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  1. I watched a few more streams and the game definitely looks better and more exciting than what some of the early streamers showed yesterday. I quit watching cause I don't want to spoil myself too much, but definitely looks like a must buy for me at least.
  2. Saw an article the game runs 60fps on 1080 on the PS Pro. Watching a stream myself and will admit some of the animation/movement does look rough. But the fact that it has puzzles and it's not just another action RPG has me interested. Edit: This seems more like Tomb Raider with a lightsaber
  3. What is your setup if you don't mind me asking? I need to look into getting a new streaming device anyway. Just waiting for BF.
  4. Testing it out, got the free 1yr verizon. Seems kinda laggy right now. I put it on my Roku and PS4 and some content is showing as opposed to other devices. Even on my browser the list varies.
  5. Is it this or do we now live in a culture where people do shit they know they won't like just to purposely bitch to get more views, likes and subscribes?
  6. Beat it with the default psyche build and thoroughly enjoyed the journey I am somewhat curious going through it again as possibly a physical build but same time it's gonna be kind of sad that i'll already know what's happening so I fee the experience won't be the same.
  7. Prob My Time at Portia. I remember a few people raving about it here. I never tried it though.
  8. @Biggie for the chiral network, is it randos in your world or is there a way to have people on your friend's list be part of your network? I thought it was kinda neat to see where my friends died in Shadow of Mordor and think it would be neat to see your friends leave stuff in the chiral network.
  9. Surprised Pokemon Go isn't on it, even though Ingress came out first....pokemon go had a way bigger social impact
  10. Do I have to know story of 3 to play this? I skipped D3 and when it was changed to be good, I was already into other games. I am definitely going to get D4 though.
  11. MW campaign have always been pretty good though...can't say for the other series lol
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