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  1. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    There was nothing worth responding to in your post. I'm talking about Captain Marvel I don't give a shit about Superman. You want to take it personal and dehumanize me with "wrong think" labels like Nazi's did to the Jews. You want to talk about Captain Marvel or how super heroes have been a part of US pop culture for years outside of just comics, cool. Want to call me an alt-right regressive or any other bullshit weirdo label then you can just piss off.
  2. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    And here we go with the "alt-right" bullshit labeling. HAHA. Get the fuck out of here with your lunacy. You sound like a Nazi when you talk like that!
  3. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    You implied Marvel super heroes weren't house hold names before the MCU. They sure as hell were. The characters plastered on to everything. Also Ms. Marvel and Warbird were always tough Captain Marvels even though sometimes she was portrayed to be a slut. But now days she's ultra feminism and it's hurting sales. Same with the movie, the box office predictions are all over the place as low as 80mil up to 140+. Larson isn't helping with her activist campaign virtually telling men not to see it and creating bullshit charaity campaigns for underprivilaged girls to see her for a couple of hours, not boys, no they get to stay home. It's a scam and I'm surprised she's getting away with it. If it were a real charity, she'd have flipped for the bill herself instead of asking the public to buy extra tickets which will artificially inflatethe box office tallies. This has nothing to do with "women hating men", that's a lame narrative crazy people created. Movie goers are fine with female leads in film. Of course there's always fringe outliers but the vast majority of normies don't give a shit about a persons sexual organs they just want good stories. Man when we were kids watching Star Wars in theaters and Wonder Woman on TV no one game two shits about gender politics. That's a new thing crazy people cooked up and something that needs to go away soon.
  4. Maybe these critics should review the game after it's actually released not when it's in early access.
  5. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    I guess that Spiderman lunchbox I was carrying around as a kid in in the 70's and that popular action figure line from the 80's that came with those holographic type shields were all just figments of my imagination. Black Spidy suit and Doctor Doom...I thought you were real!
  6. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    Show me the reviews then smart ass. You can't though because they aren't there. Those sites reporting this are lying for sensationalism narrative purposes. RT has a feature asking users if they are excited to see the movie or not excited. THAT is what the precentages are. Currently there are NO reviews on RT for Captain Marvel. None from pro critics and none from users.
  7. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    Everyone knows who Spiderman is etc. They are pop culture icons. No one knows who Captain Marvel is other than Shazam. She was first a black woman unrelated to Mar-Vell, then faded away and then a white woman related to Mar-Vell. The point is her character is a mess unlike the others who are well known in the comics for years, who've had action figures, been on lunch boxes and breakfast cereals! Even Guardians of the Galaxy are more well known and also have the advantage of being a group of diverse colorful characters set in a fantasy outer space universe. Captain Marvel is this character with a 1 dimentional personality that's supposed to be more powerful then every other Marvel hero ever because...
  8. Other than the games so called problems, there are at least two very great things about Anthem. 1. BioWare seems to be committed to the game and are being completely transparent with their plans and are answering critiques from users on a daily basis. And... 2. The soundtrack by Sarah Schachner freaking awesome.
  9. Everthing about this game looks awesome, it's the kind of game I'm into that's why I bought it. It's just the loading times that I'm worried about. If the patch fixes them then cool but I've seen things like whole sections of the fort not loading in with the only way to make them load is to clip through the floor to force a reload. Also it seems like everything is based around slow loading from actual loading screens between everything and slow loading in of gear in the forge. Regardless of all that I'm still going to play it even if it's an underdog. I'm practically sick of Destiny's static enemies that tend to be rooted within short areas that you alway know where they'll be. Anthem's enemies seem to chase you down.