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  1. There is this, the refugee limits, Sen. Duckworth's demand in include more Asian Americans in senior positions that Biden all changed his position to match the more "progressive" stance. I'm probably looking too deep into this, but I almost feel like Biden is just working people. That is, taking a more moderate stance initially to give the vocal progressives in the party a chance to speak up and "change" Biden's stance.
  2. When I was taking Japanese classes at my community college one of the girls in my class ended up moving to Japan to study and stayed and last I heard works for Cygames.
  3. Jason has lived all over and Rorie is from the east coast originally. Might all be moot, someone posted a video from a few months ths ago that Giant Bomb would just be moving to a different floor of their current building. Someone else chimed in that RV wanted to consolidate on-screen people into San Fran. That might squeeze out Vinny and Alex. No idea why Brad would leave, more than anyone but Jeff he seemed like a lifer.
  4. Vinny's reply indicated that condition straight up didn't exist. The only theory that I've heard that seems to make much sense is Red Ventures wanting people to relocate to their Charlotte offices. Jeff has expressed a desire to sell his house and with hasn't exactly indicated that staying in the Bay Area is a requirement. Either way, this has been a huge punch in the gut for me. I haven't been following Giant Bomb from the start, but I think I had been a Premium member since that service rolled out. I have gotten so much value out of that compared to any other subscription service
  5. This is like a mini-E3 for me. I have never owned an Apple product and never used EGS, but I just love this constant drip feed of breaking news and revelations. I think my ideal outcome is Epic winning at the cost of Tim Epic burning the bridges with a lot of Epic's partners and customers.
  6. I don't get why in 2021, in the wake of widespread work from home policies because of the pandemic, we still have audio that sounds like someone recorded it on cassette and then played it back over a phone line.
  7. Call their bluff, Twitter and Facebook should block their services in Florida.
  8. Though it was buggy and very clearly missing promised features, I still really fucking loved the game. Steam has me at 130 hours, which I know is incorrect since Steam would occasionally still see it running even when it was closed down, but I'd say I put a good 90 or so hours into the game. Unfortunate for all the people playing on lalst-gen consoles or older PCs, but on a Ryzen 5800x and 3080 its a very enjoyable video game.
  9. I'm sure Dersh is furiously writing an article about why 17 technically shouldn't be a minor.
  10. The endless cynic in me sees a situation where Modi rejects or destroys the supplies because accepting it is acknowledging the problem and his failure.
  11. Why chose between Canada and India when you can send it to both at the same time?
  12. A few of my Super Famicom games are still in the wrapping with price stickers on it and they don't seem outrageous. Maybe a little high, but RGC is a pretty prime location right on the main street in Akihabara so it definitely gets a lot of traffic of tourists just wandering in. The thing about Book-Offs and the like is that they tend to have more recent-gen trade-ins. I feel like its a lot more GameCube/PS2 gen and later stuff and then I'll often see like a 10-yen dump bin of Famicom/Super Famicom trash games. I'd imagine the RGC and Super Potatos of the world are already picking out the good
  13. It's definitely a cool place to visit, but weirdly enough I've done most of my retro game buying at other stores. There's a few branches, the picture above is the most well-known store in Akihabara, but there's one in Shinjuku and a couple in Osaka as well. Maybe more. I've probably bought a lot more games at RetroGameCamp.
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