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  1. I remember that loser. Didn't he move to Wisconsin or something cause he was afraid of terrorism?
  2. Lamb doesn’t even seem like a real person, he was grown in a vat overseen by Dem leadership to create the most bland candidate possible.
  3. He looks like if Denethor opened the Ark of the Covenant.
  4. I think Kelenic can still put it together. He has the talent, he just needs to chill. He puts way too much pressure on himself and swings like he trying to knock down a mountain. Julio is legit, has all the tools and star power too.
  5. Wasn't a band, but a DJ was so bad at a club that literally no one was dancing. The club owner would walk up to the DJ, grimace, and make a few adjustments to the DJ's equipment. Then he finally booted the DJ so people wouldn't leave. I've never been to a club where everyone was either sitting or just leaning against the wall looking bored.
  6. Exactly it. Just a wonderful, veteran presence. Always delivered with every role.
  7. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you know who he is. The Right Stuff, Tremors, he was in so many good movies.
  8. Crocs are the ultimate dad shoe. Sometimes you just need something that's easy to slip on when you've got your arms full of a squirmy toddler.
  9. His mom needs to be on the next season of Curbed. She could give Suzie a run for her money.
  10. The details from the Seahawks one.
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