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  1. That looks pretty ugly but also like it is going to be loud and take off. The image is gone but I saw a picture elsewhere.
  2. https://techraptor.net/content/trade-n-games-100000-stolen-rare-games-theft Game Store with a well documents collection was robbed. The games where in a massive safe. I found it interesting that in the beginning the safe cost more than the game but in the last 10 years the games became worth much more. This was a group effort in the theft. I just hope this doesn't give many others the idea that any game collection is worth what he had. Also these games seem so rare I don't know how they can sell them all off without getting attention.
  3. Yes, That is a bigger view. There are a lot of big pocketbooks looking to increase their first party output and control. The long view is look at what the movie industry is doing with the up and continued streaming wars. Insomniac has made some great games for Sony and have had very few missteps along the way (Fuse). With the climate now do what do you think will be the next developer picked up by Sony, Microsoft, Google, or Epic? Is Amazon still in the game?
  4. I got the Platinum Trophy for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. I love this game. It is the second Platinum Trophy I have gotten. RE5 was my first. It was RE5 largely because unlock-ables in the game tied to the trophies. Thins like unlimited shotgun and such unlocked. Bloodstained was just a pure joy to play and I was looking for more content. I can't wait for more DLC. I missed a hidden trophy and had to play a new game plus to Gebal the later version of the fight and fail. At that point even on hard it was a pure steam roll. Love this game. Game of the year for me easily.
  5. Good point today they can digital face any actor. I think I would be more interested in post Matrix 3 world. A world with peace and find out how long that lasted. I could be down for whatever bullshit reason they make to bring Neo and Trinity back.
  6. I wonder what they will do considering they killed them both. Also I hope they don't make it in a time between the movies. They are like 20 years older. While thay have aged very well I would rather get some bullshit reason they are alive and show what happened in the world after the peace 20 years later.
  7. Well I can see them changing their mind over time. This will just delay the movie for a few years. IN the mean time Disney will be propping up other marvel super heroes.
  8. This is a good spot for Insomniac. I agree in thinking this was in part a defensive move to not have them bought by Microsoft. I haven't played Spider-man but I plan to.
  9. No I didn't get sick. I might try again with the move controllers.
  10. Playing more Bloodstained. I got all the items. I am going for the platinum trophy. So I missed a hidden trophy. So in order to get it I have to replay the game to get the not quit bad ending bad ending.
  11. Love the Genesis. I remember picking it up. It came with Altered Beast but I bought Castle of Illusion as well. I also had a sega cd. I still have it hooked up. I plan to get the Genesis mini. I want a Mega SD.
  12. Time to break out the No man Sky disc nad clear some room for this big update. I am looking forward to playing this in VR.
  13. I had fun playing this with my friend. We played it till we got tired of it. So that was for hours. It seemed infinite with no real rememberable ending. I like that it is exclusive otherwise I would have picked up a PS4 version. Reason I already have the controllers and I don't buy gimped ports on the Switch.
  14. I live in a huge state Texas and while the state gets a ton of electoral votes it is not so much the land that gets the vote. It is still a popular vote inside Texas. It is just inside the state it is winner takes all. Although they are close at times. It would be better to not have winner takes all. I understand small populated states like that they get their own electoral votes but they get like 2-3. The popular vote is not a huge shift for them as it would be for Texas if Texas spilt their electoral votes.
  15. Agree, I really wish he beat Ted Cruz. I voted for Beto for Senate and I would do it again. He should drop out and run for Senate in Texas. I just hate a little bit that if he won Ted Cruz would the senior senator from Texas.
  16. I might platinum this game. I'm already so close. The toughest one left is every item. Man once a few things fell into place grinding money was fast and easy. I really love this game. I can't wait for the DLC. Also I watched the credits like a hawk and didn't see my name. No way I will watch the full credits anytime soon. It took like 40 mins. My eyes got tired of scanning. If you are close to getting 100% really just look at the map. There is a room you didn't find. I was at 99% for bit till I really scanned a complete map compared to mine. My New Game + is a joke. I'm level 65 I hit for like 400 and Have 388,000 Gold and many weapons to choose from. Before I play it again I will complete the item list. This is the game I wanted.
  17. I think we should. I just don't think some others might like Barr and Trump. But Trump is always looking for something to distract.
  18. Trump and Barr seem to be very interested in the suicide. We must find the real killers not the crimes he was charged with.
  19. For the large amount of cosplay I have see on this game you think I may have played it.
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