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  1. Meh, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines isn't as good as The Terminator or Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but you won't find me bagging on it too hard. It has some truly dated and stupid moments, but overall the story goes in the only logical places it can go, and the movie had the balls to do the only ending it could given it was a refutation of Terminator 2's ethos. It's got some good and fun action scenes, a lot of practical effects, etc. If Dark Fate is even as good as Terminator 3 I'd take that as a win at this point. But I enjoy Terminator: Salvation so I know I'm in the minority on this. Maybe it's because I'm okay with movies in a franchise being just "good enough" rather than having to meet the quality of its best entry (in this case, Terminator 2) every time a new one comes out. A lot of franchises don't even get "good enough" in later films (see Terminator itself with Terminator: Genysis).
  2. We'll see. I'm pretty skeptical, though James Cameron's and Tim Miller's involvement help. It's a direct sequel to The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ignoring the rest of the films in terms of canon, so that should help it some maybe?
  3. I won't read the spoilers until the show is done, but thank you for the confirmation and explanation - good it'll be addressed.
  4. These episodes are just so good. Question: where was Dyatlov? Was he the first patient Khomyuk met who told her to fuck off if she wasn't bringing him food? They later said I think that "they wouldn't let anyone see him" or something but Jared Harries mentioned him as being responsible and in a prison camp in the 2 year flash forward so I'm very curious about Dyatlov. Theoretically he might be open to explaining more about what happened now.
  5. Given the ending of John Wick 3, this is basically necessary. Glad it's confirmed now though, otherwise the ending to John Wick 3 would have been terrible.
  6. I mean, Matt Reeves directed not just War for the Planet of the Apes, he also directed the Let the Right One In remake Let Me In, the first (and best) Cloverfield, and the also excellent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I'd be downright surprised if this turned out bad. Robert Pattinson definitely reinforces things though.
  7. Agreed that the first group fight may be the highlight (especially the knife throwing part) but the even earlier fight with Boban and the book was pretty incredible, same with the logistics of the motorcycle chase, and the way they filmed the speed and lethality of the dogs in the Morocco shootout was awesome. And everything with the body armor soldiers was next level. That shotgun or whatever he was using: Jesus. This movie had more varied fights than Chapter 2 in my view.
  8. This movie was fucking amazing. As usual, it was really, aggressively fucking violent, and I worry the impact these films have on the same idiots who misinterpret Fight Club and Rick and Morty - but holy shit I loved the film. Unsure if it's better than 2 yet (certainly better than 1) but this is as good as it usually gets. I'm disappointed it wasn't a trilogy capper but making room for even more John Wick films instead (when we'd been led to believe this was going to be a trilogy), but I still enjoyed this thoroughly. Holy shit the actions scenes are insane.
  9. Robert Pattinson is a fantastic choice. See: most of his non-Twilight films.
  10. I think at this point anyone who actively still supports Trump is either too stupid to see he is hateful or love him for it, and all that that implies. Neither is a good look. Anyone suggesting otherwise hasn't been paying attention for the last three years. And that makes up most of the current white conservative vote in this country. Anyone who wears a MAGA hat is making a statement about their political values, absolutely. Of course there is a sliding scale - but let's not kid ourselves here either. The evidence is in.
  11. First: Seasons 5, 7, and 8 have all been disappointing, not just season 8. They just couldn't go off book and do it right (beyond some of season 6). Seasons 7 and 8 being shorter and thus rushed only makes the flaws that seasons 5 and 6 had stand out more is all. Second, D.B. Weiss is an otherwise untested writer, but David Benioff is an author and written the screenplays to many great movies. I have no doubt they'll make some good Star Wars movies. This is the guy who wrote the novel 25th Hour and then wrote the screenplay that Spike Lee then directed. He also wrote the screenplays (solely) for the films: Troy (director's cut of this is particularly good), Stay, The Kite Runner, and Brothers. I'd be surprised if these two don't make a good Star Wars movie.
  12. I mean, you could. Except Varys has since come out and literally said things. They're never going to just come out and shit on the show, but subtext is everything. I'd argue your interpretation is very generous. They should be ecstatic about the final season, yet all of them look like they barely want to talk about it. Kit Harrington literally says: "disappointed" sees the interviewers face, goes: "uhh . . . I mean epic" and then goes: "it could be either of those, who knows". What kind of answer is that over one of the most popular shows of all time?
  13. They really did. It's filmed like a horror thriller filled with existential dread, which is the perfect tone for this.
  14. The two episodes my wife and I have seen so far have been amazing and harrowing.
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