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  1. Damn that does suck lol. Hopefully a future patch will be coming to fix that.
  2. The Kotaku article says you can unlock fast travel back to camp by upgrading Dutch's tent and then yours.
  3. I just did this as well and I started a gun fight which somehow spooked the horses with the oil wagon and they started running out the warehouse. Was awesome.
  4. eggydoo

    Do you sit or stand to wipe?

    Reminds me of a story a college friend told me once where she was about to hook up with some dude and then saw shit stains on his boxers when it was about to go down and she backed out. He must've been a stand up wipe guy.
  5. eggydoo

    Sony Sony Silently Brings Out a Quieter PS4 Pro

    Nice...I have one of these. I don't really think the heat problem will be a big deal, my PS poor got way hotter than my Pro and i've had the PS Poor for quite some time now (4yrs). With my PS Poor, I would feel hot air come out of my cabinets when I played and I can't say i've experienced that yet with the Pro while playing RDR2.
  6. That is honestly shocking. I do know a person that subscribes to PS Now though. Would love to know which market is spending on it. I bet most are from Japan.
  7. Doesn't this kind of attn happen on every Rockstar release? I still remember when Hillary tried to launch some investigation because she didn't like that you can sleep and kill prostitutes in video games lol. I remember someone posting this awhile back.
  8. I still have to hold X when following a NPC on a mission though. I wish they just made it where they followed you like most games.
  9. @Bloodporne so cinematic doesn't auto run but you can at least set waypoint like someone mentioned and let it go.
  10. So some dude ran into my horse and aggro'd him and he started shooting at me. I pistol whipped him and now have bounty on me. What's best way to get rid of it? Just get caught?
  11. Nice @Anzo I had a very busy weekend so I did not get to watch. Did you guys finally beat the raid? It's also good to see a face with the voice.
  12. I've only tried it a couple times myself while in ch1 so i can't say I know as well lol The thing I didn't like about it is the audio for the dialogue cuts in and out based on distance from the camera which I thought it was an odd thing to do, so I never went back.
  13. When you switch to cinematic, does it "hold X" for you automatically? I will admit holding X for so long is a bad experience.
  14. I don't get why they haven't implemented in game chat on console yet. Its super useful on PC.