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  1. @stepee you were correct, at around 6 hours it's been taking off. I couldn't put the controller down today. Almost played 4 hours lol.
  2. That could be it but the forced leveling to progress was really frustrating too. Its been a while so I don't remember a ton.
  3. Yea, I remember you said around 6 hours or so it takes off. That's why I'm being patient. I'm also just focusing on the main quest and won't touch side quests. This game is too big from what I read.
  4. 5 hours in and still on my way to the Forbidden West. The character models and animation are incredible.
  5. Boy, the visuals are impressive for the PS4 Pro. I'm enjoying it but it's not keeping my attention to the fullest. It's still early so we will see.
  6. Played 3 hours today. I went into the sound settings and turned audio to "tv" even though I wear headsets. For some reason that setting improved the sound but it's still not perfect. The visuals are pretty damn good and probably the best the PS4 can produce. Combat is a bit loose and sloppy but still decently fun. I'm so fuckin early on but I see myself beating this.
  7. Last winter I kept my heat off as much as possible. One morning I woke up and my thermostat read 54 degrees
  8. Glad you're enjoying it. Valhalla is a phenomenal game imo and might actually be my favorite of them all. But, yes, the enemy AI in combat or stealth is lacking significantly. The AI for your allies is brain dead, too. Still great game lol
  9. I'm being serious here. Its a perfect temperature. For real.
  10. I keep my apartment at 65 degrees all year round.
  11. Shit. I loved the first two seasons so I should finish it up. I keep hearing how awful the ending was.
  12. Is this something you guys think I'd like? I'm OFFICIALLY starting up gaming tomorrow with Horizon Forbidden West. I plan to beat that then maybe squeeze a game in before I attempt to finish Elden Ring. I have so much to play including Psychonauts 2 which I delayed forever!
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