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  1. You're a terrific guy and very generous. Good family man with a good paying job. I respect you a lot and your posts are always insightful.
  2. I just woke up when I posted that You got me. I'm an idiot.
  3. You're not "3". It was no order specifically. I really enjoy your posts because they are either funny or educational. You're a very bright dude and seem really cool.
  4. Don't feel like watching anymore videos of this. I'll wait for reviews and user impressions. I really hope this turns out good. Has a lot of potential.
  5. Jesus. I forgot about this game. I plan on playing this, Psychonauts 2, Metroid Dread, and I want to replay TLOU2. I'm currently playing FC6 which I anticipate will last me another 20 hours.
  6. I can't pick one. In no specific order: 1) stepee 2) Biggie 3) Keyser_Soze 4) Rachel (A great friend) 5) Bryan Honorable mention: Vic (Nicest and most knowledgeable guy on here imo) Wade Leon Fizzzle Skillzdadirecta In all seriousness, I love everyone on here. Fantastic group of people!
  7. I'll buy it when it's possible to walk in a store and get it. Just like I'm waiting on the ps5 and xsx. It will be 2 years at least.
  8. So I'm on a remote island right now for camping and the environment really reminds me of FC6. It makes me want to play right now I can't wait to continue playing this Monday when I'm home. I took off Monday to recover from the trip.
  9. That design looks more advanced and user friendly. I won't touch this but at least the design of these VR sets are improving.
  10. I really rely on their reviews and this game seems pretty badass. 9.5 is an incredible score. Minus a few issues this game will be a ton of fun to play. Thanks for linking this review!
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