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  1. Really makes you wonder how much of the looting has ever been started by the people it's been blamed on.
  2. It will keep being like this until we get private space colonies. One time on DS9, Julian Bashir asked how things could get so bad and the answer is that the shitbird authoritarians and libertarian paradisers hadn't yet developed the ability to literally fuck off into the sun.
  3. He's basically the republican of democrats, which I guess is fine considering our current options. Sinema is just playing Little Me Too to Manchin and will just vote for whatever he agrees to.
  4. If I set aside any money for pc gaming hardware it'll probably be a stream deck, but I want it now. Chances are I'll just get an oled switch when I can.
  5. I'd be worried that this was nefarious if it didn't reveal such utter, utter incompetence. Who wants to be the Goofus in every network infrastructure and security book from here until the end of time?
  6. Access to the server cages also routed through the Facebook domain stack. L M and I can't stress this enough, F A O
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