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  1. when i got my build up and running my memory was at like 2133 instead of 3600. i enabled DOCP but then it wouldn't post and gave me the DRAM led or whatever its called on the motherboard. I had flashed the bios to the latest after that happened and it was able to post but i have been afraid of trying to enable again in case it doesnt post. not sure if that would have been a bios things and should be fine to enable now
  2. Lol when his excuse for treason was that people in Missouri cares about what Pennsylvania did with their state laws and they were like "nah fam we don't give a fuck about them"
  3. it took them that long to realize this bitch crazy and got out while they still can
  4. yah the fan curve out of the box was not great (im not sure it was no fans until 80 but definitely no fans until it was warmer) . once i got precision x1 install and adjusted i still barely hear the fans and even under load in games like 2077 i havent seen it go above like 60-65
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