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  1. Gov. Inslee mandated vaccinations for all government employees awhile back, yet the dumbass WSU football coach still hasn't gotten his. Expect him to get a job at Fox after he is fired.
  2. Eastern Oregon is a place out of nightmares. Athena is my own personal hell.
  3. Darnold's performance is just another example of how Adam Gase was one of the worst coaches in NFL history.
  4. "I bloody wept. I sent you fucks a fucking vaccine, what more do you want from me?"
  5. Cowboys $500 1. Cowboys TD 2. Cowboys 3. Cowboys 4. Montgomery 5. Seattle, Cincinnati, New England 6. 0-3 7. Trevor Lawrence 8. Metcalf, Mixon
  6. I'm beyond frustrated that none of the architects of covid deaths will face any punishment or repercussions. There is blood on the hands of Trump, Abbott, DeSantis, Fucker Carlson, and so many other Republicans. They lie to the gullible, or restrict their citizens from the commonsense methods that we know, we fucking know, work. Yet, nothing will happen to them. They won't be punished, they won't go to jail, they won't lose an election, they won't even get seriously fucking sick (because they are all vaccinated and have top of the line healthcare that their supporters don't have [seriously, almost every single one of those HCA posts say they lack insurance, what a fucked up country]). I don't want regular people to die. No matter how racist, stupid, or gullible they are, they don't deserve death. Even though their actions can hurt the rest of us, they don't deserve to die. Their children don't deserve to grow up without a parent. And yet, the architects of death all deserve to choke on their own blood. I don't believe in an afterlife, nor do I believe that any reckoning is coming in this life, but if there is any justice in this world the Trump/Abbott/DeSantis/Carlson axis of evil bunch will die alone with no one to mourn them.
  7. What about Morgonn? The extra "n" stands for the "n" word.
  8. Every time I see a post saying "where are my prayer warriors? I need prayer warriors." I get so angry. You don't need prayer warriors, you needed someone not to lie to you.
  9. I've looked at a few of those HCA posts, and one common theme is how badly their churches failed them. Not one pastor thought of the parable of the drowning man? They'd rather score political points than save their own flock.
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