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The thread of pardons - first up, Mike Flynn

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It's not clear if there's any state charges Flynn is exposed to, but it's basically impossible to commit a financial crime in this country without having exposure to NY jurisdiction, so hopefully they can at least seize whatever he was paid to be a traitor.

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Just now, Brick said:

Fuck Trump. 


Please tell me there's a way they can still charge Flynn on something, or reverse a pardon if Trump is found guilty of something. 



I don't think so. They got him on a federal crime initially and the president's power to pardon there is near absolute.


As I think @Jasonpointed out there might be some state financial crime to get him on having to do with not registering as a foreign agent and taking payments from Turkey(I think it was). But if they haven't done it yet, I don't really see why they would now.


If it helps, Flynn was never going to serve much time anyway. The charges they got him on were lying to the FBI and for a guy like Flynn he was probably facing 3 months at the most and may even have gotten no time.


Unlike Manafort who got busted for serious shit, Flynn's reneging on his guilty plea was always more about image, I think. The ability to deny he ever did anything wrong in the first place. Which, ironically, as others have pointed out Trump's pardon kind of nerfs because he has to admit guilt to accept the pardon. Though I am sure that is not how it will play on rightwing media. 

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In a video posted online over the weekend, President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is seen using phrases and slogans that are hallmarks of the baseless QAnon conspiracy movement. He also tagged his post with a QAnon hashtag.


Don't forget about this crap either...

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