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  1. Go to your local junkyard and take a look around. You're bound to find a wrecked 99 Honda Civic with a Sparco racing seat. Prop that bitch up on some cinder blocks in the living room and you're good to go.
  2. These movies have a really good thing going for themselves with they way they all connect. It's a love hate thing for me. Like I really don't care about Black Panther but I had to see it because because of Infinity War. Now the same thing is happening with Captain Marvel. She is a character I never followed but again, now I have to see the movie before Avengers 4.
  3. DarkStar189

    Sony Days Gone - new gameplay footage from TGS

    My experience with this video.......... I'm on mobile so I pushed play and randomly clicked ahead and ended up at 3:21. I'm instantly greeted with non stop swearing while my phone volume is at max. My 6 year old son is in the room and says "daddy!! bad words...." while giving me a scolding look. *closes video* Have to watch this one later.
  4. DarkStar189

    Television Supernatural season 14 starts tonight!

    I'll be watching it tonight or tomorrow. I want to rewatch the finale from last season again. I feel like I remember the special effects being very very bad though. Like they were floating around on wires during the fight at the end.
  5. DarkStar189

    Movies Pet Sematary official trailer

    I didn't think the new It movie was that great. It was fine but I didn't think it deserved the hype. I'm getting the same feeling from this trailer. It will be a fine remake, but if you've already read the book and seen the original you might not get much out of this. That's how I felt about It anyways
  6. Seriously Sony....... They finally have the exciting announcement about name changes and its got some Nintendo level bullshit attached to it. If any of you haven't clicked on the link yet, do so and read the short statement. Nothing about it sounds like a "sure thing". If at any time you experience what I guess is a game breaking bug you can revert back to your old name for free....and make sure to check their official game supported list when it goes up.... This is the screenname for your account, i shouldn't have to check a list to see if I'm going to have trouble.
  7. The Sears in my area was the same way. Big giant "sales" that still weren't that great until the very end. The building was eventually leveled and now a Dicks Sporting Goods stands in its place. Even more annoying is practically in the same parking lot they built a Field and Stream store which must be owned by the same company as Dicks because everything about the 2 stores are identical and they sell almost the same stuff.
  8. DarkStar189

    Have you tried Cotton Candy Grapes?

    I passed by these at Wegmans on Saturday. In my head I read cotton candy grapes and thought Cotton Candy must be the name of the manufacturer haha. I'll have to pick these up I guess. My wife and daughter love cotton candy.
  9. COD games have always been rather large. Black Ops 3 is probably near that with the updates. They always seemed too big for what they are.
  10. DarkStar189

    Did you get an alert from the American Propaganda System?

    I was walking into an Arby's as I got the message. Inside the restaurant were some senior citizens and that's all they fucking talked about while I was getting my food to go lol. "Oh my phone let out this loud beep, Oh I didn't know it could make that noise", etc... Silly old people.
  11. DarkStar189

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    It's crazy! I've seen a lot of videos online, but this was the first time i ever saw someone basically get assaulted while working out.
  12. DarkStar189

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

  13. DarkStar189

    Microsoft Crackdown 3 "Still Needs Work"

    Just cancel it and skip to Crackdown 4 and release it with the next gen consoles.
  14. DarkStar189

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    Trust me I'm no drink snob. I don't mind what people like. I was laughing more at the name sparkletini. I wouldn't touch the stuff personally... only because it sounds like something that would give me heartburn within 30 minutes haha. Certain fruity flavored drinks do that to me.