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  1. I can't disagree with the subtitles spoil things part, that's true. Depending on the subtitler who did them, they'll hide spoiler sentences, but this is very inconsistent as you said. I don't know that I feel pulled out of scenes or focus, but I can definitely see that happening. But you must be a faster reader now than you were when you first started doing that, right?
  2. Everyone's different, I grant, and I've always been a fast reader, but watching everything with the subtitles on I believe, over time, will make anyone read fast enough that that stops happening or becomes minimal at best.
  3. Which is why I've watched everything with subtitles for years. Helps with old movies too, but the center channel and dialogue took more center stage than the audio/visual onslaught of a lot of today's movies. I'm so used to subtitles now I don't ever even register them, I know how everything is spelled, and I never miss a thing.
  4. I only sail the high seas. Get the best quality, not streamed, etc. Yeah, you gotta use a private VPN or a private invite-type website, but it's easy and it's worth it. There's even an easy way to VPN HD streams of all sports games, it's what I do so I can watch all my Philly sports (go Flyers!). Now with those they stream live, so you're not downloading it, but usually works great.
  5. Yeah there's a lot to watch and keep up with these days - we just watched through episode 8. Episode 7 was very good. I definitely recommend getting back to it when you can.
  6. Yeah it's definitely been a slow build, which is much more enjoyable and makes more sense than some full sudden replacement for sure.
  7. Another great episode. Loved the whole conversation with Seth Rogen about "secret preferences" and this episode felt tighter than normal, which was nice. Also Vince Vaughn's comedic timing as Freddie Funkhouser has been so good, he fits right into the Curb universe perfectly and he's been a highlight for me this season.
  8. That was an insane emotional roller coaster of an episode. Roman was pure ugliness at the end, especially pushing the brother who once defended him from his father's physical abuse. Little Logan Jr. is getting worse and worse, and I'm here for Culkin's performance. So many great lines readings as usual, but "privacy, pussy, pasta" did me in.
  9. This was the best episode yet - the show is genuinely good at this point. They are handling the original themes of the show and bringing them back to the forefront, nature vs. nurture and Harry's code, with the themes of fatherhood, etc. Digging it.
  10. I was surprised no one had made a thread - I tried finding an old one but couldn't find one, I think the last Big Mouth thread was before the purge. Anyone else watching? Season 5 just dropped a few weeks ago on Netflix and Big Mouth is still pretty great. Seasons 4 and now 5 (so far, I'm on episode 7) the show goes to the raunchy/gross out humor well too often and the show feels less incisive than it used to but it's still pretty funny quite often, been enjoying it for the most part so far.
  11. I'm caught up on everything except I haven't seen The Eternals. The shows have been mostly good, Black Widow and Shang-Chi were fine. I'm not super invested in phase 4 yet but it's barely gotten started.
  12. Well I didn't mean to imply he's full crazy or anything, just that there seemed to be a shift in the predominance of some guests who are right or lean right. He still has other kinds of guests on, but my sense of it was that that had shrunk considerably compared to years before.
  13. The kinds of guests he's more and more frequently brought on - I don't follow Joe Rogan closely so I wouldn't be able to speak to specific details but having listened to random episodes that's kind of been my take, and his recent bout with Covid and his views there are the conclusion to that I think.
  14. This is all completely accurate. Joe Rogan used to be smart and very open-minded, but all it's done is made him fall in with the Qanon crazies and the alt-right more and more.
  15. It's a shame to see Joe Rogan devolve as he has. He used to have great episodes and wide ranging guests, now it's: "I took everything to save me from Covid and maybe it was the drugs or maybe it was Ivermectin". What a downfall.
  16. AV Club is also digging the first two episodes a lot: Hawkeye’s premiere is a Christmas treat WWW.AVCLUB.COM Hailee Steinfeld steals the show as Kate Bishop meets Clint Barton in Marvel's latest Disney+ show I've always been a Hawkeye fan, both in the comics and even the MCU, and it's been annoying how sidelined our street level dad hero with funny mentor comments has been. Looking forward to this.
  17. Yeah - agreed. I'm not buying Hannah just died of cancer three years ago. Harrison definitely seems to have secrets.
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