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  1. The whole game sucks because of some promotional skins that will probably unlock for everyone after the promotion expires? Skillup is an asswipe. Guess his SquareEnix check bounced.
  2. From all the gameplay videos I've seen today I want to get it. I think Ms. Marvel will be my go to character in most modes, her move set is tight.
  3. I kinda feel sorry for all those poor souls who preordered Squadron 42 8 years ago.
  4. I recently started playing this on PS4 and I loved it instantly even though I'm playing it solo and taking my time with it. The first boss I encountered was a beefed up Shroud that kept kicking my ass. So I went back and explored a bit. Found a hidden room at the hide out and explored Ward 13 and found the sub machine gun. The boss was easier then. I've yet to try out the survival mode which came with the first dlc. I'm sure I'm going to have a ton of fun with it. While getting into the rhythm of the mechanics I discovered you can reload while you roll dodge. Pretty handy.
  5. I'm now playing Remnant From the Ashes. I really suck at it bit it's way more forgiving than a Soulslike. So far I love it. The gunplay is awesome and the generated worlds are fun to explore. I got the Swamp dlc to go with it and I'm for sure getting the expansion in August.
  6. Having seen all of the leaked plot I'm confident that the game will be fine. The controversy is overblown and muxh of the negativity is based on lies. For instance there is absolutely no political and social agenda anywhere.
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