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So I bought a new toy and it was the PS VR


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I was at work and a coworker learned I was a gamer and asked if I had tried VR? At that time not really outside of the $20 set I bought from Best Buy to put my phone in. I told him I was impressed and have wondered what a more expensive set would do. Then a conversation with my brother about buying a new toy every once and a while is not bad. So I looked at a lot of you tube videos about PS VR reviews and for the most part they were all positive. Then I looked in the PSVR library of the PS store which I never venture into. I did not realize how many games were available for it. So I made the decision to get a bundle that game with the move controllers cause I saw some games I wanted to try need them. 


So I took it and my expectations are low and GAAADAMN was immediately impressed with the menu of the demo disc alone. I tried Battlezone. Daaaaaaaaaamn! I was immediately sold on this. I could look up down and even behind me and I'm in a fucking tank in this world having to look everywhere to aim. Then I tried the Persistence. Took a little bit to get a hang of the controls but once I got it, it was like playing Dead Space in VR. Cool and scared the shit out of me.


Too bad I got home from the store to late last night because I had to call it quits to go to bed for work but man, I'm home after work right now and cannot wait to play this. While I am excited now, I want to see how my excitement continues or will it pass like motion controls? For right now, I'm sold that if VR can become more affordable, This could be the New path for gaming. People were right, unless one tries it, you really cannot get what VR does thru video advertising or just game play clips.


Any game suggestions? Can you watch movies with this? Any tips? 



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12 minutes ago, RedSoxFan9 said:



theres some poor vs pro info in this thread (scroll down a bit for the psvr section)


On paper that seems like a pretty drastic difference, especially in terms of resolution and anti-aliasing.  Hmm, well I think I'll still get a base PS4 and test it out myself.  My buddy has a Pro so I'll be able to do a real life comparison and judge for myself.  I can always upgrade to a Pro next year or whenever they drop the price - or hell maybe the headset will work with a PS5 in 2020!

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Make sure to try the Resident Evil 7 The Beginning Demo on the Playstation Store! Walking around that creepy ass house just looking around...it's so good. It can feel weird at first, you can set the controls so the left stick walks/runs just like all normal first person games. Some people get motion sick but I had no trouble and none of my friends did either. Like you can walk around a dilapidated house, bend over and look at maggots crawling on dirty dishes. It's insane lol. 

I've heard good things about Astro Bot and that new Tetris game. I'd like to try the Tetris game but I'm not willing to shell out that much for Tetris. 

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Here is what I have I can recommend.

Rez Infinite

Wipeout Omega Collection - Free DLC that makes the whole game VR

Battlefront - it has free DLC VR mission. worth it and very cheap.

Super Hot


Batman Arkham VR

Ultra Super Stardust VR


What I plan to get in VR

Tetris Effect



Resident Evil 7

Skyrim VR

Doom VFR

GT Sport

Rick and Morty

Accounting Plus

ZOE 2 Second Runner - I heard vr not great but I still want the game.


You can play VR videos on it. There are players. It is not the simplest but works Also Youtube has VR.



On 11/16/2018 at 8:33 PM, Remarkableriots said:

Is the Star Trek VR game out yet?


Yes bridge crew is out.

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5 hours ago, ALIEN-gunner said:

PSVR? You mean the vomit inducer? Yeah no thanks!

Thank goodness I don't get motion sickness from this but the games that actually made me feel motion sickness were the first two Assassin Creed games when he would do the leap into the hay. It was wild for me. 

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