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  1. Not any more meddlesome in Russian elections than Putin himself is, which is why anyone saying that is an idiot (the tweeter, not you heh).
  2. Oh well yeah but not the entire movie, and even then it really isn't bad. Not any more dated than Jurassic Park, is what I'm saying.
  3. I dunno if I agree. M:I plays like a great 1970's John Le Carre-lite spy thriller. On bluray I thought the film looked and sounded fine. Both show their age similarly I feel.
  4. Welp. Arrest him. I'm serious. At least interrogate him.
  5. That can't possibly be what he said. Even someone as stupid as him. Need clip for full hate.
  6. And here I thought it was because of all of the scotch I'd been drinking perpetually since election night. This makes more sense.
  7. Disgesting = digesting something disgusting? It works! Also: "McCabe is Comey!!"
  8. I think that may be my problem with him, if I'm making sense. The rest, I agree with you on I think.
  9. First thing my mind went to as well - except he's taking the side of Putin over the American people. Not sure how that isn't obvious to every American.
  10. I'm not opposed to the idea Musk is saying here, but surely you can see that he doesn't really seem to have any sort of compass on this right?
  11. Except he's denying it. And also pushes himself as some sort of progressive. My issue isn't the honesty it takes to deal with politics (pay everyone), but how sleazy and disingenuous he is about it I suppose.
  12. My issue isn't playing both sides, my issues is being dishonest in his own political messaging. And just because "other rich guys" do it doesn't mean it's okay he does (not saying you're saying that, I'm speaking generally).