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  1. Anathema-

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    Not just her but Tlaib and Khanna. Trump's gonna have a bad time.
  2. Anathema-

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Cant wait for the next nominee to be subject to a sham investigation so that we just roll with the bullshit rather than call it out.
  3. Anathema-

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    "Oh yeah? Well my average donation is twenty six dollars."
  4. aka what they should have been doing in the first place What they wanted was to be a prestige shop, keep the ball rolling from the Nolan years, but they picked a director for visual style without seriously considering his storytelling voice and it didn't give them the result they really wanted (near-universal acclaim and the dollars that come with it). I don't mean to diminish Snyder's talent for visual storytelling, indeed the best part of the whole damn series is purely visual, but they're just a pretty version of an ugly story and that just didn't jive with me. I think DC is in a good place right now. They're finally achieving the successes they were hunting, even if it's as a result of only begrudgingly hewing closer to the MARVEL formula. For my part I don't care about how they get there, I care about having a good time at the movies and they're finally giving me that. More importantly they're instilling trust in their audience (me) that their next film is maybe a little more worth the chance, rather than a little less than worth it; a key component for making billion dollar films. I also really liked AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN and I want to see more. If they give it to me I'll go see it. AQUAMAN was he first film I saw in the theater in a long time and it was really worth it. Just by being a "pretty good" film it got a lot of points from me. I mean, I said I want to see more, what higher praise could a film like this have?
  5. It is missed-but-significant but my point was this standard alone wouldn't be enough to obligate Goodell under the rule they want him to enforce. Missing a call, even an obvious one, is technically part of the game.
  6. Anathema-

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    Oh word? It's good work.
  7. There's a huge market for racists, why would anyone think being one makes you ruined? Has it literally ever happened?
  8. The problem isn't the law that needs to be overturned (from what I read it's indeed weird and probably unconstitutional), the problem is the court taking another excuse to write law as they did in Heller (another decision that was facially correct, imo, and went WAY too far).
  9. Queue another 10 page argument, this time about LOST.
  10. One of the all time greats. It might be the only serious equivalent of LOST.
  11. Yep. Playing to leave your opponent time to respond is playing to lose. It's the opposite of the reason why first possession wins in NFL OT are such garbage.
  12. Anathema-

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    Jesus Christ she bit his fucking head off. I wasn't sure how to take her at first but she's 100% the example democrats need to follow in responding to disingenuous ignorant right wing bullshit. For now, I think I'm in love.