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  1. I'm still edging and will continue even after the report. I didn't need the report to edge.
  2. He's a sack of sacks and each of those sacks has something nasty in it but they're all, like, different stuff.
  3. Someone finds that a dude who claims to be a journalist is working for a political campaign secretly and calls him for comment. The "journalist" immediately deletes 20,000 tweets from his feed and is announced as now (coincidentally) joining the campaign before the piece comes out. Oh yeah and previously when this "journalist" did do some work for a campaign he created a fake website that pretended to be his candidate's opponent where he pretended something said offhand was actually central to their identity (he was immediately fired when it was reported out). Sound familiar? Bernie hired a literal propagandist.
  4. haha bros are mad their boy got caught in some shady shit and hired a couple divisive kool-aid drinkers
  5. I also think that it's right to tax them, like cigarettes and booze.
  6. I'm sure the state doesn't allow every asshole with a snow plow get paid for their infrequent pubic service, I'm sure something could be done when it comes to an instrument of mass murder for those few times they'll serve a public good.
  7. Some kind of weird combo fly/press/raise she’s doing there.
  8. Because gun ownership in America has become a token, a symbol of privilege.
  9. Without an electoral college states don’t speak with one voice. 2 million votes in New York for a republican are still 2 million votes. Without an EC, in fact, people that haven’t been represented start to count instead of being ignored like they are now.
  10. It will just force students onto a more predatory private system.
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