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  1. All those games on game pass, day and date.......this feels one of the biggest video game shake ups in the last couple years. Maybe I will also get an Xbox. And why not. MS is making it ridiculously easy to do that. Isn't it like $35 a month to get a Series X if you didn't want to pay it all up front? MS might take over this coming generation.
  2. I would take a digital edition but I want that disc drive for 4k blu rays. If I didn't care about movies I'd be all digital.
  3. https://direct.playstation.com/en-us/ps5 Anybody else check Sony's website before? I swear I checked it earlier even today and I don't remember it having consoles listed there before. Both editions are out of stock of course but I wonder if it will be another option in the future.
  4. Most recent Wario64 tweet says the invite only preorders from Sony are currently still available. Sure would have been nice...
  5. @JPDunks4 After seeing that pic I'm realizing the PS5 might not fit on my TV stand shelf that my PS4 Pro is currently on. Damn that thing is ridiculous.
  6. I still want to get my preorder in, but last night (after the Walmart fail) I really questioned what I would even be excited to play with the PS5. I think the only thing even a bit exciting is just the ssd coming in to play.
  7. I got the bad luck going for me. I didn't have time earlier with the Target refresh. For Walmart now I was there minutes before 9pm,refreshing like crazy as the time came. When the page did refresh correctly there was never a button to click add to cart. Eventually got the email they were back in stock like 20min later and again couldn't get any where. Even did it on my pc on a 1GB fiber line. On one hand I appreciate them having an exact time to preorder. On the other it's pointless when everyone else is there to slam the servers.
  8. That Sam's Club link was tempting but since I'm not a member Im not that desperate to pay a $49 handling fee and $6 shipping.
  9. Stayed up till 2am and came up empty handed. I feel fine knowing I was there pretty much from the start of preorders popping up and did everything possible to try and secure one. Websites are just overloaded as fuck and it didn't work out. Made it as far as the final Place Your Order button on Best Buy and it never went through. If anyone ever sees the disc drive version pop up, let me know!
  10. Tried Best Buys terrible website until 2am EST and had to get some sleep for work so I missed out for now. I think i stared at my phone from 7:30pm-2am.
  11. Are bots to blame for this or just a ton of people? I had no trouble getting a PS4 reserved back then. I feel like Sony announced to the world at E3 that PS4 pre orders were going live and I had no trouble. Now every retailer practically stealth launches the day before and everything is sucked up in literal seconds and minutes. Maybe social media is to blame for spreading the word like wild fire?
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