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  1. In fairness ULA, Blue Origin, and Rocket Lab do the same thing with their launches, just not as well. The much bigger issue is why are traditional American defense and space contractors so bad at innovating whether it be under NASA or DoD? SLS was supposed to be cheap and easy using Shuttle parts, it is neither. Despite backing from the right people in Congress. Until that's fixed we're stuck with the egos.
  2. New booster and capsule for human flights, for now. NASA is open to certifying reused boosters in the future. The plan for the used Crew Dragons is to reuse them stripped down as Cargo Dragons now that Dragon 1 is retired. I don't think they can reuse Crew Dragons for humans because of the salt water on splash down.
  3. X 'ash' A-12, according to him on Rogan this week. Really boring interview where he claimed COVID patients who die of shark attacks are being counted as COVID deaths.
  4. Contract awards 10 hulls, 20-40 possible in the future. This ship is badly needed by the Navy to take the work load off the more sophisticated Destroyers and aging Cruisers, and to replace the Little Crappy Ships.
  5. The antibody test seems to me just a means to generate statistical data, it's use for the average person seems pretty limited and maybe useless. We need a rapid self contained test (like an at home pregnancy test) that can be mass produced to the point they can be deployed in population bottle necks (everyone going into a grocery store for example) to catch the asymptomatic.
  6. Reason 376 why community based care needs to be the default, not nursing homes. That kind of money can buy amazing care.
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