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  1. I haven’t installed an sd card in my switch in a small attempt to not buy everything. I just end up buying few games on it. I need a sd card as well. Hell I got an sd card the same time I got my 3DS 64 GB and barely bought anything for it.
  2. I love all those gameboy killers and DS/3DS killers.
  3. The fact the resolution is so high that the pixels emulate subpizels is so cool.
  4. That screen is what really has me interested. I'm real tempted in picking one up.
  5. Sega is releasing a rate mode Astro mini . Sega's Astro City Mini Is Getting A 'TATE' Version Packed With Shmup Goodness WWW.NINTENDOLIFE.COM Batsugun! Battle Bakraid! Armed Police Batrider! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_8InjN5uCs Sega's Astro City Mini is g...
  6. I checked it out on my lunch break. It is a great way to show off the console to non gamers I think. and Gamers it is very impressive.
  7. I'm in the middle of the live action series. I a big fan of the original. I am so far really missing Ed. I also noticed that live action less than half the number of episodes as the anime but about twice as long. I'm curious if this is going to be dragged out into a 2nd season.
  8. Easy choice for Sony. That studio has been solid. Now have them remake Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill.
  9. Nintendo is a small Japanese company that has focused on making money. They play somethings safe and also roll the dice. They have real high highs and some very real lows and either one success (ex gameboy, Wii) covered them on loses (virtual boy, WiiU) at the time. Also they mostly make good games and they have name recognition. They make Mario Games and some others.
  10. Read a guide watch a walk through until you find where you are. The spinning jumping technique to climb really high I suck at and that is my biggest complaint to a near perfect game. No shame in looking up this old stuff since when it was released there was such help in Nintendo Power and guides and friends at school. This is what I mean I hate.
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