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  1. Welp, ladies and gentlemen. That's that. This happened. Cold (presumably) fast food served as a means of "honoring" a team at an official White House dinner/event, paid for by the President as cheaply as possible because the government is shut down and he's not actually rich as he claims and is always nickle and diming everyone. It just looks so . . . sad. This is something small that simply can't be undone and its symbolic weight is much greater than it's actual weight but in the end, this still says something.
  2. The false equivalency game is always fun, let's play! D's meeting with a racist is bad, and should be shamed, but removal? Not per se, depending on the context and situation of the association with the known racist. An R themselves being racist, as opposed to just meeting with people who are known racists? Yep, that's different and requires removal. But hey, people are stupid / don't understand false equivalencies.
  3. Because no one watched it. The movie is bloody fantastic and I wish it's running time and existential tone and slow pace didn't turn so many people off from the movie.
  4. First two episodes were very good, and more importantly, intriguing. Great writing, directing, and acting. Derivative of the first season in terms of tone and feel, but at least a cohesive story told well (unlike season 2, which I enjoyed but was clearly far worse than season 1). Love the unreliable narration and the Kurt Vonnegut-esque feeling of our main character being "unstuck in time". Jeremy Saulnier directing the first two episodes of the season really showed - love his work (Blue Ruin, Green Room, Hold the Dark).
  5. Greatoneshere

    Movies Star Trek 4 Has Been 'Shelved'

    Man, looking at the final box offices tallies of each movie (both domestic and international), Beyond really did deserve to do better than it did - it was a better movie than many that have done better at the box office.
  6. I'm excited and will be rewatching the show from the start in leading up to it though season 7 was pretty bad at points (high high's but some low low's). Hopefully they close it out well.
  7. Greatoneshere

    Movies Star Trek 4 Has Been 'Shelved'

    No, I agree with you, but his implication could be taken to mean that Star Wars is not philosophical to a fault, which is why he'd be a fan of it over Star Trek and I think that's unfair to Star Wars. Star Trek is of course the far more philosophical of the two (normally). Just reading the tea leaves, could be way off base.
  8. Unless it's a fake out - but still, agreed.
  9. I didn't watch it, glad I didn't now haha. Dan Gilroy is writing and directing, and it stars Jake Gyllenhaal. I'm already in.
  10. Greatoneshere

    Movies Star Trek 4 Has Been 'Shelved'

    To be fair, everyone knew even before J.J. Abrams was hired to direct Star Trek 2009 that he was always a big Star Wars fan, not Star Trek fan (though I take umbrage with him implying there that Star Trek was too philosophical for him but Star Wars isn't philosophical then?) and that it was writing duo Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman that were the big Trek fans, not the director. But those gifs perfectly describe J.J.'s directing style.
  11. Greatoneshere

    Movies Star Trek 4 Has Been 'Shelved'

    Star Trek Into Darkness is an awful film so Star Trek Beyond by default is second best of the nu-universe Star Trek films. I enjoyed Beyond, but its first half is a lot better than its second half. Was a definite step up in terms of character and story over Into Darkness though. I'm sad to see Star Trek 4 get shelved over something like this - would have been curious to see that cast together for another sci-fi adventure.
  12. Definitely looking forward to it as Nightcrawler was pretty much straight up amazing. Still need to see Dan Gilroy's written/directed follow-up Roman J. Israel, Esq.
  13. I will go to bat for The Village every time. It's mood, tone, atmosphere; it's beautiful cinematography. Its commentary on failed utopias. There's a lot to like in that film.
  14. The Wall is our universe's literal Schrodinger's Cat, get with it man! And no one will just say IT'S FUCKING DEAD TRUMP. The END TIMES are near, so of course. With Ocasio-Cortez now tweeting out Rorschach quotes, I'm just waiting for Adrian Veidt to show up. Unless Trump is our darkest timeline's version of Adrian Veidt. OH GOD