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  1. This seems like a problem that could get really out of hand, to the point Blizzard is digging their own grave. Keep banning your most loyal following and see what happens.
  2. My tv seemed really hot a few nights ago. Might try to blow out vents with dusting spray. It's still working great, just seemed hotter than I remember.
  3. So far Amazon seems like the only one left in the dust on this one. About a month ago I decided to get a streaming stick for my living room tv. Its a 2013 Panasonic plasma that doesn't get updates anymore so I needed something that will get the Disney app. I was going to get the Fire stick but unless something changed from a few weeks ago, so far Disney hasn't yet confirmed Amazon/Fire. I ended up buying the Rocku Stick + just to be safe. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/disney-plus-streaming-platforms-revealed-and-amazon-fire-tv-is-missing Something more recent: https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/amazon-disney-ad-sales-dispute-plus-app-fire-tv-1203357501/
  4. Movies full of talking cgi animals is getting a little stale for me. Looks like a rental for the kids at some point.
  5. I'm happy with the way the movie turned out. Wasn't anything ground breaking but if you're a fan of BB, there's no reason not to watch it. My small issue was
  6. Yeah their post about China having no effect on the decision might be this year's biggest crock of shit.
  7. Looks alright. I've just really had my fill of The Rock at this point. Would have been nice to see a fresh face all together in the leading role.
  8. I watched the first 40min before work this morning. Won't be able to finish it till probably 10pm tonight
  9. I remember being young and seeing advertisements for Medievil in gaming magazines and being really drawn to it. I played some of it at the time and thought it was kind of clunky. I think i just like the look of the character and the visual style of the game. And that's about it haha. I'm a sucker for skeleton characters.
  10. I played the demo that's out and didn't find it to be anything amazing.
  11. "The only thing we heard was one shot, and then a double tap after that". Didn't expect to see a story like this after this trial.
  12. My wife's dad bought this TV with the stand year's ago at release. Sony 34" XBR960. The tv by itself weighs about 195lbs. Not sure if the stand adds a lot of weight. The tv still looks good today but it was a bad egg from the start. It was repaired 3 times and l for the longest time it's had that issue where lines aren't straight. Not sure of the term, banding maybe? Like the stock ticker on CNN is curved looking instead of straight across. I had to move it for them once, it was a damn nightmare.
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