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  1. othena website came through and i have my first microchip coming sunday. pfizer one it looks like
  2. imma boomer i fall asleep at like 10p I can give it a try friday or sat night though
  3. CA opened up appts to everyone and nothing is available within 25 miles of the places ive checked lol
  4. havent they done something like this before? didnt they do something like in one of the carolinas a few years back over something similar or am i thinking of something else?
  5. i guess this can still be a spoiler still but lol
  6. I'm still surprised every day how just fucking stupid these people and I shouldn't be
  7. the last i saw is the state house passed it but still needed the state senate i think? didnt know that happened or not
  8. Delta CEO had supported all the bullshit until it was leaked he did and then reversed...GOP in turn just repealed a gas tax or something Delta was getting to "punish" them. Again the GOP doesnt give a fuck and will hurt anybody no matter what it does to the state.
  9. We arent far away from finding out he roofied someone and raped them. And you know he's dumb enough to have filmed it too
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