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  1. The host of the Episode 9 panel today at Celebration was Stephen Colbert and he said, "Star Wars fans are the best fans". Then they showed the trailer twice and right after the first showing the spotlight beamed down at Ian McDiarmid standing there on stage. This is going to be good.
  2. I love my name but if I wanted to change it I'd just make a new account, which is free and I can(and I have) do it as much as I want.
  3. It's interesting that, at least in the trailer, that much of Brie Larsons acting in End Game was shot before "Captain Marvel". And what's amusing is that a few feminists on social media have lashed out at Marvel for forcing Brie Larson to wear makeup because they had seen her first in Captain Marvel with less but have now been silenced when it was shown to them that it was Larson's decision to wear makeup just as it is every female cast membes decision in the film to wear whatever they want.
  4. Skyline - 6/10 A special effects alien invasion movie with the black guy from Scrubs (who dies of course because every black character in Hollywood movies gets killed) and some overly pretty stupid white people. It was fun and it ended silly.... ____ Beyond Skyline - 5/10 The sequel to the original staring some new characters set in the same time frame as the original who meet up with the survivors of the first movie who have suddenly turned into asians. It was still fun and it ended even sillier with a blooper reel.
  5. My Intercepter is level 12 and I recently unlocked the Colossus. I'm casually playing this game and so far is still really good.
  6. Tacobell regular bean burritos are amazing but only when they're stuffed with nacho cheese and sour cream. Your mouth will love you but your toilet won't.
  7. I found Anthem, it's on my HDD. I just hit level 12. I play it casually. Good game so far. Anecdotes are fun, let me take a crack at it. I haven't seen a single person on my PSN friend list playing Anthem. While I don't have a ton of friends, Sony has its community wide feed and I rarely see any screen shots or posts on it there either. I really have no idea where the community has shifted because I don't see anyone playing The Division 2 either. I really see people playing Destiny 2 and Assassins Creed or Borderlands. But the hold outs might be on PC...or just play at times I'm not paying attention. Maybe...
  8. Triple Frontier - 7/10 It started out really really good showing it could of been a kick-ass theater experience but kinda fizzled toward the end. Aflecks character changed personalities so drastically I didn't even care about his fate. Good action though. ____ Love Death & Robots - 10/10 This should have been titled "Heavy Metal 3" and if it was it would be closer to the superior first one. Incredible animation and story telling. ____ Bright - 5/10 Fantasy buddy cop thriller. It was alright. It was also weird and too long. ____ IO - 4/10 Low budget sci-fi end of the world boy meets girl thing. ____ Unicorn Store - 6/10 A pretty typical inoffensive art house about a selfish girl who learns to be unselfish. It was alright. ____ Santa Clarita Diet (seasons 1-3) - 8/10 Comedy about living as a zombie. It's real good.
  9. I'm not joking and I don't think comic book movies are a poor place to expect realism, Nolan had success which you pointed out. Joker is going to be different. It's looking to be a tragedy, a character story about a man with mental illness that just happens to be set in world which originated from a comic book.
  10. This is honestly the best thing I've ever seen from current DC and better than anything Marvel has ever put on film. I'm amazed how realistic this movie is going to be. The streets are so gritty and real I could almost smell the piss and trash on the streets.
  11. Isn't Conan the one where you can play as a 'roided up naked bad-ass and own slaves? If so, it sounds like my kinda power fantasy.
  12. Captain Marvel was bad. SO VERY BAD. Well, maybe not THAT bad but it was kinda bad. It was also boring and by the numbers bland. Not even so bad it was good kinda deal. As a MARVEL movie, oh, it's one of the best. 9/10.
  13. 1. Elektra 2. The Punisher (1989) 3. Blade Trinity 4. Fantastic Four (2005) 5. Howard The Duck
  14. Beyond looks to be coming out in the summer and is actually three updates they're working on wrapped up into one release. Two are unknown but one of them is called "No Man's Sky Online".
  15. $8 is a steal for one of the most well thought out single-player story experiences in the genre. The PVP is great too as is the PVE.
  16. This trailer is so much better than the teaser but the effects still look cheap and Will Smith still looks awful.
  17. Spiderman Homecoming trailer ruined the ending to Endgame.
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