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  1. To be fair, it is pretty fucking terrifying. Edit - In case the didn't make it clear, I was mostly being facetious.
  2. I've got a caucus for you. Oh, sorry, I thought this was the PCCB.
  3. I've never read the books but I do love the simplistic art on that. Is that a new edition that's releasing soon?
  4. There were stories in the news in the last few weeks about the USB-C controller in several Lenovo models (the X1 Carbon included) having faulty firmware. It might be worth updating that, if you want to make easy brownie points with your boss or save yourself some trouble down the road.
  5. I was unable to resist any longer and I ended up buying the X1 Carbon. It should be here on Tuesday! Thank you all so much for your input!
  6. I don't even own a PS4 but just hearing that song again makes me wish I did.
  7. So it sounds like both of you were in roughly the same boat as me, as far as time between computers goes. I know it's a pretty subjective question that will differ from person to person, but do you feel like the upgrade was worth it?
  8. I have a Yoga 13 which is getting pretty long in the tooth, at 7 or 8 years old. It has been a great computer and is still running quite well, thanks to relatively frequent reformatting and reinstallations of Windows 10. My only complaints are that its hard drive is pretty small (128 GB) and its battery only lasts about an hour these days. It has 8 GB of RAM, which is usually enough, though with enough Chrome tabs open it is getting nearly maxed out. The computer does pretty much everything else I need it to do, except for its small hard drive, which is sometimes an issue with me working on larger datasets for school... I've got about 200 GB of data I'm working with, so I'm frequently having to shuffle data around between my laptop and desktop (which is also 8 years old but at least has a 4 TB HDD ). Even the battery life isn't that big of an issue, since I'm pretty much always able to find an outlet. It's mostly used for word processing and coding in Java, C++, and Python (analyzing the data), so its i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM is pretty much sufficient. Basically I'm just hoping for you all to help me justify getting a new computer but I thought maybe there would be some opposing views, also. For my upgrade, I've been eyeing a 7th generation X1 Carbon. I found a deal for about $1300 for a 10th generation i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB SSD. It would be a nice weight reduction too (3.3 lbs to 2.4 lbs), though the Yoga is already pretty light. Jumping from a 3rd generation i5 to a 10th generation i7 with 6 cores would be pretty awesome too. Any thoughts on this? How often do you all upgrade? When do you think an upgrade is justified?
  9. Wow, thanks a lot for your very thorough response, that was entertaining to read. I think I actually did read Wind Through the Keyhole, but I honestly don't remember much of it. I think that a reread would be completely worth it based on just how many fond memories were brought up by reading through your post and being reminded of some of the highs and lows of the series. Wizard and Glass was one of my absolute favorite novels when I read it, and I think the series might be worth a reread just to get to that one. Thank you again!
  10. Should I admit that I have no idea how to actually say this? 🙈 Too late! <--- is white as fuck
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