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  1. @Bacon Yeah the brisket at Dickies is definitely average to bad. I've ordered it 3 times in my area and I swear half the container they give me is just big gobs of fat.
  2. I always forget that Playstation Now is a thing. It seems like a nice service for a totally new customer just starting out with a PS4. There would be a ton of stuff to keep you busy for only $60 a year. Most of it looks like stuff I played long ago though.
  3. These days I feel like you need a 2 person income to rent anything.
  4. These are my thoughts as well. A yearly sports game that has a virtual casino in game is the last game series I'd be willing to pay more money for.
  5. Thanks for posting that link. If anyone else hasn't read it yet I definitely suggest checking it out. That equipment and process is both amazing and extremely terrifying to me! It makes me feel good machines like that exist. But between damage done to the body from the virus, and damage from the equipment saving your life, recovery sounds like it could be months, years, or you're just never the same again. Scary stuff.
  6. The Walmart by my house literally needs their own police force. The police are there all the time. We live right by the police station and just had an officer come to our house for my son's birthday party. I asked how often do you get called to Walmart because I see a cop car there almost everytime I pass by. She said on a good week it's once per day, but it's almost always multiple calls per day.
  7. I went to a diner to pick up take out last week and none of the waitresses had masks on. Yesterday I went to Maple Donuts and the lady wasn't wearing a mask. I haven't kept up with guidelines but I feel like anyone in the food service business should be wearing masks.
  8. A restaurant right around the corner from my house just closed because an employee tested positive. Fortunately I haven't gotten food from there lately.
  9. Still no word on what happened but I liked the opening paragraph to this article. "A statement that could be made only in 2020, but right now we have a much clearer idea of why the President was banned from a video game streaming service than why Dr. Disrespect was. But that’s the situation: when Twitch banned Donald Trump, it immediately gave a detailed explanation of which policies his campaign violated and gave examples. When it came to banning Dr. Disrespect, however, we got no such clarity, only a brief statement about guidelines." "We Might Never Find Out Why Twitch Banned Dr. Disrespect" https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2020/06/30/we-might-never-find-out-why-twitch-banned-dr-disrespect/#2247d07053a5
  10. That's definitely a weird situation. I don't have much else to add. I've been burned enough times by my PS4 not starting up correctly when using sleep mode. My power is almost always 100% stable where I live, unless there is a huge thunderstorm. Yet it occasionally gives me a message saying it wasn't shut down correctly and has to rebuild the database. I try to avoid sleep mode now.
  11. Hey guys remember to SMASH that like button! Buy some MERCH! And pick up my new Lamo figure!
  12. I watched the video you linked to. He's an odd person to watch. Can't tell if he's on medication/drugs/or just acts that way on purpose.
  13. I think i read that somewhere. Also when he live streamed from a public bathroom and only got a 2 week ban.
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