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  1. There are vast swaths of the outer boroughs of NYC where it is practically impossible to build new housing. Turns out SFH zoning sucks ass no matter how tightly packed the homes are. The outer portions of San Francisco are even worse.
  2. In Michigan, we tore up our cities with trench freeways so we already have a world-class drainage system. Floods close portions of I-94, I-96 and I-75 in Southeast Michigan WWW.MLIVE.COM Southeast Michigan is experiencing heavy rainstorms.
  3. My boss is in Arizona right now, somewhere near Flagstaff. It would totally suck for my bottom line if he got landslided to death
  4. The 2021 Sienna is like having your own Millenium Falcon.
  5. Yeah and they’re all expensive as fuck.
  6. There are some pretty jizzworthy Japanese minivans out there these days.
  7. I bought an SUV because Michigan’s roads are about as smooth as the surface of an asteroid. Fuck it. This whole state is an affront to god and nature anyway. The only city you can live a halfway responsible lifestyle in is Ann Arbor, which has higher rents than most major coastal cities. And I’m from Flint, which is about as car-centric of a place as you’ll find anywhere in the world.
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