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  1. It's always, "hey guys remember that thing we hate? Ha ha ha."
  2. It's actually... <spins the wheel> Incredibly gross and offensive!
  3. The senate is absurdly behind on nominations. Because there was no transition period.
  4. In my case my home has gone up much more than the average. Almost double. I'm looking at a place that hasn't gone up as much and now I can afford a real down payment.
  5. Reporter: Bernie: What I'm asking is do you want to blaze up?
  6. I don't even understand the complaint. Comparing the available wealth and tax obligation of two different people is fair. It's not apples to oranges in any prohibitive way.
  7. I originally said rural, which does include the honkies with badges but not exclusively. If it's gone to shit it's about more than mass shootings.
  8. My agency sends phishing tests out to our users and even though it's just a test the security operations center makes them get their computer wiped.
  9. I'll even come down from 50k to 35k which is just a fraction of what it will cost to fix that. All I want is a house why do they have to cost so much
  10. Clinton DID destroy trump, three times. It was a truly masterful display.
  11. Your argument is that she's circumspect about being seen in public so she parks her Tesla illegally on the curb.
  12. This might be the one time where it's so dumb it's actually more stupid than offensive. You can't pay to voluntarily brand yourself that's not how it works!
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