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  1. he probably means hes grateful that hes fucked up so bad that this deal became a possibility
  2. i find it funny that most people seem to be focusing on CoD. isnt warzone shit and full of hackers? Vangaurd sold like shit right? i know its mostly "forum" people who deride CoD but hasnt it been steadily declining every game even though i know it still makes a shit ton of money. hopefully MS moves them away from the shitty yearly release stuff
  3. cant believe its been 10yrs. whatever they have coming hopefully it stays having a banger soundtrack
  4. maybe the board can use this as an opportunity to just kick him out now and get it over with
  5. Which state will be the first to ban dem from voting since wenothing will stop it
  6. I can't believe I'll (probably) get one of these before a ps5 lol
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