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Kyle "Final" Bosman is back talkin' about video games!

Commissar SFLUFAN

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On 5/13/2021 at 10:05 PM, Keyser_Soze said:


Hobbies have become a bit ridiculous with the techniques they use to milk customers.


I play warhammer (more AoS than 40k these days), and GW has done some terrible, anti-consumer bs. Of course it's not random like cards, but they put great units in a set that is mostly trash (ie New Heavy Intercessors in the Pariah Nexus boxed sets).

Those Heavy Intercessors have become a holy grail for holding home side objectives, a 5 man unit has 15 wounds (in non 40k player speak, they are damage sponges compared to most troop choices) and can shoot almost completely across the table. So, Pariah Nexus sells out because people desperately want that one unit. A 45$ unit is suddenly almost triple because you can only buy it in a box.


Pokémon has done the same thing, except you don't even know whats in the pack. Using artificial rarity to drive up sales. But it seems more nefarious when Pokémon does it, because they are marketed for children (Obviously, millions of adults play too, but the target audience are kids like my wifes nephew, who's life, at 10, revolves around Pokémon and Pokémon CCG). When I spend 120$ on a set of plastic crack for a single unit of Intercessors, im able to understand whats happening and why im spending. But with kids and Pokémon, its compulsive, they will spend everything on it without question. The game was banned in his school because older kids were reselling packs to young children at marked up prices, taking their lunch money.


Of course, I complain, but later today im going to my local game store to see what stock they've gotten in the month ive been gone, and silently hoping theres a Pariah Nexus box set left on the shelves. And that my Bel'Akor came in, Maybe an Arkanaut Ironclad too....


But like I said, it feels like its more nefarious when its children being exploited. I know what im doing, and im not going to forego my lunch to buy this stuff. Kids like the nephew don't care about rarity, they just want the best cards for the games meta. Whether its rare or not never factors in.


Tldr: artificial rarity is exploitative of the most vulnerable hobbyists, children.

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I'm not sure that personal trainer is really all that well trained himself; everything I've seen says that for muscular hypertrophy (getting the muscles bigger) you need to rest 3 minutes between sets. Mind you Kyle doesn't exactly have all the proper equipment, and this is a comedy video, but still. 

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