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A woman who's been in a vegetative state for at least 14 yrs, gave birth to a baby boy Saturday. She was being cared for at a long-term care facility in Phoenix. Now investigators are searching for who raped her.

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20 minutes ago, Pikachu said:

Disgusting. I assume they will try to do DNA testing and find the rapist that way. 

For a chance of that being successful the person's DNA would already need to be on file, or they would need evidence that an individual is  suspect to get a court order forcing a person to provide DNA. 


They could not go through the staff, demanding DNA samples. 


I'm worried about this. On the one hand I want the person who did this to face justice. On the other hand I do not want this person to come close to getting any parental rights to the child. So I hope if they are found it closes the door completely for them ever being in the child's life. 

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16 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

I'm pretty sure that a more thoughtful society would have given serious consideration to terminating the pregnancy upon its discovery.


My first question was how did it get to term when I read the headline. So I agree.


14 minutes ago, SaysWho? said:


Real. He lost to McCaskill in 2012.


10 minutes ago, Jason said:


Wow, I just, wow. 

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9 hours ago, mclumber1 said:

Shit, if I were a worker there I would be voluntarily giving my DNA to the investigators just so I don't have to put up with questioning or being a suspect later on. 

I really hope they find who did it. Im super curious to know who it was. Was it someone that worked there? Another patient/patients family member? 

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23 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

The staff was allegedly unaware of the pregnancy until she started moaning.


I find that a little hard to believe.


Don't fat women often not realize they're pregnant for the first several months? And I can't imagine this woman was svelte after so many years on life support. 

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