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  1. I'm currently stuck in Valhalla fighting a "boss". I have the difficulty on normal and this guy is kicking my ass. I might have to load up a little bit before and put it on easy which is lame.
  2. What really blows is Forbidden West comes out a few days earlier than this. I'm going to have a difficult decision to make in which game to focus on first lol.
  3. Played 3 more hours of Valhalla. It's really polished now and it looks and runs amazingly well on the xsx. It's a damn good game I don't care what anyone thinks.
  4. I just only saw that Klay Thompson is not only back playing he set an NBA record with fucking 14 3-pointers in a game. So happy for him because he fought his ass off to get back to the court. Unbelievable!
  5. I just want new "next-gen" games now! I don't care who owns what just start pumping out games for christ sakes. Chip shortage and covid are still the biggest issues now. I'm tired of it.
  6. Always wanted to check it out but we never had enough money to go. I'd still like to see what kind of technology they got going on down there. I love immersion experiences so things like 4-D peak my interest. Maybe one day I'll get a shot to see it.
  7. Yup. I was the same for years until I finally seen games run at 60 etc. You'll be fine but the pro version will still be even superior over the base PS4 version. Both in resolution and framerates. So you're really ignorant haha.
  8. Yay Xbox I guess. Doesn't change a thing for me in what I want this generation. I still have to buy a PS5 for Naughty Dog games which are always spectacular.
  9. Well I do have something to compare it to. I'm currently playing Valhalla at 4K 60fps so I will be a bit let down when playing Horizon Forbidden West at 30fps and whatever resolution they can pull off on the PS4 Pro. It's not a big deal overall but it'll definitely run and look better on the ps5. At least I have Elden Ring to look forward to at what I assume will be 4K 60fps on the xsx.
  10. I can imagine that being pretty damn cool for VR and the music was beautiful.
  11. Not to go into much detail but the session lasted an hour and a half and it was emotionally draining. I let everything out and cried a lot, too. She was excellent and gave me a book to read. I see her in 2 weeks and I'm seeing a psychologist tomorrow at 2pm. This guy offers individual therapy and once a month group sessions. Thanks for your post and encouragement.
  12. It's going absolutely awful. I won't annoy you guys with the details but I'm seeing 4 different therapist shortly. My first appointment is for grief relief at 11am today. The only good thing is I'm enjoying gaming still and have off this entire week. What a life.
  13. Not much to add other than I rarely switched stances and made out ok. Awesome you're playing this finally and I hope you stick with it to the end! Also, I'm jelly you get to play this on ps5.
  14. Great show but no worries. I'd thought I'd share is all. He isn't annoying in the show at all.
  15. You said you hated the kid that is in fallen order. He is in the show shameless on Netflix. I laughed out loud thinking about you hating him.
  16. @Biggie So I start watching the show Shameless on Netflix and guess who is one of the siblings in the family? The fucking Red headed kid from Fallen Order
  17. In my basketball days I'd come home and chug milk over water etc. I don't drink much milk at all these days.
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