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  1. Honestly, this whole fast food thing seems just like a "bitch eating crackers" thing. Good for a quick laugh, but feel like people are making a bigger deal out of it than its deserving.
  2. Looks pretty. Wish there was a demo. Never played an Ace Combat game so I really don't know if its my thing or not.
  3. We need to privatize weather forecasting so to stop John Kerry from shooting his hurricane lasers or something.
  4. Based on the podcast that Randy was on, he basically confirmed the existence of the USB drive, but claimed that it a "barely legal" camgirl, not underage.
  5. ThreePi

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    The real questions is, does Georgie-boy make those conjugal visits?
  6. Yeah, but that's a concrete wall. But what about beautiful, artisanal, locally sourced, non-GMO steel slats?
  7. Paws Place is a front for something, isn't it?
  8. Can't obstruct government if government is shut down!
  9. ThreePi

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Warren too old anyway. If you're going to be over 70 by the time you're president you should just bow out now. Sanders, Biden, Warren, all should step aside.
  10. You know what helps me sleep at night? My Philips Hue bulbs that I can turn off by asking my Echo Dot. Or the Alexa smart plug that is connected to a space heater that turns on automatically to make my bedroom slightly warmer in the morning when I wake up.
  11. I got 4 Echo devices and just installed a Ring doorbell a few weeks ago. They can have all my datas.
  12. Everyone knows the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, I don't think Trump is that clueless.
  13. Yeah, Pelosi/Schiff needs to put AOC in her place before she says something truly damaging.