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  1. That looks very interesting. I was a little disappointed with the visuals in the video though. I know it's difficult to really see much detail in those vids. I'm sure it will have next gen flare to it.
  2. That is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. What a complete disaster really. I guess the game is pretty good on high end machines so at least some folks enjoyed it.
  3. Also (sorry if old) but upon firing up valhalla yesterday in a while I noticed in the menu screen they advertise a playable demo of Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God for Xbox Series X Reviews - Metacritic WWW.METACRITIC.COM Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God for Xbox Series X game reviews & Metacritic score: As Fenyx, overcome the legendary trials and challenges of the gods of Olympos to change the... That's the next game I play.
  4. That's very cool. I miss the days of visiting EB, funcoland, and babbages. Reading through magazines on upcoming games and playing any demos they had available. Those days are gone. Great memories as a kid/teenager.
  5. I don't thing they were in my area. Gamestop will have the same fate.
  6. I'd be interested in what ND is up too. Hopefully Forbidden West makes it out this year. That has so much potential. I'm not worried about GOW because that will be incredible. Let them take their time and use the next gen tech.
  7. Cool. I'm thinking late March early April I'll try and snag the ps5. Xsx? No idea but I want that, too!
  8. The more thinking I do about it the less excited I am. I barely used the psvr I own now. It's in a bag collecting dust in a closet. It was a big waste of money and I regret buying it. I bought it for my brother when he was in the hospital for cancer.
  9. Played for 3 hours today and had fun. My last save was Feb 1st so it's been a little while. The AI is so fucking bad, Jesus.
  10. One after work and that's it. I think I read somewhere that a healthy adult should poop 5 times a day...
  11. It depends really. I rarely cum these days but back when I was, it's just a legit stream that comes out. Obviously the longer you go without cumming the more cum you will shoot out. At least in my case.
  12. Same here. Also, I apologize @Keyser_Soze for calling you an idiot earlier. I seriously was just joking and you're a good dude.
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