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  1. Yeah I’m getting that shit ASAP I don’t give a fuck if it’s overkill or not
  2. Yep, and all it took for the elites to lose control of the populace was the internet
  3. This disease can’t possibly kill enough of these fucks and I’m 100% serious
  4. Time for some more of that good, good Adam Something
  5. Americans needed a period like this to toughen the fuck up and actually make changes in their lives.
  6. Huh maybe if the city had spent all that 9/11 aid money on improving infrastructure and making the city a better place to live instead of militarizing the police they wouldn’t be having these problems
  7. New Orleans really just never should have existed where it is in the first place
  8. Pretty much. Well, maybe not less regulation, but different regulation
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