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  1. I think we all just assumed milk comes from your mom and felt no need to mention it
  2. I eat so much goddamn cereal. I go through a gallon of D milk in about a day and a half
  3. So this shit is going to wind up being available mostly to just the rich, right? I would love to be proven wrong on that one.
  4. Nope fuck that. This is exactly what people mean when they say the GOP controls the narrative. Democrats need to energize their base with a radical candidate because Trump is a radical candidate, and FUCK the conservative pundits.
  5. Yes, and that’s precisely the difference between our two countries. You’re the same as us, minus 90% of the batshit insanity.
  6. She’s killing it. This is exactly what candidates need to bring to the general election.
  7. What makes Bernie a ‘terrible’ candidate? He’s not the best but how on earth could someone think he’s terrible?
  8. Does that rover in the background say moon police? LMAO
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