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  1. They should have picked two other endgame survivors than Hawkeye and Black Widow - two of the most useless characters in the movies
  2. It's a good start but yeah it will likely drop a bit by the time we get to Wednesday of release week But it's a good sign regardless.
  3. Well it's even more absurd that they are announcing the Amazon sale on their own website
  4. I'd be interesting to see how a sequel turned out but I did not really enjoy my play through 1) The voice acting is so bad that I for the most part sped right through dialogue 2) The map was too big with little incentive to actually traverse all of it - I want to say I left probably 40% of map untouched 3) The underlying plot about how things came to be was interesting enough but everything else was a bore But just my opinion
  5. I'm done with the game... 1) There is definitely a draw distance issue with orbs. I finished with close to 700 orbs combined. I have 0 desire to get the rest because of the draw distance issue 2) The map is annoying - you may not see an icon unless you zoom further in which is preventing me from finding some spots for running 3) Ngata boss fight definitely needed rebalancing. Everything else was so much easier in comparison. I cheated my way through that boss - there is a spot above the area that you can shoot from and never get hit - that + ammo regeneration grenade ... no prob
  6. I will put in for two of these... https://primenow.amazon.com/dp/B000WH9DCW?qid=1551997554&m=A15JBX11HOIYVE&sr=1-1&ref_=pn_sr_sg_1_img_A15JBX11HOIYVE Cause everyone should try Raos cause it's the best pasta sauce on earth. Hopefully Wade likes pasta though.
  7. You guys are thinking the obvious for Cersei. My guess is she will be the reason they succeed over the white walkers.
  8. I really don't think over the phone is the intended use case here until 5g is a thing anyway, especially in the US
  9. Well, that scenario is probably not what it's meant for. You can certainly stream games though if you have the bandwidth and don't need to worry about any data limits I streamed all of Creed Odyssey via Google Stream and while it wasn't perfect it was good enough. I'd say good enough streams on the Switch would be a great thing Of course, it depends on what games
  10. I'm confused as to where all these orbs are or even supply zones...i got half of the supply zones and about 350 orbs but I'm also done with clearing objectives on the map.
  11. Loaded the game and yep save was there. Also club challenges that I had completed also unlocked. The only thing that didn't was play time that's shown in the uplay app. 93% completed...geez hah
  12. I'm playing one difficulty from the hardest. Agree that getting all orbs will take time
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