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  1. I'm going to only touch Koreans and Japanese for the time being.
  2. I grew up with the space shuttle. I can't wait for the US to not have to rely on Russia for flights to space. Space X has been very ambitious but also focused on reusable rockets and lowering the cost of going to space.
  3. Limited Run Games is a reason I buy PS4 games. I think it is easy to say I own more games published by Limited Run Games that any other publisher.
  4. This up or down just makes me not want to be on the downside of things but only play on the upside.
  5. This game can be cool and big like minecraft or not. I think it will be fun to have to play others creations. I'm not sure I want to spend the time creating.
  6. I can play wow classic on my mac not much gaming outside of that. So I will continue to play on consoles. Maybe one day I will build a gaming PC.
  7. 1 Switch I bought at launch 2 PS4s my Launch PS4 and my PS4 Pro 0 Xbox Ones many previous generation consoles. If anyone interested I will add them.
  8. E3 is going through an identity crisis. The trade show it is not as companies are now making their orders earlier in the year and June is too late for them. The Big three are also going direct to the fans online. The public aspect is a mess. It seems like a bad idea for a PAX like event since it is not setup as such. If they move it earlier will Developers have enough to show earlier in the year? Sony not going this year is the big deal that E3 has to change or die. Either go all in for fans and change the event to really cater to that crowd or move it up and make it a trade show like it was setup as.
  9. I already need to plan a Japan trip.
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Wade. I hope is was enjoyable.
  11. I thought Amy Hennig was the creative storyteller behind the series.
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