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  1. I see it getting along well with my Vita which I still play frequently. Let's hope it has Sony's infamous power saving on it as well. I rarely have to charge the Vita playing it in spurts.
  2. Not yet, been holding off since news broke out of a redesign. I'm definitely preordering the lite though.
  3. ah ok, i was just reading some of the replies. It looks like it's only @Emblazon then that doesn't like it lol
  4. I don't get the hate on here. I would definitely get one of these at the price point.
  5. Booo, I was hoping it would be on sale. I was wanting it for my summer gaming but I may pass on it for now.
  6. I have the Logitech one since it came out (6-7yrs?). I got it for guild wars 2 and it's still going strong. I like it for FPS games too.
  7. @bladimir2k is this a new expansion like Forsaken? I completely skipped the season passes.
  8. I noticed the neck beard first lol On another note. Is Barrett not black? He kinda has white dude hair going on there.
  9. I have the latest Roku stick whatever it is, but not the 4k one. After about 6 months use, it is locking up on me occasionally and need to reboot it. I need to call Support to see if I have a defective one for replacement. I only use it for Netflix and PS Vue.
  10. Wow the OG April O'neill on the side. I remember at my local arcade, someone drew tits and bush on her...good times.
  11. Eh what's wrong with Tifa's design? The only voice that seems weird to me is Aerith since it sounds fakely high pitch. At least you won't have to hear it for long.......
  12. Which one did you get? I might have to add this to my toolbox.
  13. Definitely. First ending is only half the game and story.
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