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  1. What I find interesting is waiting to see if the idiotic trump minority movement winds up hoisting themselves on their own petard by doing something moronic like ruling that the state banning something constitutionally protected through onerous regulations is itself constitutional, only to have California turn around and regulate gun shops out of business.
  2. Well, thing is, it will be exactly as easy and as hard as getting a liberal majority on the court. The precise speciousness of the decision isn't all that relevant.
  3. Of all the terrible decisions that scotus has made I'm fine with the one that legalized abortions. If you want truly bad decisions there are plenty of more recent and more indefensible ones to choose from. We don't have to quibble about how technically correct a cabal of dominionists might be in allowing states to ban the procedure; and that's assuming they don't also rule it must be made illegal nationwide.
  4. They tried to blame dems the last few times too and it didn't really work out for them.
  5. Going to start pressuring my congressman to initiate impeachment hearings on Bill Barr.
  6. I wonder where the court "balance" fetishists are on this. Seems like that's never a concern replacing a liberal justice with a fascist one.
  7. Kang is the good stuff. One of my faves. As far as Ant-Man's tone goes, both of his other villains were serious even though the rest of the film is light and jokey. Scott having to deal with his first real Marvel villain sounds awesome.
  8. There is no single emoji to express my reaction here.
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