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  1. I have played it on my pc (3090) and one x and the one x still looks incredible. The loading sucks ass, but it’s still worth it.
  2. PNW is fucking crazy right now. A lot of places are seeing a large increase in property values, but nothing like the PNW.
  3. Holy shit! Time to move to Texas! The house down the street from me on a 3900sqft lot just sold for $750k. 3yrs ago $425k
  4. Pretty rude of him tbh.
  5. Never purchased groceries from Walmart… is it safe?
  6. I just don't have the time anymore. Between career and family, I have very little time to spare atm.
  7. Always enjoyed them at the ball park.
  8. “Something went wrong”. Yeah, I don’t see tube steak.
  9. Literally the worst fear with having kids, is that these type of thoughts never go away.
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