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  1. He was also involved in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.
  2. What percentage of South Koreans have high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. , I wonder... And how much is that correlated to just being older?
  3. Do you want my key? I've got the first one and haven't even played it yet so I should probably work on that before pretending I'll play the second one. It's all yours if you want it.
  4. Binged through all of this tonight and holy shit, yeah my mind is just blown. I can't believe that more of these people aren't in jail. What a crazy life some people have... It's kind of crazy how much up and down there is emotionally, too... at one point you might be feeling bad for Joe Exotic, the next you think "man what a scumbag, let him fry"..... one minute you think "there's no way Carol could have killed her husband..." and the next minute: "hmm, well maybe...".... Masterful.
  5. Ha no, it was more a case of just not communicating, I guess. She kept breaking up with me rather than discussing it when we had a silly argument or difference of opinion and then a few days later would come back to me and say "let's try again" (but never apologizing for breaking it off), and after four times of that shit and her being unwilling to try to learn to deal with disagreements another way, I'd had enough. Kind of sucks, because I really care about her and we are generally very compatible, but if you can't disagree well with your partner, it can't last, and in the meantime the emotional rollercoaster was awful.
  6. Those are really cool pictures, nice work @TwinIon! In a weird way, the quarantine has been good for me. It pretty much forces me to sit inside and work on my thesis, only going out for an occasional run and grocery shopping. I only just moved to Portland about 4 months ago and barely know anyone here, and my girlfriend and I broke up last week too after being together about 8 months, so I really have nowhere else to go. No excuse not to work on my thesis now.
  7. That's cool, I didn't know you played guitar. What kinds of songs do you like to play?
  8. I'm trying to finish my master's thesis so I'm spending a lot of time inside anyway. Otherwise the biggest annoyance has just been not being able to go out hiking since Oregon shut down most of its parks, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm doing great.
  9. Website seems to be running pretty well now; it's only going to take me about 2 minutes to download both albums (~410 MB).
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