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  1. Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. 1DRV.MS JPG Image
  2. I like how people defend the NYT by saying shit like how important their climate coverage has been. Fat lot of good it's done.
  3. Attacking Biden's strengths and attempting to portray them as a weakness using his outspoken political opponents as props (I believe one of them thinks trump won the election), especially while obscuring that fact, is definitionally a right-wing hatchet job. A political piece masquerading as news. The only difference is that this on is A1 on the NYT, one of their five most important stories of the day.
  4. If city counsels could be trusted to enact zoning that best benefits all their current and potential constituents then the regulation would probably be fine. But by and large they've proven that forcing their hand is necessary.
  5. She's as much a reflection of her majority as a leader of them. Most of the problems she displays are a result of speaking on behalf of/for the benefit of squishy dems.
  6. Oh wow she was forced to amend non-binding language about the start of the process to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill to make it a specific date instead? She really got owned there.
  7. Lawns are a joke I saw some old dude mowing his lawn and thanked God I wouldn't be him in 25 years
  8. Oh hey two fellow deuteranopians and honestly not surprised at the company.
  9. I guess all we really needed to do was get McConnell in a room and say "cmon man" after all.
  10. It's not even a country, christ so many of our issues there stem from trying to pretend otherwise. And we're still doing it.
  11. It's deeply shameful it had to come to this but I can say at least the government seems to have been shocked into action after this. They are definitely moving mountains to get interpreters into the country now.
  12. Oh hey the public has an interest in preventing anonymous funds transfers? Who could have seen that coming?
  13. Ugh gonna have to figure out if I can swing that. Maybe limp along until December and get a good discount.
  14. I've had to start masking up at work again so I've brought it out everywhere basically. But I still go out to eat sometimes.
  15. I need to upgrade, how much is you guys' monthly payment?
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