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  1. Is exciting something it has to be? Can't it maybe just be silly? This is Robert Rodriguez after all.
  2. And yes it's believable that some whacko knows the name of a pill but not who makes it. For one thing, have you seen the zany broadsheets that get passed around? Very easy to just leave pfizer's name off, especially considering the creators would presumably know about the anti-pfizer propaganda. For another thing, conformation bias has magic memory rewriting and selective blindness powers. Also very believable that someone, in this day and age, would learn that pfizer makes the treatment and then promptly forget it.
  3. It's not just the preparedness and infrastructure but the geography. The places where the most wealthy Virginians live is absolutely treacherous with only the most minimal of snow and ice. Then if the bosses call out it all flows downhill from there. Drive down almost literally any Virginia Scenic Byway would make this obvious.
  4. I need some of that, my closet and pantry that share the same outside wall clearly have no real insulation. It's pretty neat having a chill pantry but I know it'll be a different story in the summer.
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