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  1. Seeing Thor people in an MIB movie didn't excite me at all. I'll wait to rent it.
  2. Haven't had it but I know a few people that did. Doesn't sound fun. But they are all recovered and happy now so sit back and embrace the maybe painful recovery period. It won't last forever!
  3. "When asked about the recent outbreaks of measles, which brought on the largest number of recorded cases in the United States since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000, Kennedy insisted that vaccine exemptions were not responsible. “The measles epidemic has almost nothing to do with unvaccinated children,” he said. “Particularly the medically-fragile children have nothing to do with it.” ............................................................................ “More than 99 percent of the time in these cases, they’re refusing the vaccine.” In 2018, Michigan had 19 cases of measles, the most reported in the state since 1994; the majority of people who got measles were not vaccinated." https://healthblog.uofmhealth.org/whats-causing-2019-measles-outbreak-symptoms-perfcon
  4. I haven't been back to B&N since about a year or two ago. Somehow I ended up on the B&N website while in the store. On their website the book was $16.99 and in store the price was $22.99. When it rang up it as $22.99 I mentioned their website and the lady said that price is only available from the website and we don't match it in store Way to kill traffic in your retail store.
  5. Went with more of a local brew tonight. Strong tasting but smooth.
  6. If it had to be an Avenger type actor I would have rather have seen Chris Pratt in the role. I really wouldn't want him either but not liking the Tom Holland choice. That's almost like Shia LaBeouf in that Indiana Jones movie.
  7. Close. Might buy Trials Rising. I Still never bought and played Resident Evil 7. I told myself I was going to play through it in VR and I still want to try. Maybe that too.
  8. Stealing a bridge is pretty impressive.
  9. I wish I could see the future and see how long Gamestop has left. I imagine they will be around for most of the next gen console life. They could probably afford to downsize a little. I have 8 Gamestops within 8 miles of my house. Seems excessive. I had plenty of good and bad experiences to look back on from shopping there. Won't miss them at all now though. Just like Blockbuster. Fun times but tech changes.
  10. Silver/grey color. Had carbon fiber around the bottom. I knew somebody at the show would have posted a video of it on youtube. Here it is:
  11. Probably see this with my dad as we are both big Ford/Shelby fans. We were just at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle on Friday. Somebody had one of the new Ford GT's there. First time seeing that one in person. It was a sight to behold.
  12. My birthday is in 2 days and I'm not happy about it.
  13. Imagine jumping along on a pogo stick and hitting a slippery spot(aka shit on the ground) then having the stick whip out from under you as you fall on your back. No thanks lol. Rather take my chances on a scooter. Glad I don't have to worry about either though
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