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  1. Is it ok to start with Bloodborne as your first entry into this series? The DS remake looks awesome, but I'm not really looking to drop $60 bucks on it at the moment when I can play BB for free because of PS Plus. Will I be missing anything huge if I start with BB and play the remake later? I also have Demon's Souls on PS3, which I could play, but seems like a waste when the remake looks so damn good.
  2. Face your nightmares in Doom 3: VR Edition for PS VR BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM Experience id Software’s action-horror shooter in virtual reality. Expect more announcements today.
  3. Introducing the next generation of VR on PlayStation BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM First details on the next-generation VR system coming to the PS5 console.
  4. I've been saving a gifted PS Plus store card for 2 years now, waiting for a month like this. Control UE with a subscription almost makes up for 505's screwball upgrade plan.
  5. Exclusive: A Deeper Look at the PlayStation 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Sony Corp. is preparing to open up its PlayStation 5 for internal storage upgrades this summer, lifting a bottleneck that prevents gamers from having more than a few marquee games on their console at one time, people briefed on the plan said.
  7. PlayStation Plus games for March: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maquette, Remnant: From the Ashes and Farpoint BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM Critically-acclaimed RPG action, intriguing puzzles, tense sci-fi survival and PS VR combat await on March 2.
  8. State of Play returns this Thursday, February 25 BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM A new slate of game updates and deep dives coming this Thursday.
  9. PlayStation Confirms Japan Studio Will be Re-Organized - IGN WWW.IGN.COM PlayStation is reportedly scaling back original game development at Japan Studio, the team behind Ape Escape and Gravity Rush. On one hand, Sony Japan was a unique part of Playstation Studios, and they brought some cool ideas to the table. On the other hand, there were rumors already that they would be scaled back because their games have not gained the kind of traction the rest of Playstation Studios have, plus the growth of the western market. tbh, my favorite st
  10. PlayStation’s Jim Ryan: ‘We’re making a completely new VR format for PS5’ WWW.GQ-MAGAZINE.CO.UK PlayStation head honcho Jim Ryan has some news to share on PS5 stock, Sony’s 2021 release schedule and a new PlayStation VR headset. Gran Turismo 7: Days Gone and Sony on PC:
  11. Play At Home returns: Four months of offers for PlayStation games and entertainment begin March 1 BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM Free games and entertainment offers for the PlayStation community kick off in March and extend through June. More games/offers expected.
  12. As many know we lost everything on Nov8th 2018 to the California Camp Fire that took our home, our vehicles, our jobs, our community, and our entire town along with OVER 14,ooo homes. Easily the largest forest fire as in homes lost and just sucked in just about everyway you could imagine it would. As we have been rebuilding our lives as well as we can and starting to require some things that I owned before, I've began looking into getting another PSVita. I just need it to be an American version, and really it has to be in VERY good shape, like new really. Thing is, There a fortune on Ebay for
  13. Apparently includes more content. I hope this is true (the cut Tifa chapter would be nice). New Final Fantasy 7 Remake content may be revealed later this week - VG247 WWW.VG247.COM Motomu Toriyama has confirmed he'll make an appearance at Final Fantasy 7 Remake Orchestra World Tour later this week with new info about the game
  14. God of War getting 60fps/4K "enhanced performance" graphics mode on PS5 WWW.EUROGAMER.NET
  15. The Nioh Collection announced for PS5, launches next February BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM Celebrate the franchise’s 4-year anniversary with remastered editions of both games featuring 4K and up to 120FPS support.
  16. Ars: Sony says semiconductor shortage makes increased PS5 production difficult Looks like PS5s will be hard to get for a while.
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