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  1. Beating Trump requires the Democratic Party to change, so why change when he'll be gone in 2024? Then everything will go back to normal with Pence vs Booker.
  2. Democratic centrists, not progressives. It's because Republican extremism isn't a threat to the economy in the eyes of Republican donors, on the other hand Democrat donors are just as interested in keeping progressive economic policy in check as they are with Republican social conservativism. "Socially liberal, economic conservative" is the democratic donor base.
  3. Unless Citizen's United is overturned, Single Payer is the only viable option since it's basically Republican proof. Any plan that leaves the private insurance industry alive will leave Insurance Lobbyists alive to undermine the Public Option to the point it is no longer competitive with Private Insurance. Third Rail it.
  4. At best it's 50-50, as is NC, GA, and AZ. Don't count on it.
  5. Hey don't blame me, I voted and got my aide to vote. NC09 (the one Trump went to) is too early.
  6. An Article 5 convention doesn't bypass the 3/4 ratification requirement, it just bypasses Congress. You could argue we wouldn't have the 17th Amendment without the threat of a convention.
  7. I'm still waiting for the Queen to appoint Bercow as Prime Minister leading a Grand Coalition for Brexit.
  8. Why did the middle collapse and you'll find the problem. Democracy is hard and it has to be responsive to the population or extremes on both sides gain traction. We're still coming off the political effects of the Great Recession. The Great Depression had the exact same impact but in the US FDR provided a relief valve with the New Deal and mobilization. Swap FDR for a moderate and I'm not sure this country won't have gone Rightwing Nationalist too.
  9. So does Pence going out of his way to stay at the Trump property in Ireland qualify as a bribe?
  10. Minor damage, leaky roof, no power, few trees down, screens blown in.
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