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  1. It's the way they are portrayed on top of their voices - the film is far more classist than racist to be fair too (what accents are meant to imply about that character, etc.) but I don't care much about that stuff. But it's there.
  2. Except the three hyenas were voiced by a black person, a Latino person, and a hyena portrayed as mentally ill/unwell. Sure, that was probably just accidental too. Hence the comparison doesn't work. It's called subtext/coded.
  3. I'm not saying The Lion King can't bring joy to people, but I'd already seen Kimba the White Lion by then and it did always feel weird to me why Lion King was so praised. There may have been serious cultural appropriation there, who knows, and that is troublesome. Honestly, the movie has always just kind of felt stereotypical and bored me though as a story, even as a 7 year old who loves plenty of other Disney movies. If you love Lion King though, that's cool.
  4. The Lion King is trash because it steals unceremoniously from Kimba the White Lion manga and anime franchise, arguably better than The Lion King, and combines it wholesale with a variation on Hamlet. Additionally, as others have said, the politics are also troubling in the film. Also the lion romance scene has always been super weird to me. I was 7 years old when I saw The Lion King in theaters, and I have never liked it. It's just okay. Some great music.
  5. Yeah that's what they're saying, calling it a spin-off now. We'll see haha.
  6. Further evidence: regardless of money, status, or power, most people are fucking stupid, and this is further proof that most successful people have just been failing upwards.
  7. I was really looking forward to that potential Tarantino Trek movie . . . But I'll take this.
  8. That'd be nice, instead it just felt like they intentionally emulated Shenmue I and II. The Japanese voice acting at least tries. I mean, the acting is fine, it's the translation that's bad. Yeah, that should have been worked on.
  9. The only returning voice I believe is Corey Marshall as Ryo Hazuki. Everyone else is new, it's just Yu Suzuki's formal dialogue doesn't work as well in English as it does in Japanese, hence the stiltedness. It's very formal, especially how Ryo speaks.
  10. It definitely helps! And try to get at least 5 hours in. Exploration mode really starts to open up and once you start learning the fighting mechanics and the herb and skill set systems things get more fun.
  11. A note I forgot to mention earlier - you can also adjust where BB's cries and whimpers and laughs, etc. come from as well (whether you want it to come from the PS4 controller speaker or your TV speakers). Some may not be aware of that as well as getting rid of the BB soothing motion controls. Edit: Mamoru Oshii, one of my favorite anime directors (responsible for Patlabor movies 1 and 2, both Ghost in the Shell movies, The Sky Crawlers) was interviewed about his thoughts playing Death Stranding and it was a really humble and nice interview, regardless of how you feel about the game. People should check it out! Oshii rarely does interviews like this (I can't believe he's now 68 years old).
  12. It's not dated in terms of graphics or look (it just has a unique and specific aesthetic) but it is otherwise Shenmue (it's often quite pretty). It controls and plays like a modern game, but it is slow and the "boring" and "unfun" parts remain, but a lot of those parts are also what made Shenmue Shenmue. I'd say if someone were curious to rent or somehow try the game for 5 hours that'd be enough to know. But you'll know in the first 3 hours whether you are with the game or not. Me saying it's super dated intentionally isn't per se to mean the gameplay is from 2002 but that the storytelling, dialogue, etc. all are. The gameplay is an extension of Shenmue I and II, evolving from that without really caring where the genre went while it's been away. It's hard to explain honestly, but if nothing else, the game feels distinctly Shenmue is what I mean. Edit: To be clear, yes, the game isn't for everyone. But it is for a certain someones, and they will probably love it.
  13. Basically the below. They aren't the same, but the amount of menus and UI's and interfaces, the way you select items and how each item does multiple things and has certain ways of being used, load outs, the general feeling and weight of the way the character controls and importantly the FOV of the game all feel like MGS5 to me. Bloodporne said the rest best - they are very different games and yet not in subtler ways.
  14. Hey, I'm with you - but Shenmue will Shenmue, ya know? It's a cheesy 1980's old school martial arts Hong Kong flick and traditional Chinese flick rolled into one, with the cheese intentionally being there. I'm sure everyone wanted Yakuza 6 or Horizon Zero Dawn or RDR2 but none of the trailers or images indicated that, but instead something intentionally anachronistic instead, with weird art and character design aesthetics, stilted dialogue interactions, etc. Hell, you can still inspect every item in your inventory, change all your clothes, open every drawer, and really customize your fighting system (as always, it's somewhat Virtua Fighter-y). Everyone's still hilariously unfriendly, etc. It helps that the music is genuinely great too. That's Shenmue! I dunno haha. Everyone should set their expectations accordingly but there is a lot to enjoy I think if you click into its weirdness and earnestness. Edit: what's even better is the game has still also kept Ryo's funny inner thoughts when he opens drawers and inspects objects (fully voice acted) and there are quality of life improvements like instant teleportation to the time and location (if you want to skip right to it) of the next objective, you can save anywhere, and when you go into first-person view when in "exploration" mode controls every object you can interact with is nicely highlighted and thus you know which objects you can't interact with as well, making checking everything out easier at least. The game feels pretty large, I feel like I haven't scratched the surface much at all yet.
  15. I'm just saying it's all clearly intentional. I've played "better" indie games too, I'm just saying everything about the game feels intentional, good or bad. This is what they wanted to make. I haven't done enough fighting to say if that's clunky but the rest isn't clunky just somewhat counter intuitive - it took me awhile to get used to the controls as they change depending on context but you get used to it quickly enough I felt. And things like seeing all the old "key" items that you've gained from the previous two games already in your inventory (with their descriptions) brought back a lot of memories. You really feel like it's been a long time. I dunno what to say - this is the game I always expected to get. Trailers and all seemed to indicate this would be the game to me. This is a game that I never thought would even happen, and now it's before my eyes. This game, by all rights, shouldn't exist. Now whether Suzuki made the right call we'll see - it all depends on how those 70,000 backers feel about the game ultimately (and the larger audience, but this game seems to intentionally alienate anyone who isn't already a Shenmue fan). That's something in itself after 18 years. Try to also enjoy that fact, but I agree the game is antiquated, no doubt.
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