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  1. I love her as the new doctor! I really enjoyed the first two episodes and love the new theme and TARDIS!
  2. I loved Beauty & the Beast and I'm confident this one will be amazing too.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, you're probably nowhere near able to kill the boss in Shattered Throne since it's 590.
  4. NeoJoe

    where the fuck is DGH

    I didn't know DGH and Tofurkey got married. That makes me so happy to hear. I always really liked them both and hearing about board romances always makes me joyful. I'd like to think we've all matured a lot. Some of you guys I've known since what... 2002ish? Back in the IGN SHD. Anyone remember the REL? (Red Eye Lounge) lol
  5. NeoJoe

    Comics Anyone cosplay?

    In hindsight, I'm not even sure why I bothered going to that theater as it's out of my way. I think I figured the biggest movie theater right in the heart of downtown would be good to be seen. It was mostly teenagers. I should have gone to the theater by where I live where it's more families and people a tad older where I think they may have appreciated it a bit more. Ah well. Still glad I did it.
  6. NeoJoe

    Comics Anyone cosplay?

    I wore a really crappy version of Dr Strange to the movie premiere here in Boston at a really busy movie theater and it was a mega fail. People were more pointing and laughing and making fun than anything but I walked proudly and had a good time. Was still bummed though afterward.
  7. NeoJoe

    Comics Anyone cosplay?

    I cosplay as Doctor Strange and found Etsy to be the most reliable quality products. I tried other sites and found their stuff to be of lower quality. Here's the last comic con I went to in August here in Boston. My friend Brandy got her Chun Li costume on Amazon and had to do a lot of custom work to make it look decent and the stuff she didn't tweak started falling apart during the con. lol In other words, it's worth paying for quality! I got the cape and amulet on Etsy and made the shirt and gloves myself. I had a different cape, gloves and a shirt I got from other sites but they sucked.
  8. I managed to do it pretty quick once I realized that when you slam down you kill minor enemies, so I just ensured I always popped my super in the middle of groups of enemies and had the nodes done in no time.
  9. NeoJoe

    That time of year again! Boo!

    Yay! Fun! Thank you!
  10. NeoJoe

    Movies VENOM - Official Trailer 2

    Literally my thoughts exactly! lol
  11. It's actually kind of adorable that you're only noticing you can do that with the sword now. It's been in the game for quite some time.
  12. SHIT! That's what that is?!? I could have done it last night!
  13. Yeah that was awful but finally got lucky and got all 3 weapons in 3 days. 62 completions to get all 3 in the end. *sigh* Stick with it!