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  1. Play animal crossing, visit another person's island and do one of the following: 1) Leave by pressing the minus sign (especially effective when there are other people visiting) 2) Trample on their flowers 3) Steal their resources It's pretty much guaranteed after that.
  2. Damn, I have a friend that goes to NJ every year to visit his son and he brings me some pastrami from his favorite deli back...not this yr though.
  3. Being from Texas.....don't go to chain BBQ Also due to the pandemic, brisket is at a sky high avg around $99/lb since it's been difficult to source it. I haven't had texas bbq in a long time.
  4. I've had this in NOLA but I honestly couldnt tell the taste of it since the spices in it overwhelmed everything else. Plus they shredded the meat in the stew....
  5. Lol read my mind. Next they need to release a DLC but they have to rebuy the full game to experience it.
  6. I would personally play open world game -> halo -> open world game so you don't get burnt out from open world games.
  7. same thing happened to me....lost my 2fa info when my phone broke and i didn't have a backup. But yrs later I noticed I was able to recreate my acct. I'm guessing they delete accounts after some time.
  8. I'm confused now after reading up on this. Is it a PS5 patch of original and can buy expansion or going full japanese style where we will have to rebuy it like Persona games?
  9. I got this for the kids after they are seeing it on youtube. It has been fun and i've joined them playing it. It is nice you can change the difficulty and repeat the levels for better gear. I seem to have the worst RNG, cause both my kids have had epic? gear drop multiple times for them and I have seen none. There are a few glitches here and there but overall not too bad. Are you playing on PS4? I wonder if you can do share play to get around it.
  10. I'm kind of glad I skipped on Luigi's Mansion now after seeing the hate on here
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