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  1. I thought maybe I could get tickets for my son and I. Ha, I was wrong.
  2. Thank you. Waiting for someone to say something. Will check it out!
  3. The spell check on my tablet sucks. I wish I could turn it off cause I know I typed tempered. But yeah. Anyway. I enjoyed the movie.
  4. I hope PS+ is on sale. I will grab one or even 2 to tack on my current sub.
  5. Same. In the areas I have lived in for the past 10-15 years, I can easily say I've seen many more Gamestops in a close radius than McDonalds.
  6. I'm game to see it. Helps that folks who helped with the character previously are on this.
  7. So I just finished reading Heroes In Crisis in one sitting. Reading it month to month was not helping me digest the story, which I realize is a typical Tom King thing. I stopped at issue 4 and just let them sit until I had all the issues. I just finished it and.................... Did DC really just shit on Wally West like that? I get that DC seemed to have no idea with what they wanted to do with Wally but not like this. So bummed out and these are one of these stories where I will mentally not have it in my mind when I speak on this character. Wally is my fav Flash and the one I grew up with when I started collecting comics. Ugh......needed to vent.
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