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  1. Only played 2 hours today because I started feeling sick. Had another great time with the game. The characters you meet are always fantastically done.
  2. In about 30 minutes I'm going to put 4-5 more hours into FC6. Looking forward to it!
  3. I've stuck with two main guns for the first 10+ hours I've played. I obviously upgraded them but like you said, I'm not being punished in going this route. I might get myself an AK47 soon. I didn't feel like wasting money on that yet.
  4. I'm the complete opposite. I've gone to movies in pitch dark theaters sitting next to strangers giving no fucks. Eating at a restaurant or going to a concert alone. I'm too shy for that I think. It's not for me. But for 35 yrs I've always had someone to my side to do things. I am only now learning how to live alone.
  5. Wow. I really hope it ends just for you to get you out of a shitty situation.
  6. THIS is why I stay away. Just utter nonsense and cruelty. Even though I know you guy's are obviously joking that place was a shithole. I'll stick with the forum for now.
  7. I'm diving back in tomorrow. I'm so glad I took off the day after my vacation. I'm excited to play this again.
  8. What happened? Also, I'm staying far away from that shit.
  9. That looked pretty awful in all regards. I have high hopes for this game but that looked like an early build of some sort.
  10. That's good to hear. I just don't want to go back down that road again.
  11. I believe I own Far Cry 4 but I don't play online at all. So this post is useless.
  12. So how are things going? How are you getting to work?
  13. This place really isn't toxic imo. I think everyone treats each other pretty well. Brian is the correct spelling, pal.
  14. That's cool. I miss your humor but I understand you have your hands full.
  15. Postimage worked. Thank you very much for explaining everything.
  16. How many hours do you think you put in? Impressions?
  17. God. Thank you for the laugh! It was always so funny to me when Bale would even speak when he was Batman.
  18. This is my next show to watch. My brother liked it a lot.
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