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  1. Wonder how tall he is cause he said its 390mm tall (15.3in in freedom units) so I measured my own torso and mine is roughly over 21.5 inches lol.
  2. I watched some streams on this and looks interesting to me. I did not like divinity 1 but I keep seeing in reviews divinity 2 is good. Anyone here have opinion if divinity 2 is worth giving a try? The main thing I did not like about divinity 1 is it felt like I was on a wild goose chase which did not appeal to me at all and ended up having to look up a guide at certain points.
  3. Apex legends is pretty easy to get into. It was the only BR I somewhat enjoyed that ive tried. I even almost won a match after not playing for over a month. I liked warzone but it is (was?) pay to win when I tried it so I got disinterested fast.
  4. Ah nice, I would PM @Anzo to get invite to the discord channel. There is a decent group of active players that run raids and such. I've personally become more casual compared to the others in destiny 2. But if you haven't done any of the story, I'd do then stat before they go away, especially you paid for it.
  5. Ah ok that sounds like the solstice armor which is a 3 week event. Completely optional and somewhat grindy but if you like the armor design, go for it. As a new player, I'd definitely do the story first. If you talk to Amanda Holiday, lady in the hanger on the left, the legacy story missions are there. It's possible they will be gone soon. I believe it was hinted they may have it available as a separate download to play through but definitely don't quote me on that lol. Goal now is just to use the highest power level gear you can get. Max for this season is 1060 + 20 for
  6. It's going to be real hard to do everything imo unless you end up playing all day everyday and not get bored of the grind. We have a discord if you're committed with active players if interested. How far along are you in the game?
  7. So far 1 hit Archer. 2 hit for normal bandit, 3 hit for brutes and lightly armored enemies. I have 2 hp upgrades and 1st upgrade of samurai armor. It seems it takes 1 unblockable attack and 1 normal attack now to die. Before armor it was 2 normal attacks or 1 unblockable.
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