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  1. The storage is soldered onto the board. They recommended any external nvme for ps4 games and local for ps5.
  2. Bought the game during the epic sale for $15 and the game is fantastic. Somewhat easy if you're use to playing soul type games though. My first completion was on my 15th run and that was mostly used just figuring things out. Once you figure out what things are, what boons do what, etc. everything just clicks. I'm on my 11th clear now just experimenting and leveling up the rep with NPCs. The dialogue and music is great as well.
  3. I thought Nier Automata combat was pretty fun. Way better than I expected. I would avoid Nioh if you didn't like dark souls.
  4. No issues here as well but I did have a controller break already. It constantly is clicking from the haptic. Found a reddit post where others have a similar issue after playing astrobot.
  5. I setup my PS Poor on another tv for the kids last week and forgot how slow it is compared to the Pro. Even just navigating through the menus has a lag.
  6. I never thought of the circle rug idea. That is genius! When my kids play I usually surround them with objects like the ottoman so they know they need to backup.
  7. I feel completely the opposite. NV was when a ton of fetch quests got introduced whereas FO3 had the best side quests with its own story. I think both games are good and worth playing through though. I've replayed both games numerous times. I remember NV having more fun builds though (unarmed and cowboy).
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