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  1. I want to pick up hades but I don't have much time on my own pc these days. Might get it on switch but one of my joycons is busted lol
  2. Blessed to live in this region, seems like there's enough personal responsibility, enough good governance, and enough warning time to keep things level and under control. I'd probably be as panicked as everyone else if I lived anywhere else. Stay safe out there.
  3. Also the board's ignore feature works great -- and I don't mean that in a flippant way, I mean the few users who are really truly worth ignoring you'll find get almost no engagement otherwise. They almost completely stop existing. It's great, and totally worth it.
  4. you probably need something to thin it out a little, probably vegetable stock
  5. Feeding the complex is to let their tantrums produce results. That's literally the exact wrong way to deal with them.
  6. Taking down monuments to white supremacy is not shouting "FUCK YOU YOU RACIST CUNT" in someone's face. Stop it.
  7. Seize total control of businesses vital to national security such as all energy, transportation, and communication companies. Use the profits to fund social goods.
  8. Maybe instead of having shitty statues that we have to have smaller statues explaining why they're shitty we could just have nice statues.
  9. What if him being a bad person didn't really have much to do with him being a gun owner?
  10. The only things Republicans would agree to was giving money to themselves and their friends to the tune of billions of dollars and giving the rest of us a single additional $1200 check with donald trump's name on it.
  11. He could have hurt something of value, like the dog.
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