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  1. NeoJoe

    Now that's an Oreo

    I ordered these online like 3 weeks ago and had forgotten about them until I got them in the mail last Saturday. They are SO good! I ate the whole packet in 2 days. I can never buy it again because I have no self-control when it comes to Oreos.
  2. NeoJoe

    Happy Birthday, Nokra

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. NeoJoe

    Happy Birthday, Tony T.

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. That's dumb. I just noticed when Jade is fighting Baraka, Goro is dead on the throne behind them.
  5. I loved the first one so I'm excited for this one. The trailer looked awesome!
  6. Ha! Her fatality was awesome. Did they not release a Kano or D'Votah trailer with their reveals? That's odd no?
  7. Those recycled Injustice 2 sounds and effects! Jeez! I wonder why there isn't a Kano or D'Vorah trailer yet?
  8. NeoJoe

    What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?

    I don't mind at all.
  9. NeoJoe

    What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?

    Bring on the gayness. I won't bore you all with my stories.
  10. NeoJoe

    Now that's an Oreo

    My dream come true!
  11. I was rewatching those videos and I'm surprised they're reusing so many of the sound effects from Injustice 2. Like a lot of them. So far this looks like a prettier version of X so I'm going to hold off for a while and wait for the inevitable complete edition with all the DLC that'll be $20. I usually have fun with MK games but they're not the kind I play a lot so I don't mind waiting. I will give them credit the animations and smoothness of the moves are superb.
  12. NeoJoe

    Emblazon & Triage Wedding Pictures!

    I love these pics so much! You both look fantastic! What a magical event.