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  1. I guess if you were one of the people who got dusted, to you, what happened was a blip.
  2. Well to be fair, no one outside of the Avengers that were there know that it was an actual snap of fingers. I do love Snapture though. lol Blip IS boring!
  3. I played a good deal of this game at a friend's house this weekend and really love it. That classic Zelda feel. The music is fantastic. The frame rate drop is very noticeable and happens for me mostly when I collect an attack/defense item and have that shimmer around Link. I actively avoid grabbing those because of it, especially since I now upgraded my armor. It's not a game breaker but it's slightly distracting. Overall, really enjoying the game since it's my first time playing it and I'm so curious where the story is going. I have 5 instruments now.
  4. The fuck happened in this thread? You all having gay drama without me?
  5. Hmmmm... I was actually excited for this sequel but that trailer got me less excited.
  6. Me too. The game looks fantastic and I love that trailer and demo gameplay but I've waited this long for this game, I can wait for the full release.
  7. Didn't they do that with the Oryx fight? And that was a nightmare. I loathed the technicality of that fight. So much room for error and wipes.
  8. That time of year to pull my Doctor Strange costume out of the closet for Boston Comic Con. Changed up the facial hair this time. My friend went as the 10th Doctor. Together we were a Paradox (pair-o-docs) lol
  9. My thoughts exactly. I'm pumped for a 4th movie and very curious where they're going with the story. As @Keyser_Soze mentioned, I'm also excited to see what they can do with the tech these days compared to the first two movies. Imagine that Neo vs Smith fight in the 2nd movie with today's CGI? Whoa.
  10. LOL same here! I was in Portugal when that song came out and they would blast the uncensored version everywhere. I was the only one who was like "Um... can she say that??" lol
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