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  1. ALIEN-gunner

    Movies Star Wars: Episode IX - The Return of the Mack

    Star Wars is dead. Good for Billy D. but adding him is just pure marketing desperation after the failure of Soylo.
  2. The rewards aren't worth the triumph.
  3. ALIEN-gunner


    Why is L on there when G covers it?
  4. ALIEN-gunner


    She's with apoc.
  5. ALIEN-gunner

    Sony I bought a PS4

    You may be poor but you're playing on the winning team.
  6. Finally got Vanguard to rank 50 to get the cool D1 ship.
  7. Rian "Round-Head" Johnson's tweets are based on the same fabricated lie. Keep up please.
  8. ALIEN-gunner

    General Gaming Overhyped Indie Games

    All of them.
  9. ALIEN-gunner

    General Gaming What is your favorite videogame home console ever?

    The Sega Genesis. Anyone saying differently is a dirty commie.
  10. What situation? Where she left social media for no apparent reason and some dipshit sock account user claimed it was because of harassment blowing it out of proportion? She left apparently for no reason. Nobody knows because nobody fucking asked her. Instead someone pulled up a reason from their asshole and the Star Wars shill media ran with it.
  11. ALIEN-gunner

    General Gaming New Overwatch Hero 28

    Is this a late April Fools joke?
  12. Adding these to the games list will be more fun than playing them.
  13. I do wish the game let me explore it when I wanted to instead of opening up after to finish the the story. The gameplay was kinda repetitive and the same. You go to an area, solve a simple puzzle, kill some samey bad guys then a mini boss. It's well made but way overrated.