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  1. I just got done eating our holiday meal at work. I'm full AND relaxed. You hungry yet?
  2. You're just sick in the head. I just explained myself. Not sure how that makes it "easy". You're fucking childish.
  3. I don't give a fuck if you believe me or not. It was summer of last year. I know my life. Sorry you're wrong. Her name was Amanda. Now go do a search on her and try to put the puzzle together you sick fuck. Also, why would I lie about this? I literally never lie about anything like this. You've got issues. I brought up Stephen because I was talking about going to this cave site for a date.
  4. I went on dates with them. You think you know everything jesus. In fact, I dated the one for a month. Stephen maybe remembers.
  5. Match.com worked for me. I met two women that way.
  6. When I played the demo of Superman 64 at funcoland and confirmed in my head it was worthy of buying. That's a plot twist in my gaming life I'll never forget.
  7. I need to sit down and really focus on this game. Been under the influence playing this game so far.
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