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  1. Yes it is. I feel like I had that same conversation as the article for my entire senior year in high school.
  2. https://www.theonion.com/this-war-will-destabilize-the-entire-mideast-region-and-1819594296
  3. Blue states don't vote 100% for a Democrat, nor do Red states vote 100% for a Republican. All the Electoral College does is disenfranchise millions of southern black voters and millions of rural whites. It's a ridiculous, outdated system that even the some Founders turned on. It immediately led to numerous electoral crises and should have been repealed 200 years ago. There's not a single argument for the Electoral College that holds any water.
  4. Not a bad opening night! Though the Mariners need to lose 100 games this year.
  5. Thinking of them has been quite hard. Now that we've reached the climax I feel rather satiated.
  6. The NRA is evil and actively working to make the world a worse place. Everyone would be better off if they ceased to exist.
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