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  1. It somehow seems hard to believe, but I've heard many stories of women being pregnant and having no idea. Triplets is taking that to another level, but still.
  2. We're reading The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut for my book club. It was my suggestion, since I'd read it a couple years ago and loved it. I think it might be my favorite Vonnegut book, which is saying something.
  3. Also I've really been digging the new Silversun Pickups album, Widow's Weeds.
  4. I went to a music festival here in Freiburg, Germany on Wednesday and saw Foals. They were really great live, and I was about 10 feet from the stage. The only dumb thing was they only played for about an hour and didn't give any kind of an encore. The organizers said that the singer had a fever, but I don't quite understand why you play for an hour and then don't do even 1 more song when you have several hundred people going nuts for it. Oh well. Anyway overall it was completely worth it, especially since it was a birthday present and I didn't pay.
  5. I was at a wedding and cleaned up a bit.
  6. This is a meme that my aunt, who lives in Oregon, posted to Facebook: When I asked her about which constitutional rights were in danger, my uncle responded that he and many others in Oregon feel like the Democratic majority have been abusing their position and pushing a lot of things through as emergency measures, which don't require a public vote. So they see this as a protest by the Republicans.
  7. I think there's probably something to this. It's a classic sign of a dictator (or narcissist) to claim to be the only one who can solve the problems of the people.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. It shall soon be on my Kindle.
  9. @Dodger what was so shitty about your Monday?
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