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  1. I had seriously entertained the idea of this being the first game I buy on EGS since 1 and 2 are among my favorite games of the past few years. This recent news certainly puts the kaibosh on that.
  2. So does this mean we have to investigate financial ties between Cuba and the Republican Party?
  3. Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Radio, Big Law, Big Golf, they're all out to get and censor conservatives.
  4. Now, I'm no Constitutional scholar, but I read it as anyone who is convicted of sedition is out, straight up. And the 2/3rds vote is to allow them back in. From what I understand, a Congressperson who is jailed still technically gets to serve in Congress, insofar as their ability to vote is concerned. This was a protection against just jailing political opponents. But if they're part of an insurrection, they're removed from office. Being banned from holding office is the "disability" laid out in Section 3 that can be overruled by the 2/3rds vote.
  5. Tech moves too fast. There will be a replacement service is months, likely not even domiciled within the US.
  6. What happened to those gallows they put up? Nancy should have them moved into the House chambers as a reminder until Trump is held accountable.
  7. Like all things, it doesn't help right now and will assuredly be abused by the GOP in the future.
  8. Charlie Kirk Deletes Tweet Saying He Sent '80+ Buses' Of Trump Supporters To D.C. (dailydot.com) Did the Tiny Faced One give financial support to the insurrection? Curious.
  9. Isn't the NRA already hanging by a thread what with all the in-fighting and lawsuits about embezzling money?
  10. I'm sure the 24 hour thing from Apple is just some legal nonsense in some app developer agreement contract somewhere. I doubt they have any intention of accepting whatever moderation policy Parler might try to cook up.
  11. Guys, don't you get it? What he's saying is that he's not going to the Inauguration because there won't be an Inauguration! He's going to still President! Its not going to be an Inauguration, its going to be the public arrest and execution of the liberal traitor vote stealers Biden and Harris!
  12. Apparently Chuck will replace the Seargent at Arms for his failure to prepare appropriately for yesterday.
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