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  1. This packaging doesn't mention episodic. How many episodes is this being broken down for? Also charging us $50 each episode.
  2. I'm still upset over the horror stories on how they treat vintage games. Dam Think Geek going out of Business. What does that mean to the think geek in the GameStops? Are they going back to all games? Edit: I read their site. They are keeping the stuff at GameStop. I guess they are losing their online store? I don't see why not keep it online but they must be failing badly.
  3. I need a mouse as well. I was looking at the naga but I found out I was looking at the refurbished model for like $49. Then the reviews where horrible recommended to buy it new. I didn't want to buy Logitech because I replacing two logitech mice that failed on me.
  4. It really did that is when I saw the intro and saw it was over an hour. Did the interviewer realize he was asking her a question he knew she couldn't answer and then purposely talked over her? It sure seemed that way. And here I thought you where being cute with the Fffff.
  5. I clicked on it earlier and it started in the beginning. This guy walked over her answering the question. So she didn't spill the release date.
  6. That is very sad. He looks like a perfect example of physical health. Also not a grey hair in the beard and a thick full head of hair. Seems like a dream job as well. He seems fairly young. This is very sad.
  7. Well there you go. A physical release via limited run will have me pick this up sooner than later. Well it looks like you can pre-order it anywhere.
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