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About Me

  1. Exclusive: A Deeper Look at the PlayStation 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. PlayStation Store: April 2021 top downloads BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM MLB The Show 21 and Returnal debut, with GTA V and FIFA 21 still going strong. PS5 Games US / Canada MLB The Show 21 Outriders Returnal Mortal Kombat 11 It Takes Two Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War FIFA 21 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales NBA 2K21 Madden NFL 21 Marvel’s Avengers Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Hitman 3 Demon’s Souls Borderlands 3 To
  3. God I loved that game back in the dsy!!! I do not have a ps5 and that's been shelved now yo mid next year! I really think that a new version on Twisted Metal would be amazing on this CV console. Or any other fir that matter! Thought? Thinking TM:Black was the last was saw right?
  4. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/05/09/predator-hunting-grounds-revealed-during-state-of-play/
  5. Ratchet & Clank will be in Among Us on PS4 and PS5. Subnautica Below Zero takes advantage of the DualSense And holy shit, is Rift Apart gorgeous beyond belief.
  6. ArmGunar on Reset does a wonderful job breaking everything down. https://www.sony.com/en/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/pdf/20q4_sonypre.pdf https://www.sony.com/en/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/pdf/20q4_supplement.pdf Sony Revenue : ¥8999.4bn / $84.82B (+9.0% YoY from ¥8259.9bn / $75.99B - FY2019) Sony Operating Profit : ¥971.9bn / $9.16B (+15.0% YoY from ¥845.5bn / $7.78B - FY2019) Sony Net Profit : ¥1171.8bn / $11.04B (+101.3% YoY from ¥582.2bn / $5.36B - FY2019) Best Revenue ever for Sony Bes
  7. Play At Home returns: Four months of offers for PlayStation games and entertainment begin March 1 BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM Free games and entertainment offers for the PlayStation community kick off in March and extend through June. More games/offers expected.
  8. PlayStation and Firewalk Studios announce publishing partnership for a new, original multiplayer IP BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM Firewalk’s AAA team sets its sights on creating memorable multiplayer moments for players. Also, I'd expect to see more games outside their cinematic AAA sphere: PlayStation signs AAA multiplayer game from former Destiny veterans WWW.GAMESINDUSTRY.BIZ The first game from Firewalk Studios will be a PS5 console exclusive
  9. Sony to continue selling PS3 and Vita Games!!! Oh and If this has already been talked about I'm gonna explode....LOL I searched, I looked, I saw nothing on this topic, other than the closing of the stores. So....If by chance I broke the fragile rules of this fine establishment, I apologize again, and will subsequently revert to just replies. I just may not be " Breaking News" Topic worthy....lol
  10. PlayStation’s Jim Ryan: ‘We’re making a completely new VR format for PS5’ WWW.GQ-MAGAZINE.CO.UK PlayStation head honcho Jim Ryan has some news to share on PS5 stock, Sony’s 2021 release schedule and a new PlayStation VR headset. Gran Turismo 7: Days Gone and Sony on PC:
  11. Announcing a New Funding Round of $1 Billion to Support Epic’s Long-Term Vision for the Metaverse WWW.EPICGAMES.COM Epic Games announces a new round of $1 billion in funding to help develop the long-term vision for the Metaverse. Sony Group Corporation and a host of investment partners are supporting Epic’s growth.
  12. Worth its own thread, but first posted here: Store PS5 Games on Compatible External USB Drives.* With this feature, you can now transfer your PS5 games to USB extended storage from your console’s internal storage. It’s a great way to extend the storage capabilities of your PS5 console, and you can seamlessly copy your PS5 games back to the console’s internal storage when you’re ready to play. It is faster to reinstall PS5 games from USB extended storage than to re-download or copy them from a disc. Because PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the console’s u
  13. Is it ok to start with Bloodborne as your first entry into this series? The DS remake looks awesome, but I'm not really looking to drop $60 bucks on it at the moment when I can play BB for free because of PS Plus. Will I be missing anything huge if I start with BB and play the remake later? I also have Demon's Souls on PS3, which I could play, but seems like a waste when the remake looks so damn good.
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