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  1. we have the emote and rep so we are already winning the internet
  2. saw this earlier and signed up. hopefully i can get luck with one of these and get to order like i was lucky get get a gpu from one of these register ques last year.
  3. finished last night. Was a slow burn firs half of the series but the end at ep 4 was a genuine jump scare for me and then picked up from there. Beverley Keane may be my most hated TV character since joffery. Lisa thought at the end
  4. Rockstar announces Grand Theft Auto trilogy re-release, with new improvements WWW.POLYGON.COM GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas get updated in The Definitive Edition PC is only on the R* launcher? LMAO
  5. The 9/10 dentists who recommend it are frauds and lairs and the 10th dentist is the true hero
  6. its amazing how the world is in unison with hating pratt as mario and basically like whatever on anyone else
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