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  1. Knowing Trump, he'll probably now force Barr to resign just to rub it in that he was only brought in to squash the Mueller Report.
  2. I haven't been interested in a Remedy game since Max Payne 2, so I had no interest/intention in getting Control. The Outer Worlds is a bit more of a bummer but even that game, like everything on the Epic Game Store hasn't been an absolute "must-by" and I have no issues waiting for the year exclusivity to end, or just not buy the game at all.
  3. Well, Beto came as close as any democrat in Texas of all places. Obama practically walked over Alan Keyes into his Senate spot after his original opponent dropped out when it became known he tried to drag Seven-of-Nine to creepy sex clubs.
  4. If he was knowingly a Russian asset he should be removed from the presidency and spend the rest of his life in jail. If he was an unwitting asset he should be removed from the presidency and spend a life in jail for all the other financial and tax crimes he's committed.
  5. Soon as I get home from work I change into sweatpants or gym shorts depending on the weather. Can not stand proper pants at home.
  6. I saw this article making the rounds, but its also like 5 months old.
  7. What are the requirements for attending? I'm like 30 minutes away from Milwaukee. I intend to vote straight D from now until the end of time, but I have to imagine that would be absolutely insufferable.
  8. Dont people in Britain like the call out Polish migrants for being lazy?
  9. I thought he already got off? 😏 All seriousness, this was never going to end with Robert Kraft in jail or destitute. He'll pay a fine, be publicly embarrassed for a bit, then move on with his life.
  10. On its face this seems like a great thing, but I wonder if it also negates the possibility of the US ever enacting means-tested fines or day-fines or something along those lines.
  11. I wear them when I fly to Japan. I don't know if they necessarily help, but that's a 13 hour flight and I don't know what it'd be like without them. I've never flow domestically with compression socks and never had an issue.
  12. People post these tax revenue numbers as some big victory, but are they? There's more to it than just $x received in taxes. While being an early adopter they're sure to be pulling in money from other states, but people have a finite number of dollars to spend and a dollar spent on marijuana is a dollar not spent elsewhere. It's just another regressive sin tax, it's not real solution.
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