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  1. It's Aaron Sorkin, I'm there day one. He's already proven to be an incredible writer. I thought Molly's Game was well directed enough that he could become a good director in time too.
  2. Dunno what to tell you. Almost every parent I've ever met in my 33 years of being alive.
  3. I'm not saying they can't be excited, but I would certainly ask the question (and I have of car owners) whether I own a Lambo or not. You don't understand, I asked this question long before I owned a power house PC. The question is "if you care this much about power, why not go this route"? Also, the price differentials there are enormous, so the analogy isn't like for like, so the example doesn't work anyway. Yes, I think, with anything, if you care about the thing, to the point of debating the thing, then you should try to get the best version of the thing. Of course you don't ha
  4. I'm not trying to summarize all the users on the board, I'm speaking to anyone who cares about power, that is all. Yes, I think investing in a few thousand when you care about gaming enough to care about the power differential between a PS5 and XSX should be a given. That is correct. Again though, I don't want to derail further. PS5 and XSX power, pseudo ray-tracing, etc - engage!
  5. Shrugs. I've genuinely, in three years, never run into enough problems to warrant downgrading back to a console when I care about power. I own a PS4 and a PS4 Pro. I play games on them. I'm not against owning a console. I said, if one cares about power, and doesn't own a PC, they should probably get a PC over an XSX/PS5 if they care enough to debate the merits of power between those two, then surely they'll care about the power a PC can provide. The amount of hassle you guys all claim PC's have is just strange to me. Yes, PC's offer problems from time to time, and most
  6. This post makes no sense. What do you mean? Either we're open and honestly discussing differences in power between systems, meaning people are invested in the difference. A PC is most powerful, therefore . . . to someone who cares about the mostly negligible differences between a PS5 and XSX, certainly would care about the much bigger differences between a PS5/XSX and PC, logically, correct? And "price point entry to gaming"? We're on a hardcore gaming board, almost no one here needs or cares about that. No one here is entering the complicated world of video games for the first tim
  7. Yes, it makes no sense to me. For someone to care about power, but too lazy to learn so they need "simplicity" is a downright stupid, illogical thought to me. Why someone who cares about power would cut themselves off at the knees and handicap themselves because they also care about simplicity is really stupid. I mean, "maybe" interested? We're having a discussion about the differences in power between PS5 and XSX but a PC, which can just as easily be custom built for you by someone else and sent to you to plug in an HDMI cord and play in the same TV with the same controllers, that's off limit
  8. I just don't see why the difference between PS5 and XSX would matter to someone, but PC being potentially better than XSX (at a steeper price and learning curve, of course, that's person dependent) wouldn't matter to that same person. That's simply a logical course of thought.
  9. Why would people keep games downloaded on their consoles once they're done with a game? Keep the saves, put them on the cloud too, and you've got the trophies attached to your profile. Just uninstall the game, and if you ever want to replay it months or years down the road, re-install it. Why keep it on there? Even on PC, I delete games once I'm done with them, just keep my saves and the trophies/achievements unless there's DLC for the game I anticipate coming out, then I'll keep it installed until they're out and beaten. And I'm surprised people care about the power d
  10. I don't have an Xbox One - not worth it just to play some old games. PS3 was more than sufficient, despite the differences Digital Foundry pointed out at the time.
  11. It's very particular. Some games, particularly the bigger releases, do play well. But most don't. Any more obscure game I want to play (and it's typically mid-tier and indie and obscure game people are typically trying to go back and play) never ran well. I've tried it for Asura's Wrath, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, and others at different points in the last 2 years and none worked. Demon's Souls is still very limited (though progress has been made). It's just not there, but definitely try it at least!
  12. Hahaha to be fair I already owned Lost Odyssey since when the game came out (I just never got around to playing it), it was the other two that I snatched on Amazon at different points. All three were great to play! But I would have preferred a PC emulator that enhanced the games. I did play them under optimal conditions otherwise though (1080p TV, HDMI cables, etc.).
  13. Ah, yes, I'm aware of this. It's not nearly as good as it's touted, as I've tried it. Very few run smoothly ("playable" is a very variable term) and none run better than just running it on the actual system. Emulation on PC otherwise improves, sharpens, and enhances every game it emulates. RPCS3 simply isn't nearly there. It's certainly further along than OG Xbox or Xbox 360 emulation on PC though.
  14. The entire library of each system! There's no good PS3 emulator as far as I'm aware of? How many games can it run? Lots of us care. It keeps our old discs valuable, and ignoring physical media, if the games were made available digitally it'd allow newer/younger gamers to play old games they've never played before that they might want to. Or any gamer who missed a game (or several). I recently had to buy physical copies of Lost Odyssey, Asura's Wrath, and El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron to be able to play them, and I had to have the physical
  15. Yeah, definitely true, but it still seemed pretty far away. But they're definitely making progress!
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