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  1. Damn that's true about Kings quest. I remember I got stuck at one part and then decided to completely start over to see if I missed an item to proceed, which I did.
  2. I'll add the following: The Indiana Jones series - Some are based off the movies and it's fun doing other things from what the character did in the movies. There was one that was not based on a movie that was also fantastic. Kentucky Route Zero - good story, kinda creepy. Reminds me I never finished it since chapters were slowly released, I need to revisit. If want something newer: Disco Elysium - does have a ton of reading, but the story and environment is fantastic Untitled Goose Game - just fun to mess with people as a goose I never played Thimbleweed Park or Unwritten Tales but my wife said they were good. I remember her saying on Unwritten Tales, some of the puzzles were difficult and she had to look it up.
  3. My kid is stoked about the Ninja melee splatoon looking game.
  4. Which games, in your opinion, are the best ones?
  5. Maybe when I remember I have it again in 5+yrs lol Too lazy to bust out the ps3 and reconnect it.
  6. I was cleaning out my tv console and found a still in wrapper ps3 copy of this game I probably got for xmas....
  7. Both recent AssCreed games are cheap right now and play very similar to an action RPG (like Witcher). Not sure if you got to play Odyssey for free during this past weekend. Also Odyssey is crazy huge and definitely can sink in hours of time on it. Edit: Just saw you most likely already played both Asscreeds so.... I as well could never finish a Dark Souls game mainly cause the genre stresses me out. The furthest I ever gotten was the first one. Sekiro is definitely a different vibe, IMO. There is less rolling around like Blanka that most of this genre has and it's not as emo death like the others. The combat/movement in Sekiro is fantastic and it's the first souls type game I played and finished sans the optional ultra hard boss.
  8. DOS non-linearity will kill off casual gamers IMO. It took me forever to get past the first "world" or whatever you want to call it by the time I got to the 2nd, I was ready to move on to another game.
  9. I have og launch ps3 and had loading problems only playing CoD back in the day so I thought I had a bad disk so I returned it to the store for another copy and same issue. Other games played fine but not sure if there was something unique to CoD during loading. I had someone replace the Blu-ray player in it for pretty cheap. I don't remember what the repair guy said but something about the older Blu-ray reader in them sucked compared to the newer model. Maybe similar issue here?
  10. it's one of those games to get your gf/wife/mother to quit complaining to you about playing video games all day because they will be playing animal crossing all day/night. Think it's considered a sim.
  11. You mean the practice mode where you fight against NPCs? Lol I gave warzone a try since it's free. It's basically an Apex legends rip off. I do like it due to the low ttk. It doesn't make it impossible to be in a gun fight against a larger team and have frequently won 2v1 engagements.
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