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  1. I no longer take Xanax. That's not the medication I'm talking about. The Xanax was for my panic attacks and anxiety. I have that under control by taking Viibryd, Latuda, and Wellbutrin. They have eliminated my severe suicidal thoughts. I know you're scared of medication but all I can say is that it can absolutely work. You may find medication that works for you. I'm glad the paperwork got to the correct person. Just try to stay strong and focus on the positives you have in life. Know that there is help and you can beat this. Trust me, you can and will! I'm also always available to
  2. Ok, that's interesting. Canada must be safer but I never ever road a bus only a school bus. I just thought it would be dangerous with getting on a bus on the days you worked at that age with creepy guys and dangerous people in general. You made it out safe and apparently didn't run into any issues. 😎
  3. Trust me, I've been there too. It's like living in hell. Honestly, medications helped me with that. I still get depressed but I have no suicidal thoughts anymore. Please don't do anything stupid. I know you're waiting to get approval for funding to get help. Hang on for a little bit. I know it's not easy though.
  4. A 13 year old little girl getting on a bus to go to work by herself doesn't sound dangerous to you!? Kidnap, rape, murder, etc etc etc etc etc....... Etc......
  5. Well aren't you special! I'm kidding but that sounds incredibly dangerous. IMO of course.
  6. I just can't look forward to playing as a rat in a videogame. Or whatever the fuck that thing is. The entire game seems so fucking weird.
  7. Great reviews. I'm excited to play it whenever I'm finished with Valhalla. So probably early next year.
  8. The patch issue is some real bullshit. Hopefully it's fixed for you guys tomorrow.
  9. If I'd have to guess I'm pretty sure we're not the only living beings in the universe. Just a guess, though.
  10. I see. Well hopefully you're ok financially and are enjoying your free time. Watch all the movies you want! I enjoy reading your mini impressions/reviews on the movies you watch.
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