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  1. I just finished The False Cause: Fraud, Fabrication, and White Supremacy in Confederate Memory by Adam Domby. It's from a history professor that I actually knew when I lived in North Carolina. He was going to grad school at UNC Chapel Hill with my girlfriend at the time, so it's kind of cool to see his book published and recognize a lot of the names in the Acknowledgement section. Also he has been in the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, etc. on the issue of Confederate memory, especially lately given how often Confederate monuments are appearing in the news. Anyway, the book was really interesting and timely, too. It examines the myth of the Lost Cause and how the attempt to recast the loss of the Civil War by the Confederacy was really an attempt to support white supremacy. That this was done is probably not news to anyone paying attention, but exactly how and why this was done is the focus of the book. Essentially, it boils down to the South portraying itself as a homogeneously white and supportive entity, when in fact the Confederacy had far more issues than the US with deserters, dissenters, pension fraud after the war, etc. The book really tears apart a lot of neo-Confederate arguments, too, so that's pretty satisfying if you hear people saying things like "it wasn't about slavery" or they try to glorify the Confederacy or Confederate soldiers. The book is also a really interesting look at how historical narratives are created and maintained. I know we have a couple people who are interested in history ( @Emperor Diocletian II and @CastlevaniaNut18 come immediately to mind) though I don't remember whether there's much interest in Civil War history. In any case, as a former history minor, I loved the book and I'd definitely recommend it.
  2. I do love my Suunto 7 watch with Google Pay and not even needing to carry the physical card.
  3. Well yeah, you should be, if she's your one friend. Seriously though, I hope she's ok.
  4. I mean, kids can't learn them librul wayz if they don't get an edjuhkayshun.
  5. FWIW, half of my stupid family is already saying this shit. "Life is uncertain so we can't live in fear."
  6. I've recently been getting into discussions/arguments with my conservative aunts and uncles on Facebook. I gave up when my uncle's final argument was "we're all going to die at some point, so why worry about it?"
  7. I know we've talked about this before, but it's just astounding to me how politicized masks have become. Of all the stupid things...
  8. Nice work man. I don't think I could get under 7 to save my life. What app are you using to track this stuff? I recently bought a Suunto 7 and have been looking at my options (Suunto's app, Strava, etc.),
  9. Sweet, we've got the construction workers. We just need a cop, a Native American, a biker, and a cowboy and we're ready to party!
  10. Well it got people to stop talking for at least a minute about how his buddy paid to have American troops killed. Mission accomplished?
  11. I live in Portland and went out to Clackamas today. Maybe around 50% of people were wearing masks, I would say. We're so boned.
  12. Good luck, @gamer.tv! For what it's worth, I'd always heard that if you can't sleep within about 30 minutes, you should get up and do something. Maybe because in some people, lying there not sleeping tends to cause anxiety about not sleeping, which keeps you from sleeping, etc.? In any case, I hope you could sleep and you had a good first day (or night, as it were )!
  13. Did she just keep refreshing the page on BestBuy.com or are there actually stores open where you live? One of my friends is trying to get one and we drove around to four or five different stores today and couldn't find any. There was a Fred Meyer that said they had 7 and when we called, they couldn't find them.
  14. Does he have any components already? It's a little difficult to find a lot of motherboards for the AMD offerings right now but their higher core/thread count should be a boon to video editing (thinking specifically of the 3900X if it can be managed with the budget).
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