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Client #3 filing for divorce.

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Hannity is such a fucking disgrace to the human race.


Fuck this man and everyone who takes his bullshit seriously. He's an opportunistic piece of shit who believes in nothing but enriching himself.


He believes in NOTHING.

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Seriously, his show is supposed to be an opinion show. He has no opinions. All he does is twist whatever is happening into whatever narrative will help keep the Republican Party in power.


That is all he believes in. His only opinion is that he'll do whatever is asked of him to keep his masters happy. He's the mouth of Sauron.

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1 hour ago, silentbob said:

So if Trump loses this year. Is he the presumptive next Republican leader for the next election cycle

If he loses and he attempts to stay in the spot light hes gonna splinter the party. I imagine that once he loses a good amount of the party will magically find a spine .

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