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  1. I don't know Chief, maybe arresting the person who took the shoes for theft would solve the issue.
  2. Welp, sounds like people in Texas are no longer Medicare and Medicaid eligible.
  3. How a Vaccine Mandate Could Worsen a Shortage of Home Care Aides - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM Some 250,000 home health care workers must get the coronavirus vaccine by Friday, but tens of thousands of them have yet to receive it. Fuck them, fire their asses.
  4. And on the fifth hour of The Great Facebook Down, our Lord Zuck resolved that going forth, Facebook would be on the blockchain, feed by peasant miners minting FaceCoins.
  5. I have a job! I'm ironically by far the most financially stable compared to my noncripple bother and sister.
  6. Motherfucker, do you not understand that Medicaid HCBS ("let seniors live in dignity") is already means tested below the fucking poverty line?
  7. Going through my SSI renewal now. They need ME to send them (the Federal Government!) copies of my federal tax returns... I love they have the ability to see my bank account at will but can't pull my tax returns from the IRS.
  8. NYTimes finally admits water is wet, moderates aren't actually moderates, and campaign donations are influencing politicians. Unpopulism - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM Why are Democrats talking about scrapping some of the most popular parts of their agenda?
  9. If this goes down Biden needs to start the midterms now by endorsing primary opponents for these people and making the midterms about getting better Democrats. He won't though.
  10. There is, it just requires a law degree to navigate the bureaucratic cluster fuck. The system is 50 years old and is covered in bandaide solutions that add complexity. If you're going through SSI, you can't work, that's the narrative you've got to sell to them. Once you're on disability, then you can work what you can.
  11. Even more fucked for workers with disabilities. I've technically worked enough that I now qualify for SSDI. If I lose my job, SSA will switch me over to SSDI, meaning I'd lose Medicaid eligibility through SSI and instead would have to get Medicaid through my State (getting SSDI could put me over the state income limit). I would have been better off not working and getting SSDI through my Dad's retirement eligibility as a Disabled Adult Child. Disabled Adult Child SSDI doesn't count against Medicaid eligibility unlike normal SSDI. Tom Cotton of all people has a bill in the Senate that would fix that.
  12. SSA is also always 2 months behind on calculating check reductions based on wages, so when I started working part time I was in a constant cycle of over and underpayments. Every month I'd get a letter demanding I pay them back (takes 6 weeks for them to clear a pay back check), then next month they'd underpay me. I eventually just started to ignore the letters. SSI 1619B (where you keep Medicaid) is actually really good in terms of income limits (it scales based on Medicaid useable). The asset limit is the annoying thing for me, it's why I can't get married (paperless marriages are pretty common), we could only have $3k in assets. I can get around the asset limit with my ABLE Account and newly setup Special Needs Trust (which gives my sister absolute control of my money). I can never allow myself to lose Medicaid, since I'd lose Home and Community Based Services which keeps my ass out of a nursing home. If I have to drop my private health insurance so my $365k drug is on Medicaid and therefore I get a higher income limit, I'll do it. What State you in? If Medicaid is what you're after then there are alternative routes we can look at.
  13. Case workers are the prime example of people who should know what they are talking about, but don't. Even your typical Social Security worker doesn't know what they are talking about. So with SSI the maximum you're going to receive is $794 a month and they'll reduce your check by $1 for every $2 of earned income (they graciously let you keep the first $85). They'll also reduce it if anyone is helping you with food shelter or clothing, you also have to keep your liquid assets below $2k (you married?) There is Ticket to Work but that's temporary as far as I'm aware. The big thing that SSI gets you is automatic Medicaid enrollment. I get $0 SSI but they let me keep Medicaid so long as I follow the SSI 1619B work incentive rules. SSI sucks, hasn't been updated since the 70s. Go write your Congressman to include the SSI Restoration Act in the Reconciliation Bill that's getting voted on this week.
  14. Are we talking SSI or SSDI? Each program has very different work incentive programs. Remember to qualify for SSDI at all you also have to have first paid enough into the Social Security system. You're going to just push the case that you can't work. Technically I can't work in the eyes of Social Security but they're cool with me having a full time job. Once you're on, then you can go back to work.
  15. God damnit Fort Bliss: Female service member assaulted by group of Afghan refugees KFOXTV.COM Officials with Fort Bliss said a female soldier was assaulted by a group of Afghan refugees who are being housed at the Doña Ana Complex in New Mexico. The female soldier was allegedly assaulted on September 19. Fort Bliss officials said theFederal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case. Fort Bliss provided the following statement: We can confirm a female service member supporting Operation Allies Welcome reported being...
  16. For Manchin and Sinema where part of this is image/power trip/ego sure, but for the House moderate no one has heard of? Do they really care about the deficit? Republicans don't and just use it as a means to block stuff they don't like.
  17. I wonder if they just took out the tax increases how much of the 'moderate' opposition would just disappear, at least in the House.
  18. The ranks are meh, especially Specialist being used 4 times. BSG officer ranks or bust, with RAF flag officer ranks (Space Commodore, Space Marshal) And changing 'Wings' to 'Deltas' is also dumb, they should have gone with Regiment. If Space Force is going to last it needs to get into Cyber as well. Oof
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