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  1. I saw this comment on the Kotaku article I thought was interesting. Its someone claiming they work at a Gamestop store so I guess take it for what it's worth. I'll post the whole comment in a spoiler tag but the main part that caught my eye was there is talks of closing 15-35% of stores after this holiday season.
  2. Yeah I also don't know what I want out of another NFS game. I'll wait for reviews before ever deciding to buy this...or actually any EA game.
  3. I've never been one to think violent games make people violent. I might even say violent games help keep the crazy people at bay. They can play a game like GTAV and blow off steam doing horrible things. If I'm going to put blame on anything, I'm going to go with the internet in general. It allows broken and damaged people to connect with each other in ways we've never dealt with. Being free to spread whatever crazy pointless nonsense they want about women, politics, other races, etc.. They can be surrounded by that negativity 24 hours a day. Instructions on how to work a weapon or make a bomb are at their fingertips. There have always been people in this world that are capable of committing mass murder. I just think that more of them could have steered on to a less violent path before the internet came along.
  4. As someone who works all day and does the kids/wife thing all evening, everyday.... you have no idea how nice a "boring" beach trip actually is for your soul. Enjoy it dammit. For me at least!
  5. Definitely. When I think about starting an open world game, my mind just goes ehhhhhh not right now. I can picture the "check list" in my head and it's just not that appealing anymore.
  6. I was a fan of those. I haven't had any lunchables for a long ass time but I loved eating the pizza ones too.
  7. Half the article was talking about 8k resolution... That's the absolute last thing I want/care/need out of the next ps/xbox.
  8. I haven't used Yelp for quite a while and this sounds shady as hell.
  9. I've been using this for 5+ years. The one SFLUFAN posted is probably the newest version to get.
  10. I'm so sick of shit like this. People are too stupid to handle sensitive information in the age of everything being digital. I say this after I just got done reading a letter from my health care provider saying on "April 24, 2019 through an investigation we determined that an unauthorized party may have accessed some of our servers. The unauthorized access may have occurred as early as August 25th 2010 . The information accessed may include your name, address, email address, date of birth, social security number, member ID number, group number, and subscriber number. Here is 2 years of complimentary credit monitoring service".
  11. This is insane. Feels like you need to look over your shoulder anywhere you go.
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