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  1. I only watched the first episode so far and it's already 10x better than that Blood of Zeus crap I endured 2 episodes of. I'm hooked!
  2. I just bought a new 13" pro last month. I was thinking of returning it and getting one of the new M1 chip ones but I would lose 2 ports (I have 4 right now). I think I'll stick with mine. It's not like I need that faster performance. This macbook is already crazy fast. The almost double battery life is tempting though. If they had the option for 4 ports I would consider it but with only two it's already limited since the charger takes up one.
  3. On the IGN video review, WTF was that assassination at the 30 second mark? omfg ubisoft. lol Also "abundance of bugs". Sounds correct for a Ubisoft launch.
  4. I only watched the first episode but yikes the animation is janky AF. Like an 80's cartoon in a bad way. I'll probably watch some more over the weekend but that first episode killed off the excitement I had towards this series.
  5. Hi all! Has anyone else been playing Legends? Me and @Anzo have been and we're now raid ready. If two other people are ready I think it would be fun to give it a go. Anyone down? :)
  6. So Greek mythology Castlevania. Color me intrigued.
  7. Great episode! The chick fight was fun but as someone mentioned, I wish it had been a little more "cool". It was indeed a shaky cam fight which is meh. That's definitely not the last we've heard of Stormfront. They way she wasn't dead but neutralized as Homelander puts it. Speaking of Homelander, lordy such a great character. So many layers to hating him. lol I did not see that ending coming at all. Very curious where this goes now. PS - Does anyone else hate jump scares in the middle of calm shit? I've come to expect them in this show now but I really don't
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