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  1. It would appear she is, in the sense that she's trying to be aggressively non-partisan. She hasn't done anything so far that seems like the obvious wrong call. She has a weak hand and has still changed narratives and won concessions. Be that as it may, the only place that "gee golly that's something I would consider if only the house put it in the articles" gains purchase is in the minds of people who have already acquitted trump. It's bad faith on its face and only gets worse as you unravel the details. Saying that you'll only consider the evidence of an investigation that was materially obstructed by the defendant when you have the power to demand more evidence is nothing more than an excuse, a vain hope in dodging pressure to make a hard choice. She wants us all to pretend the choice to acquit is easy but it's based on nonsense that falls apart in a light breeze.
  2. The articles they passed has enough to legitimize removal. The only thing actually being discussed is how obviously shameless the gop will be.
  3. Except when we try to think of a single situation where complaining about sexism works out, examples are sorely lacking. I mean just look at the reaction here. Assuming Warren released it is assuming too much. Maybe she did, but I can't assume that she would be so totally clueless as to not see that it would backfire.
  4. I think it's naive to assume the Warren campaign is who leaked this.
  5. Benghazi was because the Republicans were desperate to legitimize Romney's political attacks of Obama while the attacks were under way, which was seen as a terrible faux pax.
  6. When a successive series of strained coincidences all line up it's not strange to wonder if they are really coincidences at all. "Coincidences take a lot of planning."
  7. Like I said in the other thread, the shoe's on the other foot now. Now Iran has inadvertently shot down a passenger plane thanks to the fog of war. Their response will be telling.
  8. And like every phrase that white people appropriate from black people they never cared to understand what it really means and are happy to continue using it incorrectly.
  9. It seems like Iran made the closest thing to a good faith mistake you can make in a hot zone. Strange how the tables have turned. The fact that there was a hot zone at all is not something I'd look at Iran to take the blame over, though. It's good that cooler heads seem to ultimately prevailed but there would be no conflict without trump's actions and the conflict that arose from those actions was entirely foreseeable. A smaller scale version of these events is how people get locked up for felony murder.
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