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  1. People are aware this is written and directed by film autuer David Lowery right? He did: -Ain't Them Bodies Saints -Pete's Dragon -A Ghost Story -The Old Man & the Gun All of those movies were pretty good, and A Ghost Story is haunting and amazing. The Green Knight may be his best movie yet, but I expect it to be at least very good.
  2. I dunno - he was in incredible shape for Nobody for someone his age but the movie was long done shooting by now. However going from that to the heat of New Mexico for what is likely to be a very (emotionally) grueling Better Call Saul final season shoot is a lot to take on along with everything else he does. I think after BCS he should take a break.
  3. Unfortunately his involvement was recently ended. Amazon scraps plan for a Joe Exotic drama starring Nicolas Cage | Engadget WWW.ENGADGET.COM Amazon has scuttled a 'Tiger King' series that would have starred Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic..
  4. That's going too far back. I was trying to stay within the last 10 years. But he is great in it, it's a good choice.
  5. He's always doing multiple styles of acting. He's still meme Cage in some movies, he's "gotta pay my bills" Cage with all his VOD trash, but good recent Cage movies: -Joe -Snowden -Mandy -Color Out of Space -Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse -Pig
  6. I don't think Blade: Trinity is that bad, and there are some fun moments, but after the legit good Blade 1 and 2, it's a massive step down.
  7. I'm a huge fan of both films so I like them more than you do but this was a solid review!
  8. Yeah I thought so too. I played the PS3 version. I remember it getting good reviews when it came out.
  9. I'd also like a sequel to the spin-off plot/series that started with Dead Space: Extraction and continued in the Dead Space 2 DLC "Severed". That plot hinted at a lot more powers/mystical stuff than the mainline games and I was very intrigued by it. The agents with the blue hand gloves, etc.
  10. Yeah, I want Dead Space 4. If this leads to that, great. From what it sounds like, this will be a rebooted series, which . . . it'll be awhile then and may end up being an entirely different story. We'll see I guess. Very true, but reboot speaks to redoing it all and very differently perhaps. Agreed. I actually thought Dead Space 3 was awesome. My brother and I played the co-op online together, ignored the microtransactions entirely (game was still diverse and playable), and there were plenty of horrific and WTF moments. Game g
  11. Same. The trailer clearly tries to make Dune palatable for casual audiences, which is the smart move since the film itself (given the teaser trailer) will be weirder, which you can definitely see in flashes even in this trailer. It looks really good - the dialogue had pretty cool/strong one-liners I liked, etc.
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