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Update: Zuck the Capo attempts to "clarify" his Holocaust denial comments

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17 hours ago, sblfilms said:

I think FB is either a platform or it isn’t. Opposing curation of viewpoints is not invoking slippery slopes, it’s the entire argument. They have to decide what they are.

But Facebook does moderate it's platform, every platform does. Unless you're talking about 4chan or voat, it's never a question of if you curate content at all, but what content is necessary to remove. Zuck obviously thinks that Holocaust denial doesn't cross that line, I'd personally disagree.

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25 minutes ago, ort said:

I could be wrong. If I wanted to form a more nuanced opinion on this I would need to read more and I really don't care enough to dive deeper.


Don't bother. It's like a reverse rabbit hole, where the deeper you go the less drugs you should do, but only more drugs is the way to cope.

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30 minutes ago, Jason said:



So far, any praise for the Trump campaign’s use of the platform has been made in private. In April, Bloomberg reported that Facebook internally circulated a white paper just after the election that showed that Clinton spent $28 million from June to November 2016, while testing 66,000 different ads. In comparison, Trump spent $44 million in that period and tested 5.9 million versions of ads, suggesting his campaign’s Facebook strategy was “more complex than Clinton’s and better leveraged Facebook’s ability to optimize for outcomes.”


Very very interesting!

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