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  1. I enjoyed the hell out of it. As usual, a good MCU film. This as my first time watching a feature with Brie Larson and she is Captain Marvel. After seeing it, I get why she was never smiling in the ads, lol. Once the action started, the movie never slowed down to me which is a good thing in my world. My son was with me and he loved it. I didn't think I would enjoy Fury as much as I did in the film. She's a powerhouse and cannot wait to see her give Thanos them hands and also hope that her and Hulk give Thanos a Legion of Doom Doomsday device or Dudley's 3D tag team move on the Mad Titan.
  2. So happy that this game is still being supported.
  3. Can't wait to see this movie! I need an MCU itch to be scratched.
  4. Sad news but damn only 61? He had to have started in the business pretty early in his life.
  5. Supposedly, Marvel debunked this and Bleeding Cool is the worst at putting out news. I'd be lying to you if I did not think this holds some weight. One Marvel movie has to bring in what the comics does in what a few decades? I do believe Marvel to be putting out a book for every idea they have and stretching out stories which results in too many books. I don't think the comics will go away but I could see a serious reduction coming to just have flag ship characters just be produced. I could even see a digital only distribution here sooner than later for comics. I know digital has been my go to comfortably for years now and I seriously have loved my Marvel Unlimited service.
  6. A bit disappointed in this news. Loved his portrayal of Deadshot.
  7. Think I found another rare 2019 purchase for me.
  8. MK is the one series that will get my money. I have patience with other series that do these double releases but I can't wait with MK.
  9. I am going to see this. Wanted to see it Tuesday but in was just too exhausted to hit the theater.
  10. Yes the 360 had it. Not the widest selection but it was on there. I used it and still do to this day with NFL 2k5.
  11. Look forward to checking it out. I enjoyed Alien Isolation. I might want to start a 2nd playthru........maybe, lol. My nerves may not have recovered from finishing it the 1st time.
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