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  1. DarkStar189

    Sony Playstation Classic game list revealed

    Somebody definitely put that sticker there to be a dick lol
  2. DarkStar189

    General Gaming Anthem: closed-alpha registrations now open

    Your probably in the clear if you start every impression about Anthem with "My friend told me..."
  3. Looks like Far Cry 5 sprinkled with Fallout and Rage 2. For some dumb reason I spent $90 on FC5 at release with the season pass and only played about 10 hours before forgetting about the game. I'll pass on this until a deep discount.
  4. "800 built in emulated games". What games are these lol??
  5. DarkStar189

    Movies Men In Black International

    I think i would have rather had the rumors be true from a while back where the next 21 Jump Street movie was going to be the new Men In Black movie.
  6. I'd be on board. Youtubers would hate it because they couldn't make their stupid "10 Things You Missed In The Avengers Trailer!!!!" videos. So sounds good to me.
  7. Thanks. It was making me wonder and I don't remember the game mentioning that up front.
  8. I put an hour into the game last night. Its way too early for me to have any complaints but I loved what I played. The only weird thing I ran into was when I played as the medic class, you have your starting gun. I unlocked the next gun in the list but all of the stats seemed much lower than the starting gun. It looked like the only difference was it could be switched to a single shot setting. I'll have to look at it more tonight.
  9. That's awesome. In the past I always played the Battlefield games a ton, up until the dlc would start to come out. Hated how it broke everybody up.
  10. Probably an easy question but does this game have a season pass this year or did they get rid of that? Thinking about getting the game since I have a $15 psn store credit that expires tomorrow.
  11. DarkStar189

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    I'm not the biggest fan of the Voodoo Ranger IPA I bought. It's alright, I just find it has more of a bitter taste and not much else. The Hemperor is freaking me out haha. It's an HPA. My wife popped the cap off and I was about 4 ft away and I suddenly got the strongest scent of weed in the air. She loves it. I can't tell if I like it yet. The Mad Elf is definitely my favorite out of my small haul. Tastes so good. 11% ABV too.
  12. Gamestops website has this on sale for $20 off already ($39.99). Hasn't it only been a few weeks since it came out?