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  1. @TomStey spend your money on stuff like this you doofus.
  2. When these debates get smaller and the joke candidates disappear, I want to hear the candidates say who they would appoint to cabinet positions. The cabinet is hugely important but during campaigns it is often in the background.
  3. The GOP seemed to think that going into the hearing Sondland would protect the president. But Sondland was out there naming names. It caught Nunes totally flatfooted.
  4. Sondland, the GOP bundler who donated one million to Trump's inauguration slush fund, is a secret never-Trump Clintonista sleeper agent!!
  5. Ravens $2500 1. Ravens TD 2. 8 3. Panthers-Saints 4. Goff 5. Seattle/Buffalo/San Fran 6. Panthers 7. Carson 8. Michael Thomas, McCaffrey
  6. He will be announcing a new conspiracy theory that will have absolutely no relationship to any truth or facts, but MAGA-chuds will slurp up.
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