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  1. I never got into the series but I never heard anything great about them, either. I guess part 2 must be something pretty great if @SFLUFAN is looking forward to it.
  2. Is this supposed to be good? I haven't seen anything on it at all.
  3. Jesus. Took me 35 hours to beat Orgins story. That's like 100 hours in my tiny lil brain. I will never beat any games if they keep getting longer and longer.
  4. best3444

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    I own Nier but stopped at some point. I have trouble with sticking to games these days. I'm all over the place.
  5. best3444

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    The combat is so dissapointing. You litterally hold in a button and run around aimlessly killing the enemies. There's no strategy at all but more importantly, it's not fun. I'd actually preferred if they went turn based with this game. The world is beautiful and I enjoy the characters. I'm just sad about the combat. I guess I'll take a break from gaming until Spidey starts the rush for the holiday season.
  6. best3444

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    Lol no it wasn't. Anyway, it's awful. The combat is embarrassingly bad. I played for 2 hours. Final Fantasy is dead fo sho.
  7. best3444

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    I appreciate your contributions to this thread!
  8. best3444

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    I loved FFX, XI, XIII, and XIV. So yea, lol.
  9. best3444

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    Thanks guys. I may snag it for $20 at bestbuy today.
  10. best3444

    General Gaming BEST OPEN WORLD DEV

    I think rdr2 will be the best open world game ever made. I'll go with Rockstar.
  11. I'm interested in what you guys think of this game. I read some reviews and minus inconsistent pacing the game seems like a winner. However, I recall reading that the game sucks. Any of you guys play it or more importantly, beat it?