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  1. I knew a conservative political science major who made this exact argument saying Romney should have cheated because it would have been better for the country. He was dead serious too.
  2. Yup, a lot of cripples are pissed about this.
  3. Jwheel86

    You become dictator. What do you do?

    Cripple Agenda: Removal all State and Federal asset and income requirements from disability service programs. Ban wait lists. Restore Democracy Agenda: Congressional Districts are drawn by the Judiciary Branch at the Federal level. Districts must attempt to conform to existing political boundaries (city or county lines). Money is not speech, all campaigns are publicly funded. All elections are regulated by an empowered FEC ran by the Judiciary Branch. All primary elections must be open. Same day voter registration. Ban elected Judges and Sheriffs. President can call snap elections in the House. If snap election results in a 33% change over, Senate is dissolved.
  4. Didn't Poland just invite us to permanently station an entire Armored Division there?
  5. Jwheel86

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    She's a Justice Democrat so The Young Turks might have made that video.
  6. Jwheel86

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    #4 Dem in the House is about to go down.
  7. Jwheel86

    Space Force

    This isn't a new command, it's a new branch to provide forces to the Combatant Commanders. A branch that only one Combatant Command would have any use for, US Strategic Command since space it's area. Creating an entire branch for one Combatant Command is very stupid, every branch contributes forces to every Combatant Command, wtf are Space Force people going to do at Africa Command?
  8. My sister has a small online business in California, configuring Square Space to collect the right amount was nightmare since zip code doesn't equal county.