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  1. The obsession with AVs is going to completely wreck all of the progress we’ve made in unfucking our cities.
  2. This kind of shit is only going to get worse as the human population explodes.
  3. I don’t see a civil war happening in the modern United States. But we may need to prepare ourselves for increasing domestic terrorism.
  4. Yeah every time I think I wanna vote for Warren I remember that catastrophe of foresight
  5. It has been interesting to see British media’s meteoric downfall so closely in parallel with our own. What other developed nations have news like this?
  6. Wait who the fuck cares what Judge Judy has to say?
  7. What is happening to the world. It’s just like an endless, shitty spiral into darkness. This must have been what it felt like to the educated classes of Europe in 1938.
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