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  1. I've used Tinder, Spotted, and OKCupid. I had decent success with all three of them as far as meeting women goes. None of the relationships lasted terribly long (the longest being 1 year but it should have ended much sooner) but I think that has more to do with general compatibility than the quality of person one might meet on those sites. I see them as basically just another way to meet people, no better or worse than in a bar.
  2. Thank you for the update, @HardAct , I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for you and your family. You really went through hell and it sounds like you are finally seeing some relief. I'm really happy for you, man.
  3. I just can't stand to be this far away from the Orange Führer! Well ok no actually I'm moving back because after 8 years in Germany, it's time for a change. I'll be living in Portland with some friends of mine and finishing my thesis from there. Any of you fine folks live near Portland and want to grab a beer sometime in the coming weeks?
  4. Ha thanks for the heads up... I was contemplating downloading this for a long flight but sounds like I'd better hold off.
  5. Nice work on the exercise, Wade! Way to take control. 💪🏻
  6. I also noticed the increased weight and when I googled the actor's name, one of the first articles that came up was about his weight gain. Poor guy. He was 24 when BB ended, so now he's 30, IIRC.
  7. I like how, by giving the blame to the Democrats, Trump is saying he can't stand up to pressure.
  8. Blarg, this is sad news and bad timing. Since he was the head of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, he will need to be replaced. Per this article from Reuters:
  9. Not sure if this belongs here but it made me laugh:
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