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  1. Facebook whistleblower exposes a dark reality: Right wing disinformation is popular — and profitable | Salon.com WWW.SALON.COM Lies are profitable on social media because millions want to be radicalized
  2. This may be the least surprising headline of the year. I deleted my Facebook back in February, because it was quite clear it had become a right-wing boomer platform. I have no doubt it's only gotten worse since then.
  3. Just noticed the user profiles display in posts are much more minimalistic now. Only a simplified post count displayed?
  4. I've seen some pretty disingenuous shit from Republicans for a long, long time. But the level of absolute hogwash they're espousing today, not sure I've seen anything quite like it.
  5. I don't think pundits and economists have quite grasped how COVID forever changed the psyche of people and workers. Nearly 1 in 500 Americans alive in spring 2020 have died, from COVID-19. I think it's caused most people to fundamentally reevaluate what they want from work and life.
  6. I bring this up to my parents a few times a month. They largely parrot the conservative media talk track of relentlessly bashing California, and I tell them that California has more Republican voters than like 5-6 Southern states, combined.
  7. I think most assume Oregon = liberal, which is true of Portland and Eugene. But much of the state is far-right antigovernment. It’s bad here. A thread:
  8. I'll tell you what, based on social media posts, I'm astonished how many friends and family members have no idea that "6 weeks pregnant" means 6 weeks since your last menstrual period. Most seem to think it means 6 weeks since your last missed period.
  9. BREAKING: The Supreme Court just ruled 5-4 that any such law is unconstitutional.
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