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  1. Michigan's board of canvassers is holding a public meeting that started an hour and a half ago. 800 people or so signed up to speak. The Republican who said he wanted to delay the certification wants to let them speak
  2. The good news is Republicans may have learned that they should tone down their rhetoric a little bit Dr. Scott Atlas under fire for telling Michigan to 'rise up' against COVID-19 restrictions - ABC News ABCNEWS.GO.COM Dr. Scott Atlas is facing backlash after telling Michiganders to "rise up" against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's new COVID-19 restrictions. http://www.wxyz.com//favicon-16x16.png Republican state lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Gov. Whitmer WWW.WXYZ.COM Three Republica
  3. Doesn't seem like he was a responsible gun owner
  4. I found an urgent care that does drive up testing. I just pull up, fill out a couple forms and they swab me. The urgent care isn't in my network but my insurance still covers 100% of the costs
  5. I blame myself really. I need to stop predicting the most chaotic outcome all the time
  6. At least for Michigan it's alot easier to get an absentee ballot now and they weren't allowed to be counted early. I think Pennsylvania is in the same boat
  7. So this is kind of where we're at now, right? http://www.270towin.com//images/brand/270ToWinLogo-iOS.jpg 2020 Presidential Election Interactive Map WWW.270TOWIN.COM Create your own forecast for the 2020 presidential election
  8. I'm a fan of ativan. It gets out of your system in five hours. It really helps when it's 3 am and I need some sleep but I don't want to show up to work at noon
  9. Yeah. They're talking about Gray Wolves though so it might be patreon only
  10. I'm just going to chill at work for as long as I can. This is the safest place I can be without having to drive four hours to the middle of no where
  11. @Commissar SFLUFANWe need an executive decision here. I don't think I can keep up with both this thread and the election day thread. Where do we go?
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