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  1. I want it to be to be good. I don't think that Predator Hunting Grounds game picked up much steam though. Hopefully this has better luck.
  2. Back in 2000, I was in 8th grade and we only had 4 bomb threats within 1-2 months. Never had any in high school after that.
  3. Right after I just watched Run Hide Fight the other night. I was thinking it's been a while since a school shooting had been in the news.
  4. As much as I want more storage, I probably won't want to pay the premium for it. I think at release, comparable drives capable of PS5 speeds in the pc world were like $200.
  5. Doesn't that seem like a bad oversight? We found out within days of release that the memory runs really hot. Now we are here speculating Sony's answer is just to kick the fans up. I'm sure it will be all fine and dandy but if it ends up turning the PS5 into a blower like my PS4Pro it will be a little sad. At least it won't melt down though haha
  6. I just read that and it definitely caught my eye. I'm wondering if it has less to do with the hard drive and more to do with summer coming. The PS5 hasn't been through some places hot weather with no a/c yet. I remember at release info came out about how hot the one part of a PS5 is running. Edit: like Xbob said, it's that lower memory module that's running so hot its pushing its thermal limit. PlayStation 5 memory gets toasty under load, early testing finds WWW.GOOGLE.COM The team first tested the PS5 in its stock configuration – that is,
  7. Hope you're OK. Was your car still drivable? Not to change the subject to me but my wife rear ended someone before going like 5 mph and it was just hard enough to cause the radiator to leak. Turned out it was only leaking while the engine was running. A cop showed up and asked if she wanted him to call a tow and she agreed. The towing place practically held my car hostage. They wanted $550 for driving a total of 3 miles. I got the impression they usually deal with charging the insurance companies whatever they want. "Settled" on a cash price of $350. Called a local towing place to get the car
  8. After Bioware's track record here, I would urge everyone to at least NOT preorder any of their upcoming games.
  9. Depends how my diet is. But usually one after breakfast and one after dinner.
  10. $10 upgrade fee unless you already own the deluxe edition-then it's free. Sounds good to me. Already have the deluxe so I'll wait for that free upgrade.
  11. A handful of fun stuff is fine, but not $300-500 fine. Not anymore for me anyways. I don't doubt Sony can launch new hardware and have it sell well. I just picture the same old song and dance where the headset ends up sitting in my drawer a month later.
  12. I'll most likely be passing on this. I bought the $599 launch bundle. I feel like I got my money's worth, but the thought of investing in another headset and controllers just isnt going to happen for me. I don't see any VR game on the pc side that is revolutionizing the vr space drawing in crowds of new owners. At this time, I don't see what Sony could do to change much.
  13. I think i read there were multiplayer plans for Cyberpunk in the future. If the source code is out in the wild, does that open up the door for hackers/cheaters? For context I know nothing about game development.
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