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  1. That's certainly a dark possibility, but I'd imagine a better explanation that if anyone saw this girl getting into a car with a creep old man they'd be able to trace it back to him, whether it was his car or even a rental. Or, maybe he just doesn't own a car.
  2. I feel like even Trump didn't sound this Animal Farmish back at the start of his term.
  3. If Lil' Marco want to wait for the facts he would be calling on Trump and the WH to comply with Congression subpoenas.
  4. They're going to ignore the subpoena because the House hasn't officially voted on opening an impeachment inquiry. Then the House will vote on an impeachment inquiry and they'll ignore the subpoena because they're criminals hacks.
  5. Finland has no Pelosi or Schiff, Finland is happy, ergo not having Pelosi or Schiff will make you happy.
  6. I thought the briefing was tomorrow? Or was that the other State Department staff people?
  7. This is a new and exciting post that I definitely didn't already ready in this thread.
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