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I tested Positive for the coronavirus


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I took the test on March 29th which was my 14th day of symptoms, took 8 days to get my result back. Now my worst week was the week of st Patrick’s day. Night sweats, glass scratching your throat. Only 1 day was really bad where I thought ok I need to go to the hospital and it was March 20th, I had my hospital to go bag etc and I just passed out but woke up better. Now all I still have is a cough but they say the cough is most likely from lung damage from the coronavirus. I most likely got corona onhttps://vm.tiktok.com/tGXvVC/

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1 hour ago, Bloodporne said:

Someone update me on what's happening in this thread. I'm bored, depressed and curious enough to want to know somehow.

Brazil is always up on the latest trends. He heard that everyone was getting Coronavirus and had to try it himself. 

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