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  1. Whether they announce at e3 or not I think they are making one.
  2. That would be a reason to double dip. Especially if you could play 3DS games on the TV.
  3. How stripped down is the Switch version over say the PS4 and PC version?
  4. All I meant was you like Forza that is obvious and my take away with your original statement. By locked in I meant that you seem to be the person that would buy a box because it plays Forza. So if you had to chose between two boxes one that plays forza and one that doesn't your choice is made. Also I don't think there are any other 1st party sports games out there besides The Show. If I'm wrong then I can say that statement I made earlier about the Show was based on that thinking that it is the best simply because there are no other 1st party console exclusive sports games. I agree I wish MS had more exclusives.
  5. I got this cheap to play in VR. Although its install footprint is big.
  6. That is a pretty funny statement. Sure it is fair to say they make good car games but a blanket statement like that covering all genres is so far from reality. That is about a true a statement as saying the Show is the best first party games from any console manufactures. That is not true but if I said best first party sports game then sure. Either way my take away is you really like Forza and you are locked in because of it.
  7. @GameDadGrant That sound about right. I'm guessing it dropped in my area after my birthday.
  8. Ethics are no longer a thing. Also Trump seems like he would have to walk into Congress with blood all over his hands for them to impeach him since the Senate will not budge.
  9. Nice pickups @Littleronin That is a nice version of Mickey Mania with the CD audio Soundtrack. What is that Disc Below it. I have been tempted to import the PlayStation version of Micky Mania
  10. I didn't remember the Gameboy coming out this early in the year. I thought I would have remembered asking for it for my Birthday in July that year. I defiantly remember asking for it for Xmas. I was walking around the house with a actual size photocopy of one. I never got one. I got an Atari Lynx a year later.
  11. Getting my ass handed to me with Cuphead but having a good time.
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