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  1. Seattle Mariners : Making Playoffs :: Democrats : Winning Elections
  2. It's going to be a stain on our nation for the rest of its history, and half the country is just pretending that it isn't happening.
  3. Glad to see Kobach lost. That white supremacist racist piece of trash can go fuck himself. However, I'm aware that America is incapable of fully flushing turds, so I'm sure he will re-surface somewhere.
  4. Even if the Mariners are the only healthy team, something will still keep them out of the playoffs--plane crash, meteor, a second plague, flooding, civil war, locusts. Something.
  5. Ted Cruz is the softest whiniest bitch that ever lived.
  6. Kobach is such an evil little snake. Only in a failed state like America would a roach like him have a chance at holding such a high office
  7. Well, during this pandemic Korea is definitely doing some things that Americans wouldn't put up with. For example, if you want to go to a bar, gym, or buffet for example you have to download an app that's linked to your national ID, then when you go to a place scan a QR code. That way they have your name, ID number, and contact info so they can trace any outbreak. My wife and I were at a mall food court last week. We watched a group go into a buffet. Must have taken 25 minutes for the group of 10 to get in. Each one had to scan the code, then stand in front of a thermal camera that recorded their temperature. Suckers. That buffet sucks, and the food court doesn't have those restrictions.
  8. Seriously if everyone would all just wear masks, it'd be done with. After the flareup a few months ago, Korea is down to 3 local cases today.
  9. Masks have been mandatory on public transport here for a few months. Though even before it was mandatory probably 99% of people were wearing them anyways.
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