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  1. I just watched a review where they said the framerate isnt even something to worry about. I wonder if I'm dealing with a bunch of PC snobs in this thread...
  2. Nope. Other than a wash cloth up my ass that's all I ever experienced with butt play.
  3. That sounds pretty fun. I may try that when I'm in a gaming drought.
  4. Na. I'm not into online stuff anymore. Plus I need a break from the game anyway. Time for Astral Chain.
  5. Seems as though discussion around here about this game died instantly after release. How are you guys enjoying it?
  6. late into the 30's in missions and they are starting to repeat themselves? @Bloodporne is there an ending for act 2 or am I wasting my time now? Edit: I just read I should be skipping the repeat missions and focusing on side ops. That will open new missions which will allow me to beat the game.
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