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  1. Inslee should be getting more press. He actually has something to say, as opposed to those others.
  2. It's not just Trump, the entire GOP is rotten to the core.
  3. Mariners play in a beautiful stadium. The product on the field is assy, but the stadium is great.
  4. Can anyone even pretend right now that the GOP isn't the party of white supremacy?
  5. Go to Marination Station and get the kalbi sliders!
  6. PNW is the most beautiful place on earth. Go to Deception Pass park if you have a chance.
  7. AOC and the other 3 know what they are doing. The rest of House Dems want to just tweet out a fundraising link that says "This👏is👏not👏who👏we👏are!"
  8. The franchise survived Roger Moore in a clown costume being chased by a southern sheriff...the franchise will be fine.
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