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  1. At least they're being consistent. I blame Antifa for the wildfires as much as I blame them for violent protests
  2. I want at least $1 million when I retire and that's assuming I'm not married
  3. Don't feel too bad. All these bad things will go away when GEOTUS wins and his detractors are sent to the reeducation camps
  4. It most likely gets sorted improperly before going wherever your garbage goes. But you feel better about it afterwards because you tried
  5. It might be true for American liberals too. There just aren't any in power
  6. Freeland MI is around where I saw the "Believe In God / Buy More Guns / Vote For Trump" billboard
  7. As a Lions fan I have resigned to hoping only for the NFL to cease being an entity. I know that will happen before the Lions ever win a Super Bowl and I am okay with that fact I kind of agree. I wouldn't mind seeing the Lions relocate so I can follow the next closest team: The Cleveland Browns
  8. It's just confirming things we already knew and other people have decided to be apathetic towards. Maybe if Woodward had come forward earlier more people would have been concerned earlier but without a strong central message it's just more noise
  9. All my Trump Bucks are going towards a sweet gaming rig then I'll vote for Trump so he cancels the back payments I owe. He'd never eat my face
  10. That's essentially what I had to live with from mid-June to mid-August. Bring back winter I want it to hurt when I breathe again
  11. I think if Trump's allowed to fuck with the electoral process to the degree that my vote doesn't count then it's not worth going to polling station and showing up to work 15 minutes later than I would have otherwise
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