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  1. The Russians know that the fastest way to a Republican's corrupted heart is their guns.
  2. The next evolution in the GOP thought process:Trump colluded but that's a good thing.
  3. Republicans pissed about Obama's "apology tour" sure will hate this!
  4. thewhyteboar

    MLB The Mariners

    They play each other 9 more times. Gonna be a wild second half.
  5. thewhyteboar

    MLB The Mariners

  6. Palin, Arpaio, and Moore. This is like the 1927 Yankees of racism and dumbassery.
  7. Remember when InfoWars represented the fringe of the GOP rather than the mainstream?
  8. He thinks Africa is just one big country right?
  9. Pretty cool. I've been slowly (very very slowly) working my way through Emily Wilson's new translation. It'd been awhile since I'd read The Odyssey.