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  1. We'll purchase the book that someone sells telling us about them. Take that capitalism.
  2. Way to shame the victims. On another point, what ever happened to "doesn't matter had sex"? smh
  3. Boyle5150

    seeing colors

    I will not contribute to your ensuing diabetes diagnoses. buy a salad
  4. Boyle5150

    seeing colors

    I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you i also hope that song is stuck In your head now.
  5. JC Keyser is daf itt
  6. Again, can we please keep this thread on topic and about me.
  7. You live with Wut and I will not support your eating habits. Maybe when you move out...
  8. Get your lies straight. I said I would buy him a pizza. Jfc get sober.
  9. Also I believe @Kal-El814 is responsible for my avatar.
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