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Update: Zuck the Capo attempts to "clarify" his Holocaust denial comments

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The amazing thing about that exchange to me is that it's Zuck that brings up Holocaust denial in the first place. I'd be a stupid answer if Kara was the one coming up with hypotheticals, but he just Zucked himself.


Personally, I don't care if Holocaust deniers are intentionally misleading people or if they actually believe it, literally no good comes from giving them a platform. I imagine that he's worried about a slippery slope argument where now people think you need to ban climate change deniers and Sandy Hook truthers and whatever else. That honesty doesn't sound bad to me, but I understand why Facebook doesn't want to have that discussion. I also don't think it's particularly difficult to carve out some special cases like they did in Myanmar, and I'd be fine putting Holocaust denial in that category.

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I think FB is either a platform or it isn’t. Opposing curation of viewpoints is not invoking slippery slopes, it’s the entire argument. They have to decide what they are.

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1 hour ago, Firewithin said:

Think the zuck saw how musk was fucking up this week and was like hold my beer




1 minute ago, osxmatt said:

Facebook’s problem is they allow all points of view, even ones that are objectively false or hateful. They believe this makes them look tolerant and reasonable, when in fact it does the opposite. 



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6 minutes ago, ort said:

I dunno, I understand what he was trying to say and don't find it offensive enough to care.


He's still a douchebag, but meh.


If he was trying to say he won't limit incorrect hate speech by users on his platform because the user(s) in question are so stupid they genuinely believe their hate speech rather than just peddling it to influence others or spread propoganda is the dumbest way to justify their continued ability to have a platform when they shouldn't have one, arguably.


That's a big deal, because Facebook is a huge platform that reaches many people and Zuck is discussing Facebook policy here. 

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