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  1. Now that you mention it, my trash was also way down this week. We usually have 4-5 bags in our can. This week we only had 2.
  2. Maybe I'm not taking the groceries as seriously as I should. I put gloves on entering the store and throw them out when leaving. I usually pick items off the shelf that are as far back as possible. Haven't sprayed/wiped any food down after arriving home though.
  3. I feel like people in my area have been really good staying home. The roads are freaking empty around me.
  4. I figured it was something like that. I'll have to check other stores.
  5. "This strategy is called "de-densifying" and the company hopes will turn its fortunes around." Guess they finally realized they have way too many Gamestops in some areas. I have 7 Gamestops within 8 miles of my house.
  6. My grocery store fucking tripled the price of eggs from this time last week. For months it was $0.99 for a dozen eggs. Now it's $2.99.
  7. Income is going to become a concern for me by the end of April so today I've just been stressing about everything. A few weeks ago ago I thought we would be through a lot of this but it seems it's really only beginning. Seriously, at the rate things are slowly getting worse I don't feel like people will be back to work until May/June if we're lucky.
  8. I know i'm going to be hurting on money by the end of April. My wife had her last day at the preschool. They are run by a church so may not qualify for unemployment. They are looking into the small business loan/grant thing that's been in the news so they might be able to continue to pay employees. I'm self employed so i might have to look into that too.
  9. So my dad just heard from a customer of ours. This customer has a neighbor. The neighbor got back from a New Orleans vacation a few weeks ago. She just tested positive for coronavirus. She had been working her day job at a pharmacy inside a grocery store the last 2 weeks...
  10. Reading about the ventilators was scary. How they might have to turn them up so high just to keep you alive that the ventilator can cause permanent damage to the lungs.
  11. The Giantbomb video for this game wasn't the greatest. But I got a lot of enjoyment out of watching Jeff carry around a rat.
  12. The cemetery by my house has a new sign along the road. "30% off select plots". I thought what great timing!
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