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  1. What if they make her series like a mock-umentary like Modern Family where she's always doing confessionals?
  2. Too much definitely sounds appropriate if all that is true.
  3. That maker you guys are seeing in that Rasputin mind lab (in that video) is part of the Exodus quest Zavala offers you.
  4. Totally agreed on the Maeve thing. I wonder if she can even hold her own to Homelander? I assume not from the way she acts behind his back. Where as Stormfront gives me zap Homelander into the next dimension vibes. lol And thank you for that answer on the spoiler thing. Kept feeling like I was dumb for missing something.
  5. Potential comic spoilers that I accidentally came across when reading about the characters way back when:
  6. I liked the first 3 episodes. Seems like a lot going on and I'm not really understanding the boys' endgame now other than helping Butcher. Yeah, The Deep story is not interesting. Seems an odd pick for a redemption arc. Questions: Is it just me or is Maeve severely underused? She's supposed to be the second toughest hero second only to Homelander but I can't even remember her doing anything cool other than stopping that truck one time in S1.
  7. I binged both seasons last week and I overall enjoyed them. S1 way more than S2. The nostalgia was real. There were a lot of eye roll moments though, especially in S2. I watch these with a bit of a critical eye though because Miyagi-Do is essentially Goju-Ryu style Karate which I studied for 9 years. That kata Daniel keeps doing is one of my favorites (it's called Seyunchin) but they have like 8 different kata they can pick from but they keep reusing the same 5 moves from the beginning of it. lol I won't get into all the fight stuff but that last school brawl was power rangers leve
  8. Shuri does learn Necromancy in the comics during her BP training. She also learns super speed, stone skin and animorphism. They have a lot to play with there.
  9. How exactly are you guys envisioning Killmonger coming back to life? Outside of the infinity stones which I highly doubt they'll ever bring back again. We had over 10 years of infinity stone drama. I'm sure Marvel is keen to move forward from them being plot devices. I know I am. lol Assuming T'Challa granted his last wish, he's buried out at sea.
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