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  1. A lot of people I know that quit soda latch on to things like Mio. Those concentrated flavors you squirt into water. I'm not big on their taste though. My wife went hard on using fruits in her water. Lately I stick to squeezing in some lemon to help me drink more. Also been snacking a lot more on almonds lately in between meals.
  2. Microsoft has a new problem they haven't had to experience before. Digital libraries. I'm in a financial position where I could buy both new consoles at launch if I really wanted to. But I don't need both. I have a massive digital library on PS4 between purchases and ps plus games. There isnt much Microsoft could do that's going to make me abandon all those games and start new on the Xbox.
  3. Can you really trust a phone with a film like that though? Seems like with repeated use and using the phone in mixed conditions (hot/cold/humid environments) the film might come loose and peel eventually.
  4. Yeah what's up with that?? Maybe the price would have went up if they had to mass produce a new case? Feels cheap and lazy man...
  5. Damn that's a horrible deal. No disc drive means no games and 4k blu ray player... for pretty much the same price as the standard console.
  6. Normally I'm itching for a new console to get a hold of. They mention in that one quote that this will be a "gentle transition" with some games coming out for both ps4 and ps5. I still have so many games I want to get through that Im not sure I see myself buying a ps5 day one. I still might but that desire to jump on a whole new train isn't that strong when I know I'll end up playing a bunch of ps4 games on it anyway.
  7. Just a couple days ago this post/thread popped into my head and I thought, hey I wonder how HardAct is doing, it's been a while since I checked for an update. Very sad to hear about your son. I can't even imagine. Glad you are getting settled into a new place though.
  8. Sure I'll take Fiasco as well. I PM you my shipping info. Just let me know how you want paid.
  9. I thought the article was pretty harsh and made some problems overblown. Most problems any patches caused were fixed very quickly. And for being a free to play game with 1 map, I think it's doing as good as can be expected. My only complaint is the battle pass. Takes A LONG time to level up between levels for worthless rewards. I was playing a lot of Rocket League lately and they have nice season passes. Not hard to level up and the items are useful.
  10. https://local21news.com/news/offbeat/woman-does-karate-son-gets-naked-dog-steals-cornbread-at-walmart-police-say "Lisa Smith, 46, and her 25-year-old son Benny Vann are under arrest after causing a scene at a Walmart this week, according to Wisconsin police......" The police have a good rundown of what happened at this Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/EauClairePD/posts/2381144252170884
  11. I'll take The Gamble and The Utility of Force. If no one wants The End I'll take off your hands as well.
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