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  1. I saw she was asleep later in the movie, but did hear a whimper every now and then during the movie.
  2. Some parents brought their little kids to late showing of the movie and saw a little girl cry during the violent parts. Of course they stayed and let their kid get traumatized lol. Wtf parenting.
  3. Might be easier to count how many balls were eaten. Just saw it and liked it a lot.
  4. that's what happens when you sleep with your sister Jamie!
  5. Coworker had a complete different interpretation of Arya horse scene which was pretty deep and he thought this is how it went: He told me he was sad to see Arya die I went, she didn't die. He responds with, she didnt? I totally thought that she died and the horse was sent by the Faceless God and she was off to go meet him. (horse is the ferry boat to the afterlife.) I was like...oooh that does sound neat, but you're giving the writers way too much credit to come up with something that deep.
  6. I kinda want to see Dany fuck up Sansa for telling Tyrion Jon's secret, but it won't happen. Especially she's officially pissed now that Jon won't give her the D.
  7. I am fine with Cersei and Jamie dying together in a pile of rubble, but that's just me.
  8. Just watched ep7, holy shit that was amazing episode with all the cameos. Best tv show being aired.
  9. I didn't mind the speed on traversing the world map. It was just the battle speed made the random encounters feel like it took forever. I did get up to the part where Sephiroth attacked some beach? That is all I remember lol. That time in my life, I rarely played video games and was more into getting laid and getting drunk.
  10. I'm kinda excited to try this since I was never able to finish FF7 on the PS3 since I came to it late never owning a Playstation in my younger days and I felt this game did not age well at all. The turn base battles are a slog fest compared to the sprite FF games. I did see the PS4 version had some sort of speed up button though. Anyone own the PS4 version?
  11. I've only played 0 and 1 before playing 6. I also got 6 cause it was cheap and I was so confused on some of the characters and all the extra factions in the game, but I still finished it anyway. 0 is still my fave out of the 3 i've played though.
  12. 0 is fantastic. My first Yakuza game I played and it did not disappoint.
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