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  1. I finally got around to seeing it last night and oh my gosh I loved it so much! It was so funny and the animation was amazing. I really loved how they changed Miles' origin story and how they handled all the villains and other Spider folk. My only tiny grip was how Miles got bitten. Just being in that sewer and a genetic spider just like one that but Peter randomly comes down to where he and his uncle were? That part was a bit meh but quickly overshadowed by everything else. I need to get this on blu-ray. It was gorgeous to watch.
  2. Awww I was really hoping for the Idris Elba as the new 007 rumor to have been true. Oh well.
  3. The more I'm hearing the more I'm thinking I'll wait for this on demand or something. Funny enough, I met Billy Eichnor this past week over 4th of July in a pizza shop in Provincetown. It was 1am and he was either high AF or drunk AF but he was like 3 feet away from me and I said hi and introduced myself and said I was a fan of his show. He introduced himself and said thanks. That was that. lol
  4. Or maybe not. Damn! Those are some fantastic reviews! You know what's interesting? It let me "purchase" the S1 character DLC since it was free. I wonder if that counts if I wait on a price drop for the main game and it'll be active?
  5. I still haven't pulled the trigger. Apparently the game is pretty bare bones for $60. Tempted to wait.
  6. Yeah with Stadia being it's own thing now I'm passing on it. I'll play on PS4 still until one day we get cross play then hopefully we can all play together again.
  7. I agree. The first two books were fantastic then the third one went to shit. I would be more curious in a prequel explaining how they came about with the Hunger Games but if this takes place 64 years before the trilogy then that means the Hunger Games were already in effect since the second movie is the 75th HG. I'm not too interested TBH but I'll check it out at some point most likely.
  8. I'll get it on the PS4. Thinking of doing a pre-order for the season pass bonus.
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