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  1. Harris and Biden in the same debate again. I hope she can
  2. White nationalism was a formal or informal governing doctrine of the United States until 1965, or for most of its existence as a country. Racist demagogues, from Andrew Johnson to Woodrow Wilson, have occupied the White House. Trump has predecessors, such as Calvin Coolidge, who imposed racist immigration restrictions designed to preserve a white demographic majority. Prior presidents, such as Richard Nixon, have exploited racial division for political gain. But we have never seen an American president make a U.S. representative, a refugee, an American citizen, a woman of color, and a religious minority an object of hate for the political masses, in a deliberate attempt to turn the country against his fellow Americans who share any of those traits. Trump is assailing the moral foundations of the multiracial democracy Americans have struggled to bring into existence since 1965, and unless Trumpism is defeated, that fragile project will fail. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/07/send-her-back-battle-will-define-us-forever/594307/ Phenomenal piece. Adam Serwer's always are. More fire: In the face of a corrupt authoritarian president who believes that he and his allies are above the law, the American people are represented by two parties equally incapable of discharging their constitutional responsibilities. The Republican Party is incapable of fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities because it has become a cult of personality whose members cannot deviate from their sycophantic devotion to the president, lest they be ejected from office by Trump’s fanatically loyal base. The Democratic Party cannot fulfill its constitutional responsibilities because its leadership lives in abject terror of being ejected from office by alienating the voters to whom Trump’s nationalism appeals. In effect, the majority of the American electorate, which voted against Trump in 2016 and then gave the Democrats a House majority in 2018, has no representation.
  3. Rand Paul is a gutless worm. The neighbor who beat the shit out of him should be given the Medal of Freedom.
  4. Jesus Christ Superstar is Andrew Lloyd Webber's finest work. The original movie version is perfect as is, but I wouldn't mind a modern remake of that.
  5. He means the GOP'S mission statement since Goldwater: America is for white people, no one else.
  6. If you didn't have a massive smile on your face during the Neverending Story scene, you have a heart of stone.
  7. Fiscal conservatism has always been snake oil. It has as much validity as astrology. Mercury is in the house of Sagittarius! So this tax cut will pay for itself!
  8. Both feelings are apt. And add frustration, because House Dems could do something but they would rather sit on their hands.
  9. Then later he says he's Irish. An Irish Anglo-Saxon?? By the way, how soon until this guy goes with the "blacks didn't have it bad, Irish were slaves too!1!" bullshit.
  10. Always nice to be reminded that America doesn't have a a monopoly on right-wing lunacy.
  11. Inslee should be getting more press. He actually has something to say, as opposed to those others.
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