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  1. Have you spent any time with PSVR? How does the display compare?
  2. nice. I can't wait to hear how the setup goes. I recommend that you use the correct cables for 4k.
  3. So you are using a VGA connection? What scaler are you using? What is the Displays Native Resolution? Yeah for me stretch is a deal breaker. I'm glad the display has a 4:3 mode. This project is exciting and has my continued interest. I am considering this paired up with a Mister or like you have it actual arcade boards.
  4. I have thought of why not both. Then this is not the only Konami Collection out there. I want the other two. I know the Arcade Collection is already out and the Contra one is next. Good call on the gold coins. I don't have many but working looking that up. I really can see it going on sale more likely on PlayStation.
  5. This is a lame deal. I get it save $20 on two Nintendo games you buy digitally. However since it is Nintendo offering a discount of games this is news. I'm not going to participate in this because I can get 20% new physical games until December.
  6. I would be worried for any company that partners up with Microsoft. History has shown that only Microsoft can survive a failed partnership. Although this seems more like Apple buying Sony cameras for their iPhone.
  7. I still haven't pulled the trigger. Not for reasons others have said of not enough or the games they wanted. I'm fine with the collection. I am still deciding over PlayStation 4 release or Switch release. I like the DS4 more than the Switch Pro for controller. I just know this will show up on a sale on PlayStation. I have my PS4 in the bedroom and living room. I don't really play much in the bedroom. I can see myself waking up on a weekend and playing these in bed. I know I could do the same with the Switch. It is something for me to have these classic NES games not on a Nintendo Console. At the same time nice to have these also on a Nintendo console.
  8. I really want to pick this up. I just can't deicide PS4 or Switch. I'm thinking which is less likely to go on sale in the next 8 months. I might end up with both. I don't care as much about the portability. I like the DS4 more than the Pro Controller. While I don't have as such an epic Castlevania Collection mine is not half bad. All these game I have the originals. Even the Japanese versions. I also expect Konami to release a second Castlevania Collection. That I hope has Rondo, SotN and all the GBA and DS games.
  9. So we should move to Taiwan and take advantage of the same sex marriage boom for all of Asia.
  10. As an Eagle Scout. That sounds about right. I never saw any of it personally but I'm not surprised. Even when I was in they talked about this and how to report it. However it seemed people wanted to mix being gay with pedos. So it seemed then to me they where looking at the problem all wrong.
  11. There is a Steak and Shake about 15 mins from my place. I rarely ever go there. However I rarely ever go for fast food and even hamburgers. I think I only really think about it when I go out of my way to visit a Used Game Store in Round Rock.
  12. Tempted. However I have other plans to pickup some of these games like Guacamelee! 2 physical release end of the month.
  13. You are so right. Going forward Kickstarters will have to set the table in where on the PC they are releasing up front. Switching things like this can really piss off the expected audience. I hope that ones that backed it requested a Steam key get that much.
  14. This is exciting.
  15. Great I have been living alone since 2003. Great News.
  16. I don't know if you read about this earlier but I just put this together. I was watching a hour plus long video on the History and it included those that played it back then and the creators. In the end the brought up that some people have figured out how to get the X-band to work over ethernet/internet connection. Also they got the X-band Servers up. Now I want to try this out. I never had a interest in the old modems now I want them. http://www.retro.live
  17. Well Capcom is charging $29.99 for Resident Evil 4 and the same for Resident Evil REmake. Start to Riot @GameDadGrant
  18. It is going to be sold digital only world wide.
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