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  1. The Conservative Party and their Northern Irish coalition partners (the DUP) can't agree on what kind of Brexit they want to do. The big issue is Northern Ireland, under the May deal if future Governments can't work out a deal regarding Northern Ireland's border with the Republic of Ireland, then the May deal automatically leaves Northern Ireland as part of the EU Trade Union forever (unless the UK and EU agree on something but the EU has no reason to negotiate at that point, they won), this is called the Backstop. This probably violates the Good Friday Agreement since there would be a defacto border between the rest of the UK and Northern Ireland, so the IRA might be back (unless the entire UK stays in the Trade Union but not the EU with any say over the rules, which is stupid). The Republic of Ireland also really don't want a hard border between them and the Northern Ireland if there is no border deal down the road, that's why they demanded the Backstop as an automatic fail safe. May isn't going anywhere, they hate her deal but won't risk Corbyn becoming PM in a General Election. The Conservative Party tried to remove her internally but failed and under party rules she's safe for a year. Only way it'll happen is if the Northern Irish (DUP) break with the coalition and vote with Corbyn tomorrow, which they won't do. Plus no one wants her job within the Conservative Party. May or whoever will have to go back to the EU and try for a deal that a majority of Parliament and the EU will agree on. The issue is nobody knows what Parliament wants. If no deal is reached by March 29th, the UK will leave the EU without a deal, which the Hard Brexit MPs now want but a majority of Parliament really don't want. The problem is there might not be enough time to put the pin back in the No Deal grenade (deadline extension or 2nd Referendum) since leaving on March 29th is a law passed 2 years ago and can't be repealed overnight.
  2. BBC isn't streaming so I'm watching Sky, one point they made was the only way out No Deal without a deal (2nd Referendum, Article 50 Extension, etc) is a formal bill (as opposed to a motion) which there isn't enough time to do with only 40 days left in Parliament and Hard Brexit MPs could probably delay until after March 29th. No Deal is the only thing on the books that MPs approved when they triggered Article 50. They've fucked themselves.
  3. The entire chain of command (Ship, Destroyer Squadron, Strike Group, 7th Fleet, Surface Force, Pacific Fleet) already got fired.
  4. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2019/01/14/worse-than-you-thought-inside-the-secret-fitzgerald-probe-the-navy-doesnt-want-you-to-read/
  5. One of my PCAs recently graduated with her RN and is working at the local hospital for $22/hr. She's also locked into a 2 year contract where she owes them $10k for "training costs" if she leaves early and owes 30 days of contract extension per $100 of tuition reimbursement.
  6. Shitty nursing home has history of being shitty This part pisses me the fuck off the most. The level of care you could provide at home with that kind of funding incredible, instead a resident gets raped. I get $42k a year for home care which only covers 57 hours a week of my 168 hour need. If I need more than 57 hours, the state argues a nursing home is cheaper.
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    I think even now most of the support for gay marriage is actually "I don't care anymore" than actively support.
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    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Her not being a carefully molded person might be a benefit, most people had shitty views on gay marriage then, comes off as more human.
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    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    "America First doesn't mean being Saudis bitch." She will murder Trump in a debate.