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  1. To clarify, you can lose it and you will get a message that the trapper can now craft with the skin - you just cant sell it to him but its only like 20 or so anyway
  2. You can lose the legendary pelt (and not something you need to bring to camp) but otherwise any other pelt yeah if you're trying to upgrade stuff. I've upgraded a bunch of things already but not sure if I'll try anymore. I have less issue with traveling...more so locating the animals that you need.
  3. You can check how many missions there are online via social club. There's about twice asany missions in 6 than there were in 5
  4. Well I have no idea how long 6 and the two epilogues take though lol
  5. I took forever to get to ch4 but things move along quick quickly towards the end of 4. Not sure how the rest of it plays out but 5 went by in like 2 hours as it never really gives you a chance to chill. Wonder if the epilogues will be the same way but for now about to get to ch6
  6. It's not great but I'm fine with the mission design except when for some reason you have to ride really damn slow to your destination. I enjoy story but I would rather it be a hands off cuts scene than to riding my horse or a carriage at such a slow pace The bad thing is that likely none of these issues will be addressed in a patch.
  7. It's been the same for a while now with their games - not sure why they don't put work into controls. It's like they are scared to change them or just delusional because the games sale really well anyway
  8. Are you hitting R1? I rarely ever used this myself but started to recently.
  9. I've seen hotels that have lists of things you can buy. Some hotels you stay at say you can take some items but usually expensive rooms. I've also had friends take towels and bath robes - no issues afterwards. But yeah, they are not there to grab unless specifically says so
  10. I think that hideout will keep spawning more Odriscols till a later mission - 1) there is building that is locked with items you can't access inside (you can see via the window) 2) they were back the last time I rode by
  11. Yeah, I wasn't able to so I waited it out. Was surprised by it
  12. During the mission where you save Sean and after you clear the camp - I tried looting everyone there but not too long after I needed to leave the area because of the rest of the gang returning. What I didn't expect to see is the gang actually take their fallen comrades away on their horse taking the loot with them
  13. Something that annoys me that seems to borrow finding cars in GTA - animals. No problem finding turkeys or deer...finding a raccoon or badger? I'm taking longer to find them than it took to track down and kill 5 legendary animals in probably the same amount of time in areas that Arthur marked the map after seeing the two.
  14. That's for everything else but looting bodies. Like if you're at a table with multiple items in front of you then holding square will go through all items. Same for in front of a dresser with multiple drawers - if you hold the button down it will go through all the drawers and items.
  15. Go to postal man and pay the bounty. When I started playing I would restart but it's inevitable for it to happen again and the bounties are usually low so just pay. I accidentally choked a stagecoach guy and now owe like $15 in Valentine. Oh well