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  1. I wonder what context takes you from defending torture to chiding people for lethal milkshakes
  2. Shamelessly promote things that people will mindlessly buy.
  3. He could have become a conscientious objector but that's not what he chose.
  4. You are dreaming up scenarios where random people you don't know would be upset about something that would hurt them significantly (something that would hurt you, too) and remarking about how you'd enjoy seeing it happen.
  5. Houses have kitchens and bathrooms (i.e. plumbing). The materials for this cabin don't seem like they're worth 20 grand.
  6. The only way to lose the popular vote and win the election is on the back of a white-supremacy-friendly ticket. If the dems ran a candidate like that and lost then you would be the one upset, not me. Good job though, writing a fanfic of an event that will never happen just so you can pretend to taste a sense of unearned gloating over something that makes you a truly wretched human being.
  7. If the house does its job right then it'll make life very difficult for senators who don't convict.
  8. Game of Thrones: you either die a villain or live long enough to see yourself become a hero
  9. She chose the people over her dragons and came to severely regret it after she saw how that made them so much more vulnerable. She showed no mercy to her enemies and came to see the citizens of kings landing as her enemies. Simple.
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