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  1. Mixing lies and truth to create a false impression is... lying.
  2. We're doing remote administration with rdp.
  3. Electric cars will help once we stop burning fossil fuels to make that electricity.
  4. Nothing to do with friends and family. I mean work laptops that have as much security as an off the shelf product.
  5. Lots of corporations provide notebooks with basically no enterprise security or centralized administration on them.
  6. We started the 365 migration a couple months back and I am in LOVE with Teams.
  7. Hey guess what most people don't fill out a fucking web quiz to find the politician they should vote for. Like, you're all supposed to be politically savvy but absolutely refuse to grok that most people don't choose politicians based off checklists? Keep up.
  8. No, I'm the kind of person who isn't going to eat a shit sandwich just because that's all you can make.
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