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  1. I'm in as long as they don't release it by planet and finish in 20yrs.
  2. Should be there somewhere. I recently started playing and lowered this immediately. Not all the way down but half way to where it was. I also switched some control setting to Alternative which feels so much better.
  3. What is definition of cult classic? I always thought cult movies were movies where weirdos show up at the theater to watch a movie like Rocky Horror and
  4. I wonder if this will be compatible with the DS5. I honestly think this is great compared to buying a $150 "Pro" controller that will just eventually break and now you have to sucker up another $150. With this if your $30-$40 controller breaks, it's not such a big investment to replace. I think the screen was just added cause they had the tech laying around from their failed rebirth of the Sony Walkman.
  5. I beat the main story after finally deciding to be done with the game.
  6. Thinking back I don't think I played a lot of 2019 games this yr. Mostly been working on my backlog, but here is my list that I can think of based on what I played the most. 1 - Sekiro 2 - Mordhau 3 - Disco Elysium 4 - RE2 5 - Apex Legends I still haven't played outer worlds and some other games listed here.
  7. You guys are doing it wrong. My friends wife snatches the whole bottle into her purse when she's at place that has them at the table.
  8. I had to force myself to play 3 characters to get it. It kind of sucks, but i wanted it as well. I'll probably play more casually on this one. I have some other games in my back log i've been wanting to play.
  9. I'm not too familiar with Persona games as P5 was my first one but why isn't this a DLC?
  10. The OCD in me gives you major rep for rolling with 2 different brand monitors. I had a similar problem with the too blue or too yellow on my monitors at work once and no matter the settings I messed with, I could never get it close. My boss ended up just replacing the other monitor for me with same model since I kept complaining lol. Glad it worked out for you.
  11. Have you tried this? If so, notice any quality diff from PC from the Pro? I used the PSVR on both PS Poor and PS Pro...there is a HUGE framerate improvement on the Pro. I noticed I got less motion sickness with the Pro.
  12. The only bad thing is they are coming out with that Royal edition that adds more story, characters etc and I don't know if you'll be able to "upgrade" to that version when it releases in the US. Still a fantastic game though.
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