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  1. Batman 63 Uncanny X-Men Annual 1
  2. Hurdyb1

    Anime Justice League VS The Fatal Five

    Kevin Conroy....nuff said.
  3. I had heard the commotion about it and finally saw it recently. I thought it was a good ad with a message that no one should be offended about. If a man has an issue with that commercial, I'd question some roles they have in the lives of people close to them.
  4. I was so looking forward to getting my reservation ready for the Collector's Edition thinking it may be $150 most which I'm willing to shell out being a fan of the series and loving the collector's edition from MK9. I'll be passing on this as the price is...... $299.99. It comes with steelcases and a Scoripion head bust. Not worth it to me. I'll just get the game and season pass.
  5. Just release it on digital rental, dvd/Bluray. This movie will probably do better their than a theatrical release, maybe. Like others have said, this movie seems to be bad already and I was looking forward to it. Still am, but very lowered expectations.
  6. Oh damn. Wish I would have seen this much earlier.
  7. Hurdyb1

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    The evening would have been over $60 With my son with me and meals. It wasn't worth it to me.
  8. Hurdyb1

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    I didn't know that about anime tickets as this would have been the first one I would have seen. Guess I won't be seeing any in theaters. With today's technology, I learned that theater experience is no longer important to me as it once was. The main reason I even go to the theater now as much as I do is so that I can be in the know and not have stories spoiled for me.
  9. I think DC was being to ambitious with the share world and made it more difficult than it needed to be. I personally can't wait for the Hush animation.
  10. Hurdyb1

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    I wanted to see it and was at the theater ready to buy the tickets with my son at one of theaters showing it in Chicago but the tickets were too much for my liking and I was still gonna eat there cause I was starving and still had to account for IL tax. The guy said the price was due to the limited restrictions and they'd were gonna have it offered longer than other theaters. NOOOOOPE I can wait for the Bluray release which will be less than the cost of those 2 tickets together. I'm patient.