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  1. When those no-lifer kids speed run a strike I hang back taking my time shooting everything until I'm forced to rejoin the group because the idiot killed himself.
  2. ALIEN-gunner

    PC Epic Games Store - Wave 1 Lineup

    It's a spirital successor to Wing Commander Privateer much like the first Rebel Galaxy was but Outlaw will be much closer in design.
  3. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Men In Black International

    This movie was made as a distraction to Bob Lazar's new movie and the truth.
  4. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

    So the Avengers will just go back in time to save a couple of whales named George and Gracie and then everything will be happy days again.
  5. They just don't want to give out any more refunds for their shitty games.
  6. ALIEN-gunner

    PC Epic Games Store - Wave 1 Lineup

    People are not happy with that Rebel Galaxy developer. I want to get the game on PS4 but this sheds some light on the shady mindset of that guy.
  7. ALIEN-gunner

    Sony Playstation Classic game list revealed

    Arrogant Sony strikes again.
  8. ALIEN-gunner

    General Gaming Anthem: closed-alpha registrations now open

    That IGN developer gameplay video of the home base was painful to watch. The framerate stuttered and the game crashed several times even without most assets on screen.
  9. Haha, rapper tries to sell a $40 Chinese knock off for $150 and doesn't rebrand it. Not even with a sticker!
  10. Yep, there should have been a tutorial forge. We can't even start any of Ada's bounties until this intro "quest" is finished. I doubt any testing was done. Bungie just slapped it together and hoped for the best. Now they lowered the light by a pathetic 5 so the shills can praise them.
  11. Imagine how angry you must be if you bought this and you aren't even at 600 yet. My hunter is like 601 power level after gaining a few poweful gear rewards. First one I got dropped at 601, then 602, then something at 607. Al the Blues and regular legendaries still drop at the same power. None of the soft caps were adjusted. Then I started the Black Armory quest. The cutscene was very short. your character doesn't speak, your ghost doesn't even speak. Ada-1 had me go out and kill X amount of enemies. Not an actual quest just do stuff in old locations. After about an hour of that off to the Forge in a small but new location within the tunnels in the EDZ. The 3 player match making event that starts at 610. my random group finished the first ok but at the end it said mission complete so I backed out thinking that was it. Nope. I later learned I have 2 more waves to complete. One at 620 and then the boss at 630. Yeah that's not going to happen. The game mode itself is very very basic except for having to throw batteries at the drill. *yawn*. Isn't it just like Bungie to create a seemingly phoned in paid DLC where most players won't be able to really play it until a few more weeks worth of grinding old content. There are people that have completed the quest but those people play Destiny as a career. Us normies wasted our money. I was really hoping for new content after the dull grind that is Forsaken. Oh well.
  12. That's true but as I said these people don't really want asylum. If they did they would have stayed in Mexico where asylum was offered.
  13. CNN lying about the news and showing propagada photos of women and children? No way! Most of the leftist garbage news outlets are doing this. All but MSNBC. They actually had the balls to report that the vast majority of the migrants are made up of men who don't give a shit about asylum. They want to get into the US in order to get work, earn money and then go back to their country of origin. If anyone really wanted asylum they'd walk up to the border, and put their hands behind their heads not throw rocks and bottles at the border patrol and try to bum rush them. What model cititzens they must be.