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  1. Unless you believe that everyone that voted for Trump in 2016 is a lock to vote for him in 2020, then yeah, he's trying to peel away some of those voters.
  2. I think it's pretty obvious what Biden is doing, whether it works or is helpful is another question.
  3. Mathematically she would have to be. No Democrats like her and Republicans won't like anyone more than Trump.
  4. I mean, if Guiliani is really Trump's lawyer or was, then seeing them together really doesn't mean anything. Only useful if there's something salacious in these.
  5. Didn't that person who got hit and killed was because the car didn't expect a human outside a crosswalk? Like, that kind of goes to show how many lightyears they are from figuring this stuff out. What will they do in snowstorms when the road is obscured, or when snow or dirt is obstructing the sensors, or during construction when a route isn't clearly marked?
  6. Like with that Uber self-driving car killing someone, SUVs being more dangerous is ultimately a problem that will be solve by insurance companies. At some point they'll get enough data to show that these vehicles are a higher risk/liability and adjust premiums to represent that. Hopefully.
  7. Saw this a few days ago. Totally shocked that a largely unregulated business is rife with scams.
  8. So, apparently there's about 20 or so WWE wrestlers stuck in Saudi Arabia after the show there yesterday. It wasn't due to mechanical issues or weather. Given the triangle of ties between the McMahons, Trump, and Saudi Arabia I can only imagine what sort of political tomfoolery is going down. https://www.cagesideseats.com/platform/amp/wwe/2019/11/1/20943466/wwe-wrestlers-stuck-saudi-arabia-travel-issues
  9. If this WaPo article is to be believed, Morrison does seem to indicate there was quid pro quo, just doesn't feel it was illegal. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/10/31/tim-morrison-just-confirmed-quid-pro-quo-thats-big-
  10. I think the bulk of that waiver is just part of the gimmick. By making people think they're giving this guy permission to do all these things he mentally manipulates them from the start.
  11. I bet Nancy has had the same signature since middle school. Also, I like that she signs is just "Nancy" like she's Cher or something.
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