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  1. The Village is legit underrated. The cinematography in that film is gorgeous.
  2. Signs is a legit moving film. The slow flashback reveal is really well done.
  3. Final season? Makes sense since this will adapt the final game with these characters but is it because Ellis is off the show after this season? Definitely interested in adapting other games.
  4. To be clear, this is a CG anime web series, not another Resident Evil CG movie like Degeneration, Damnation, and Vendetta. Additionally, it is not the live-action Netflix show that's still in the works, nor the live-action reboot theatrical film titled Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.
  5. It was renewed for a season 3 yesterday. ‘Warrior’ Renewed for Season 3, Moves to HBO Max VARIETY.COM "Warrior" has been renewed for Season 3, with the show moving from Cinemax to HBO Max, Variety has learned.
  6. That's what the director has been saying, but yeah, we'll see. 'F9’ Director Justin Lin Breaks Down His “Liberating” Two-Film Approach to End the Franchise COLLIDER.COM Director Justin Lin talks about ending the Fast and Furious franchise with F10 and F11, and why spreading the conclusion over two movies is beneficial
  7. Apparently director Justin Lin will stay for Fast 10 and Fast 11, which will shoot back to back and close out the franchise.
  8. Like with Inland Empire (Silver Lake is less abstract, to be fair), just go in prepared to sink in to the film and take it slow.
  9. I was surprised to find out that 5 of these were made, with 4 spin-off games to boot!
  10. I did! David Robert Mitchell's It Follows was awesome, loved he got Disasterpiece (Fez, Hyper Light Drifter) to do the soundtrack. He got him again for his follow up, Under the Silver Lake. Movie was awesome, but really slow and really weird. It has Andrew Garfield intentionally playing a hipster pseudo-douchebag who gets caught up in weird occurrences where he lives. It's done in a slow way like Kubrick, with a lot of slow tension and buildup. You might find it boring or pretentious, but I enjoyed it. It's pretty different from It Follows.
  11. To be fair that was more Iraq. The messaging was this for Afghanistan too, but it was much more: "we're invading to get Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden for 9/11 since the Taliban are resisting giving him up and harboring him" than it was helping Afghanistan at all and freeing them from Taliban rule.
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