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Gamestop Sinks Even Lower

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Gamestop is now selling NFTS which is shitty enough but now they are selling this, its called "falling man". 









If you are unfamiliar with this picture , here a link to the original






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Man, I have to assume whoever greenlit the picture didn't recognize/remember the source material.  The artist clearly knew, but whoever approved it...I have to assume they didn't pick up on it.  Frankly I wouldn't have picked up on it if you hadn't included the comparison pic.  There's no way this doesn't get yanked once this hits the news.

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Short interest is ridiculously high again after the drop the past two days. I’m wondering if it’s a trap and the dipshits are gonna run it up again. I’m half tempted to lotto some calls (not this week :p ).


It went from about $10/share to over $80/share in two weeks, with the bulk of it happening in two days. That’s surprisingly close to where it peaked on the original push (they had a 1 for 4 split several months back, so the $80.07/share it got to would be the equivalent of $320.28/share)

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