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  1. If you want or need to be relevant on social media, you need to be very plugged into Facebook, as well as Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Twitch as well, if you are at all trying to reach that kind of audience. I try to be somewhat relevant on these platforms, so I do keep them active, but I'm not some huge Facebook fan or something. But social media does good as well as it does evil and so it will always exist so rather than wishing it away or saying "I personally don't use it" we need to make the conversation more constructive and see how we can make these corporations accountable and in what ways since social media will always "be a thing" going forward. In fact, as more countries' wifi and internet bandwiths and strengths and accessibility increase across the globe, we'll be seeing more, not less, social media as more people "plug in". Elizabeth Warren seems at least interested in having that conversation of accountability. Because shit like this is unacceptable.
  2. I wouldn't per se blame the director, that movie was ruined by the studio - the director is otherwise a good director. Some of the blame falls to him, but between the quick and rushed shooting schedule and short mandated film runtime, that film was fucked from jump street. And acting as a pseudo-sequel to the book series which many film audiences won't be familiar with? I was hopeful for the film but it had a lot going against it.
  3. Even a bad QT film is better than most other movies (imho). That's amazing in itself. But if I had to rank QT's movies, this is how I'd rank them (since Tarantino apparently considers Kill Bill Vols. 1 + 2 "one movie" since he's counting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as his 9th film, I will count them as one film as well, which makes them way better anyway). 1. Inglourious Basterds 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Kill Bill Vols. 1 + 2 4. Reservoir Dogs 5. Django Unchained 6. The Hateful Eight 7. Death Proof (unrated cut) 8. Jackie Brown And I want to be clear - I like The Hateful Eight, Death Proof, and Jackie Brown, they are still better than a lot of movies, they just don't have the rewatchability the others have nor have stood the test of time as well (the amount of formalistic skill in Inglourious Basterds alone, ignoring all the classic characters and moments in the film, make it the best in my opinion as much as I love some of his other movies). What are other peoples' rankings and why?
  4. I'll believe it when I see a trailer but I'm glad this is being made. They should just ignore the film and redo that material too whenever they want to cover that material. It should have always been a TV series to start.
  5. Additionally, it seemed hypocritical at the time (and was called out as such) that the US felt they had to depose Saddam Hussein because he was a brutal dictator, when there were plenty of other, even more brutal dictators that could have used opposing, chief among them North Korea, that we were clearly ignoring. Between that hypocrisy, the lie of WMD's, the clear motive for oil, and the genuine lack of a connection between Iraq and 9/11 means the Republican-led US government used the worst tragedy in American history to cajole the populace into supporting a war that ended up killing thousands of people (Americans included) for a fossil fuel resource. It's one of the most fucked up things a government can do to its population. What's worse is when you consider the fact that the Republicans literally stole the 2000 election by using a Republican-controlled Supreme Court to give the decision in Bush v. Gore to George W. Bush which made him president when it was later found out on recount that Gore won Florida and thus, should have been president. It's very interesting that twice now Republicans have won the presidency only thanks to the electoral college, and not the popular vote, in the last twenty years. And, for these and many other reasons, here we are.
  6. The "rich" states pay their states their GDP's through the "rich" states taxes through subsidies, etc. so no? I mean, I think it's a false equivalence either way - we should be helping all Americans (and people) everywhere, and so no one should be lording over anyone else, rich states or red neck states. One person, one vote.
  7. Another good response: "What the fuck is WRONG with you?"
  8. This is pretty much the way to go. I definitely don't sound Philadelphian. Though I definitely have a Northeast bent accent a bit though, I'm sure.
  9. Denis Villeneuve brought out the best in Zimmer for Blade Runner 2049 on a very short time table, so this is excellent news.
  10. My post wasn't directed at anyone in particular, just making a general joke based on the post I quoted that most people care more about the "seems like someone I could have a beer with" mentality than what someone has actually done. I'm staying out of whatever else is being discussed here.
  11. Judging politicians on what they actually do (i.e. policy positions and proposals and voting record) over what they say (talking points, misspoke, etc.)? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT LOGIC.
  12. Beto is not the candidate we need right now. I do agree he could make a good VP though.
  13. Will be seeing episode 2 tonight but getting a new showrunner (Charles H. Eglee) for the now official season 3 that has done good work in the past (Dark Angel, The Shield, Dexter, The Walking Dead season 1, Hemlock Grove) is a good start.
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