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  1. I love that you guys won't forget that. No knight strategy to boot!
  2. Agreed! I didn't Anzo. I think I'm not using the app properly cause I would join then get the in app notification that my fireteam was ready to go but I'd never get invited. Happened twice last night so I gave up. After joining, isn't the leader supposed to send me an invite in the game? BTW: He's just Tom. His in game name was short for Thomas which he regrets using.
  3. I'm still eager to finish my Hunter set and get some weapons so I'm down for EP whenever!
  4. NeoJoe

    ~~ Post Your Pic ~~

    Lots of fun at this year's Boston Fan Expo (Comic Con). I went as Doctor Strange again but with new gloves and a new amulet. When you forget your sling ring at home and have to take the shuttle bus. This lady was my absolute favorite as Edna. She stayed in character the whole time. I'll spare you guys the extra pics but if anyone wants to see them I put them up on IG @yogajoedasilva
  5. NeoJoe

    Finish my

    But suddenly she
  6. OMG he wouldn't shut up about having mananananana and it being amazing in the raid.
  7. I agree. They're picking odd guest characters for Tekken 7. Happy to see Lei though!
  8. Closest thing they have is guided games which works great but usually have to wait around 10-15 minutes for a team.
  9. I wish Whisper was Void instead of Solar. I can't think of ever using Sleeper now because of it. We have DARCI as Arc so it would have been an awesome trio. Ah well.
  10. All good! My dinner ran a little later than I intended. Didn't expect you guys to wait! I got my gear stuff done for my Warlock so it worked out. I really wanna get Spire done too! I think we can do it now that we have Whisper.
  11. NeoJoe

    Off to Chicago!

    Sorry about the molestation but yay to meeting Triage and Emblazon! I hope to see pics!!
  12. LOL! It's not like I was that far off.