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  1. I tend to try to keep it right around 70 year round. In the summer I'll probably turn on the AC when it hits around 75-80 and in the winter turn on the heat when it hits 65 or below.
  2. The band that sounded the least like themselves live (which maybe qualifies as "the worst") was The Mars Volta. I saw them while they were playing a festival near Seattle in around 2005 or 2006 (along with Wolfmother, Postal Service, and RHCP) and their songs were nearly unrecognizable live. At one point, someone actually threw a bottle of piss at the lead singer and they left the stage before the end of their set.
  3. This is clearly part of the Democrats' ongoing war against babies, like abortion and eating them.
  4. We've never taken a genetic test or anything but there are some pictures of us in our youth where we look nearly identical, so odds are good.
  5. One like this? That's one I've actually been eyeing already. What do you normally use it on? Back? Legs? Pretty much everything?
  6. Right. They're all about "freedumb", until it comes to someone else's freedom to choose something they don't like.
  7. Oh that's a great one. I shave my own head because I've had classic male pattern baldness since I was 16 but I think I know what you mean. It's like when you wear well-fitting clothes; you just feel more confident.
  8. I started thinking the other day about how much value my Kindle has brought to my life. I just throw it in my bag to pull out whenever I've got a few spare minutes, and because it's so light but can hold thousands of books, I essentially have endless hours of entertainment, knowledge, etc. just at my fingertips, any time I want. The accessibility got me back in to reading regularly, and all of that reading has really enriched my life. How about for you all? Is there any gadget, appliance, service, or other product that you've purchased that is worth its weight in gold?
  9. I'm just some idiot online, but for what it's worth, I don't think your weight is necessarily "the biggest thing [you] can control". There's a lot about our weight that's not entirely in our control (e.g. genetics, triggers, etc) and I'd be worried that thinking about it like this makes it feel like a moral failing to not be where you want to be, which it isn't. I know it's cliche, but... keep striving for progress, for sure, but go a little easier on yourself.
  10. Ha thanks, I really can't believe it, honestly. They're basically doubling my current salary and giving me company stock, plus a signing bonus, plus better health vision and dental care, 401k matching, free meals, more flexible working hours, more PTO, opportunity for working from home, it will actually be using my degrees (in Comp Sci)... I'm overwhelmed. After struggling to make ends meet for years, it's incredible. I'm 37 and have zero retirement, but I feel like now I can finally actually plan for my future. Next week I'm probably going to start constantly shitting blood, just to even things out.
  11. Holy shit man, sorry to hear about your kidneys but I'm glad that things are looking up!
  12. I'm really sorry for your loss, Wade. Please let your D1P family know if there's anything we can do for you in the days and weeks ahead.
  13. Posted by a friend: The people who want Roe vs. Wade overturned are the same people who are afraid of windmill cancer. Think about that for a sec.
  14. The last two weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster. Two weeks ago I mentioned that my cousin took his life, and today I was offered and accepted a kickass job at Intel proper (no longer a contract worker). Ups and downs.
  15. Love that you can see the one guy at the end wearing a "Freedom Convoy 2022" hoodie. Someone understood the assignment (grift).
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