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  1. Create the Office of the Inspector General of the United States who can only be hired and fired by the Speaker of the House, President, and Chief Justice and serves a 10 year term.
  2. Here's the only thing of actual value Congress can ask Barr going forward: If a US Attorney's Office finds evidence of a crime and would normally indict, is there a mechanism for Congress to be notified?
  3. Unless Mueller himself comes out and says that, Barr gave the GOP all the cover it needs.
  4. Meuller should issue a statement stating whether or not he concures with Barr's letter.
  5. So how's this work? What happens if the entire Cabinet resigns?
  6. This extension and terms unloads the No Deal gun, if May loses again, the EU just gave Parliament an out to avoid No Deal by getting an long extension.
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