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E3 Leaks - the contrast between D1P and ResetERA

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There's some fun in not knowing what's next, and being hit with things in a more dramatic fashion that reading a headline.  I don't really care if it's marketing or whatever, it's still a show, and I can respect that.

That's also why I'm not really looking forward to EA this year, and likely why most of you aren't either.  They're not going to surprise us beyond pulling the curtain back a bit.  We don't really get to root for them, or jeer at them when they crash and burn.  It just won't be as fun now.


And I do genuinely feel bad when a game is first judged by off screen captures.  Or when most of a conference run down gets leaked.


So I'm definitely on the side of it being better when leaks don't happen.  But if the ball is rolling, I also wouldn't care to see it stopped.  Whatever will happen will happen.  No need to get pissed about it.

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I don’t consider a video of a game that’s been rumored to be at e3 for months or the name and a logo for the next Fromsoft game to be any sort of real leak. A leak is when the entire ms conference got leaked a couple years ago, or someone reliably blowing out Xbox Next details, or someone puts out the half life 3 trailer or tells us Nintendo will be at the Xbox conference with a Switch partnership and it actually happens or you accurately leak ms studio acquisitions. Minor details or footage long rumored to already be there games aren’t leaks worth giving a shit about.

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