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  1. I haven't used Redbox for a long time but I did buy a lot of used games from the machines. You could catch some great sales if you checked often. I thought something might be up though because a lot of the machines in my area recently stopped selling the games.
  2. When my wife and I met, I was 17 and she was 19. Maybe I should have called the cops...
  3. That does look alright! Much better than I expected. I said it before though, I'm tired of seeing Finn Wolfhard in the same type of role. Seeing him in this with a shot of the town just looked like "It".
  4. I never felt like I was getting older until this year when I turned 32. I remember being really young and asking my dad how old are you. He replied 32. That stuck in my head the rest of my life and I always thought pfffft I'm not even close to 32. Now here it is. And like @legendsaid, it feels like time just keeps speeding up. Guess having kids/family just amplifies that feeling.
  5. I rented CV on the Dreamcast and loved it but the end made me so mad. I was on a time crunch since I rented the game. Got to the final boss and didn't have enough ammo to beat it. I couldn't reload a previous save without going way too far back.
  6. I played both RE2 and RE3 on the PC back in the day with a fucking keyboard. Very uncomfortable but I made it work. I don't remember a lot of 3 other than Nemesis popping up. Preferred 2 by a longshot. I did just buy RE2 on PSN this weekend. Like $24 for the deluxe version, can't wait to start it. I knew I could hold out long enough for a good sale .
  7. I don't think they ever officially showed the controller. There might have been a drawing in a patent filing that came out. Somewhere I think I read that the controller would be a little bigger and heavier, have USB-C, and look pretty similar to the DS4.
  8. I dropped off of every COD game when the expansions would come out. I also don't care what they do with the game now, if it means they aren't splitting the community up anymore.
  9. I had a lot of fun with the multiplayer over the weekend. It was a double XP and double weapon xp weekend. Went from level 22 to 51. The game finally clicked for me and now most games I'm top 3. Aside from the random matches where you just get endlessly destroyed. A few of those pop up here and there.
  10. That Switch tax in full effect here. I would double dip on Diablo but not for that much.
  11. I thought by watching the interview I would understand more about his 40 pizzas comment. Nope. He says how the quality of Papa Johns pizza has gone down. Then reinforces that statement by saying he's had 40 pizzas in 30 days.... https://www.wdrb.com/news/wdrb-video/as-papa-john-s-moves-on-without-its-founder-john/video_3b3f707d-3f43-5519-974c-9965c6ec3aac.html
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