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  1. I'm with you. 5 min or less. No hair to speak of. Get in, body wash head-to-toe, rinse off, get out.
  2. >> 51% of Americans reported using a swimming pool as a communal bathtub — using the pool as an alternative to showering or rinsing off after engaging in exercise or yard work. Nope. >> The survey also revealed that 24% of Americans would go in a pool within one hour of having diarrhea.. Man, I won't even leave my house within one hour of having diarrhea. Hard no on going swimming. >> 40% of Americans admitted they have peed in the pool as an adult. Nope. >> ..48% reported that they never shower before swimming Yeah I'm in this group. When I go swimming I just grab my trunks and go. I always shower first thing afterwards.
  3. So, medically speaking, how early can (not should) birth be induced? Rather than have an "abortion" is there a way a doctor can have a woman give birth pre-viability? "They didn't have an abortion, they just gave birth 7 months premature". They didn't kill it; it just didn't survive. Probably silly. I'm just spit-balling for loopholes...
  4. Yeah, I opted not to do all-in or any of the optional buys (even though I really wanted Castle Cainhurst). I figure with the base game, the chalice dungeons, Mergo's, and all the stretch extras I'll have plenty of mileage out of my $90. And if my group really really enjoys it I can pick up the expansions at retail down the road.
  5. 5 hours remaining. Up to 117 minis in the base pledge with the game. Works out to something like $0.90 per mini. For the minis alone that's really, really good. It's gonna be a long year waiting for this. Hopefully they have it to demo at GenCon or PAXU.
  6. One day left to get in on this and get all the KS exclusives. Right now here's what that looks like, The base game: All stretch goals: It's an absolutely ridiculous value for $100. The base game could retail for that, minus the KS exclusive stuff. 30 hours left.
  7. Yeah. I had decided that I was going to temper my fanboy impulses and not do any optional buys at all. I mean, with all the stretch goals, for that many minis, the base game is already an insane value at $100. But damn if the Cainhurst expansion isn't testing my resolve....having the Martyr Logarious boss alone is gonna make me get it.
  8. Funding is just north of $3M now, with 4 days to go. I'm trying to resist upping my pledge to buy the Castle Cainhurst expansion.
  9. My only gripe with the game is that you can't switch/select between unlocked skins at character select, like you could in every previous MK game. I don't like having to make a "kustomized" fighter just to use a different skin. Other than that I'm having a blast.
  10. I'm not doing any of the optional buy. I'm happy with the base game as is. That said, I'm happy they're doing the optional buys because it means the campaign keeps making more money which gets me more stretch goals.
  11. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/peter-mayhew-chewbacca-star-wars-dies-at-74-1207099 I know he was not in good health for a long time.
  12. Man, the stretch goals on this thing are legit. Tons of new monsters and hunters, a whole new campaign, currently working on PVP mode. And the minis look absolutely sick. I don't back many things on KS, but this has turned into my most anticipated game of 2020 already. Damn. I hope they have a prototype at GenCon.
  13. Slug


    Lebanon bologna.
  14. Initial backer rush finally wound down. Currently sitting at ~$1.83M with 18 days to go.
  15. Sorry, I wasn't following this thread last night like I should've been. Yes. :P Seriously, after he got picked we all immediately started joking that he was gonna tear an ACL on the way to the stage. Big relief when we saw he wasn't in attendance. :P
  16. Great game. My only complaint was the kind of weird narrative deescalation. But that's a minor quibble. I loved this game.
  17. Backed! Only ~7 hours left on the "early bird special" tier. If you plan on buying this eventually, you can save yourself a few bucks. Also I hate the term "backed" for some reason. I preordered it on Kickstarter.
  18. I don't know how old your boys are, but I'd plant Betrayal in the early teenage range and up. Maybe 11+? Lots of reading and there has to be some independent strategic ability as there is often information that you either may want to, or have to, keep secret from other players. So if they're still at an age where you need to help them with game mechanics then it probably wouldn't work out super well. But it's a fantastic game so if they're old enough for it I highly recommend. As for Gloomhaven...I've only played it a couple times. It pretty intimidating. Just tons of pieces and super fiddly and so much stuff to track. Like, once you get rolling it's a lot of fun but the logistical investment is unreal. It's like playing D&D without a DM. There are 3rd party companion apps people have made to help track stuff in the game and I'd advise anyone who plays Gloomhaven to use them; they make life so much nicer.
  19. Slug

    Soda is stupid

    I used to drink soda like it was water. Disgusting amounts of it. It was primarily responsible for taking me north of 300lb at my heaviest. Years ago I cut it completely out and lost a ton of weight. Today I use soda as a rare treat. Family stopping for ice cream or something? Holiday dinner? I'll skip the pie or ice cream and have a Dr Pepper as my dessert instead.
  20. Slug

    Soda is stupid

    I don't think I've had grapefruit. I'll try it next time!
  21. Slug

    Soda is stupid

    Pineapple Jarritos is so good.
  22. Not today, but Saturday we got a couple terrific rounds of Betrayal at Baldur's Gate in. Edit: I don't know why that is upside down.. Edit: Fixed!
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