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  1. Wait until someone actually explains to Trump what that says and that college players want to form a union.
  2. Damage is likely done. People made their money when the stock shot up and cashed out already. Now a bunch of rubes who bought in late are stuck holding the bag. Kodak was never going to fulfill whatever drug supply scheme, this was a pump and dump orchestrated by the President of the United States of America.
  3. Since he was already an "Acting IG" I assume that means he was a Trump stooge going in. And if even a Trump stooge isn't good enough to protect Trump/Pompeo they must really be doing some illegal shit.
  4. I have no love for TikTok but I'm going to guess Trump's reasoning behind this is stupid.
  5. I saw reports of this a couple years ago. Back then I pulled out the big tub that had all my old games/systems and found my PSP with no battery, it was sitting at the bottom of the tub all swelled up like this.
  6. A chicken in every pot and a jade egg in every cooch.
  7. Texas enacted a mask mandate recently, right? Sorry, not "mask mandate," I mean "stripped people of their God-given rights to breathe without a thin layer of cloth covering their mouth."
  8. IF they're going to give him the stage at the Convention then he can't just endorse Biden/slam Trump, he has to actively repudiate parts of the Republican platform that he once espoused. Trump is just one part of the larger sickness that is the Republican party. Even if its something like saying "Trump has exposed the hate and damaging affects of (anti-LGBT, worker exploitation, etc). Furthermore, since this is a virtual event and I don't trust any Republican as far as I can throw them with a live mic, it should be a vetted, prerecorded statement.
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