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  1. Are all Tales games pretty much the same or anything different between them besides story? I tried Zestiria via gamefly and I just couldn't get into it but tried it since I heard hype for this series.
  2. Unfortunately no. If it was, it would be day one purchase for me. I'm gonna wait now.
  3. I wished the story can be played all in VR, but from what I remember, it'll be separate. I'm assuming similar to Gran Turismo.
  4. It definitely made me want to play BF again.
  5. eggydoo

    TSA does not give a fuuuuuck right now

    I remember about 2 yrs ago they were testing not requiring you to take off shoes, take out laptops, etc to speed up the line. I was in Orlando then and they just told us to put all electronics in our bags and keep shoes on. Have pre-check now so we keep all our shit on now anyway.
  6. @legend https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-updates/342412/this-month-in-assassins-creed-odyssey-january2019 ENEMY SCALING One of the most community-requested features since launch is coming this month. With the next update you will be able to adapt enemy scaling settings to your preferences. As soon as the update hits on January 10, visit the options menu and find the Level Scaling setting. From there you'll be able to customize how drastically the enemies will scale to your level. Heavy – All enemies remain at your level. Normal – No change in the difficulty settings. Light – Content is around two levels below your level. Very Light – Content is around four levels below your level. Please bear in mind that this option won't be available in Nightmare Difficulty Mode in order to maintain that mode's challenging nature. Edit: nvm, i saw it got posted on the other one.
  7. They probably could've sold more. I know a few people that are bummed they missed out on the Spiderman deal.
  8. Interested to see how they apply this for the talk to text.
  9. Anyone skip the end credits? I was not aware there were extra scenes there. Spoilers obviously:
  10. eggydoo

    Help me remember a SNES game

    I remember playing this when we rented it at a video game store lol. What made you think of this?
  11. eggydoo

    Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4 OT

    I finished it for real this time. @mo1518 lol Fantastic game. I finished all the map stuff and started the first DLC.
  12. I have something similar happen to me on my game. I stole a raccoon hat from a guy in Valentine's saloon and he will constantly chase me every time he repawns. Its hilarious.
  13. eggydoo

    Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4 OT

    Yeah was kinda weird. Like I did several other stuff plus side missions and it never triggered. So I went to start a dlc and it said I might have spoilers cause I didn't finish main and i was confused. So I just restarted the game and then it triggered. Guessing maybe a bug.
  14. eggydoo

    Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4 OT

    Bought this for myself and beat the main story fairly quickly. Somewhat surprised how short this game is and completed a few collections. Felt the story started off good and went meh in the end. I bought the deluxe since it was only $10 more so hopefully the dlc adds some more content then just collecting stuff. Anybody have some good fun mods that are their favorite? Edit: well I guess I'm not done with story. It just took a weird long time to trigger the next story event for some reason.