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  1. It's offensive to all but yes it's particularly offensive in America where it has a history of contributing to the reinforcement of the racial hierarchy.
  2. Plenty of women hate minorities too. Why wouldn't they be attracted to a superstar of xenophobia? Extreme bigotry is probably the only thing that makes him attractive to anyone.
  3. Harris was my early favorite but it's all but over for her.
  4. Worse than 'they can do whatever they want'; the sexual assault is part of the process of enforcing the patriarchal society and is seen as a virtue.
  5. Texas isn't a red state as much as it is a low turnout state.
  6. I mean, "you said this would make our lives better and you were wrong" is where every real upheaval starts, isn't it?
  7. They seem like a couple that gives it to each other more than strictly one sided abuse. But probably more her than him.
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