. Huge infrastructure project (largest PPP in the country I was told when Skanska was calling me for interviews), but it’s made LGA a total nightmare. If there are/were delays at LGA because of the shutdown, I doubt anyone would notice if they had any previous experience with the airport.
  10. Wha? Monastrell is the Spanish-native version of Mourvedre, which is pretty common in Southern Rhone GSM blends like Chateauneuf du Pape. Shows up in quite a few Cali wines (more Santa Barbera/Santa Ynez than Napa/Sonoma from what I've seen), although there are quite a few that bottle it as a single varietal as opposed to a blend. I've had some that were drier than others, but the vast majority have been considerably more fruit-forward and less tannic than most California Cabernets.
  11. As much as OOT will always hold a special place in my heart, MM is still a better game. It's a little disheartening seeing how many ITT marginalize it, (apparently) without having played it. Completely recycling OOT content is a somewhat valid critique, but if that's the only gripe, then I'd really have to wonder how much time was spent with the game. I replayed OOT (3DS version) a year or so ago, and was amazed by how strongly the game and the nostalgia sucked me back in. It really is a marvel, in finding and maintaining a Zelda balance that very very few games since then have found. WW fell short with some strong mechanics issues, TP wound up feeling like a wholehearted next-gen OOT, SS couldn't actively pushing/guiding you...and as much as I loved BotW, I really felt the dungeon itch on more than a few occasions, particularly after finishing that game's variants of the Zelda dungeons.
  12. Really depends on a host of factors unique to each individual. Generalized comments like this make me a little queasy since there are so many nuances which can impact the financial calculus for each family.
  13. It's absolutely middle to upper middle class for most of the country. But there are multiple areas in CA where that isn't true, as well as NYC, Long Island, and much of the areas immediately surrounding the city - including portions of NJ, Westchester County. It's also the case in multiple areas in Connecticut as well as Massachusets. For areas like this, $100k/yr is not going to leave you in a position where you are able to raise a family of 1-2 kids while paying the regular bills and servicing a mortgage, let alone making progress on saving for education(s) and/or retirement.
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