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  1. Michigan's governor Whitmer signs executive order to fine residents who aren't wearing masks $500 Probably a couple weeks too late but still nice to see
  2. It's only a contradiction if Trump actually did something wrong. Since he's obviously innocent and Obama's obviously guilty I can see his point. ...typing that hurts my brain
  3. Trump was right. UV lights everywhere to kill the virus is probably cheaper than reworking air handling systems. Just wear sunscreen and you'll be fine.
  4. While you're probably right, if it stays airborne for a significant period of time the imposed restrictions are probably inadequate
  5. He only knows how to double down, it doesn't matter if he's holding two twos or two kings
  6. He probably meant to say "Halve A number of illegal immigrants"
  7. Ugh. If they can pull off Usman v Masvidal for UFC 251 I might have to buy it
  8. https://www.theoaklandpress.com/news/copscourts/couple-charged-in-gun-incident-with-racial-overtones/article_9c7ff9ee-bc84-11ea-a8a3-8b4fbc897f5c.html They've charged the woman and husband who pulled their guns on the black family and confiscated their guns
  9. Michigan closed down bars again yesterday. It needed to happen. I tried to stop by my regular spot Saturday but Grandpa Simpson'd my way out of it because there were more people there than I've ever seen before. From what I understand that was pretty common at least in the Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids areas.
  10. The thread has only been off the rails for about thirty hours. I'm sure we'll have some fresh atrocity to talk about soon
  11. I always thought black bears were more aggressive, but some quick research says grizzly and polar bears are more aggressive. There might be a lesson here
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