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  1. There’s not a combination of words that accurately describes my feeling on this. This damages the country, the presidency, the rule of law. I’ve felt this way for a while, but I don’t blame a child for their behavior, I blame their parents for a lack of disciple and accountability. Senate Republicans deserve the axe for this, more than Trump.
  2. I’ve only seen a few tweets about this and it’s all from right-wing Twitter.
  3. The outbreak in Arizona, Louisiana, and Florida are on par with April outbreak in New York.
  4. - 67,000 daily cases is a new record. - 51,000 current hospitalizations the most since late April. - The death rate continues to climb and has more than doubled in Arizona, California, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas.
  5. >Public schools are about radical left indoctrination not education and I will take away funding in needed >We *must* send out kids back to school this fall
  6. Almost two weeks to the day after hospitalizations began increasing.
  7. I'm by no means a data analyst, but based on my reading of the COVID tracking project, it looks like the increase in hospitalizations started around June 24, which is two weeks ago.
  8. I love that the Trump administration is pushing to send kids back to school, when no state is currently meeting the Trump administration's Guidelines for Safely Reopening America. Also there feels to be a disconnect between: We *must* send K-12 and higher ed students back to school this fall and Public schools are a left wing indoctrination camps and we must look at alternative methods of teaching our children.
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