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  1. On Tuesday I had my first soda in about a year. It wasn’t something my parents bought growing up so I’ve never really drank it, but I was out to eat and for some reason a Dr Pepper sounded really good.
  2. Wait is that timestamp real? And I thought The Onion just started doing real news during the Trump admin.
  3. My favorite part about that piece of paper is it showed two graphics. One of the locations ISIS controlled when he took office, and one of the locations ISIS controlled now. One the graphic that showed now, there was a small sliver of red, showing ISIS controlled location, but he said that will be "gone by tonight." There were a solid two months of his campaign where his entire platform was "not telegraphing our military decisions."
  4. I play a lot of Priest, so I bought the mega bundle. Dammit Blizzard.
  5. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/customer-accidentally-shot-inside-lake-wylie-restaurant-gun-owner-wont-face-charges/932040009 “It shows a man, who had just made a purchase, walking toward the door to leave, when suddenly there’s a flash. A concealed gun fell out of another customer’s pocket, hit the floor and discharged. The bullet hit the other man in the leg.”
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