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  1. Wait what is that you have? A developer kit?
  2. I remember the ATV off road fury Blazin' Trails game to be fun on PSP.
  3. I checked my PSP the battery is fine. Although not the original battery i replaced it a few years ago.
  4. So watching that video All I wanted to know and confirmed no back buttons. I got a pro year after it was out and It seems I got a launch Pro Model so I imagine the fans will kick on. I know it can have frustrating HDCP handshaking issues at times like waking form Sleep. I like the box design the black and white will be clear on my shelf to them them apart
  5. wait these are games you are selling? I thought it was a strange wish list. Also I thought it was prices from price charting not for sale. Those Genesis Game prices seem off but it has been a while still seems off.
  6. OK, So Microsoft is only removing their top end One and keeping their cheap one. That is better than dropping the whole line.
  7. Thanks,, Also it is bullshit like this Microsoft does that pisses me off. MS so quick to discontinue a console. It now seems like all the 360 support after the One was a one off not the new norm. I get wanting to move to the next but it really feels like they are killing the One too soon. They should sell it for a year after the next gen launches as you know they will support games for the One for the next year or so.
  8. I hate these mega threads that are ever changing. Like where is the article talking about discounting Xbox One.
  9. That box is cool. My friend has the Advantage I had the Max.
  10. Wait so the stats we have the the Xbox Series X is the high end? Then there is a lower end model that is the Xbox Series S? People are thinking that they will be $400 and $200? well that is totally confusing. does the S stand for shittier version? $200 are they just repackaging the One X? Is there an even higher end model than the Series X? I think it is a bad idea to realease a next gen console that is greatly underpowered alongside a more powerful xbox. Developers will target the low-end and scale up.
  11. I grew up with a max. I still have it. I got used to the dpad and I enjoyed the turbo buttons.
  12. At this point Trump will invite anyones help to get reelected.
  13. Digital purchases? I think you did pretty well. Some good deals. I need to play the Yakuza games
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