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  1. Seriously, I want to see more. I want to see the breakdown.
  2. I wasn't tricked - I'm always down to talk porn, or anything really. I like knowing a lot about anything I encounter, for the most part, what can I say.
  3. Well yeah, I agree. That's the fundamental question, and we can disagree there. But that's a different question than the point AbsoluteSturgen was making about head cannon. I understand some didn't feel Luke in TLJ made sense, and that's at least a more compelling criticism than "it didn't meet what I had wanted of it beforehand".
  4. It's all right there on Pornhub, as I keep saying. Another good use for porn, teaching tool (normal-ish porn, not, like, the violent shit some subgenres have become - anyone remember Pornstar Punishment? Yikes).
  5. I am indeed married, and sometimes we do watch stuff together! It's fun to emulate, follow, or even be into who we are watching at the same time as we are having sex ourselves. We also do our own thing separately from each other from time to time, me moreso (meaning masturbation). I just enjoy watching porn sometimes, and it's always good to keep up to date. I'm not addicted to porn or anything, but I do like to watch it regularly and I find the industry and its people really cool (when its above board and legal) and usually individuals in that industry tend to be pretty progressive when it co
  6. There's plenty of proper, normal, good content still there, I assure you. They did do a massive takedown of free porn (like Brazzers videos one normally illegally downloads or pays for) that was actually meant not to be available as well as a lot of other videos, including underage (which is a good thing, get that shit off the site) but Pornhub is still great. Can always use XNXX if you want, that's more the Wild West.
  7. Haha, I'm with you both, but again, there are better cam websites than Riley Williams on Discord. Like, a lot of better cam websites.
  8. Well it seems I spoke too soon. This episode brought back the Russian sisters, Czernobog, Salim, and Thoth (Mr. Ibis). They explained the Jinn's absence as well. Nice to see so many familiar faces show up and to pick up plot threads not picked up since season 1. This was actually a really good plot building episode.
  9. Hey man, all I'm saying is why settle for skeezy, shady, low-res Discord cam shows (not even Discord's main function) when Pornhub, Bumble, Tinder, Grindr, and much more legit sites/cam sites/whatever are out there, with much hotter women. Who settles for Riley Williams on Discord? I mean, we do know, but also . . . why.
  10. True, but then why cam shows with girls? Surely Bumble or Tinder/Grindr if it needs to be romantic/sexual could suffice . . .
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