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  1. I had the weirdest teammate last night. The person would never keep up with us as we ran place to place. We lasted a long time but 2 of us end up getting killed. I go to the weird guys camera who was still alive and he is hiding behind a rock nearby peeking out ever so slightly. The bad guys run away and he slowly comes out. I don't think the person knew how to sprint because he moved at walking speed the entire time. He came over and looked at our banners and then walked away leaving them there. Call me crazy but I spent the next 5 minutes just spectating the guy as he walked everywhere lol. He came in to a big clearing and in the distance 3 squads have each other pinned and it's mad gun fire going back and forth. He just walked straight to them. He walked so slowly and wasn't firing that nobody noticed him. I swear he got about 10ft away from an enemy and finally aimed down the sight hitting the person once. He was instantly taken out by 3 of them. Hopefully he/she was just a young child that had no idea how to play.
  2. I remember getting wide eyed at those videos. Fire looked sooo good. RIP
  3. I don't know what to think about that. Some people are paying extra to play the game early or signing up for EA's service, but you're not even getting to play the best version of the game right now.
  4. I only had one toxic group of teammates so far on PS4. It started after the character select screen. I picked Caustic and was immediately met with "ughhh another Caustic player, I've yet to see any good Caustic players". As we dropped they are like "stay with us or fuck off,either way we wont revive you". Needless to say we didnt last long lol.
  5. Definitely. This isnt like Call of Duty either. I can't pick the same gun every game so I can look at my expensive gun skin. Spend $10 on a skin that you might see if you find the gun while looting in the game... I don't see the appeal at all.
  6. Respawn/EA are out of their damn minds with the price model they have going for items on the store in game. I'm not familiar with items for sale in Fortnite so this is really my first experience with battle royale dlc. The 2 valentine day items: "Epic" skin for longbow sniper rifle and a "Legendary" banner, both 1,100 Apex coins each. Total of 2,200 coins. There is an option to buy 2,000 coins +150 bonus coins for $19.99 (total of 2,150) . But wait, you would be 50 coins short for both valentine day items. And wait, $20+ for a single gun skin and a banner that you barely ever see? Is this shit common in the battle royale arena? Oh and the rate you earn crafting material is insane as well. A Legendary skin costs 1,200 crafting material. I'm level 18 and have 165.... In the grand scheme I'm not offended by this. I'm not going to fall for outrageous skins. You rarely see any of the stuff for it to matter. I've just fallen really hard for this game and love playing it. Seeing those prices though... it's crazy. I'd love to see sales data about how many people are buying the stuff.
  7. After reading the article, it's clear his store was in the hole before his Nike decision. Pulling Nike products sure wasn't going to get him more customers either.
  8. Premiering on Netflix first is surprising the hell out of me. Seems like it would be the other way around. Definitely not complaining!
  9. DarkStar189

    Movies Frozen 2 | Official Teaser Trailer

    I'm sure the new movie will have a saying like "Never let go".
  10. DarkStar189

    Movies Frozen 2 | Official Teaser Trailer

    God damn Elsa its called a boat. Find one and use it.
  11. I meant pre loading in general for any big game that comes out. I wasn't sure if the Epic launcher was capable.
  12. I haven't used the Epic store/launcher very much. Is it possible to preload on that platform yet?
  13. DarkStar189

    Sony Playstation Classic drops to $59.99

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sony-PlayStation-Classic-Console-Gray-3003868/659739661?u1=verge&oid=651953.1&wmlspartner=nOD/rLJHOac&sourceid=15704412331392853691&affillinktype=10&veh=aff If anybody still wanted one of these Walmart has them on sale for $39.99
  14. DarkStar189

    PC DLSS comes to BFV

    Have to keep waiting