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  1. MAJOR SPOILERS as it shows what happens when you kill the final boss but this video shows off every single brutality, fatal blow, and fatality for all characters. The video screenshot itself is a spoiler so only expand below if you don't care. Honestly, it's exactly what I wanted to tide me over until this game is re-released a year from now with everything included for $20.
  2. Yeah she does! I like her as a cyborg. Her other fatality is pretty cool too.
  3. Consider yourself fortunate then. I'm sure if you were sitting in a theater about to watch a movie you've been anticipating for some time and a baby or child just start screaming and their parents doing shit about it, you'd feel differently. I speak from experience. The one that bewilders me the most is parents bringing infants to late night showings and then trying to coddle the baby to be quiet as it's crying when the movie gets loud or because it's waaaaaayyyyy past their bedtime. WTF
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what kind of epic weapon I was expecting but it was just a lance. lol The knighting scene was fantastic. So much tension in this episode I almost expected a sudden death right at the end to leave us hanging. Ahhhh next week! My emotions aren't ready!
  5. That leaked list is quite interesting. I'm not surprised Mileena or Retile aren't coming back. Baraka essentially replaces them. Kenshi and Rain are probably the only two characters I wish could come back but I doubt that will happen now. I think Kenshi is dead in this story anyway. The guest characters will be interesting to see. Regarding guest characters:
  6. Did you know when you pre-order you'll get Shao Khan as a playable character?
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