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  1. I don't see any indication that this was a nuclear explosion. Most likely a conventional chemical explosion that spread radioactive contaminants around the area, which is still pretty shitty. If an actual airburst had occurred, even a tiny one, satellites around the world would have seen the double-flash and x-ray/gamma rays.
  2. Nope, it's one of those retarded sub-sub-sub genres of metal.
  3. The entire conservative approach to mass shootings seems to be pretty well scripted at this point: thoughts and prayers -> video games did it -> change focus to left-wing "extremists"
  4. Lol. I've been lurking here since the IGN days. Fuck this loser.
  5. Cities need to address their existing transit networks and make incremental improvements until the ridership to support rail is there. Detroit is an excellent example of a city that has made these types of changes, and they're one of the few cities whose transit ridership is currently increasing.
  6. The United States needs to liberalize zoning at the federal level, eliminate subsidies for automobiles, restructure our mortgaging process, strengthen the power of local governments and regulate infrastructure funding. Suburban tract housing in its current form should be outlawed. Do these things and most of America's problems will slowly fade away.
  7. Good. Let Detroit get all the hipsters and gentrification, lord knows they need it more than Minneapolis.
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