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  1. It is, thanks! Just defended my master's thesis on Tuesday, moved back to the US back in November of 2019 (to Portland), and am now working at Intel. Life is good! What's new with you?
  2. Welcome back! Good to see you again, buddy!
  3. I got a 1650 Super for about $175 that I've been really happy with, but it will largely depend on your budget and whether you're willing to go used or wait for the newer 3xxx cards to launch to make everything else cheaper.
  4. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
  5. True, since recycling involves removing the still-useful bits and cats are entirely useless.
  6. For the first time since 2011, (almost 10 years ) I'm building a gaming PC. My Steam backlog is still huge but I hope to be able to join you all for some shenanigans in some new games very soon. My system: CPU - Ryzen 3900x Cooler - Noctua NH-C14S Mobo - MSI Meg x570 Unify GPU - ZOTAC Geforce GTX 1650 Super 4 GB RAM - 32 GB DDR4 PC3200 SSD - 1 TB 970 Samsung Evo NVMe PSU - Corsair RMX850x, 80+ Gold I kind of went "light" on the GPU assuming that I would be upgrading that once the new Ampere cards are cheaper and I've worked thr
  7. The only person I've met from the boards was @Emperor Diocletian II in DC years ago (10-ish?). I think we went out and got a drink or dinner and had a lovely chat. I know @osxmatt lives in Oregon (Portland?) where I am, so maybe we should say hi at our next super organized weekly Antifa meeting.
  8. I don't think it's all that uncommon of a thing to do, though it does seem to a) cool down the rice too much and b) remove a lot of the texture.
  9. Just started a new job (my first career job) and they're only giving us two weeks of vacation and a week of sick leave per year, which they don't pay out if you don't use it. Coming from Germany where six weeks is standard, even for an entry-level job, this is painful. How is it at your job? And how long have you been there?
  10. Put me in the "I like a bit of heat but still like to be able to taste the food and not cry/shit fire" camp.
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