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  1. LOL right? If this goes the way of Spider-Man 2... YAY! If it goes the way of Spider-Man 3... BOO!
  2. It was definitely because of the horror thing.
  3. The games are sequels to the books. The show follows the books. So use that info how you'd like.
  4. Same here. I pop on when they release a new character. Play a few rounds then don't go back. lol
  5. I finished episode 5 yesterday and will watch the rest of the season over the new year holiday. I'm really enjoying it! The sword fights are fantastic! In particular the last sword fight in episode 1. Very original and creative. Henry Cavill is amazing in the role of Geralt and I really like Yennifer. I think the actress portraying her is doing really well too. My only real gripe is the timeline thing. I have no problem with them jumping around but I wish they made it a bit more obvious from the characters look. Geralt looks exactly the same. Fine, he's a Witcher who lives longer. But the bard is the same after a decade. The Queen and King look EXACTLY the same before/after a decade. If they had at least done a little something more to visually differentiate them aging or something, it would have been easier for me to follow. But according to previous posts, I'm apparently an idiot for not getting it easily. The Yennifer timeline makes it easier because you see the changes in her. Outside of the obvious verbal cues. Westworld did a good job about this imo. I feel the story is coming together and I'm excited to see the rest of the season! And can I get an amen for all the hairy chest appreciation in this series?
  6. My all time favorite is definitely Sakura. Runner ups are Benimaru from KoF: Kyo from KoF: Kensou from KoF: Taki from Soul Calibur:
  7. FINALLY! I've always wondered WTF happened. Especially why he didn't come back for any type of reunion episode but now it all makes sense. I feel awful for him and hope he's doing better though.
  8. I guess if you were one of the people who got dusted, to you, what happened was a blip.
  9. Well to be fair, no one outside of the Avengers that were there know that it was an actual snap of fingers. I do love Snapture though. lol Blip IS boring!
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