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President-Elect Sleepy Joe Biden wants to "overheat" the US economy

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President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday unveiled his stimulus plan to support households and businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic.


I hope Larry Summers keels over and dies when he hears about this.

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to President-Elect Sleepy Joe Biden wants to "overheat" the US economy
16 minutes ago, Chris- said:

This is why the left fucking sucks; too busy arguing about what constitutes $2,000 to take a W that will truly, meaningfully help people. 

Dems should do the $1400 and another $2000, you know just in case Republicans attack dems for being lieing liars


Just looking out for our moderate incumbents

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4 hours ago, Fizzzzle said:

What in Swedish Ikea commie fuckin bullshit is this


ain't these turds heard of bootstraps


Actual takes:


"These people need to start out small and work their way up like I did!"


"Say goodbye to small businesses"


"Happy meals gonna cost $15"


"OMG think of the gas prices going up!"


"The cost of everything is going to go up!"


"I've been saying it for the last 40 years: Here comes communism!"


59 minutes ago, Uaarkson said:

How are small business owners supposed to exploit labor at $15/hr!?


According to the math some people use, twice the increase in wages means products these companies sell have to cost 3+ times more than they do now.  Ya know, to offset those labor costs. And assume the higher wages means people won't spend more!

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9 hours ago, Joe said:

Found out he wants to increase the extra ui benefit to $400, which is super nice.


UI benefits? Is this for people that use Windows 3.0 and higher?


Or does it also apply to Macintosh Classic users?


Would be crazy if Xerox Alto users were included.

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