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  1. Welp, my mom, who's my main caretaker, went in 5 days ago for an EKG (she had a mild heart attack 4 years) and got exposed to COVID by the nurse doing the EKG. Thankfully my girlfriend is back so we're holed up in the Guest House waiting for test results. No one has symptoms.
  2. I'm officially done with spinal injections, just took the oral replacement. $931 a day.
  3. Honestly Biden was probably the worst on disability issues, not only weak policy but there were a few moments with disabled activists that REALLY pissed off the community (talked to one like he was retarded). He's miles better than Trump but Bernie grew the most going from completely ignoring us in 2016 to a 2020 disability agenda that I cried reading. The disabled community has a big agenda and wants to put some issues to bed, Marriage equality and Medicaid waiting lists are the big ones we want from Biden.
  4. A lot of the focus is actually on people with disabilities who want to work, but are limited not by their disability but by eligibility requirements to keep Medicaid. Medicaid is the only thing that pays for Long Term Care and a promotion could terminate eligibility. I have to be super careful I'm not a penny over $2,000 on the 1st of every month or I could lose Medicaid.
  5. This is a big fucking deal for the disabled community and Tapper made so much better.
  6. Check Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona law too while you're at it.
  7. Frank Luntz's focus group is proving democracy is a bad idea. These people are idiots.
  8. Biden shouldn't have done this debate, he had nothing to gain.
  9. But swap Trump with a Tom Cotton in 24 and my guess is they come home to the GOP. That's the long term issue with Biden's strategy, his coalition collapses the second he wins.
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