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  1. I loved how the Invincible title screen got bloodier each episode. After watching the finale, I definitely wouldn't let a kid watch this. Holy crap.
  2. That trailer was awesome! I'm pumped for S4. "I wish I could fucking kill you twice!"
  3. Not sure if I missed them explaining it but why was Sub-Zero practically immortal having lived all those centuries?
  4. I finally bit the bullet and got the Ultimate edition while it was on sale. I made sure to download the PS5 version but I can't download any of the DLC including Aftermach or any extra characters and outfits. I keep getting a PSN error. After doing some research online, I tried to restore my license, re-install the game, rebooted PS5 like 9 times, tried to download the content via the store, in game and from the add-on tab to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions please? edit: disregard. after a ton of trial and error. I finally got everything. That was a PITA but all is good now.
  5. I like the comic accurate costume but personally don't like all the white on the top. I was hoping for something like this render:
  6. My expectations were low but holy crap was that bad. There are like 189 MK characters to pick from and they still made a brand new one for the movie lead and he sucks. And all this talk about the MK tournament and there wasn't even a freaking tournament. lol The last fight was decent at best but this movie overall was hot garbage.
  7. The little nod at the end with the title being Captain America and the Winter Soldier was nice. However, it seems they keep forgetting how much Bucky is trying to not be the Winter Soldier anymore. I hope we can now put that title behind us. Embrace the White Wolf!
  8. So does Val work for the government? She was suiting up US Agent in that same room he got reprimanded in. I overall really liked this show. When I first heard of these D+ series, this is on par with what I was expecting. Fun action, fleshes out the stories from the movies and introduces cool new things. WV on the other hand, blew my fucking mind. Practically every episode left me stunned and when they name dropped the Scarlet Witch, I screamed. When Sam finally got called CA and John got named US Agent, I was like "yeah ok, about time." Sam and Bucky got their happy end
  9. So now that the show is over can we tackle one of the greatest mysteries? Where the hell did Captain's shield come from in the first place? How did old Steve Rogers even have a shield to give Sam? Thanos destroyed his shield in Endgame. I get that we're to assume the Wakandans just made him a new one somehow but I think it's weird he had it again at the end of Endgame to begin with. lol
  10. Well the government that she dedicated her life to fucked her over and put her on the run for over 7 years. Compounded by the effects of the blip and being abandoned by the remaining Avengers. I would assume that changes a person. If you got fucked by an institute that badly then they were like "oops our bad, want your old job back?". How would you feel?
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