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  1. He put a link to the streamers at the end if you didn't catch it. It's so good from their perspective. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/392592089
  2. Ran into my first hacker. I watched him whole match and he was tagging enemies behind mountains and aimbot. I took a screenshot and reported him at least.
  3. @sblfilms dammit you opened my eyes after you pointed out the train scene. I honestly have never noticed how often there are train scenes in action movies. Its actually pretty hilarious now.
  4. lol true. If i had to nitpick, i'd prefer to see more space battles.
  5. Was it a bad story? No Was it oscar quality? No Honestly, set your expectations for the type of movie you're watching. Did John Wick have a good story? No
  6. Just saw it and I honestly don't get the hate. It was entertaining with good action. If you care about character development, good story, etc...you shouldn't be watching super hero movies in the first place.
  7. Forget the bird, the penis face has me rolling.
  8. I want a Nioh-style game but better inventory mgmt and better level progression. I never beat Nioh cause I hit a grind wall where I wasn't good enough/high level enough and possibly not geared well enough to continue into the story. Nioh inventory mgmt and getting specific gear was confusing as hell to me.
  9. So what other movies are better than Ant Man 2 but worse than Black Panther? Dr Strange?
  10. You try lowering sensitivity? I couldn't aim for crap until I lowered it to around the 3-ish range. Default is at 5 and felt too fast for me where I would miss.
  11. Nope, I hated Division 1 so much I got a refund on it.
  12. This is the reason I gave up using mics on this game period. I've won plenty of times not using a mic. There have been some games where a mic would have helped, but don't really want to talk to the 15yr old who thinks he is an Apex god and starts raging when he gets himself killed.
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