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  1. The ranks are meh, especially Specialist being used 4 times. BSG officer ranks or bust, with RAF flag officer ranks (Space Commodore, Space Marshal) And changing 'Wings' to 'Deltas' is also dumb, they should have gone with Regiment. If Space Force is going to last it needs to get into Cyber as well. Oof
  2. Hello ADA violation (that said why are they at a restaurant to begin with).
  3. Not only what gets cut but does the cut make the policy nonfunctional. The Home Care component was $400b to achieve 2 objectives: clear the HCBS waiting lists and raise wages for HCBS workers . $190b can't do both and probably can't clear the waiting lists. Worse, the States probably won't take the money if it is too little or has a sunset. The COVID bills had a lot of HCBS money but because the money was temporary the money went to hazard pay and PPE, not getting people out of Nursing Homes.
  4. I'm surprised this is all we've seen, I guess they're saving it for the Netflix thing?
  5. The US is going to start looking for another yard to build Frigates soon and Bath is a likely bidder so they'll be more busy soon. Besides the subs the Australians are also building these with British assistance.
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