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  1. why you shouldn't take a counteroffer — Ask a Manager WWW.ASKAMANAGER.ORG For some reason, I've received a bunch of letters lately asking about how to use a job offer from somewhere else as leverage in getting a raise from a
  2. Wow all those prices suck.
  3. Literally the escape button? So like, all of them?
  4. 10k forgiveness and canceling interest sounds great and sounds like it would serve the vast majority. I think the cosplay socialists who leech off Bernie's ass tend to have big student loan amounts and are really the ones agitating for more. Making community College free or nearly free would help a lot more than forgiving an extra 40k off loans on top of forgiving the interest.
  5. If it's a political stunt then it's literally one that the framers expected when they imagined politicians.
  6. If an elected official said to me that their response to a disaster like this is to "think outside the box to survive" and for me to come up with a "game plan" then they need to understand what that means is that I'll just take all your stuff (with violence, as necessary, to protect my family) and then you get to think outside the box. That is my "game plan."
  7. Kind of wild how governor blackface has rode it out and AG blackface is probably going to get term #3.
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