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  1. But you asked in your post if a sequel was coming. If you already read that link, then you already know everything we could know haha. Seems like right now reboot is what's on the table. I agree a sequel seemed the smartest play though.
  2. Control is fantastic, and on par with The Last of Us Part II and God of War. Play it, but make sure it's on a Pro or X1X or a pretty powerful PC. Weak PC's and baseline consoles particularly don't run the game well, and it honestly doesn't look or have the atmosphere that it should at the baseline levels.
  3. A sequel for this film is in a strange place. Read it all here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Rangers_(film)#Cancelled_film_franchise But basically originally it was going to be a 5-7 film franchise, but those plans were cancelled altogether. Then recently it was announced they would do a sequel, at least one. Now they are planning to reboot the franchise yet again instead. It's ridiculous.
  4. All the more reason to see what they were thinking to get themselves out of that corner! They obviously had a plan.
  5. What do you mean? Dead Space 3's DLC clearly ended on a cliffhanger. Or a very abrupt and dark ending with zero elaboration.
  6. I did, but I played the remaster on PS3 that came with Dead Space 2, not on the Wii. Extraction was well regarded at release for being a very good on-rails shooter. They continued the story of Extraction with some pretty great Dead Space 2 DLC (since the plotline of Extraction ends where Dead Space 2 begins), which hinted at some big things, but like the end of Dead Space 3, the cliffhanger for the Dead Space: Extraction/Dead Space 2 DLC storyline was left hanging as well (Dead Space 3 does not elaborate at all on what happens to the Extraction characters, just the mainline Dead Space characters). I also thought that was a good aspect to the series.
  7. I love the Dead Space games, including 3 which I played co-op, and I would kill for a Dead Space 4 proper sequel, given the major cliffhanger 3 ended on. I'd take a remake if I had to just to get interest going again, but I wouldn't bet on a remake or a Dead Space 4.
  8. Read the whole page of this thread. Infinite gets name dropped, and @Keyser_Soze is responding to @Brick about being surprised about people not liking Bioshock Infinite. The thread is about Resident Evil, that is correct. I think he means he hasn't played Bioshock 2.
  9. He's referring to BioShock in that post, not Resident Evil. I loved Infinite, and I remember people didn't like it at the time, but I thought it's re-appraisal since has been positive?
  10. She only has 17 credits to her name, and not only have I not seen anything she's ever been in, except for MacGuyver I've never even heard of anything she's been in. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4124560/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 She's hot AF though.
  11. I like what's currently happening - where we're getting both types of camera perspectives. RE7 and RE8 but then also RE2Remake and RE3Remake (and the upcoming RE4Remake). I still wish we were getting RE0 and RE Code Veronica remakes as well.
  12. Sorry, my bad, I was thinking of Spoof on Titan. Junior High did eventually get a 12 episode anime, it's fun and silly but doesn't amount to much (and is of course non-canonical). Also some things will be ruined if you watch all the OVA's after season 2 since some OVA's hint at things that then season 2 makes clear but it works either way, just wanted you to know.
  13. I believe the OVA's are Japanese only (though I do watch the main series dubbed) and while not essential, they do play well where they are meant to be watched in the course of the show, so it's worth hunting them down, but you'll have to find alternative means to get them (I have suggestions if you need help, PM me). The reason they are hard to find is they still haven't been officially released in the West (I believe), but fansubs exist for them. They were one-off episodes bundled with releases of volumes of the manga rather than as part of a release with the main show on bluray or something. There are three Attack on Titan recap/compilation films, you can ignore those. There are also silly spin-off shorts called "Fly, Cadets, Fly!" which you can also ignore. Just ignore everything except the main show and the OVA episodes. The first three OVA episodes (Ilse's Notebook, The Sudden Visitor, and Distress) can be seen after you finish the first season (the first 25 episodes) of the main show. The two-parter OVA "No Regrets" (which elaborates on Levi's backstory) can also be seen right after you finish the first season (but after seeing the first three OVA episodes). The final three OVA episodes, the two-parter "Wall Sina, Goodbye" and the one-off "Lost in a Cruel World", should not be seen until after you finish season two (so after you watch episode 37 overall) but before you go on to watch season three. And that's it! Otherwise, you can just watch the main show and be set. Junior High is a manga by the way, not a show.
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