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  1. There's a plausible argument that corn pop is why we have president Biden. It turned the tide for him in SC.
  2. It's actually peasant food for leftovers which is why it's amazing.
  3. Son, behind this curtain is Marty Walsh. Why don't you show him oh no he's coming!
  4. Because it's an actual thing, a piece of history number one. Number two is the skill involved that a picture or copy can't replicate.
  5. The PWC GOP HQ is just up the road, I've been meaning to take a picture for a while but I only ever drive by. "Dump" doesn't even begin to describe it.
  6. From what I read it's even worse, it's basically a vaccine against one type of common cold and not covid at all. Also it will make you sick.
  7. Nominating someone hostile to the agency to run it, only in this case the agency is fascist and should be run by someone opposed.
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