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  1. I can watch the Seahawks game! It comes on at a much more reasonable time.
  2. Just got my second shot. I got a protractor, compass, and a tape measure. After a few pricks, I have successfully mapped the circumference and displacement of my balls. I shall keep you all abreast of any changes to my sack size.
  3. WFT $500 1. Giants FG 2. 5 3. NYG 4. Stafford 5. San Fran, Buffalo, New Orleans 6. Highest: Tampa, Lowest: Atlanta 7. Under 8. Jonathan Taylor, Metcalf
  4. The takeaway from this is that elections are rigged by the system in favor of Republicans and that EVERY Republican candidate is insane.
  5. Jesus don't make me cry. Seoul drivers are fucking insane and pushing my baby in a stroller can feel like crossing Omaha Beach.
  6. A butterfly flaps his wings and some guy lies to his gal about his giant balls cause he doesn't want to admit to banging his sidechick and catching the clap and now Nicki Minaj will be hosting a debate in the 2024 presidential election. America is a hell of a drug.
  7. KJ Wright is awesome. I wish the Seahawks had re-signed him but I understand why they didn't. He can still ball.
  8. This is the future of American elections: every single Republican will claim that they are the victim of fraud. No Republican will ever concede again.
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