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  1. I think it is a very bad idea if either Sony or Microsoft launches with more than one box. Also I wouldn't pay a little less for less features.
  2. The Amico is going to be a huge failure. I don't recommend pre-ordering it at all. I'm sorry but that IP is so old people in their mid 40s and 50s would have any nostalgia. Also they are selling this as a family gaming but those parents will have older kids in their 20s and such.
  3. The first Console War followed by the video game market crash.
  4. I imported RECV/RE4 combo on PS3. I really wish RECV got a better treatment on PS4 that PS2 digital download.
  5. I'm thankful we still have threads like this that I missed out on but still happy to see others giving by others I mean Wade.
  6. I'm trying to find the better possible DS5 controllers that is out there. Here is what I found. I have seen this passed around.
  7. Dev Kits rarely look like the design used for the retail console.
  8. That is nice a box Power Pad and all. I have my pack in game but I haven't tried any other games for the pad.
  9. You left Waffles in Canada.
  10. So I figured why not have a topic to cover books on gaming and retro games. I have the NES Guide Book from Pat Contri and I plan to get the SNES book. I have a small print run of a Turbo Graphics book I bought years ago.. I would like a nice Genesis one. Also a cool Arcade book would be cool. Any recommendations. I came across this popup Sega Arcade book. https://readonlymemory.vg/shop/book/sega-arcade-pop-up-history/
  11. Rodimus

    Office gifting

    My company doesn't acknowledge birthdays in the office. Also previous ones You might get a cake but no gift. One company gave you the day off on your birthday.
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