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  1. I've always been curious to see Snyder's vision but like was said above, he believes every super hero should be interpreted like Watchmen or DKR and he just doesn't get it. I won't seek this out or pay extra to see but if happen to catch it, so be it. And if it's good, I'll be the first to admit it to Snyder defenders.
  2. I've put almost 100 hours into this game and this dlc will certainly take me well over that. I've enjoyed the hell out of this game and Boon can keep taking my money.
  3. Still happy with my PS4 purchase. Also, thanks to friends in here that gave me the heads up about the availability of them on Amazon weeks before launch.
  4. I cannot wait to preorder this. This is perfect for me. I didn't want the Switch regular at $300 but this at $200 is the sweet spot for me.
  5. I enjoyed it on Tuesday. I was shocked at how many people were at my theater during my show time for it and the crowd was even larger for the next showing when I left the movie.
  6. Won't lie to you, this news got me a little excited. Hopefully Vince will understand that these guys can do good things and that he has to focus on launching the XFL flawlessly. This only works if Vince lets go. We will see.
  7. This streaming service wave is going to implode. NBC has absolutely nothing that even appeals to me to even consider a sub. I may not subscribe to other services outside of Netflix, Hulu, and WWE but other services have content that make consider here and there.
  8. Damn! I just bought a Xbox Live 12 month pass less than 2 days ago.
  9. Gears of War 5 WWE 2k20 Death Stranding I'm hoping for the announcement of the Switch mini, which I will easily put the money down on a reservation. Other than those games and a possible new offering from Nintendo, I am content with my backlog. If I get hired for this job soon (fingers crossed and praying), I probably will not have the time to indulge in games like for the past year.
  10. Have you had the experience when someone asks you the events of a bad experience but you can't remember too many details due to how bad it was? That's how I feel about this system and games. Only games I enjoyed were Splatterhouse and Bonk. I just was underwhelmed by any other Turbograhx 16 game I played. And I recently recalled how bad the games were when I transferred my data from my Wii to Wii-U last summer. I still had money left on my Wii so I went to the store maybe looking to buy a game and I went into the Turbograhx 16 section thinking maybe those games were not as bad as I remembered them. When to the section and I you tubed all those games with Splatterhouse being the only one I wanted cause they were just as bad as I remembered them. I just did not enjoy that system. I often just went back to my NES quickly back in the day.
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