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  1. Obama struggled with black voters to in SC until he won Iowa and was seen as having a chance with white voters. I don't think that model works for Buttigieg since he's got police issues in South Bend and the older black community is pretty socially conservative. Obama legacy plus "pragmatism". Remove Biden my guess is they go largely to Bernie unless Hillary gets in.
  2. Katie Hill's district and where today's shooting was. George Papadopoulos is also running for the seat.
  3. Really? A kick to the back of the head against a solid floor. TIL
  4. Call their bluff, testify. Make the House Republicans look like idiots, it's not hard.
  5. Dems should allow Hunter to be subpoenaed, have him refuse to testify, then subpoena Ivanka.
  6. Means tested programs fail to imagine every possible situation a family can be in and inevitably leave benefit people the program was designed to help, especially those who aren't good at navigating complicated bureaucracy (which tend to be the ones in most need). Let's say you have a student who's parents make good money but disown their kid because he's gay and therefore refuse to fund his college, how do you come up with a policy that's not going to punish him for having shitty parents. I had a friend in college who hadn't seen her father in years, but his income blocked her ability to get financial aide. How do you prevent an exception from being exploited by those making $151k and are now staring at a $50k tuition bill? Now you've got to come up with a method to combat that. It's the same endless cycle of fighting welfare fraud, which every time hurts those who really need it. I've spent the last 3 weeks trying to arrange my new Full Time job's compensation and benefits around 4 different disability programs, each of which has strict means testing (SSI, Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, Department of Voc Rehab) but have programs to get around those rules which are also means tested with strict rules (SSI 1619B, Voc Rehab economic offset, ABLE Account, Special Needs Trust). My point is, anytime we create a government program that excludes X, we need to think about are the enforcement mechanisms worth the harm you're going to cause to your target population. Buttigieg's program excludes the top 10% of earners, all things being equal with admissions that should only cost the program 10% more. That cost increase is absolutely worth not having a bureaucracy which erode's people's faith in government, especially the middle class.
  7. Congratz Pete, you created another means tested program that'll be a bitch to administer, leave behind those from middle class yet broken homes (you'd think he'd know better being from the LGBT community where parents disown their kids), and piss people off who are right on the line. Keeping the program simple is worth the slightly extra cost (plus you don't have to create a bureaucracy solely for keeping rich kids out). I'd love to see an actual cost comparison between the two plans.
  8. Jwheel86

    I voted

    At what point does McConnell sacrifice Trump to save the Senate?
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