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  1. It’s a me Mario! So far Super Mario in one form or another doesn’t have issues getting a new release. I also hear Madden’s next slogan is going to be where else are you going to play an NFL game?
  2. I saw this thread and it reminded me to check back on the closed beta. I missed it yesterday . I wonder what it was.
  3. I hope my levels I made and all ther other levels people created get carried over like how Little Big Planet did.
  4. Isn't this game already out in Japan? September seems like a good time perhaps since this spring is crowded.
  5. It is funny how when the game was frist talked about its first 3 years or so it was all about destrucable enviroments and the power of the cloud. The version we got has none of that.
  6. Rodimus

    General Gaming Negan & Julia Trailer - Tekken 7

    Seems like they couldn't get Norman Readus. I haven't played a Tekken in at least the last few.
  7. I liked the the first Lego Movie and the lefo natman movie. I missed out on Lego Ninjago but I'm ok with that. I will catch Lego Movie 2 someday. Alita Battle Angel looks good. I might go see that in the next week of so. I never say any how to train your dragon movies. I'm opposed to these Disney "live action" remakes. It seems they are just not animated on computer this time around. I'm all in for Captian Marvel. Perhpas that is why I haven't gone to see much. Once I se Captian Marvel it wil be the continued waiting game for Avengers End Game. I really hope Captian Marvel is great. I know it is Marvels first female lead super hereo movie. If it flops they will blame it on acount of the lead being female. I know that is not fair but it is what will happen. I know they want it to be the female Black Panther.
  8. Rodimus

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    In that case are you playing that fan HD texture pack version?
  9. Rodimus

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    What are you playing it on for your third playthough?
  10. I think some of you pre-ordered this one. I was excited for it. Here is a two part video on the development. Part 2 dropped a couple of hours ago. going to watch soon. Edit: This is turning out to be an interesting story as it unfolds, Now waiting for part 3.
  11. Rodimus

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    That describes how I play. I don't always play a game till I beat it. I float around a lot. I have been playing RE2 remake and I plan to beat it.
  12. Rodimus

    New Open Source FPGA based Multicosole MiSTer

    This continues to explode in progress and other arcade boards and console support. Yeah the SuperNT looks very nice. and the MegaMD looks cool. https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki
  13. Rodimus

    biggest gaming collection

    He has some crazy stuf like the first famicom with prototype controllers. A one in three copies of Tetris on Mega Drive. That is a big house with so many rooms for gaming. The arcade was very nice. I thought it was funny how the guy was excited to see the new PS4 translucent version. There was that at my local Frys Electronics for over a month before it sold. The guy pretty much says he put all his money into games. Even over food at times. I think he was more honest in how he got the collection rather than another guy on Youtube that has a massive collection that says he didn't spend a dime on his. By that statement he qualifies it with he buys games to sell to buy other games. Edit: that didn't take long to find. Here is the one I was talking about.
  14. Wow Biggie your not a fan of Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Maker was great. I'm glad they are making another on the Switch. Just a few more games to get released on the Switch from the Wii U like the Zelda games and now we are talking. Also Pikman 3