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  1. The male equivalent wears a Greek fisherman hat, suspenders, and tells everyone he's Irish cause his great-uncle was born there.
  2. There's a whole subset of people who think that the definition of "personality" is "owning lots of colorful hats."
  3. The desert is so beautiful, the cities are strip malls from hell, just covering everything and sucking up the landscape. Think of the Goya painting Saturn Devouring His Son, but instead of Saturn it's an Applebee's.
  4. I'm waiting for the Pitching Ninja overlay gif.
  5. What the fuck is that. It looks like they formed a square to repel Marshal Ney.
  6. Police Say A Lot Of Things | Defector DEFECTOR.COM Let us instead use the construction "police claim." It is a subtle difference but a meaningful one. It implies a measure of doubt, which no one can credibly argue hasn't been earned many times over. This is a really good article. "[Police] lie for the same reason anyone lies: to avoid punishment. They’re not special in that sense. Where they are unique is in the layers upon layers of systems that let them get away with it. Police unions protect their own uncritically. Laws are written to give the
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