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  1. I kinda lost interest it but at least it's better than The Witcher 3.
  2. Well that Season of the Dawn reveal was lackluster. I think I'll skip this season pass and use the money to take advantage of the Elite Dangerous sale.
  3. I remember that moment as a kid in a packed theater, literally everyone in the audience cheered. It was amazing!
  4. The majority of that "community" aren't even fans of Star Wars, they're just broken people looking to join e-gangs.
  5. And let's be real, Finn would have been vaporized causing no harm to the cannon if Rose didn't save his silly ass.
  6. The campaign wasn't really short it was just right and never boring. The PVP is great too with its tight controls and movement. The Co-op mode is great as well.
  7. Apparently there's a tough female character in episode 4 and some of the Twitter "fans" are already calling the show SJW garbage. I hate fanboys.
  8. I'm binge watching Criminal Minds. It keeps getting goofier like Grey's Anatomy did but it doesn't take as many risks. Predicable silly creepiness.
  9. Still playing Destiny 2 and Wolfenstein Youngblood.
  10. That was the best episode yet. Chow is a damned good director. Good on Kathleen Kennedy for handpicking her. I hear Chow helped create many of the characters and that she will be the director of the Obi-Wan series too.
  11. Clearly most of you have played this game so your opinions are biased. I eagerly await Biggies' fair review; he watched videos!
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