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  1. I only watched like the first minute or two but some good points
  2. I would just wait for Judgement at this point And yeah maybe play 0
  3. Yeah, Theon will definitely die making up for what he did in Winterfell.
  4. If I go by Giantbomb, you can get similar devices on ebay for cheaper and can put whatever games you want. Not sure that's worth it especially considering how it looks
  5. I just did a bank solo on hard - got through it pretty easily besides the end where I did die after killing the main boss and had to repeat... With that said, I don't see the point. I was hoping for the Merciless rifle drop...that didn't happen. All the drops were worthless. Don't feel like replaying stuff simply for the hope that RNG is on my side after 10+ tries. I'm losing desire to play. The dumb thing is that I paid for the pass last weekend lol
  6. That side mission is what triggers the hunters in the game though in order to fight all 12 of them you have to jump through many hoops... https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/b3u2ji/a_step_by_step_guide_on_how_to_obtain_all_12/ Very easy to die instantly. Also very easy to distract them (if in the area) with other NPCs to take them down. I've gotten 10/12 so far solo
  7. Hunters aren't so bad unless they get the drop on your and / or they disappear (apparently because of a bug) I've managed to do 7 solo. If there are other npcs in the area, I would use that to your advantage as they are easily distracted The armor repair does suck though
  8. They should have picked two other endgame survivors than Hawkeye and Black Widow - two of the most useless characters in the movies
  9. It's a good start but yeah it will likely drop a bit by the time we get to Wednesday of release week But it's a good sign regardless.
  10. Well it's even more absurd that they are announcing the Amazon sale on their own website
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