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  1. Someone hasn't been reading the thread. There's no "stunt casting" here. Believe people when they tell you who they are . . . good thing I speak subtext and coded language.
  2. This sucks, but I always assumed it wasn't going to happen. Le sigh.
  3. A highly underrated Denis Villenueve directed film - but it's really good. The spider imagery was excellently utilized.
  4. Ah, I have seen those at diners, so that's very possible. I would also never order it at a diner.
  5. I grew up in and around Philadelphia and I've never seen that at a diner so I'm not sure. NYC it may be possible tho . . .
  6. He's a pretty great documentarian, I look forward to this. The original was huge when it came out (deservedly so) and his latest documentary Rats was very interesting.
  7. Haha then why start the argument! And yes it is hard to find films above 8.0 on IMDb, hence why a 7.7 is insanely high, agreed.
  8. Not to me. Plenty of fantastic movies get a 76% on Rottentomatoes. A 6.78 average score is the more relevant score, and that is pretty good. Not to mention the audience score is even higher, at 86% (after 468,000 votes no less) and it also has an insanely high 7.7/10 after 239,000 votes on IMDb. In no world are all of these put together considered a "bad" movie, which is what I said I didn't know Vaughn was even capable of making until The Golden Circle, so Stardust doesn't work as a counter example. If you think any movie below, what? An 80% on Rottentomatoes and less than an 8.0 on IMDb is bad then you will miss a bunch of good movies.
  9. I'm also curious about this - I imagine they will be very different because Tarantino and Fincher work in very different tones. We'll see!
  10. Excellent, fantastic, feel-good fantasy film in the vein of The Princess Bride. Aggregate reviews back this up.
  11. It's not "on brand". The world is simply changing permanently in a more representative, global direction, get with the times. I agree - though I think Spectre is excellent until they get back to London in the 3rd act. Yeah, I said it! Otherwise I agree with you - though one could argue Quantum of Solace wasn't very Marc Forster-y, I think it was, it was just the writer's guild strike hampered that film's story a lot. Not Forster's fault really.
  12. The Golden Circle was . . . fine. It had a lot of gross jokes and humor (that weren't funny) and it was overstuffed to the gills with endless action and plot, all sound and fury signifying little. Originally Vaughn wanted to make The Golden Circle into two films, and you can easily sense that when watching it. I guess I should have been clear - it's not a bad film, it's just not the level of quality I expect from Matthew Vaughn is all.
  13. The movie is being directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. This will probably be the best Bond film ever made if Sin Nombre, Jane Eyre, Beasts of No Nation, True Detective season 1, and Maniac season 1 are anything to go by. This isn't stunt casting. An auteur is working at the top of his game with top shelf talent to make a great Bond film. I don't know if this idea will work, but I have confidence it will. The only reason to call it "stunt casting" is to try to shame the idea, when the talent both in front of and behind the camera indicates everyone is taking the film quite seriously. The only way the film may not end up good is studio and/or producer interference, which is possible on big films like this (as always). Or the writing isn't there (which happens on some Bond films, to be fair).
  14. What "vile and disgusting things" did the 4 Congresswomen even say that Trump is referring to?
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