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  1. Gaiman and Fuller wanted a bigger budget than what was being given to them for season 2 and so they walked, feeling they couldn't achieve what they wanted creatively without the bigger budget. The showrunner who took over for season 2 half course corrected back to the book (mostly) whilst continuing and wrapping up non-book plotlines created by season 1. It went to some interesting places. That showrunner left right before the final two episodes were made for season 2. The final showrunner they got for season 3 course corrected further, continuing to close out non-book plotlines that had gone on for too long whilst getting things more and more towards the book (so once Gaiman and Fuller left, the show slowly inched more and more towards the book, rather than veering further away). The final few episodes of season 3 are more or less a straight adaptation of certain chapters in the middle and towards the end of the book. It was pretty clear season 4 would finish adapting things most likely, with Gaiman saying he's planning a sequel book he'd want the show to adapt (separate from Anansi Boys). I think American Gods is probably better binged and while season 1 was the best, seasons 2 and 3 are still pretty good TV. Neil Gaiman, on more American Gods just yesterday: Neil Gaiman Didn't Want American Gods To Repeat Game Of Thrones' Mistakes - /Film WWW.SLASHFILM.COM But both shows suffered very different fates.
  2. I really liked it for the most part. I know the finale was divisive but I liked it.
  3. Gaiman also has Good Omens season 2 coming, and an American Gods sequel book he's been planning to write that he wanted the show to adapt if it got there. Gaiman still holds out hope for a TV movie or something for American Gods. As someone who stuck through all 3 seasons, the show was better than word of mouth said it was, and I was sad to see it cancelled on such a big cliffhanger.
  4. I know She-Hulk isn't a monstrous beast like when Banner becomes Hulk, her transformation is different, but I feel like she should be bigger/buffer/stronger when in Hulk form? I know there have been many different iterations and sometimes she's lean cross-fit buff and more slender but she just seems taller and greener and a little more muscular here. I feel like the transformation should be more stark. I like the character in the comics, I like the 4th wall breaking, etc. Tatiana Maslaney is a great actor. It's just I actually keep up with the MCU and things are starting to get a little out of hand. Dr. Strange 2 was straight up average to me, same with Black Widow. Eternals was great as was Shang-Chi, but still B-tier Marvel. Hawkeye and Moon Knight were engaging enough, but lost steam as they went along in episodes. Even as great as No Way Home was, on rewatch it's a lot of nostalgia drips and barreling plot, it's not like, a great movie in some ways.
  5. Well, yesterday's episode reminded me why Kim hates Howard so much - I forgot how much he punished her in early seasons for associating with Jimmy, so a lot of he resentment does seem justified in retrospect. This was clearly a table setting episode for next week's mid-season finale. Just a reminder after next week's episode 7, the show will take a break until coming back with episode 8 on July 11th. This final season will be 13 episodes total. We usually only get 10 a season so an extra three episodes is nice.
  6. I know what you mean but it looks pretty good, we just haven't seen enough yet I think.
  7. This one is more "old white guy says stupid shit, takes way too long to apologize for it", but I figured it might as well go here: Sam Elliot, hating on New Zealander female director Jane Campion and showing his homophobia as well (as well as ignoring many of the most famous Westerns were shot by an Italian director in Italy). Sam Elliott hated The Power Of The Dog for a number of bad reasons WWW.AVCLUB.COM Oh sure, his problem is just that it was filmed in New Zealand He eventually apologized for it, over a month later: Sam Elliott apologizes for Power Of The Dog comments WWW.AVCLUB.COM Earlier this year, Elliott complained on WTF about the film and its "allusions to homosexuality"
  8. Some big names dropping lately. Another I don't think was mentioned in this thread is Frank Langella, who after getting fired really put his foot in his mouth: Frank Langella declares himself "canceled" after Netflix firing WWW.AVCLUB.COM By his own admission, Langella told The Fall Of The House Of Usher's intimacy coordinator that their input was "absurd" before filming a love scene
  9. It should be noted that Glass was also likely hampered by Bruce Willis' illness, which we now know about. That movie just came out in 2019.
  10. I don't watch the show but from looking online it seems 6 out of 10 episodes have dropped so far. Episodes drop on Fridays, with 4 episodes released on Friday May 6th and then another 2 released on Friday May 13th. Looks like they plan to release two episodes every Friday.
  11. According to Ayer, his original version was a much grimier, dirtier film, akin to Ayer's cop films Training Day, Harsh Times, Street Kings, and End of Watch. I agree with you that for me, Training Day, End of Watch, and Fury are top tier films, great in every respect. I also think Harsh Times and Street Kings are both very good, but a step below the aforementioned three films. I imagine this would be within reason in terms of "grimier ands dirtier", given it would still be a superhero film to some degree. Now Sabotage and Suicide Squad were average to bad films, though Ayer claims that producers and the studio interfered heavily with both films. I can kinda sorta see good versions of both films if allowed much longer running times, better editing, etc. However, after Fury, Ayer's made four bad films in a row with Sabotage, Suicide Squad, Bright, and The Tax Collector (Bright wasn't bad more than it was just pretty bland). I know a lot of people made fun of it but Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League was miles better (if over long and without the clear sequel it sets up) than the theatrical cut we got. I'm all for seeing what that means for Suicide Squad if it was similarly hacked away at.
  12. I mean, I'll watch it, Ayer's made some good (and sometimes some not so good) shit in the past. Let's see.
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