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  1. where the hell are all the motherboards for this damn chip?
  2. I agree, edit- but they are also a large piece of the puzzle. There are other large companies like Tyson who provide a large percentage of our grains who, if they start having the same problems, will also be “just looking” for a bailout. I just hope we don’t have to get to that point, because those dominoes will really start falling.
  3. As a people watcher, I fully understand. City life is far more exciting and entertaining.
  4. Humble brag much? People are dying right now, Jose!!
  5. True, and meat also helps, but the biggest by far are GMO's But I only eat organic, tyvm
  6. GMO's and the mass production of food (large factory farms) is.
  7. The reason global hunger has decreased as significantly as it has is not due to local farmers.
  8. Aren't they responsible for something like 25% of chicken in the US? That's a pretty big portion of dominoes beginning to fall.
  9. OMG, Happy Birthday to you!
  10. Y’all nasty af. mine tastes average.
  11. And you can’t tell it.
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