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  1. ^ worked in retail a couple years, have definitely heard all of those.
  2. I see this was cleared up already, and my German has gotten a bit rusty in the year I've been back, but I think he's saying: DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE!
  3. I had debated getting a condo here in Portland instead of paying rent for an apartment, but I imagine this bubble is bound to burst soon.
  4. I'm down for this coming Tuesday if you all are!
  5. I'm in a long-running reading lull. I have a metric ton of books to read but can't decide where to start. I've started about four or five but can't seem to stick with any one of them. So far, I've started: Apollo's Arrow by Nicholas Christakis Meditations by Marcus Aurelius The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien (for the 100th time ) The Meritocracy Trap by Daniel Markovits I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn't) by Brené Brown I stopped after about 20 pages of each.
  6. FWIW the Walgreens I went to said they were running on a skeleton crew because of the pandemic, though I don't know what exactly that means for them. Still, I had my appointment at 6:30 and I got there at 6:15 and was walking out the door to go home by around 7:15, even including the 15 extra minutes I waited after the shot (i.e. 30 minutes total) because nobody told me how long to wait and I'm a good little rule-follower.
  7. Awesome, congrats! Where and how did you end up finding an appointment?
  8. @Fizzzzle if you can travel a bit, use this site: VaccineFinder - Find COVID-19 vaccine locations near you VACCINEFINDER.ORG VaccineFinder helps you find clinics, pharmacies, and other locations that offer COVID-19 vaccines in the United States. In some states, information may be limited while more providers and pharmacies update locations in the coming weeks. COVID-19 vaccine availability is limited, and appointments are required at most locations. Putting in my zipcode, I'm still finding a lot of available appointments.
  9. I went to a Walgreens a tiny bit outside of Portland, the one over in Gresham on Powell Blvd. My sister actually is the one who found and made the appointment for me; I gave her my insurance info and she of course knows my birthday so she was just looking while I was at work (she's working from home). She might have just gotten lucky in finding this appointment, but she said there were still lots of slots available when she looked. She just booked this for me on Friday. She first tried looking in Portland itself but wasn't having any luck and then moved a bit outside the city. Al
  10. It was a Walgreens, yeah. The pharmacist said that she was scheduled to give about 80 shots today just herself. While I was there she was the only one administering the shots.
  11. Might be worth it for a chance to literally shit on the Confederacy.
  12. Still May 3rd. I asked the pharmacist and she confirmed that it was (at least) 21 days for Pfizer but they're just doing (at least) 28 days for everyone.
  13. Once they brought me in, they told me I was actually getting Pfizer. Doesn't matter to me: put it in my veins!!! Dose 1 - done!
  14. I'm in line at the pharmacy to get my first dose of Moderna.
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