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  1. I'm about to start playing on my xbox one x. Hopefully performance isn't a huge issue.
  2. Fantastic. I'll get it when I get home today. Thanks for the responses.
  3. I don't remember seeing any impressions on this game on here. It kinda flew under the radar imo. Anyone here play and beat it? Worth playing? I just finished TLOU2 and then followed that up with God's of War. My expectations are high, lol. I just want a quality game to get me to Ghost next Friday.
  4. He's a lying POS. Stop trying to justify it or say it was wrong in what Andrea did. He deserved it all from her because he treated her like utter shit.
  5. Just beat TLOU2. Now I'm replaying God of War. I played through it once at launch and was too hyped. I'm enjoying it a lot more this go around.
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