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  1. Not to give them any credit, but I think that Oregon_GOP tweet is meant to be sarcastic. There's been a bunch of reports about militia groups protecting the republican senators and the government building being closed due to threats, and that Tweet is supposed to be making fun of the democrats by referring to peaceful protesters as a "heavily armed militia." They just did a real poor job of it.
  2. I've been going to Japan once a year for the past few years, if you have any questions about getting around or something, let me know.
  3. I went to one in DC last year, but every Quiznos I was aware of that I had previously gone to has closed down. They were fine, I guess.
  4. I don't know the password to my Epic account. I had signed up and played whatever the recent UT was and that third person shooter MOBA thing they canceled but never cared about Fortnight. Then, when the daily failed login attempt scammer emails started coming in I said "fuck it" and removed my personal info and changed the password to something random I wouldn't remember. So now I just won't use Epic unless there's some must-have, can't-miss game that comes out exclusively, which has not happened yet.
  5. I actually haven't been to one in a few years, even though there's one like 3 minutes away. Its a weird thing,, its close enough to fast food that they have a drive-thru, but they also have waiters/waitresses that take your order/deliver food inside. I personally really like the food, but I don't know how you can justify having wait staff and stuff for it.
  6. Jimmy Kimmel? Pretty sure that was a bit on The Man Show.
  7. I forgot she was back in jail. I don't know what to say, she was an idiot when she haphazardly released random documents to WikiLeaks in the past and she's an idiot for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks now.
  8. They're both bad. Just Mitch is "smart bad" and Blankenship is "idiot bad."
  9. I think what's really important here is that we'll finally get Mueller's thoughts on the investigation into Hillary's emails.
  10. An issue with the booster stage isn't really going to mean anything in regards to the upper/docking stage. Not to mention they don't have much of a leg to stand on given they had to abort a crew launch mid-ascent last year and they got people putting holes in their crew modules. edit - Whoops, didn't see this was a crew module fire.
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