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  1. Division 2 is $43 on the Epic launcher vs full price on Uplay
  2. Hah Thailand had them for Mcdonalds and KFC. I haven't seen kiosks deployed in New York but then again I don't frequent fast food places that often either. You can order via app for most of them though.
  3. My brother has the LG oled 86. I can't tell it's any better than my Sony 1080p TV from years back. Granted I haven't really seen any 4k hdr content on it though
  4. I wouldn't consider Steep a SSX itch reliever - I loved it but its more "realistic" compared to SSX for a winter sports video game. As a snowboarder, I loved it. I think some of the challenges were a little too extreme in terms of expectations of perfection to get 3 stars but otherwise I enjoyed my play time with the game.
  5. You made a mistake by avoiding it cause you would have loved it even more watching it on IMAX :P it was amazing
  6. Yeah, I guess that's how I feel too So I'm on my way to Andros ... of course it has you sail through several locations you haven't been to yet with side quests popping up if you're near the coast...did you guys just ignore and made your way to Andros?
  7. Has anyone played this after RDR2? I enjoyed my time immensely with that game and while I like Odyssey so far the level scaling / grind is starting to get to me (currently level 13).
  8. I think I was ok with level scaling until fighitng the legendary boar. I think it's assanine to have to spend over 30 minutes (not including number of retries) to kill it because the boar and it's children are all at the same level as you That also has made me wonder whether I want to continue with the game because it was ridiculous. When I finally was done with it, there were like 16 child boars dead. Don't think it makes sense to keep spawning them and at the same level
  9. Ah ok good to know Though I just wasted an hour trying to kill the legendary boar. This level scaling is bullshit but the spamming little boars every time a chunk of energy is depleted is just plain stupid
  10. I haven't noticed those icons yet but I have found tablets. Wasn't clear what the use is for. Interesting. I'm level 11 currently but I have only used one skill point. Not sure how many I have but last time I checked I had 7 lol. I was thinking of doing fire instead of poison but we'll see. I'll definitely look into the other skills. I was going to get the kick yeah but seems like I'll skip and try to get the Ring of Chaos
  11. Yeah, I've been clearing out camps but then keep thinking how many I've done so far and I've barely done much on the map so far - it seems like it will be tiresome pretty quickly. I've been able to handle it yeah when it's 1v1 but it involved a lot of running away to gain back health while hiding. Takes a while to do, though. I haven't paid too much attention to builds but I'll look into it. I may do as Pikachu says avoid confrontation for now And ok on the sunken ships! I see a few on the map but forget to check them as I travel. Will make sure to check next time.
  12. So what are must dos in this game? Because there's just too much stuff to collect etc whenever I use the eagle to spot stuff. Also do you typically avoid bounty hunters that 2-3 levels above you?
  13. I've played about 5 hours and I've been ok with the quality. I rarely see lag issues and yeah I see macro-blocking every once in a while but overall I've been happy with it. Should be interesting to see how the game looks when the Uplay copy is provided
  14. I just finished it a few days ago - at $20 I think it's definitely worth it. I have played the previous "games" as well and enjoyed them too. The only gameplay in these games are QTE but I think it's handled well enough. The main focus of these games is the choices you make that affect the story - can't remember if previous games had this but in Detroit there is a decision map that is shown at the end of each chapter to see the branching of your decisions. You can replay the game and purposely make other choices to see what the outcomes are. I personally never replay, though. With that said, if you haven't watched Humans (TV show), then might be better off just watching that.