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  1. I tried this a couple times but at low ranks they are mostly empty. I had one that had zero soldiers. It was an easy 1.5 mil GMP though. Other times there were literally only 3 to 4 guards all E rank. I don't really understand the menus before it where it shows what you can potentially run into?
  2. Not really strange, just not realistic. Here all the rich privileged kids go to expensive as hell private school or they move out to the burbs.
  3. I had one of those Sony's I bought from a friend cause he went full LCD when they first came out. I still remember rolling it out to my car on his office chair cause it was so damn heavy. Then when I plopped it on my desk, my desk buckled into a U shape but held it until the CRT finally died on me. Good memories.
  4. @Mercury33 I have a 6 and 7 yr old and been playing video games with my kids. I had same problem with controllers mainly due to size. Overcooked is too complicated for little kids. Need also a game where death is forgiving. Here is what I've had luck with Guacamelee Any Lego Game Sometimes Splelunky Plants vs zombie garden warfare Splatoon Currently playing River City girls
  5. Is it me or is this game 90% go in and extract someone? It's more fun just messing around.
  6. Thanks, I'm more looking which weapons are fun or good to use. My GMP is limited right now but it's starting to go up. I tried a few other ARs but I'm not feeling them. I haven't tried a shotgun yet cause the ones that look fun to me cost a bunch of GMP, but I'll give the double barrel a try. I tried taking a tank in to go nuts on one mission and it was pretty fun until they busted out their rockets.
  7. Are there any recommended fun loadouts people have? I am about mission 13 or 14 in and I haven't really expanded much on my loadout besides the default loadout with either a sniper or rocket launcher.
  8. Damn good to know, I'm on that now but I haven't started yet since i've been messing with side ops. Can you airstrike?
  9. I'll welcome this since whatever they did in Yakuza 6 made the combat feel really sloppy. What I find more amusing is they had similar footage previously as an April's Fool joke....
  10. What does that say about you!!?? My runs end up being the same lol
  11. Wow i've never heard of this vehicle. How does the fit and finish feel of it? I was considering getting a Stinger at one point but after reading long term reviews, the reviewers said the car started having rattling noises. When I had my Subaru STi, the thing started rattling in various places it annoyed the crap out of me (mostly the dash), but it wasn't a super expensive car like the Stinger at 50k.
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