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  1. Some good games are timeless to me. Also I enjoy finding games I missed. Also nostalgia fits in there. I see old games can be like old movies. They are a product of their time and some can still be fun today as they where when they came out.
  2. I got excited then I looked at their listings and was like ouch that is really expensive. I'm glad I picked up what I have already.
  3. I'm sure this is hot garbage like the N64 Castlevania's but I want to play it. I might have to burn a disc.
  4. I need to make a list of game I still want to buy pff the PS3 store before they close.
  5. @Littleronin That ia a big box for a Saturn game what is in the Box? Also not familiar with the game. What is it like. It does look cool.
  6. I have a 750gb had in my ps3 from 2012. Still been full. I need a bigger drive.
  7. LOL Nintendo is the biggest troll to its fans.
  8. I saw Batman vs Superman in the theater and it was bad then and even with rifftrax it is still bad. I have real low expectations for This edit of Justice League I thought the theatrical version was ok but felt like someone trying to fix an of the rails movie.
  9. @CastlevaniaNut18 Great setup and collection. I love seeing the changes over the years. I will post my setup with new photos alter. Seeing those has me wanting to share new photos. Also I'm so glad I avoided getting into amigos those things can take up a ton of space. I have a select few so far and sadly lost my first when I moved a few years back. I hope to end up with a an arcade machine like an astro cab. If I had one I would throw in a Mister inside and pickup a few boards. Also I'm still trying to get a PS5 and for those lucky to have one i
  10. I was disappointed with the arcade1up's Tempest spinner in while it was a dial it clicked not spun.
  11. I would want temptest if the controller is a wheel.
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