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  1. I'd take the over Activision Boss Loses Legal Battle Over Sexual Harassment Case KOTAKU.COM Activision boss Bobby Kotick has lost a legal stoush with renowned lawyer Patricia Glaser over a 2007 sexual harassment case involving Kotick's private jet and one of its former flight attendants.
  2. Yah I'm not sure how much I'd trust a firm hired by Bobby tbh. He's a rich ghoul who make sure he's safe above all else if he's involved with picking them. Hope I'm wrong though....
  3. Activision Zoom Meeting with Employees Doubles Down on Appalling Official Statement - Wowhead News WWW.WOWHEAD.COM According to Uppercutcrit.com, Activision leadership held a dissatisfying meeting with employees, calling Fran Townsend's poorly received message an "apology" and stating the corporate headquarters intent to fight against the California lawsuit. holy fuck they are so bad at this
  4. that button layout doesnt seem great. wonder what the battery life is
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