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  1. I've only watched that first trailer from a year or two ago and might try continuing to avoid the rest. Seems like it could be pretty cool.
  2. I think the guy looks like a great Wesker. Rest of the cast pictured.... ehhhh have to wait and see I guess. I don't look at them and think cast of Resident Evil. But I'll wait for a trailer at least to see what they come up with.
  3. Just one so far. Posted it recently in another thread, got it to celebrate 10 years married. Definitely not as painful as I anticipated. Wouldn't mind getting more.
  4. I read their faq and it seems like pc players will match up against console players in every mode except competitive. I play non competitive for the most part so I'm hoping I'm not going to get owned by keyboard/mouse players too much. I'll take it though because queue times have been getting longer.
  5. Watched this last night and it went pretty much how I expected it. Floyd put on a show while staying out of harms way. Logan has a long way to go with boxing. I don't think he sat down once in between rounds. Even the announcers thought it was weird. Saw a news article that showed what Floyd was getting paid and it was crazy. I forget the guaranteed millions but he also was getting 50% of any ppv purchase. Easy money.
  6. Poor kid. Maybe the mom has a legit fear of dogs or was attacked before. Either way, she proved she shouldn't be in possession of a gun and her own kid has to pay the price. Physically now and mentally forever.
  7. @SimpleG If Amazon wanted to be more user friendly, you would think all you'd have to do is say "Alexa, disable Amazon Sidewalk".
  8. I re-downloaded Diablo 3 after years of not playing to try couch coop with my son. We played at least an hour and came back the next day and it didn't save anything we did. Maybe I'm blind and couldn't find a save option?
  9. Thanks. My wife had 4 tattoos before this. I never thought I would get a tattoo. Always liked the idea but could never settle on an idea. Wife came up with the idea for this, it has meaning, and I thought the tattoo artist drew it up better than expected. Has our initials on the label.
  10. We started dating in high school in 2004 and never broke up. So 17 years of being together. Sounds like a long time but time is just slipping away.
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