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  1. https://www.wzzm13.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/health-department-can-now-fine-1000-for/69-9f671916-25ed-4ecb-9a6a-17063dc73d9b Michigan to start fining people who violate the lockdown
  2. I got my official papers today. I can work, including off hours, weekends, and holidays
  3. Damn kids and their music... Michigan's governor was 'disturbed' by pictures of packed bars in East Lansing a couple days before she ordered all the restaurants and bars closed
  4. Michigan is closing casinos. Nothing on bars and restaurants yet
  5. A bunch of jackasses stand in different corners of rooms instead of voting. If your candidate doesn't have enough support you can stand in a different corner or go home. It's like ranked choice voting but everyone knows who you voted for
  6. If Sanders and Abrams are both impeached and removed, would the presidency go to Speaker Jim Jordan?
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