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  1. first one was OK. it just got super repetitive and so many loading screens though
  2. As soon as I saw the open credits my nostalgia kicked in hard. The chair race and the drop doctor lol
  3. there are so many reasons these days as to why im a pedophile according to these psychos that i cant keep up
  4. just back the fuck out and get it over with. 1b is nothing to him and hell make it back in an instant. just fuck off already
  5. He says as he and his homies are on record voting against every bill aimed to do that
  6. no because he will still continue to be totally useless
  7. it doesnt matter that they will starve to death as long as they are born
  8. Elites protecting Elites no matter what...fucking shocking
  9. this just re-enforced me not wanting them in general even more
  10. It's almost like they know this not what the people want
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