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  1. Is it a simultaneous PC release? I loved Nioh, but the game started getting long in the tooth in the back 40 hours (including extensive DLC) and I just played that last year. That game demanded gaming skills I didn't know I had so beating that game so thoroughly felt like an accomplishment so I'm not sure I'm ready for the same but harder. We'll see how reviews pan out, I'm a little worried it's too much more of the same.
  2. I hadn't played it since it first came out and playing it in 2019 it was still great. The beginning is super cliche and bad - but the game gets a lot better and more complex as it goes on, but it takes a big event in the first 8-10 hours for that to happen. It's still a product of its time, but it's considered a classic for a reason. Even when it came out I remembering the beginning being pretty rough. It's obviously aged, but as a current and retro gamer, I enjoyed it a lot still. I welcome a remake for sure, but the original is still solid. I plan on playing KOTOR II this year, in it's old form (with story mods). If going back to old games you haven't played is generally difficult, getting back into KOTOR will take effort, but I still think its worth it. It's definitely a "proto-Mass Effect" feel to it, but it's so thoroughly Star Wars that if you enjoy Star Wars at all, that makes up for a lot. Yes, this.
  3. I had assumed it was the medal he was never given. This is so much worse. I know EU content confirms he got his own medal many times, but if JJ Abrams didn't care about that, giving Chewie Han's hand-me-down medal is a bad look.
  4. I heard they intentionally want you to watch it high - to the degree that the studio is encouraging it. https://collider.com/the-gentlemen-review-guy-ritchie/ I'm a Ritchie fan, and while I doubt this can top his best, this is promising to hear, sober or high.
  5. Right, but again, it's intentional (well, when it was Lucas coming up with the titles anyway).
  6. I just replayed KOTOR for the second time after a long time just last year. Still a great game.
  7. And yet it's somehow better than The Rise of Skywalker. Additionally, most of the Star Wars titles are meant to be corny/terrible, to evoke old titles ala Flash Gordon and old sci-fi. I mean Attack of the Clones? I remember when the title was revealed people thought it was the dumbest thing. It's sort of in line with what Lucas intends with the titles though.
  8. In general, particularly with artists protective of their work, they more often than not get unreasonably defensive and try to justify their decisions, rather than admitting: "hey, I just wanted to make a fun/good scene, it's a fictional film anyway" because by saying that, you're saying it's not a "grounded" film at all and that's anathema to a lot of artists. I agree, he should have just said that - movie is excellent either way. But artists (especially at his level) are like that. Think JJ with Leia not comforting Chewie over Han, or any time a director is confronted with an issue or criticism over their work. Rarely are they open and honest: "yeah, I messed up" or "yeah, I just felt this was better despite being less realistic". It's usually some logical pretzel argument.
  9. Dude, it's Trevorrow - was never going to be good. Let's all move on to Dune, which has always been better and will get a better movie in all likelihood. As much as I loved Star Wars growing up, I've loved Dune more.
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