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  1. What the fuck is that. It looks like they formed a square to repel Marshal Ney.
  2. Police Say A Lot Of Things | Defector DEFECTOR.COM Let us instead use the construction "police claim." It is a subtle difference but a meaningful one. It implies a measure of doubt, which no one can credibly argue hasn't been earned many times over. This is a really good article. "[Police] lie for the same reason anyone lies: to avoid punishment. They’re not special in that sense. Where they are unique is in the layers upon layers of systems that let them get away with it. Police unions protect their own uncritically. Laws are written to give the
  3. I can't think of any other job that gets paid this much to be so bad at their profession.* *Other than the Mariners of course.
  4. Mads Mikkelsen is awesome so at the very least I'm intrigued.
  5. I'm sure he had an assistant read him the Wikipedia plot summary of The Turner Diaries at some point.
  6. I know the depths of Republican depravity shouldn't surprise me anymore, but it's wild to me that a white supremacist can be open about his beliefs and still host a top rated national cable show.
  7. The US uniform screams "my father will hear of this!" The Canadian one looks like a trust fund kid trying to dress down.
  8. Not a member of Congress, but I guess the legacy of Trump is that the GOP isn't even trying to hide their racism anymore.
  9. The fact that Edelman is getting talked about as a Hall of Famer is such a joke.
  10. Journalists: we speak TRUTH to speak, we are the LIGHT in the darkness, without us democracy dies. Also journalists: This mealy-mouthed passive voice bullshit.
  11. When these guys talk about freedom of speech and cancel culture, they really just mean that they want to say the n-word.
  12. I can't wait for her to write a sequel, where Harry is exonerated by a tribunal for accidentally Avada Kadava-ing a muggle. "He was reaching for his wand!"
  13. Sorry your wand broke Ron, sucks to be you. Meanwhile Harry is living off the interest generated by his literal pile of gold.
  14. I've thought about this a lot (I have a lot of long subway rides). Is there anything in the rules that says only the seeker can catch the snitch? If not, I'll put 3 guys back on D and have the rest trying to catch the snitch. My team would be an unstoppable juggernaut. We'd be the greatest show on turf (air? [terf lol]). They'd have to change the rules to stop me.
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