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  1. I'm just seeing this for the first time and I have no words...
  2. Can't say much that hasn't already been said. I was excited to watch but then the gay/transgender bit pretty much turned into the whole show and fell flat. Definitely not funny or creative enough to carry the show.
  3. Stories like these just boggle my mind. So much wasted time and effort. I understand some residents or the association may not want to see old crappy shoes laying out in the hall. A simple fix could be requiring the guy to pay for some sort of small metal box/cabinet that he could store his shoes in outside his door. It would be out of sight. He's got a medical excuse. They have decided its a better option to turn this situation into a years long legal battle at the cost of all of the other tenants in the building...
  4. At the Florida airport we were in, there was a police officer riding around on a Segway. He found some guy sitting with his mask around his neck and yelled out from about 50ft away "Sir! Mask up!".
  5. MicroClimate MICROCLIMATE.COM AIR™ is a new wearable that creates a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for the individual. The device also protects surrounding bystanders from the person wearing... Air2 for max protection. Plus you can pretend you're going for a space walk.
  6. I think I'll definitely check out the first 3 soon. The wife and I are finishing up all the Nightmare on Elm St movies right now (man did those take a dive after the first 3 ). I noticed the 8th movie- Hellraiser: Hellworld stars renowned gamer Henry Cavill. Description sounds pretty garbage. "Gamers who participate in an online role-playing game (MMORPG) are invited to a rave whose host plans to show them all the truth behind the Cenobite mythos." Maybe watch the first 3 and then throw that in for a laugh.
  7. I noticed a lot of signs are disappearing in my area from store fronts about wearing masks. The only signs I do still see say "masks recommended" or "masks required for any unvaccinated person". But otherwise the grocery stores are filled with mask-less people. I didn't know if any rules changed or if businesses are just tired of trying to enforce it. About a month and a half ago we visited my wife's cousin in Boca Raton, FL for a week. We went to a lot of places and did a lot of activities wearing masks indoors. Her cousin said people laugh about masks in Florida and nobody wears them. We survived 4 flights total, along with a 4 hour layover. Ate at a shitty airport restaurant. Nobody got sick. I will say, when you spend over 4 hours in an airport you realize how fucking gross people are. My son was nervous about flying so we made multiple extra bathroom trips. Visited the restroom 6 times because of his uncertainty in that 4 hour period. I feel like I saw at least half of the people who came in not wash their hands afterwards. People leaving stalls and heading right out of the door. Or the people coughing all over the place or blowing their nose in front of the mirror. No hand washing afterwards. Thought for sure I was going to get sick after vacation but nobody even had a sniffle.
  8. Are the Hellraiser movies worth watching now? Never saw any of them. Before googling, I would have said there were 3 Hellraiser movies. Little did I know there were 10
  9. Things you take for granted when everything is working normal. Years ago I used to love tinkering with everything. Now I dread most of it. Just don't have the time. Like your situation, it ends up becoming half a day project.
  10. I'm in the camp that believes these ridiculous prices are just cover for money laundering. The art is getting shittier because anything can be art, why bother putting any effort into it?
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