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  1. I’d counter by positing that there are a few too many on the board who mistakenly project their personal animus into laughable business projections. There’s room for discussions of art and commerce; neither are mutually exclusive. But when some muddy those waters, I don’t see a problem with others chiming in with a wake-up call on the reality of the business. And while there are plenty of valid criticisms that could be leveled at Disney, I do find it interesting that they are at the heart of an industry that represents something of a model for what many wish the USA could be- strong union presence with a fundamentally healthy business model that supports thousands of gainfully-employed workers.
  2. GoldenTongue

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    The Ancient Wisdom Cab isn’t bad, although I’m not a big single-varietal Cab fan. And to offer a few more wine offerings, here a few personal faves - Michael David Inkblot Petit Verdot (2014) Michael David Petit Petit - pretty common (this, along with their Freakshow label Cabs and blends show up in a lot of wine stores) Andrew Murray Cinsault (2013) Allegrini Classico Amarone Della Valpolicella (2013) - I’m a huge fan of Amarones, and this one (along with Bertani 06/07) is a personal favorite. Bit pricey, so it’s usually saved for special occasions. Masi Campofiorin (2013) - great value option for an Amarone bottled using the same grape-drying method. Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Cheval Brun (2012)- still working on learning more about Bordeauxs (my preferences for French lean more toward Rhône region GSM blends, although truth be told, I’ve enjoyed more California GSM’s than French), but this one was sublime. @Jose- have you ever checked out any of the Wine Spectator shows in NYC? Wife and I went earlier this year, and are thinking about going again in October. $350 or so is a great price to be able to sample 90+ point wines for 3+ hours.
  3. Picked up a series 4 last week: really like the larger screen size, although it feels like my battery is draining more quickly than it did with the Series 3. Also, in the YMMV category, I don't think I ever had the kinds of battery performance that Emblazon mentioned: mine certainly wasn't horrible, but I generally need a good 60-90 minutes charging/day on average. Really looking closely at getting the XS Max, but the emerging reports of charging issues have me a little concerned. From a few articles I've read, it seems like this could be a potentially pervasive issue, which has not yet been confirmed to be software-related.
  4. No love for Sneaky Pete?
  5. Sadly, it seems like the groundwork is being laid. Let the Blue Wave put Dems in control of Congress and give us two years of nothing substantive, for Trump to use as the basis for his campaign strategy.
  6. GoldenTongue

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    A valid argument in a society where minors are never charged as adults. I'm inclined to agree with the spirit of your argument to an extent, but I have a problem with how you're presenting it here.
  7. Awesome article...there are several in there that are still on my bucket list, and I feel like I need to revisit INSIDE MAN (wasn't a huge fan when I saw it in theaters). I'd actually forgotten that 25th HOUR was one of Lee's - absolutely love that movie.
  8. Was so looking forward to seeing it this weekend, but the wife is sick, and was less than enthusiastic about the notion of me going to see it alone...not that I put it out there.
  9. Yeah - this latest nugget (and you know there have to be others out there) hasn;t really changed my feelings about the issue, beyond feeling increasingly annoyed by everyone who feels as though its their mission to "save" Gunn or GottG3. Curious if these photos are/were really as readily accessible as the articles suggest.
  10. ANT MAN and its sequel were both wonderful, innocuous fun. Both were a refreshing MCU change of pace, serving as followups to overwrought tentpole failures. I'm almost inclined to say that AM and AM&TW were the best MCU movies of their years, but BLACK PANTHER makes that a tenuous position to hold.
  11. 20 MCU movies in the past ten years, as part of a very deliberately constructed shared universe. How many Marvel comics in that same timeframe, bound to the same constraints? Is there a legitimate apples to apples comparison to be made here? Anything could happen - the DCEU could be a towering cinematic achievment but for a handful of mis-steps at the exec level. Bringing X-Men, F4, etc. could make the MCU really special, or result in a few more flicks that reinforce the notion that the MCU is a mile wide and an inch deep.
  12. As a Ravens fan, I'm not sure which is more intolerable: Lewis' schtick, or the disturbing number(s) of Ravens fan who've drunk the Koolaid.
  13. A bit...although it isn't quite self-serving enough to ring as true SFLU... But in all honesty, the cap should go, and (imho) there should be a 7.5% increase split between employer and employee. It's genuinely horrifying that a fundamental breakdown in SS could begin concurrently with the "retirement" of the first generation for whom the traditional pension does not exist.