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  1. I've long felt that executives should not have the sole discretion to pardon.
  2. That was a fucking read. It put in to words what I’m incapable of.
  3. I love how triggered the snowflakes are that Trump might run for a third term. They're absolutely apoplectic with their rage induced mouth foaming media mob hysteria for the left-wing liberal elites. I am very normal.
  4. How many segments will Fox News run suggesting this is foreshadowing Democrats in 2020?
  5. I’m old enough to remember when the entire GOP and right-wing media ecosystem was absolutely *outraged* at the mere mention of Barron’s name.
  6. Trump wants a private citizen to brief intelligence officials on intelligence?
  7. I know this is probably blasphemy around here but I haven’t seen any of the MCU movies. But Thanos is a supervillain that wants to kill half the universe, right? And in this video, Trump is Thanos?
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