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  1. It uses solid boosters based off the Space Shuttle, same engines as the Space Shuttle, and the main stage tank was built of the Shuttle tank.
  2. Its not speculation on what could happen, its marching orders for his blind idiot followers.
  3. Try typing your address in all-caps. I guess its finicky on how you put in the data. I got my paper check last week.
  4. Hmm, this company's stock exploded on this announcement. Surely there's nothing shady going on here.
  5. My brother went to Germany/Poland/Amsterdam for his honeymoon a couple years ago and he was surprised at how much casual racism was prevalent, especially at soccer games.
  6. The thing I would like most about this is putting an end to those awful grocery store/fast food restaurant donation schemes where you donate a dollar to the store, and they bundle up all those donations and send them off to some charity while they take a tax break out of it.
  7. I thought it was mentioned it would be a Series X launch game, presumably same release date on Steam. Not sure if there will be an earlier PS4 release.
  8. My theory is aspartame kills the virus, which is why both Trump and myself have not been infecred.
  9. Yeah it is. And even when I tell myself I'm just going to mainline the story I still end up spending 5 hours playing the golf minigame in 3.
  10. Yeah, I already own Yakuza 0, 1, 2 on PS4 and Steam and I own the Remasted collection in PS4 but would like for all that stuff just to come to PC.
  11. Where is the Remastered Collection and 6? Even though I know this is a new main character and separate from the original lineage, I still want to get through 4, 5, and 6 before I start this.
  12. He's probably just angling to get his own debt with China forgiven.
  13. I didn't have to take a road test. People who did well enough in Driver's Ed didn't need to. I just went for theh DMV and got my license. This was Illinois.
  14. Yeah, I'm not so sure on Abrams. I'd like to see Tammy Duckworth. Not that the GOP has any shame, but picking a Purple Heart recipient should would be a big plus.
  15. Yeah, I wanted to go back and do the Hard battle stuff, but I don't really feel up to playing through the whole chapter to get to where that stuff unlocks. I'm actually going to shelve the game for now and play.... original Final Fantasy VII.
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