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  1. I vetted the writers' room under showrunners David S. Goyer (who I do not like) and Josh Friedman (who did Sarah Connor Chronicles) and I have to say the writers' room have written episodes for some good shows. I've really enjoyed Foundation so far, though it's bigger than a straight adaption of the first book. I'm a fan of the books, but the show has been mostly great in its own right, I've thought.
  2. It should also be noted this was a short film of a "lost episode" that we don't get to fully see, it's not a trailer in the traditional sense so that may have made the acting harder to pull off a bit since its a super fast cut short film
  3. I have no clue at all if that tone will be good or not, and if it's different in tone from episode to episode. The acting seems stiff and weirdly timed (except John Cho, who I felt nailed it more or less). But the scene on the ship at the end changed my mind a decent bit, and the shots of the ships got me a little giddy. We'll see, very cautiously optimistic.
  4. I'm just waiting for my wife to get back from her trip next Monday and she and I will be diving right into this.
  5. Yes, I find this very odd. This was a very long gestating project with a lot of money behind it. They know they are telling a longer serialized story since it's adapted from the comics, so they know they'll need more than one season to adapt everything, yet, before even giving the show a real chance, they cancel it while season 1 airs? Weird.
  6. This is exactly how I feel as well. Why the objection? It doesn't make sense. I agree with all of this.
  7. Ah, I see - as I said, my take is uneducated but it didn't feel right to me at least. This explains it some, thank you.
  8. He called himself a fucking TERF on a Netflix special, that is incendiary and exclusionary. I mean what the fuck. No one is arguing anything about biological differences or what it means to be a woman. This is not complicated. I think it is VERY interesting he selected Detroit as the venue (he says it's to make up for shit talking Detroit in one of his last specials, but I ain't buying it, this shit would have got boo'ed in Philadelphia). I can still like Dave Chappelle and still disagree with him on this issue. The fact it has to be all or nothing with people is bizarre to me. But TERF bullshit needs to be cancelled. It is an exclusionary way to describe a gender with no male equivalent, whilst making terms monolithic (male/female) that aren't. That's my uneducated take anyway. At the end of the day, to me, all problems are about bullying and to me what Chappelle is doing seems like bullying. There's no need to muddy the waters or lose the forest for the trees here. I would like to see someone explain to me how someone with his fame, power, and money isn't bullying a minority group here with his comments. Engaging in a very nuanced conversation with the LGBT+ community does not need to occur over a one-sided comedian stand up special. Like, there's so much to make fun of out there. Remember how great Chappelle's jokes about white people were? There was hardly any of that here. "Sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that" from an old special is a million times better than using a platform to call yourself a TERF. Am I saying ban him? Not necessarily. Am I saying he is wrong? Yes, I am.
  9. He's made an enormous amount of fantastic movies filled with excellent performances since then. He used his celebrity status doing those shit movies perfectly. This is old hat, move on.
  10. I don't know when it became concrete since this film has been in pre-production hell for years, but I agree that it is super weird to do Flashpoint this early.
  11. As I said in the other thread: Holy fucking shit Batman looks good. I'm not surprised given Matt Reeves, but goddamn.
  12. Holy fucking shit Batman looks good. I'm not surprised given Matt Reeves, but goddamn.
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